​See If You Can Name All These GTA V Movie References

Grand Theft Auto V frequently captures the look, vibe and vehicles of the best California-based crime fiction. If you so desire, it's not too difficult to hop into a CHiPs motorcycle or a Joy Ride truck and recreate your favourite cinematic scenes. Can you name all the references in this new video from CinemaSins?

I did ok with their first one, but a few of these were too obscure for me.

From their video description, the full list of references is:

0:09 Back to the Future

0:21 The Great Food Truck Race

0:36 Joy Ride

0:50 Castaway

1:01 Jackass

1:27 CHiPs

1:42 Groundhog Day

2:02 Street Hawk

2:19 Transformers

2:37 Smokey & The Bandit

2:59 Goodfellas

3:10 Sneakers

3:20 Star Trek (2009)

3:33 Airwolf

3:52 The Matrix

4:27 & 4:37 Breaking Bad

That reminds me, I kinda want to rewatch The Matrix.


    This again? These are not references...

    I own a 360. I own a PS3. No way am I buying a console exclusive because Rockstar is too lazy to port to PC at the same time as the others. It's easier, it's cheaper, it makes more sense to make a PC version and then port it out - Why? Because you have a standard made. Make it work on one universal platform and it's a piece of cake to port it to others. "Guffaw - No it's not!!!" you say! Look at Steam and Blizzard! Quality producers that make shit work cross platform WITHOUT EXTRA COST!


    Because it's CHEAPER and EASIER that way. Cue profit.

    Oh wait, they already did.

    For QUITE.




    And it's only getting better. Thank God I don't have to pay for multiplayer.

    What does this have to do with the original post? NOTHING!

    DO YOU THINK I CARE?!? Well, obviously a little. I did include this bit after all.

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