Stasis Is Now On Kickstarter


    Love the isometric perspective. Reminds me of Sanitarium. Looks incredibly good.

      I'm seriously craving more isometric games.

        Me too, first time I played Sanitarium I was sad there was nothing else like this. :'(

          I'm still annoyed at throwing out the box for the original Fallout. That would have been nice to keep. I do have the original box for Arcanum.

          It's weird how I almost always had a greater sense of exploration in sprite based isometric games. I think even more so than games like Skyrim. Perhaps because of the limited view and the constant amazement at what's around the corner on the next screen.

      While I love the style - from a developers point of view, 2d Isometric needs to die and let 3d isometric (one of the commonly used styles coined as 2.5d) pick up where it left off..

    Forgot all about this game, time to back the hell out of it.

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