Proof That ​Star Wars' Death Star Design Looks Great Anywhere

Proof That  Star Wars' Death Star Design Looks Great Anywhere

You know, before it got blown up, the Death Star sported some pretty eye-catching aesthetics. Sure, it stood for the total oppression of intergalactic freedom but The Empire's ominous architecture would look cool in your home, wouldn't it? Damn straight it would.

When a client wanted to create the ultimate sci-fi-inspired home theatre, studio Tom Spina Designs came up with the idea to create 3D tiles based off Industrial Light & Magic's original surface sculptures for Lord Vader's orbiting satellite of death. The finished work — along with the rest of the jaw-dropping theatre — can be seen in the video above.

[Via Fast Company]


    Those seats look REALLY uncomfortable.

      Yeah I agree. The back looks fine but those arms!

      Plus, how dusty will those tiles get?!? I think the owners could have spent a lot less, and got something a lot more usable for it.

      Looks cool though.

    Looks like they'd also make for a decent tabletop miniatures game board.

    I think it was Emperor Palpatine's orbiting satellite of death.

    Vader was more the over-confident exec who came in at the last moment to steal the credit from the guys who did the actual work, then caused the whole project to fail at the final hurdle. Seriously, 20 years to build a planet-killing space station, and he swung in, killed a total of one planets (which was utterly defenseless), before the whole thing blew up while taking on a moon that was defended by the Republic equivalent of a bunch of kids with sharpened sticks. And to top it off, he comes out of the whole thing not only blameless, but with a bonus in the form of a nifty new ride / Super Star Destroyer, while the guys that worked on it take the blame/ fiery death.

    Cool design, though.

    Cool but kind of sterilely mass-produced greebley.

    Needs more bizarre fun stuff. In the good of days, didn't people excessively pause the VHS to see if they could find weird stuff ILM stuck in? eg the TIE pilot after his fighter hits an asteroid, the potato in the midst of the then-most-starfighters-on-screen shot of Return of the Jedi.

    Of course, nothing compares to the toy soldier hidden amongst the hull of the Super Star Destroyer.

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