​PS3 System Updates, You Were The Worst

 PS3 System Updates, You Were The Worst

You made me angry with my PlayStation 3, if only for a few minutes at a time. Why'd you have to do that?

One of you managed to actually render PS3s inoperable. Most of you were just nuisances. All of you should've been downloaded automatically without wasting our time.

PS3 system updates, you were the worst.

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    yeah um, I have both consoles, but i'm pretty sure multiple updates you have to do in 360 is worst that one 250mb update on ps3

      Downloading, installing, restarting, downloading, installing, restarting, downloading, installing, restarting, downloading, installing, restarting, here's Halo 3 for free.

        Um I have owned a 360 since launch they only update once or when a new update is out

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          I've seen a couple of updates now which download an update, restart, then download another one, restart again.

          I keep mine in a cardboard box most of the time but when I do want to use it rarely it needs a bunch of updates and it never tells you how many, just the time remaining for the current update to finish.

          Notice how that statement makes no fucking sense?

            Xbox 360 only updates when an update is available, otherwise they don't update because there's no update. So basically, they'll update with updates if there are updates but if there are no updates it doesn't update with any update.

      your kidding right? took me about an hour to update uncharted 3 cos I got it a year late, every update had to download then install, 360 is one 5-10sec update, only installs the latest

        You are comparing a game update (yes two, one for SP and one for MP) for a 48GB game to an OS update for a system, so Apples vs Giraffes.
        These people are talking about OS updates vs OS updates.
        I never got all the hate for PS3 updates, all done and restarted within 3-5mins. One update only ever. I turn on PC, Windows updates, restarts, updates, restarts, Steam does an update seemingly every couple of days the size of PS3 update yet somehow takes longer.

          exactly, I only had the xbox unplugged for 2 months, had over 3 system updates, also if you just pay for playstation plus which cheaper than xbox live, ps3 turns it self on and auto update all the games. upload save files, etc etc

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            Those auto-updates are great but it sucks that they put it behind the PS+ paywall. That said, PS+ is great value and everyone should have it anyway.

              But you don't need to update unless you want to play online, 360 forced you to pay to play online.

              Updates, manual install and free online Vs. Updates, manual install and paid online.

                Yeah but I can't think of one single time when I was offered a patch before playing a game that I declined.

                  Oh I agree, and the amount of updating depend on how often you use your console. I play online a lot, so updates were always quick and painless.

              3 days late but....... auto updates are now removed from the paywall of ps+.. which means EVERYONE can use it... has been like that for 2-3 months.... check it out!

                Oh well that's good. I'm on PS+ now anyway so I hadn't noticed.

            So when Sony release a console bricking update, it can brick itself overnight?

              mine downloads at 2am, never had an issue,

                My phat bricked and had to be set up again with a USB, losing everything, thanks to PS+

                  did you buy a lottery ticket... that's pretty unlucky mate...

                  but wait, you had ps+, your saves are fine... what did you loose?

                  @SemiConcious unfortunately I hadn't backed up all my saves to the cloud yet :(

      Same I own both consoles and from the beginning I;ve never had a single problem updating my 360 compared to the amount of times I've had trouble updating my PS3 no bias just how it is and I have super fast internet and even sometimes I'd download the update and update from USB and for those that don't know how to recover from a dodge update they're screwed and have to send it in just to have it fixed which actually takes a few seconds!

    I seem to remember a number of PS3 firmwares being pulled because it was crapping out consoles. Hopefully they get it together for the PS4.

      Well now the PS4 will be able to automatically download and install updates that crap out consoles. The future is here!

        Automatic PS3 firmware updates are now available for everyone too: it's no longer a PS+ exclusive feature, since it was essentially a prerequisite for the "buy game on website, automatically install on console" feature they added (you won't be able to download anything without the latest firmware).

          TO be clear, this only downloads the update. You install manually.

            Nope, mine installs as well as downloads. Checks for updates for games and OS every morning at 4:00am

              That's for games. I have PS+ and system updates are downloaded but require manual acceptance of terms to install.

        Hopefully you can turn that feature off. I assume you can, since not everyone will enjoy that convenience.

        Let's say you go over your data cap, you don't want the PS4 to continue downloading stuff.

    Id say that the PSN hack, and subsequent lengthy outage, was the worst

      Although on the plus side, I think that was what finally knocked the last vestiges of PS2-era arrogance out of Sony, which seems to have led to a bit of honest internal self-criticism. Resulting in some great stuff since like the PS+ Instant Game Collection, the Vita and the PS4.

      The PSN hack and outage were kind of Sony hitting rock bottom, after which they had to admit they had a problem and the healing was able to begin.

    They never really bothered me. Just go make a drink, check the mail, browse fb. Really that hard?

      If you just bought a game that you really wanted to play, it was

        I distinctly remember having to do chores before playing the mega drive game i rented for the weekend from the video store down the road, THAT was worse.

        If you just bought a game, there is nothing stopping you from playing it straight away.

        Game updates are only required if you are playing a multiplayer only game, which is understandable to anyone who understands the system. If the game has SP as well, then the update is completely optional.

          In this day and age, day 1 updates are usually required to stop things like your game save corrupting or saved items disappearing. Gold games aren't bug free games.

      I don't get a lot of time for gaming. More than once, I've missed entire sessions due to mandatory updates.

