Rare Magic Card Sells For $27,000

Rare Magic Card Sells For $27,000

Time to start going through your old Magic card collection. Or paying a little extra attention next time you’re at a garage sale.

A rare “Alpha Black Lotus” card, from waaaay back in 1993, has gone for $US27,302 on eBay, owing both to the fact it’s rare (one of only 1100 printed) and also because it was in almost perfect condition.

If that doesn’t stop you asking wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy, below is a video that goes into way more detail.

Magic ‘Black Lotus’ Fetches $US27,302 [What Sells Best]


  • My friend who passed away a few years back has this card hidden in his house behind a loose brick (with a protective case that is) and now I know why!

  • One of only 1100? I know that there’s a fair few Magic players around the world, but is that really $27,000 rare?

    • On top of being very rare, it’s also quite powerful in game terms. It’s part of a group of card collectively known as the Power Nine; a group of nine cards that were printed fairly early in MTG’s lifetime. Eventually Wizards wised up to just how powerful the cards were in the scheme of things and began to tune the game to a lower power level. To give you an example, it is concievably possibly to get a turn one win with a deck comprised of the power nine plus a few other cards.

      • Even playing against other people using the same deck, it basically comes down to which person goes first. Turn one, you drop every single card you have on to the table, followed by a card called Trinisphere.

        If the other player is using Moxen or Black Lotus, they are suddenly unable to play ANY of their cards, forcing them to concede.

  • The guy should of put $27,000 for shipping and the card for $60. Ebay won’t take a cut from the shipping

  • So according to that video this sale was a year and a half ago? Or is the video just of a similar card?

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