Surprise, Viral YouTube Smash Is A Total Fake

Surprise, Viral YouTube Smash Is A Total Fake

In September, a YouTube video showing people doing crazy shit with ping pong bats and knives went viral. Shame, then, that it's a total fake.

In this clip from Captain Disillusion, we see a frame-by-frame breakdown of the original video, as myths are busted and parties are pooped.

If we can't believe stupid YouTube videos are real, what can we believe in?

Miss Ping Debunk [YouTube]


    Old news. But yeah, it did get voted up on Reddit so I can see why you're posting about it here, now.

    though in some ways the methods used are quite impressive in their execution. Or at least, I like to watch magic shows for the speculation of how the tricks work and not so much for the "magic".

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