Giant Xbox One Opens, Zombies Come Pouring Out

Giant Xbox One Opens, Zombies Come Pouring Out

Mystery surrounded the unveiling of an enormous Xbox One in Canada earlier in the week. Well, mystery solved.

It opened up tonight, and out came... zombies. Part of a marketing stunt for the console and Dead Rising 3. Perhaps of more practical use is the fact that once the zombies had cleared out, inside the giant Xbox One were a ton of regular Xbox Ones serving as demo stations for people to try out.

The image below was taken by indie devs Firebase Industries, and crushes our hopes that Microsoft was about to unveil a 50-foot Kinect. The image up top was taken by Victor Lucas.

Giant Xbox One Opens, Zombies Come Pouring Out

And here's a Vine of the zombie attack, courtesy of Brian!


    You kind of slightly missed the zombie walk there Microsoft.

    So Microsoft is the one who unleashed the zombie I thought It would be a medical thing

      They're just rabid fanboys, and if one bites you, you'll be imbued with extreme bias and brand loyalty.

    I suspected that it would be a demo unit. Did not expect the zombies though!

    That's awesome. Surprising that they chose to do it in Canada though. I would've thought that they'd choose somewhere like New York or something, unless Dead Rising 3 takes place in Canada.

    Last edited 02/11/13 1:14 pm

      Too many people own firearms in the US for you to unleash a horde of zombies on an unsuspecting crowd.

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