Super Mario 3D World Will Feature Live Music, Like Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 3D World: at first it looked a bit... eh? 'Is it a 'proper' 3D Mario game?' 'Does this count?' Those were the silly questions we were asking ourselves. Now, as we move closer to the game's release, the scale of Super Mario 3D World is slowly becoming apparent. This looks like the real deal. It could end up being as definitive as Super Mario Galaxy was for the Wii.

And just to hammer that point home comes the news that Super Mario 3D World will feature the orchestra-style live music that made Super Mario Galaxy such a grand sweeping experience. This was confirmed by Destructoid in an interview with the game's lead composer Mahito Yokota.

This news sort of takes me by surprise. My feeling was that Super Mario 3D Land would be a Mario that felt a little smaller in scale. Sort of like a home console version of Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS. That game was a mini masterpiece, but on home consoles we tend to expect something a little... bigger.

Of course video game music doesn't necessarily guarantee or tell us anything about the game itself, but it does tell us a lot about Nintendo's intentions for the game. It tell us that Super Mario 3D World, in a sense, is sort of a big deal. It tells us it's a serious, 'proper' 3D Mario game. Basically it answers all those stupid questions we had when the game was first announced. It tells us that we should care about this game.

This news, combined with the fantastic trailer released last month has gotten me a little bit — dare I say this world — hyped. Really looking forward to the release of this game.

Super Mario 3D World features a lot of live music [Destructoid]


    Wow LOVING the music!!!!

      That's galaxy's music though, as an example of past live Mario musics. Still, very exciting

        Unfortunately, Galaxy got played by my son but not very much by myself, so that's pretty much the first time I'm hearing it :)

          You MUST play it. Awesome game, absolutely loved it.

            Yeah I used to be the 2nd wii mote as he played it, helping him. I was impressed by what I saw (less so by the sequel)

            YES! One of the rare occasions where I was actually wanted to play to get 100%! (ie. all 120 stars, kinda like the joker teeth in Batman Arkham Asylum)

              Me too. I 100%'d both 1 &2, and the final star in 2 was the single most difficult thing I've done in a videogame. Two days and literally hundreds of lives, and all I've got to show for it was an email "from" Miyamoto.

    I was whistling Gusty Garden to myself earlier today. Man, that music really sticks with you. It's amazing.

    ... and as well it should. The days of Nintendo getting away without full orchestral soundtracks on their major franchises are gone.
    So hyped to play this, I really am.

    This will be my last new release game purchase this year, after Lego Marvel Super Heroes (unless a miracle happens and I can afford to get a PS4).

    I thought everyone already knew this? I mean, it became obvious when they released a trailer that featured orchestrated music.

    Wow, live music? Shipping out full orchestras to all customers to play for them live n their own living room is going to be a distribution NIGHTMARE. I hope they leave air holes in the crates for the oft-delayed PAL releases...

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