Strewth -- 'Star Wars Down Under' Has No Right To Be This Good

A 'Star Wars Down Under' fan flick. By all rights it should be terrible. It should be loaded with cliches, terrible dialogue and most likely be borderline offensive. 'Star Wars Down Under' is all this and more: key word 'more'. Despite being everything you might expect it would be, Star Wars Down Under still manages to be absolutely unmissable!

It has a Kangaroo AT-ST. Stormtroopers wearing Ned Kelly masks and some legitimately great special effects.

Actually, it's supremely well made, and properly funny at points. It focuses on a hero's quest to find that rarest of antiquities: a frosty cold beer.

Seriously, if you haver a spare 30 minutes, watch this at lunch, because it's genuinely great.

Via Gizmodo


    I remember watching the trailer a few months ago. Terrifically self aware, definitely gonna watch this tonight.

    Only flicked through it, but lost my shit at: "Oi Drongo... Cop this ya mug"

    at uni right now but this has just replaced SOA as my must watch today!!!! :O

    Oh wow thats so terrible in such a good way

    Honestly, if they tightened up the dialogue a little and dropped a "few" of the cliches then this would be so so much better (not that it wasn't awesome)

    Holy crap this is awesome... lol laughing so much.

    Just lost it when X4 pops out the cork hat lol!!!!!

    Ha! Super Scope just after 23:00.

    Last edited 19/11/13 3:05 pm

    That was brilliant, especially love the subtitles.

      Yeah, had to watch it again when I found out the closed captions. ROFL!!!

    The best thing about Aussie slang is you don't well I don't really hear any one use it.

    There is also another few guys around Melbourne who did some Star Wars short eps with an Aussie take on things - - well worth a look :)

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