        This and server maintenance ruin the rare hour i may get to play games :(

      If youve got friends over and wanted to show them something, it was

    Lrn2psn+.. Auto updates...

      Lrn2pay4something? Ew.

      Why not lrn2trust-fund. Pay a servant to do your updates for you.

        I agree that it's not a valid argument. Though I think they enabled auto-updates for free users... in a recent update :P

    The system updates were no issue at all, it was the game updates which sucked. Especially when you buy yourself a new game and are faced with 1+Gb of updates to download before you can play the damn thing.

      Have said it above, but the only games that required mandatory game updates were multiplayer only games.

    Console system updates, you were the worst. I hate saying it, but TFTFY. The 360 handled them in the same way, and there was literally a point where certain existing consoles would not work at all with the new update. Though MS was kinda cool in that respect and replaced the affected people's consoles.

    With the introduction of PSPlus (recently extended to all users) system updates were automatically downloaded during your update period and could be applied when you were ready. The next gen will improve things slightly with the multi-tasking capabilities, however, it will still most likely be the case that you have to wait a bit during the actual update itself depending on how the firmware updates occur.

    Why are PS3 game updates so much larger than 360's? Multiplat titles are usual 4mb on 360 while in the 100s of mb for PS3. Some game updates for exclusives are over 1gb.

      Combination of factors I believe. Part of it is probably Sony's DRM means patching is trickier. The main thing I believe is that the actual memory area devoted to the platform UI etc. in the 360 is much smaller than the PS3's so when you actually need to re-flash the machine it'll take longer and require a bigger image.

      Because each time a game gets updated on the PS3, you download the entire update package to date. on 360 I believe you only download the recent changes.

        While that may be true for some games, it isn't true in general. For many games, when I've installed the initial set of updates it has gone through multiple stages of downloading then installing.

        If each update rolled up all the changes from the previous one, then this would be unnecessary. It would only make sense for them to do multiple passes like this if each downloaded update built on top of the previous one.

    I must be one of the only people who wasn't bothered with the updates.
    It didnt happen very often and the update took about as much time as it would to make a cup of tea.

      Yeah it's not a problem until you have experienced Xbox Live

    *shrug* no biggie, no different to wanting to play a steam game immediately and having to download a patch.
    my biggest issue with the ps3 by far was the fact that you could not charge the controllers while the console was off

      One difference is that when you buy a game on Steam, once you get the notification that it has downloaded, it is fully patched and ready to play.

      On the PSN store I'd sometimes buy a game, wait for it to download, and start it only to be told that it required updates (sometimes as large as the game itself, when the developer didn't create a proper incremental patch).

    man let me tell you
    while I didn't have a PS3, the 360's updates were TERRIBLE. for me. personally.
    back when I lived in Craigmore, I was stuck with 12GB of wireless internet - there was no wired options - and downloading ANY update for the 360 was nearly impossible.

    the worst part is the complete lack of transparency. the 360 doesn't tell you how big the update is, how fast(slow) you're downloading it and I'm pretty sure, unlike the PS3 image up there, it doesn't even tell you what percentage you're up to (correct me if I'm wrong)!

      You couldn't be any more wrong
      When you update on the Xbox it tells you how big an update is for example most games on 360 are 2mb to 8mb at most like a PC game patch... unlike PS3 where I slugged away at 2000mb just to play Everybody's Golf... And keep in mind XBOX has Local servers and ISP support making the downloads very easy to attain whereas scummy Sony host everything in KekePan

    I played/play games so infrequently on the PS3 that any time I did actually buy one - like, maybe every 9-12 months (TLOU, GTAV and AC4 in three months is a weird anomaly) - it was pretty much a given that I was going to have to sit through a fucking hour or two of updates. Frustrating if you really, really, really wanted to get into it, but otherwise just a case of letting it restart itself and agree to T&C two or three times for each of those major patches I missed. And doing something else. Something that ISN'T playing this cool new game you're hyped for. So yeah, that sucks.

      you know that you can play the games without updating right ?

        Actually, I didn't. Interesting. Something about the wording of, 'An update is required to play this game' makes it seem required.

        I'll have to check that out next time.

    What *REALLY* shits me is when you buy a game off PSN and you then have to download all the updates for it. I mean I can understand it for physical media which may have been pressed 6 months ago by the time I got around to buying it.

    But why on earth do they not just have the latest version of the game on PSN at all times? If an update gets released then replace the version on PSN with the updated version so if somebody buys it they get the up to date version the first time?

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    What's going on with Kotaku today? All the articles are complete pointless gibberish. Did you guys let a bunch of retarded people take over?

      Next gen consoles coming out, can't resist the urge to get a couple paragraph sized articles out to get those extra clicks.

    so many butthurt Xbox fanbois lol, Look at all the down voting

      Not as bad as the Sony fanboys trying to give excuses

        True. I'm just watching this all from a fence made out of Gaming PC's.

        Or to be more bias "I'm just watching this from my PC gamer master race throne" :P

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    My phat PS3 was bricked by the update that added copy&paste. Not that it mattered much since the blu ray drive had already died a month after the warranty ran out...

    Updates constantly took upwards of 20-30 minutes for me, no matter the update. 360 updates were almost instant, and even major updates didn't take anywhere near that long. No wonder I never played the thing....

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