Sony, It Seems, Is Teasing A New Version Of The PocketStation

The device, originally released in 1999 and discontinued in 2002, was PlayStation 1 Memory Card peripheral with a monochrome LCD screen. But will it be new hardware or an app? An announcement is expected on November 5. [Thanks Jan!]


    That video was extremely informative. Thank you Brian

    It's going to be the app geez. Why would it be a pocket station Brian?

    I'm still cranky about missing out on 1 of the summons in FFVIII Because we never got the pocketstation here.

    The PocketStation was the first disappointment of my childhood. I read about it for months in all the PlayStation mags, heard about it's mobile gaming, it's simple time and PDA functions... I was going to be the coolest kid in neighbourhood just by owning it... But it never came.

    I bought 2 from Malaysia loved them, raising my chocobo's was epic fun, still have 1 at home.

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