Xbox One Boxes Going For Nearly As Much As The Console Itself On Ebay

Xbox One Boxes Going For Nearly As Much As The Console Itself On Ebay

Typically, spending a lot of money and only ending up with a box is a scam people don’t want to buy into. Unless, apparently, you really want special Xbox One packaging.

Last time we looked at Xbox One listings on eBay, we found that people were paying money for the special “Day One” achievement — they’re a part of a limited number of Xbox Ones sold on the launch of the console. These Day One consoles come in special “Day One” packaging, pictured above, which people are putting for sale on eBay — sometimes for the price of a full console, as you can see in this image by Reddit user Warjec.

Upon closer inspection, as the first picture shows, you’ll find that some people are actually bidding on these things, if not keeping close tabs on these auctions — even though they’re clearly labelled as ‘box only’ auctions. Two possibilities here: either these are reading comprehension fails where people think they’re getting the actual console (but it’s so obvious they’re not!), or people just want the special packaging. Both seem equally possible. It’s also possible that sellers are putting these up knowing people won’t read the listing right, or because they know that the limited edition packaging makes people want an item like this.

Whatever it is, it’s still amusing to see auctions like this, even though they happen every console launch — in this case, box-only auctions seem to mostly be of the Day One variety. Hopefully anyone that bids on stuff like this doesn’t think they’re about to get an actual console!

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if people were selling the Xbox One and when they’re delivered the buyer finds out he bought an original Xbox.

  • Sounds scammy to me. Some naive people might think “box-only” refers to the actual x-“box” unit itself without controllers or cables.

  • Reminds me of those stories around the 360 release of people selling the boxes on Ebay and people paying hundreds of dollars thinking it was the console.

    It’s sad to see and I feel sorry for people that get tricked by it; but then again some might argue if you don’t properly read the description or at least the title of what you are buying, then you kind of deserve it……. lol

    • Like that woman who bought two iPhone 5 in the box and inside the actual boxes were Apples… haha. Police in an interview called her all but an idiot pretty much because the sale was done face to face so she could’ve checked.

  • Damn, some people will buy anything.

    Also, people are being emailed with codes for a day one avatar shirt. Someone’s already got one on ebay.

    Just got my code, got one for male, one for female, I’m not gonna use the female one, anyone want it?

    Also got two codes for FIFA 14, considering putting one, or both on ebay, I’m not big on FIFA, and I prefer boxed versions anyway.

    • Wow can I get one? I missed out on the Fifa bundle and they won’t give me the code even when they have more Fifa bundle in stock.

        • Unless you don’t know about the consoles. There are 3 type. Day one, Fifa bundle and standard bundle. Mine was preordered too late and I got the standard only.

      • I wasn’t actually planning on giving the FIFA code(s) away, as I said, I was thinking about selling them and using the money to buy either a boxed copy, or another game or extra controller or something.

        If I was to give you one of the codes, I would need to know that you actually do have an XBox One, don’t have a copy of the game, and are planning on using it for yourself and not selling it. Getting the code to you is another issue, the only safe way I can think of is if you post your gamertag and I send it to you in a message over XBox Live.

          • Code sent, enjoy.

            That’s my good deed for the day.

            Just a note to everyone, please don’t ask me for the other FIFA 14 code, I’ve decided to keep it. I’ll still give away the Female Avatar Shirt code though.

  • FYI, this is actually against Ebay’s terms of service, to sell just the box of a product without the product itself, even if it is stated as such in the listing.

    • Are you sure, that doesn’t make sense.

      You would think that yes they dont allow you to pretend to sell a console but only selling the box since that would be fraud.
      But these guys are pretty upfront “box only”, if people are stupid enough to buy them( at less than console cost price no less) you have to wonder if they have it coming.


        It makes sense because there’s just too many scams, both on the part of the seller and buyer. It’s much simpler if they just ban selling boxes all together. Yes, there may be a small number of people who would want the box to a product like an xbox. But, really, the number is so small it’s not worth the effort for ebay.

        Lets be honest here, these people are trying to trick people into buying their item. Putting “box only” in the description is just to cover their own arse. They are hoping someone will just buy it in a panic coming up to xmas.

  • If they weren’t stupidly priced, I’d consider throwing a couple of bucks on a box, just to mess with a friend for Christmas. Stick their gift in the box, maybe a brick as well to add some weight.

    “Look what I got yoooooou”

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