Sounds Like The Promising Space Sim X Rebirth Is A Total Mess

Sounds Like The Promising Space Sim X Rebirth Is A Total Mess

Rock Paper Shotgun‘s Craig Pearson has played a good amount of the game and he’s reporting rampant bugs, crashes and worse. Our own Luke Plunkett hasn’t played quite as much, but reports a similar experience.

Developer Egosoft has apologised, saying that they’re doing what they can to fix problems as fast as possible. A bummer all around.


  • Surprise, overly ambitious pc game developed by a small European outfit and published by a 3rd tier publisher is full of bugs.

    • Pretty much every installment in the franchise is released with its fair share of bugs, it normally takes months before any of them are stable.

  • Yes it has bugs like no targeting hotkeys, no in game event log and no radar or functional zone maps. It’s problems are along the lines of shit design choices as much as bugs.

  • yeah its counter-intuitive and the enemy AI needs work but I actually haven’t had any bugs at all so far.
    Must be lucky…

  • Like all Egosoft games, the nth patch will fix all the issues and it will begin surpassing the original spec. But this growing trend of paying for beta is becoming a pain …

  • I could cope with the bugs that will eventually get fixed like the trade problems in the campaign missions, etc..
    But what I didn’t like was the design decisions that make this arcade xbox game so unattractive.
    No radar on a hud that takes half the screen. No way to view around without turning the ship, boring repetitive animations that don’t add anything to the game. Very, very ugly female NPCs. Small universe with local areas far too crowded, 100’s of small ships with no purpose.
    Requires a 64 windows version but still use a 32 bit program and Directx 9.0
    Even a top of the range computer can’t run this at more than 30 fps.

    • Yeah, tried it yesterday – was all excited about it, me being a huge X-fan – but I expected more. I was expecting another great X-game, with the option to walk around in stations and explore ships, while being able to build stations & do stuff in there.

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