Steam Thanksgiving Sale Now On

Skyrim For $US7.50 Highlights Steam Thanksgiving Sale

Skyrim is $US7.50 on PC today. Sleeping Dogs is $US5. So is Rogue Legacy. The Steam sale is live right here, and you'll have to do some digging to find all of the deals.

If you uncover any great ones, post 'em below.


    The only thanks I have to give is to the US for creating Black Friday sales, and then go on to create Cyber Tuesday sales. My credit card is already trembling in fear.

      Don't you mean, Cyber Monday.

        yeah...i guess it's Tuesday over here though...thats totally what I meant >_>

    It's may seem obvious but here's a few sale tips

    This is Sydney Time so Flash Sales roughly will reset @ 1 pm to 9 pm, 9 pm to 5 am and 5 am to 1 pm. With the daily details refreshing at 5 am.

    Save all games to wishlist that are not on flash or daily deals, and on the last day, just purchase all of them.

    Use Google advance search for Steam Store (it works better than their search)

    Compare games currently available in bundles, you can get a full listing at and

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    scroll to the bottom, click featured... all of the front page is now upside down :P
    also... WOOOO SALE!

    (if you don't own Terraria, BUY IT ALREADY!)

    EDIT: Spelening

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    But I've already bought every game on Steam in previous sales.

    Bought Counterstrike Global Offensive, hoping it's good :)

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