Rock Out To This Excellent Cover Of Command & Conquer's 'Act On Instinct'

Back in the 90s, the words "real-time strategy" were associated with two companies — Blizzard and Westwood. While the former continues to carry the torch with its StarCraft franchise, the latter — along with the Command & Conquer name — was absorbed into EA, an event from which it never quite recovered. Still, C&C is fondly remembered for many things: mammoth tanks, the ion cannon, hammy acting and its killer soundtrack.

And what do you people do with awesome music? That do covers of them, that's what. Russian guitarist Michael Sobin recently did his own rendition of C&C's "Act on Instinct", though he's named his performance "Act of Instinct".

I know "Target (Mechanical Man)" is burned into my psyche with indelible ink. I can't really think of sending grenadiers to their doom without that song playing in my head.

For the Dune 2000 fans out there, Sobin's also cranked out a cover of "Rise of the Harkonnen", which sounds like it'd make for an awesome Guitar Hero track. Ah well, things we can only wish for.

Command & Conquer OST — Act Of Instinct (Rock Guitar Cover!!!) [YouTube, via C&CNZ]


    I still listen to the C&C soundtrack often, its bloody awesome.

    I think what we can all agree on is the need for a Kotaku CnC session.

    Whenever I hear the opening bars of this song, I always think of the first moments in the GDI campaign when the skiff arrives with the initial units. It's one of those unforgettable gaming moments.

    This song, the original I mean, has always made me think of the Thirty Years' War...

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