See Battlefield 4 Running On PS4 Remote Play

See Battlefield 4 Running On PS4 Remote Play

One of the PlayStation 4's coolest advertised features is Remote Play, which will allow gamers to play PS4 games on their Vita handheld. We've already seen a demo of Assassin's Creed IV running with Remote Play, and now you can get a taste of Battlefield 4.

IGN's Greg Miller has shared this Vine video which, despite its brevity, gives an ok sense of how the game looks running on Vita.

Not bad. But how does it play? We'll have a better sense of that in the very near future.


    That's cool but the rear touch pad is used as L1 and R1 which isn't really responsive. I can see myself using it once then never again.

      That's how it works on a lot of vita games (i.e. MGS 3), and I haven't found the rear touch pad to lack responsiveness. If anything, its way too sensitive! I'm always hitting it by accident!

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    Exactly! Why they didn't include triggers on the PSV design in the first place is beyond me, using that track pad on the back is beyond tedious and more often than not I press it accidentally.

    So you can use it while someone else is using the tv? I never fully checked up on the details of remote play so don't know.

      You can, you just have to change the channel. Kinda like the Wii U (except, y'know, with good games).

        Sweet. The PS4 might make the Vita worth getting at last

        Hey man, the Wii U has good games... like... 5 of them...

    Yeah, same as on the WiiU great for when the misses wants to watch something and you want to keep gaming.

    Whats the point , if the tv is in front of me why would i want remote play ?

    Read the last line.

      I don’t think anyone would buy a Vita for just that unless it was something you were going to use ALL the time (like if you lived in a small apartment and your wife was a psycho who wanted to watch rubbish on the TV constantly).

      There would be a good market for people who would buy a PS4 no matter what and who may be on the fence about the Vita though. I don’t have or want a Vita at this stage (I bought a PSP and it was sh*t) but if/ when I buy a PS4 I will reconsider it, particularly if it comes down in price or some better games come out.

    I'm wondering if you could do what you could with the PSP and sync up a Dualshock 4 controller? then there would be no issues with the L1 R1 touchpad

    Every time I've seen remote play demonstrated, it's been in the same room as the PS4. I'd really like to see how it works from the other end of the house or from a remote location since that's more like how it would actually be used.

    It's cool and all, but I find the Vita extremely uncomfortable to use for any duration. Much like the PSP before that.

    I'm sure someone out there will get some use out of it but I echo the opinions of the too sensitive touch pad comments above. It's not at all reliable especially in an FPS game.

    Far as all the information I've read, and sorry I can't link to anything, as long as you are on the same network as the PS4 with a decent wifi signal, it will stream fine. They have said that it will work remotely but the performance will probably be complete rubbish. But maybe you are one of the lucky ones that have insane internet at your house and where you are remotely so YMMV.

    I think in the vine clip, with such a short duration, they needed it next to the tv for that sweeping shot.

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