PS4 Launch Game Looks Phenomenal In Slow Motion

This is the PlayStation 4, folks, flexing its muscles. The game you're seeing is called Resogun. It's an arcade shooter coming out on launch day (November 15) for the PS4. It's not just meant to be a game. It's meant to be a showpiece. The game comes from the Finnish studio Housemarque which previously made Super Stardust HD, a launch day arcade shooter for the PlayStation 3.

Here's what Super Stardust HD squeezed out of the PS3, for comparison:

The games are similar. Both are arcade shooters. Both rack up a points multiplier as you kill more enemies. Both arm you with bombs and a speed boost that makes you invincible while you dash out of trouble. The main gameplay difference is that Resogun also challenges you to rescue little green people, 10 per level, before you reach a boss. You've got a variety of ships, each with a distinct upgradeable shooting pattern.

We'll be reviewing Resogun closer to launch, but for now just look what the PS4 can do.

Tip: Keep an eye out for the sequences in the video where you can see enemies or even your bullets looping around to the back of the level. Terrific!

Tip 2: As you watch, bump up the resolution in the YouTube player to at least 720p. YouTube still denigrates the video quality compared to the original footage, but it still looks pretty good.


    I still feel ridiculously bad this will be free with PS+.

    Bring on the DLC because I want to give them more money!

    Love Housemarque

    Last edited 06/11/13 8:19 am

      Just give the money to me. Problem solved ;)

      I loved Super Stardust HD - was the first game I bought off PSN and I still play it to this day.

      Wasn't such a big fan of Dead Nation, though. I mean, it wasn't bad, but didn't really grab me the way SSHD did.

    Love me a good stick shooter. Loved Super Stardust, can't wait to play this.

    This and Contrast look like very solid offerings for PS+ on PS4. Looking forward to it.

    Where do you find out what is coming with PS+

    This looks like Jeff Minter on steroids.

    I suddenly remembered Minter and had a look at what he is up to, Goatup2 is awesome BTW!

    I know the first game I will be playing on the 29th

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