Some Of The World’s Scariest Military Troops

Some Of The World’s Scariest Military Troops
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Last month, Kotaku published images of Taiwanese special forces. They were totally frightening. But Taiwan doesn’t have a monopoly on scary troops. Other countries are ready to terrify you too.

On Twitter, many Japanese netizens are uploading photos of other scary special forces. Below, you can find some of the most intimidating troops from around the world. You might have seen some of them before, such as the lead frogman image, which previously went viral in the West. Others might be new to you.

Danish Frogman Corps. Photos: @chenowski, @chenowski

Chinese Army’s Cavalry Division. Photos: via syanhai110

Iranian Army in full white dress. Photos: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, Indochinepara

South Korean troops breaking slabs as part of a demonstration. Photo: Ahn Young-joon/AP

Female operatives in South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion Photo: Naver

French Special Forces Offensive Nautical Intervention Section. Photo: Section 8 PMC

Mexican Special Forces. Photo: Wiki

Belarus Special Forces break stone slabs that are on fire. Sergei Grits/AP


  • Of this bunch the Koreans are undoubtedly the most hardcore. Taiwanese have a poor reputation and apart from trying to look badass I honestly don’t know what those head coverings are trying to achieve. And as for the Iranians, well I’m sure that has got a lot of personnel in the US military giggling.

  • I can’t take these photos seriously……my brain is just screaming COBRA!!!! at me. Though if any those guys turned up at my house to talk face to face about their uniforms I will immediately change my position but until then……….COOOOBBBRAAAA!!!

  • A dozen men all armed with semi automatic .50 cal sniper rifles? Mexico appears to exist in the Call of Duty universe – or at least the multiplayer

  • The Belarus Special Forces are badass… they break stone slabs that are on fire with their heads in the freezing cold, without a shirt. You hit them in the head with a slab of concrete and they’ll just shrug it off and tell you to hit them again.

  • Apparently the french foreign Legion has the most extreme training regime in the world.. not bad for a country seen as cowards. Those chinese cavalry though, all I can picture is the final scene of the last samurai.

  • I wouldn’t take a bunch of posed PR photos and public “demonstrations” as any sign of actual competence or lack there of. Its much more complicated in reality, and any capability that is actually relevant is never going to be revealed in public.

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