Sony Resets Some PSN Passwords Following 'Irregular Activity'

Sony Resetting Some PSN Passwords Following

Earlier this week, Sony Europe reset some user's PSN passwords as a "precautionary" measure. Today, Sony America is doing the same thing.

A notice on the official PlayStation forums says that some users "may need to reset" their passwords after Sony detected "irregular activity" on their network.

A Sony rep says:

Note that if you have access to the email address and Date of Birth associated with the account, you will be able to reset it yourself. If you are missing one or both of those, then you will need to contact us for further assistance.

The resets appear to only be affecting a small number of PSN users. Still, it's worth checking that your password still works, and even if it doesn't, it couldn't hurt to change it anyway.

We've contacted Sony for comment, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE: A Sony spokesperson tells Kotaku:

We routinely monitor for irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected SEN accounts as a precautionary measure to protect consumers and their account information.


    This happened to me and I wasn't aware why so got worried did a google search and lucky found out about this but sony really should have emailed people about this

    Same. My login details suddenly didn't work. No explanation. Thought I'd been hacked.

      +1 - A password reset worked alright to get me in eventually, but an email might have been nice, Sony.

    Oh this is what happened with mine then. I simply thought i had forgotten my password...

    Also got an email... Would have thought that Sony would have learned that communication is important in not letting rumours spiralling out of control, especially since the big hack happened not to long ago. I really do hope this was insignificant and why i specially and specifically other accounts (some people reporting that on a console with multiple main accounts, only one has been asked to reset) have been targeted for the reset.

    I am crossing my fingers that Sonyis being upfront that this is ONLY a precautionary reset but if it was why not simply reset everyones unless a specific group of members were targeted?

    This happened to me last week, too.

    All I can think of was it happened just after I tried out the new version of the PlayStation app on my Android phone - anybody else do that prior to getting their password reset?

      i downloaded and accessed the app on my phone but have not had a password reset

    My PSN wallet seems to have been funded $19.95 without my consent - I haven't turned PS3 for over a week :/ I am hoping this is an automatic Playstation Plus renewal - I'll update once I know for sure what's happened

    Edit: All good, Playstation Plus autorenewal *wipes sweat from head*
    Note: My password hasn't been reset either.

    Last edited 27/11/13 11:35 am

    Mine got reset as well. The least they could've done is sent an email, because for all I knew my account could've been compromised. I'm all for locking an account in the event of suspicious activity, but there needs to be some form of notification - in this case I had to do the research myself.

    The sons account was sent an email asking for a reset. He was confused as to why that happened and said it explained why he couldn't log-in that morning even though he knew he had the right password. Sure would have been nice to know why.

    Took you guys long enough to make a story out of it.

    I'm guessing mine got reset as well. Spent ten minutes trying to log in since I couldn't remember if I'd changed it recently or not.

    that's what happened to mine, while yea an email may be ok Id rather they sporadically reset my password than have someone bash my credit card. It only took 10 mins to realize the password that should work didn't and then reset it so not a biggie.

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