Russian Battlefield 4 Is Badass, Obviously

Russian Battlefield 4 Is Badass, Obviously

Land in a really cool way, right after jumping out from an exploding plane, then level the whole surrounding area with your friends. And do all of this with Battlefield 4's user interface laid over the whole thing. That's the Russian way! The result is almost as intense as the game, as presented by MoranDays in a first person view on YouTube.

Here's the full video. It's in Russian, but that just means more badassery. The fun starts around the 1:00 mark:

Moran Day 42 - Русские сняли Battlefield 4 [MoranDays, YouTube]


    But wow, that's a pretty impressive video! Amazing how these guys can do stuff like this :-O

    Hmm. People who enjoy a violent video game, recreating what they see in that violent video game, yet nobody is getting hurt. Strange.

    Without watching the video, I have literally no idea what this article is about.

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