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    I can't believe that out of 25 or so of us, none of us have Dittos in our Friend Safaris.
    Breeding is so easy in X and Y but we don't have the tools to do it.
    We're all failures.
    All of us.

      I found ditto somewhere on victory road I think.

      GTS, want Ditto, level requirement 21-30.

      I have a ditto.
      But what is a friend safari? Can you eat it?

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We brought our new baby home on Saturday! ^_^

      Congratz mang!...
      Quick question though, why did the delivery stork fail? i think that's a call to the ombudsman...

      Seriously though huge congratz, wish you all the best!

        We ordered pick up instead of delivery :) we were preferring cabbage patch but our garden is overrun with stinging nettles.

        Now back to 3 yr old wrangling and baby clothes washing.

          Congratulations. Did you remember the side order of sleepless nights and grumpy jealous 3 year old?

            We forgot to order it but luckily it's complimentary

      That is so damn cool. Way to go, my friend! So. Damn. Proud.

        Thanks! It's all very exciting. I think my week off from work will go very fast.

    This week's greatest challenge will be to not degenerate into a puddle of unmotivated jelly-foam at the prospect of two weeks of leave at the end of this week. Less than hour into a new week, the forecast is grim.

    Yes - jelly-foam.

    Woooooo! My 1 yo got food poisoning. Tough weekend. (He's fine, though, getting through it)

      Hope the little urchin feels better!

        Kids are crazy resilient. Aside from a freakout when we took him to hospital, he's been his old self (happy, mischievous, etc), only smellier and a little more lethargic.

        If I had food poisoning, I'd be miserable and whining to everyone within earshot about how much I was suffering. Adults suck.

        Last edited 28/10/13 9:31 am

      Sick kids are fun. I have two home with me now. The Mrs is off to some junket in Brizvegas, so I'm stuck with the urchins. The 2 year old is sick with some funk she picked up from daycare, and her 12 year old brother is sympathy sick

      HACK COUGH SPEW... "I can't go to school dad." *slowly edges towards Playstation*



    I did stuff. It was pretty good.

      Fine, I'll elaborate:

      Woke up about 10am.
      Started playing Batman: Arkham Origins (Alfred is sassy! I like it)
      Put pants on about 1pm.
      Had lunch.
      Cleaned the apartment.
      Played some SWTOR with @rize
      Ventured to the city for dinner with Doc, Tamz, Pants and Batgirl
      Had post-dinner drinks with Batgirl while Pants drank a soda pop. He left early because he hates fun.
      Saw this on the way home. I don't even.

      Woke up about 9:30am
      Played Batman: Arkham Origins
      Had lunch
      Watched Monsters University (really like it. Hit me in the feels a couple of times)
      Played more Batman: Arkham Origins
      Played SWTOR with Rize and Nob.


        I liked the part where I hated fun.

        And sassy Alfred.

    Reposting because 3:00pm on a friday afternoon is never a good time to be getting in touch with people.

    Is anyone planning on travelling overseas next year? I'm trying to put together a group departure with work. Where would you want to go? What's on your bucket list?

    Currently Japan seems to be a very popular destination, so I'm leaning towards there. If I am able to put something together, where would you like to go? What would you want to see?

      What would you want to see?

      A giant pile of money arriving on my front door allowing me to go.

        I read that as a pile of monkeys...

        That would've been a good day. *stares off into distance* A good day.

          If it's actually a pile, they're probably dead. Or tied together inhumanely.
          That might put a dampener on the day.

          Last edited 28/10/13 9:43 am

      I've been pretty lucky and been overseas a number of times in my life. I always end up in Asian countries for various reasons, mostly because I find them infinitely more interesting than say, the US or Europe. That being said, I'd love to see Scotland and Ireland one day, mostly because my dad's family was Scottish. That would likely mean seeing other bits of Europe while I was there - maybe Russia?

      Apart from that, I'll just keep hitting up the Asian countries, most likely. My parents used to live in Hong Kong and it's an amazing place - I'll never get tired of it. I'll end up back in Japan at some stage, I'm sure.

