Snake Massages Look Utterly Horrifying

Snake Massages Look Utterly Horrifying

You’re stressed. You need to relax. Maybe you go for a massage? You know, one where they drape snakes all over your body and face. Um…

This certainly doesn’t seem relaxing to me! But as AFP explains, Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia is offering a 90-minute snake massage for 480,000 rupiah or about $40.

The 1.8m pythons have their mouths taped shut with sticky-tape and the massage therapists try to ensure the snakes don’t coil up.

“I used to be afraid of snakes, I had a phobia. But after getting this treatment several times, the phobia started going away and now I like snakes,” Ferdi Tilukay, a 31-year-old accountant who got the snake body massage, told AFP. According to Tilukay, the experience gives you “an adrenaline rush.”

That doesn’t sound relaxing at all! Unless you really, really like snakes, that is.

This sign is so you don’t try to fornicate with the snakes.


Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa is hardly your typical massage centre in Jakarta. And most of its customers are foreigners. At this centre, you can also get massages from people dressed in gorilla suits or take baths filled with beer. It’s also not the first place to offer snake massages.

In the past few years, there have been other masseuses offering snake massages in Israel, Russia and Thailand.

“Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better, relaxed,” said a snake-wielding massage therapist in Israel back in 2008. “One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress.”

What’s wrong with, you know, a regular cold compress?

Yeah, buddy, I know how you feel.

Perhaps you are interested in getting a snake massage. Maybe not. This guy is definitely not.

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Videos: AFP, Bakra Eid, Bloomberg, thetruegrimghost


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