South Park: 'Pre-Order Doesn't Mean S**t'

Cartman's take on video game pre-orders is the best take on video game pre-orders. From the latest episode, this short clip even takes a subtle jab at the long-delayed South Park: Stick of Truth. Amazingly filthy and poignant, as expected from South Park.


    LMAO - is this actually from an episode or did they create this as a side? I only ask as they seem to be wearing the same clothing as is in all of the "stick of Truth" screens... Or maybe its just Cartman's getup... Either way it gets my mouth wet for the stick of truth to have some sort of announcement soon - i know im dreaming but what else can a man do?

      Its from the latest episode yesterday. Episode 7. Theyre all dressed in their 'Stick of Truth' outfits for the episode.
      Its Black Friday sales crossed with Game of Thrones, cross with Console Wars.
      Was a great episode. Part two is next week.

      Latest episode. It's a two parter for a sort of Game of Thrones Black Friday Console Wars mash up.

    This sounds like an amazing couple of eps :)

    They have been very quiet for a few weeks I cant wait.

    Maybe they will announce a release for Stick of Truth at the end of this story line. . .

    Abso-muthaeffin-lutely. You pre-order a table at a restaurant, sure. A ticket for a concert, why not? Who pre-orders software?

    Man that episode was great, i also picked up on that as well, it's good to see Matt and Trey having a laugh about themselves especially with 2 delays on stick of truth.

    A big dick in your mouth.... AND A BONUS WEAPON SKIN! AWWWW YEAH I'LL TAKE THREE!

      The weapon skin makes the gun appear to be male genitalia, and increases the model length so it clips with the lower third of your characters face.

    Yea i cracked up at this part...was south park from day 1 to now...

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