Which Pokémon Would You Say Is The Sexiest?

I love Pokémon. YouTuber Chris Sanders loves them too. Maybe a little too much.

The creator of Pokémon First-World Problems returns with an all-new, all-different set of problems, and while I have to concede his points on at least number 10 and 1, the rest of his picks I find a little Farfetch'd.

So, Which Pokémon Would You Say Is The Sexiest? Just Asking.

Awwww, yeah.



    Need I say more?

    Gardevoir, lovingly designed to give you the Rhyhorn...
    This guys choices for 9-2 are...questionable to say the least.

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    If you just want to know what's on the list without watching, here it is.
    But really you'd be missing out, it's all in the delivery.
    10: Jynx
    1: Gardevoir

      Wait.. You mean I read blogs to NOT just watch youtube videos? Weird!

      (Thanks <3)

    Had a feeling it was gonna be Gardevoir at the top, one of my favourite Pokemon because Kirlia is so damn CUTE! Also my shiny Gardevoir in mega-evolution form is amazing.

    Oh gods, he's right. Two out of the top three pictures for Gardevoir are pregnant with big boobs. Then there's a fair few after those that include cleavage, and then if you scroll down far enough, you'll find two partaking in some old fashioned cunnilingus. o_O

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