Report: The Walking Dead Developers Are Doing A Game Of Thrones Game

Report: The Walking Dead Developers Are Doing A Game of Thrones Game

Telltale Games, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead game series, is now working on at least one Game of Thrones video game, IGN reports.

That's a perfect fit — and undoubtedly cool news to anyone who enjoys the murdery HBO series. IGN says they don't know when or where the game(s) would be set, but Telltale has a great track record, and although there haven't been any good Game of Thrones video games yet, who wouldn't love the thought of an episodic adventure series in Westeros filled with terrible, terrible choices?

Season two of The Walking Dead game series is slated to start later this year. No word on when this Game of Thrones game would launch, or how many games it would consist of, but the pieces fit. In a recent Reddit AMA, Telltale co-founder Dan Connors hinted that they had something big in the works: "We will be working on a few licenses that definitely fall into our dream IP scenario and we can't wait to announce those," he wrote.

We've reached out to Telltale for comment on this rumour, and will update should we hear back from them.

UPDATE: From Telltale exec Steve Allison: "We get these sorts of rumours about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment."


    Another goty incoming. Good work telltale making quality games with big titles.

      I read the last part of your comment as "big titties". This is Game of Thrones after all.

        That's the way brother. There are no westeros without some titties!

    The lead designers on the walking dead have left telltale though so the actual people who made walking dead will not be on game of thrones. That said the company let walking dead happen so they probably have a good culture.

    I really hope they do it justice. I would love a completely open world of Westoros to run around in and wreak havoc! How sweet would that be!? Didn't bother with the first GoT game because of the negative reviews it had.

      Have you played a telltale games game? This is gonna be a story driven game where you go through scenarios in episodic style content. It is not going to be Skyrim.

      Thats your loss then. It isn't too bad of a game. It just plays like dragon age instead of skyrim

    To be really authentic, they should split the game into two seasons half way through development, with each season covering different sets of characters and running over the same time period. The second season should then be delayed for 5 years.

    Will be interesting to see how they decide to run with this. Game of Thrones is already so ludicrously complex that running with an entirely independent story line like Walking Dead or even a prequel featuring some of the existing cast like The Wolf Among Us don't seem like they'd really be particularly good options.

    Last edited 22/11/13 8:48 pm

    I disagree - Telltale is a terrible fit.

    Game of Thrones is about strategy - political and military. It's a game of Diplomacy where the players regularly try to kill each other (and often succeed). The games it's most like are the Total War and Civilization series.

    Telltale are great at emotional journeys. Making us wonder what it would be like to be in a characters shoes, forcing players to make the tough choices. It's a good fit for something like The Walking Dead.

    Just because two things are good doesn't meant sticking them together will result in something good.

      Game of thrones is pseudo intellectual BS to make stupid people feel intelligent for following it combined with tits. There's no on screen tactics or battles, and its only redeeming factor is tits. I'm honestly shocked telltale would lower themselves to such a franchise (unless they intend to go overboard with tits in which case push on telltale, draw all the tits.).

    Please keep the violence and sex in.

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