Sony Turns Hotel Into Giant Concrete PS4

Sony Turns Hotel Into Giant Concrete PS4

Sony's holding a PS4 "review" event in New York this week and it's going down at The Standard High Line, a weird-looking old hotel that's not exactly in the middle of Times Square. I was wondering why Sony would choose such an odd building for such an important event, but this light show explains it.

For reference:

Sony Turns Hotel Into Giant Concrete PS4

I mean, sure, it's no PS3 building...

Sony Turns Hotel Into Giant Concrete PS4

...but for a temporary event it's doing an OK job.


    I think many would disagree that The Standard is a weird looking hotel and it certainly isn't old being completed in 2009. The Meatpacking district where it is located is also a lot trendier than Times Square although pretentious may be the word some would choose to describe the place. Regardless it looks nothing like a PS4.

    Maybe it's because I'm still mostly a disk guy, but I'm surprised that vertical stands for consoles is still a thing.

      It's not for xbox one

        Now that you mention it I somehow completely glossed over the fact other consoles might exist without them, I don't know where my head was at, lol.

        Vertical stands are gross... and I can't beleive Sony make you pay to have it extra... wtf are they on rocks??

          You don't have to use the stand. The PS4 can stand by itself. Xbox can only lay horizontal. At least Sony give you the option.

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