Tales Of Symphonia Is Back And More Beautiful Than Ever

It’s been a long time since the excellent JRPG Tales of Symphonia was released on the GameCube in 2003. Now, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, it (and its sequel) have been remastered in HD in Japan. But the question remains: Just how much better does it look on the PS3?

To find out, I hooked up my old GameCube, played the first few hours, and then did the same with the PS3 version. To see the results, check out the video above.

Tales of Symphonia was released in Japan as part of the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD collection for the PS3 on October 10, 2013. It is scheduled for a US and European release in February 2014.


  • Not a huge improvent but so long as it includes the bonus PS2 content with the performance of the GC version all is well.

  • Might be interested in this. I loved the original on the Gamecube, but never played the sequel. Might be worth getting.

    • The sequel is pretty awful, probably not worth getting it just for that. At least the original game is good.

        • The main problems I had with ToS:DotNW were:
          1. The main character is a complete wuss. It’s not until many hours into the game where he starts developing an alter-ego & some minor backbone that he becomes semi-likable.
          2. How they changed the characters from the original ToS – especially Lloyd – made the game quite jarring & confusing. Not to mention they couldn’t get all the same voice actors so that didn’t help…
          3. Due to the story only centering around two characters, the combat had those two locked in & the last two slots were for beasts you captured. But some areas required certain beasts to make your team effective & some said beasts were quite rare.

      • DotNW is honestly not THAT awful.
        It has much less contents than Symphonia, obviously, but remember that it’s always a spin-off.
        All in all, it’s a decent Tales game. Not as long-lasting and deep as the first episode, but definitely likeable and with a good amount of contents. I really liked Emil and Marta as main characters.
        The only reason why most Tales fans hate it and find it horrible is because most characters have different voice actors than the previous game, which is not a big deal to me.

        • I found the English dubs for both games awful (aside from Tenebrae who is excellent in the role) so it wasn’t that for me. It was the actual game itself. Specifically the reasons I didn’t like it were the uneven difficulty – you can easily outlevel the trash in each dungeon but the bosses level up relative to you so you get to the point that you’re breezing through normal fights but getting your arse handed to you by bosses each time. The returning characters from the original game come in as guest characters, never permanent and at fixed levels and are quickly outdone by the random monsters you pick up. Tales games live and die by the quality of the characters and their interactions, so having all the returning characters essentially just cameo appearances seems pointless.

          Tales has had three sequels over the years and the other two are Xillia 2 and Destiny 2, both of which are pretty good, so I don’t agree that DotNW gets a free pass just because it’s a spinoff.

  • great game, man it’s been ages since i played that (gamecube laser died, doesn’t read any discs any more :/ thanksfully though there is Dolphin emulator 🙂 )
    Might have to whip it out again (the game I mean) and fire it up at 1920 and full AA

        • And from what I gathered the release will also have all the extras added on from the PS2 rerelease!

          Hooray for hidden Hi-Ougis! 😀

          Edit: Oh and for a dub the original release on the GC wasn’t that bad xD

  • Maybe I’m just a bit nostalgic here but I can’t help thinking that the black outline they used on 3D objects in the GC version to alleviate the low resolution and aliasing issues make the characters look more like a cartoon you’re playing rather than just plain old 3D graphics.

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