PS4 Chief Mark Cerny Answers Fan Questions

"As a gamer, I have a weakness for JRPGs." Oh, Mark. How you've warmed my cold, cynical heart. That confession is the highlight of this short Q&A with Mr Cerny, also known as the PlayStation 4's lead architect, but the whole thing's interesting if you'd like to get inside the head of the guy behind Sony's next console.

And, of course, don't miss our interview with Cerny as part of the story of Sony Japan.


    If you liked that watch his 45 min presentation.

    Amazing guy.

      If you seriously have time to watch some dude dribble for 45 minutes go make a positive contribution to society instead!!!

        Wow, really?

        How about you stop making dumb posts like that and make a positive contribution to society. Atleast i was sharing a link to something people might like.

        yeah, agree with Gaz, I suppose you are here in a Kotaku page making positive contributions by looking through comments giving random people life lessons, sounds legit

    I like this man.

    More like Knack interview..... Wish Sony would drop Knack, its not going to be massive. They should be talking more about games like Driveclub.

      I guess Knack is coming out soon though i.e. in a few weeks. So they're working harder to sell that. I'm sure they'll push DriveClub harder once that gets close to release.

      Knack's the only family game they've got going, though (AFAIK). It's a good selling point for the system

    Every time he says knack it reminds me how much he looks liek the lead singer of The Knack

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