Sega Forgets To Tell Anyone It Released An Awesome New PC Game

Sega Forgets To Tell Anyone It Released An Awesome New PC Game

House of the Dead: Overkill was a Wii game that not only once held a fairly dubious world record, but also had a very old-school Sega sense of humour that was sadly overlooked. So it's nothing short of a shock to have people waking up yesterday to find the game's been ported to the PC. With Sega making as little a fuss as possible.

Example: the press release announcing the game wasn't sent out until the day after it had already hit online stores!

An even nicer surprise is that it's now a better game.

Why? Because it ditches the light-gun mechanics of the Wii version and reverts to a form of... death by touch-typing, the kind first seen in Overkill's predecessor, 1999's Typing of the Dead.

Here's some footage of the PC version in action, courtesy of Miya:

The game's $12.50 on Steam. It's totally worth it.


    Bought it but will probably wait a bit before downloading it. Didn't realise it was just over 7 gigs

    Not sure about the typing thing but I have this game one the wii and ps3. The old school red/blue 3D glasses with the PS3 makes this grind house game a blast. Each friend I have cranked it up with has been surprised by how much fun it is and gone and bought it from a bargain bin. Very tongue in cheek humour but a blast for sure.

    I picked this up for $8 from greenmangaming and it's a lot of fun.

    This was my game of the year when it was released. The lightgun games were the only reason to buy a Wii.

    I just assumed it was the original pc/dc typing of the dead. Overkill was the most f-ed up game I have ever played. That final level! Do you have to type Oedipus over and over?

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