So That's What Happens When Repel Wears Off In Pokémon

So That's What Happens When Repel Wears Off In Pokémon

We might experience hundreds of random encounters over the years in Pokemon games, but everyone seems to remember one specific kind of encounter: Zubat ones.

It always happens a little like this: You're deep in some cave somewhere. Your Pokemon are hurting bad; you need a Pokemon center. You're almost at the end of the cave though. Hooray!

And then your repels wear off. Suddenly, it's like a billion Zubats appear out of nowhere and attack you every step of the way out. It's incredibly annoying. But that's kind of what makes this Lucca Comics and Games cosplay posted by avlas of repels wearing off so silly: we've all been there. The Zubat on the face is a nice and necessary touch, too:

So That's What Happens When Repel Wears Off In Pokémon

That's Italian. If it was in English, it'd say something like REPEL'S EFFECT WORE OFF.

Thankfully, for X & Y at least, Zubats seemed to be a smaller problem.

(Via r/Pokemon)


    Languages are fun. You can basically translate the sign to "end effect of [?] repel"

      no no no... he was repelling in a cave...when he was done, those bats came and attacked him. The sign clearly means, I'm done/finished repelling, its too much effort :p

      Last edited 12/11/13 8:48 am

      Italian is Latin based and so are many English words, so you can sort of understand what's written. Finito = finish, l'effetto = effect, del = the and repellente = repel. :)

        Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not very clear after an all-nighter lol

        I think a more accurate translation of del is "of the" eg Finish the effect of the repel. Also I guess the l' is short for le or il therefore 'the'.

          Indeed you are correct
          (è) finito - (it is) finished
          (i)l'effetto - the effect
          del - di il - of the
          repellente - repellant

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