      Last edited 28/10/13 9:26 am

        Europe is amazing. In some places because of how similar it is with just odd customs or speech or places that suddenly jolt you out of comfort.
        But so much of Europe is totally different to here. It's like it's a whole nother country or somethin. Well worth a trip if you have done a lot of Asia to get a different perspective and holiday experience.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Busy weekend- went and gave blood on Saturday (@saturday?) then went to a fantasy and SF themed quiz night- Turns out, I can totally ass-pull an HP Lovecraft title and get it right! Then on Sunday went to the folks and played Ticket to Ride with my mother (CHOO CHOO). Played a bunch of Pokemon throughout

    A monday morning question: What's your favourite Pokeyman?


        Where are they in X/Y? I'm a little short of Fire Pokeymans atm

          Only in friend safari.

          For a free Fire type: Connect 3DS to the internet and choose mystery gift at the title screen to receive a Torchic.

          Last edited 28/10/13 9:19 am

          Fletchling evolves into a Fire type! There's also Litleo on the route next to the Santalune gym.

      Charizard is the ONLY correct answer.

        This. Although I think if I had Y I'd be maining a Hawlucha.

        There can be two.

    Tried to play Madden again this weekend. American football is fucking weird.

      Just start yelling out random numbers. I'm pretty sure that's how you play it.

        The game does that bit for you.

          Then what's the point?



      Oh man now I almost actually want to try start a Barcelona chant at a Gridiron game.


    Went house-hunting on the weekend. Saw about six and only applied for one. Don't think I'll get it but you never know! Trying not to get hopes up :P

    Also: weekend Pokémanning updates. Warning! Pokétalk!

    I now have a fully EV Trained Mawile and a perfect IV Joltik ready for training (which, again, was the wrong gender. I wanted a female dammit. But I'm not about to continue breeding just for that :P). I'm building a team of three to test out then I'll think of expanding to six. I haven't decided on a third yet though. Ideally it'd be a Water(/Ground) type because my main weakness at the moment is Fire/Rock/Ground. Swampert would be fantastic but he's not available yet.

    Also, I found a Shiny Beautifly this morning! They must've altered the shiny encounter rates, I've never been this lucky in my life :P

    Last edited 28/10/13 9:34 am

      I still haven't seen one ...


      Last edited 28/10/13 9:31 am

      What kind of area/s are you looking into for housing? I'm surprised you went this long on two hour train commutes to work. :P

        Anywhere, really :P Ideally south of Sydney and with a maximum half-hour train ride to work. Been looking around Marrickville and surrounds for the last few weeks. Just gotta be patient!

        Last edited 28/10/13 9:43 am

          I stayed in Kirrawee last time I was there. Seemed like a great place*.

          *to get stabbed.

      if you find a place you like, after the inspection, go straight to the realestate agent with the completed forms & offer to pay the first 2 weeks rent on the spot as a show of commitment.

      thats how I got my place.

    Anyone played Nuclear Throne? I picked it up on steam on the weekend. It's really a lot of fun, although it's still in the "early access" phase. It's on of those short games where you say "Just one more game" and suddenly it's 1:00am,

      It has my eye! But so does much, much, much other stuff. I was pleasantly surprised by 'How to Survive' which I thought would be a fairly mindless top-down twin-stick shooter type affair from all the shooting and explosions on the trailers... but it turns out it's actually a survival game, with much gathering and crafting and strategic resource use, and managing tiredness/hunger/thirst levels. Bit buggy in fullscreen, though. Windowed worked fine.

    GTA Online:

    Really impressed with how this game can keep you going from one activity to another within a few seconds. There's almost no downtime if you don't want downtime.

    I did one of the parachuting missions where you have to land on top of a tall building. I missed the main building completely and landed on the fire escape stairs, and very nearly rolled to my death. I came 1st.

    Hey @bish when were you gracing us with your surly presence again? Next weekend?

    Hi everyone else.

      Hi Matt!

      Let me tell you, I will be prowling the streets of Australia from November the 2nd to November the 10th.
      Or something like that.
      Two weekends, basically! The first Saturday is probably out because I land on that Saturday morning and I assume I have family to see.
      And apart from Wednesday, I am free!
      I thank you for your interest in this matter and hope to hear from you again.

      Kind regards,

        Oh but I guess the Friday was decided to work better for most people?

      Dear Pants,

      Following up your last inquiry, may I point you to this tweet?
      Just thought I'd mention it.

