Steam Machine Prototype Looks Like A Whiter PS4

Steam Machine Prototype Looks Like A Whiter PS4

Engadget has the first look at iBuyPower's prototype for a Steam Machine PC, which is due to be released in 2014. It looks nothing like a PC, instead taking a page out of the Guide To Designing Home Video Game Consoles.

There are two variants, with a "light bar" that seems to be able to change colour, which is neat.

The overall design is nice and subtle, if a little too similar to a PS4, though that power button and GIANT STEAM LOGO look a little naff. Then again, this is a prototype, so there's always time for improvements.

If you haven't seen it, here's what Valve's own prototype unit looks like.

You can see more shots of the unit - including its range of light bar shades - below.

First look: iBuyPower's Steam Machines prototype [Engadget]

Steam Machine Prototype Looks Like A Whiter PS4


    If I could buy that case I would be very happy. I really like the simplistic look of it.

    Have you seen a PS4 before?

      "It has a groove down the middle, must be a PS4."

      I think it looks more like a Wii in that upright photo, myself. In any case, I like the way this looks, whereas I don't really like the PS4's angles.

    The green on the grey/white in the original photos makes it look more like a XBOX 360 than anything else. Also thinking of a Wii as well.

    PS4 though? Nope. Fact it's lacking the trademark PS colour is the biggest problem.

    Heh, white. Good luck with that. Needs to be black to survive!

      I'd go with a gun metal grey or even a nice blue.

    Loving the look of it but is it modular or an all in one system ala a laptop (as in integrated video etc or can I upgrade cpu, video card etc)?

    Last edited 26/11/13 3:36 pm

    3 visible sides...........therefore HALF LIFE 3, don't worry I've already got my coat :(

    Looking nice, although coming from iBuyPower it'll probably be far too expensive.

    The thing that is pissing me off about it is that the console is white/green while the controller is black! My OCD side can't take it, they need to be the same colour!!! Also the big indented steam symbol on the top is a little ugly, but that's just my opinion.

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