Some Of The Best Cosplay From BlizzCon 2013

The famous South Park nerd wasn’t the only cosplay at BlizzCon this year, you know. There was a ton of cosplay of characters from Blizzard games too — and MLZ Studios, as always, brings us the cream of the crop.

Curious about who is featured in the video? Here’s a list of some of the cosplayers, along with their respective characters:

Lightning Cosplay (Male and Female Barbarians)

Arms, Armour and Awesome (Auriel and Spellbreaker)

Kamui Cosplay (Protoss Wizard)

Maghia Cosplay (female Varian Wrynn)

Lyz Brickley Cosplay (Lilith)

Lorraine Torres Costume Design (Yzan – Diablo III Concept Character, Caldeum Nobility)

Jessica Nigri (Blood Elf)

Andy Rae (T13 Death Knight – World of Warcraft)

Monika Lee (Demon Hunter – Diablo III)

Lindsay Elyse (Blood Elf Priest – World of Warcraft)

Vash Fanatic Cosplay (Anduin Wrynn)

First Keeper (Maghda – Diablo III)

Vickybunnyangel Cosplay (White Wizard)…

Shadowglaive Cosplay (T2 Paladin – World of Warcraft)

Cryptomancer’s Cosplay (Tyrael Marine)

Jenki Cosplay (female Blood Elf)

Rachel Rakowski (Terran Ghost – Starcraft 2)


  • Holy christ that video framing and editing is annoying. Does everything need swooping camera motions with very slightly slowed down video?

      • That’s all? What about her integrity? Tolerance? Intellect? If I was going to salivate over a someone who shows up to every con wearing the bare minimum of a dress code, I’d like to know if she even cares about these games. I’d like to know her DPS, her SC2 league, who her favourite progamer is. If she doesn’t know anything about these franchises she purports to love, then it’s just pandering.

        Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with cute girls. Even if you’re not conventionally shaped, wear what you want, you’re beautiful. My problem is the cynical exploitation of gamers and fans, by abusing our libido and weakness to cosplay. There are 365 days a year to wear as little as you want, you don’t need to do this every. single. con. just for the attention and compliments. Or hell, why not dress as something less, um, cleavagey?You know, just to shake things up.

        • Because apparently she owes you something? The reality is that she isn’t selling you anything, she obviously just enjoys cosplay other wise she never would have dressed up as characters from horrible games. I am not having a crack, I just feel you are being highly critical of some one you know nothing about. She might as well be a bronze league player, but that doesn’t mean she can’t love the games lore or find the character designs interesting and at the end of the day when all is said and done even if she does not like the content she is dressing up as, she deserves your respect for looking awesome in some WoW duds.

          • She doesn’t ‘owe’ me anything. I’m saying it’s tiring seeing the same people show up at the same events for no reason other than to bask in adoration. That rubs me the wrong way because it feels like she’s exploiting the supposedly poor self control and crippling loneliness of gamers, a fandom I happen to associate with.

            I don’t care if she’s a bronze league hero as long as she loves the games, which, if you’ve seen her interviews, she does not. She doesn’t love WoW any more than she loves Lollipop Chainsaw, or the other countless crappy games she dresses up as. If you have no interest in the games and cherry-pick a skimpy outfit to wear to cons, then you’re basically just treating Blizzcon like another Halloween or Girls Gone Wild video.

            She doesn’t earn my respect, because there are other cute girls out there who truly love these games but are self assured enough to not flop out their tits every time their ego needs a shot in the arm. Like the other commenter below, I can practically recognise her by breasts alone now just through Kotaku mentiones. She’s not being brave or showing her nerd colours by doing this, she’s Olivia Munn 2.0, who wore slave Leia outfits at trade shows till nerds swooned, but once she gained enough exposure to land a ‘legitimate’ job at HBO, she ditched that scene like a bad cold.

  • The list of cosplayers and links comes from the youtube video description, except that the URLs seem to have been truncated in spots with “…”, and clicking them doesn’t use the full URL.

    I only noticed this because mine ( -the Tyrael Marine), when truncated just perfectly, goes to my personal profile instead. OOPS! (Someone be kind enough to edit the URLs?)

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