Starbound's Beta Version Coming Early December


    Aww, Yeaaah!
    Been wanting to play this game for ages!

    I think I may come down with a bit of a cough on the 3rd >_>

    It should be worth noting that the Beta's being broken down into 3 phases. The first phase (releasing on the date above if all goes well with Steam) will be primarily a bug-testing phase, with more features coming in the latter two stages before release. Anyone who's interested in more about what comes in each stage can have a look at this Starbound post -

    So torn... Massive fan of their work and have already chipped in at an NPC level, but I like to wait for finished games instead of beta testing.

    Is it a coincidence that 4th December is also the Vita release of Terraria? The lead artist of which is now the lead developer of Starbound.

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