      Canadian Bish.

    Had my bucks on Saturday night.
    Did paintball...

    My god.. the bruises. I had to do a buck run.. the pain...

    But SO MUCH FUN!!!

    But... pain...

    Also, i almost got knocked out by a shot to the head! \o/

      Pain and fun and mandatory humiliation. Noted the lack of boobies.
      Perfect prep for marriage.

      Last edited 28/10/13 9:45 am

        Yep. Was a stripper free night.
        They were replaced with the admiration of fine craft beers at the belgian beer gardens :D

    Morning all. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did some stuff. Woo Stuff.

    - had some bad luck with my Nuzlocke run (grumble grumble Wobuffet)
    - played tonnes of BOARD GAMES on Saturday, including Ticket to Ride for my first time ever
    - played Pathfinder on Sunday where we very nearly TPK (not my fault, honestly)

    Quotes of the Weekend:

    "Santa Claus is actually a demon of Chaos."
    "Trains are serious business. Choo choo [email protected]#ker."


      CHOO CHOO!

      We haven't played TtR in a while but we had some great games of The Resistance on Saturday. I've lost count of how many times in a row I've been a spy over the last few months but the number is quite large. Managed to do a great play where I was a spy by throwing a fellow spy under the bus in order to look loyal based largely on being sick of always being a spy.

      Got to bust out Dominion again for the first time in an age. Pretty much everyone else had left to get burgers and there were three of us left, holding down the fort. I really like that game but the group we play with is often too large and Freya just doesn't like it.

      We also had a good game of Shadows over Camelot where we had two swords left to collect to finish things and we all knew who the traitor was. Chucked an accusation at CJ to get a sword down on the table and then burned a hitpoint to accuse the traitor and fill the table for glorious victory in the name of Camelot.

      We did not play Formula D, which makes me sad because MAN MODE!

        We played TtR Europe which apparently is more balanced than the US version but I haven't the US version so I couldn't say. But yeah, really enjoyed TtR even though I appeared to have the only bad luck with tunnels. D:

        We also played a hilarious game of Tsuro with the Kaiju expansion. One player took themselves off the board and then I accidentally summoned Kaiju that took out not only my ship but two other players as well. It was only a 2 round game which was pretty hilarious though.

        Also snuck in a game of Fiasco set in Mystic China so that was just ridiculous. Followed that up with Smash-Up where I won with pirate enchanters (or enchanting pirates). I lost in a 7 Wonders game but I did better than when I last played so that was good. Finished the night with a Race for the Galaxy which lasted until about 1am and I really enjoyed that.

        I should play more BOARD GAMES as they are ridiculously fun. Haven't had a bad experience yet. :D

          TtR Europe is definitely the best of them. The current Humble Bundle has Ticket to Ride, the 1910 expansion (adds additional route cards) and the Europe map. Works on both Android and Steam.

          7 Wonders is rad.

          I so want to play Fiasco- have the book, just haven't done it with a group yet!

    Watched Frankenweenie last night:

    (Embarrassing admission below.)

    Totally made me cry for a good ten minutes. I think it hit a nerve I didn't know was waiting to be hit. D:

    Almost stopped it a few times because it was too sad. I... don't think it was supposed to be. :S So good, though. The stop motion-y style and black and white was all kinds of great. I imagine it would've looked spectacular in 3D!

    Last edited 28/10/13 9:56 am

      I was really impressed with that movie too, I had zero expectations of it and hadn't heard anything about it. Glad you liked it.

      Yeah, I'll admit I cried in that one too.

    Saw Limp Bizkit Saturday night in Sydney :)

    I'm not a diehard fan but I was really impressed, they put on a great performance I thought. Fred was really energetic and Wes wore a crazy jumpsuit that lit up. Was fun to watch. Oh and boobies, so many boobies \o/

    Played a lil bit of GTAO and Remember me and even a few games of black ops 2. Was in one of those moods where I couldn't stay focused on one game so I gave up and watched funny internet videos and Rambo 3.

    Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend ^^

    Morning everyone, how is everyone, I'm less active lately cause a person at work left and I'm doing their job until the replacement is trained up, very stressful.
    I spent the weekend on GTA Online and I may have found a glitch and may have exploited it to aquire $6,000,000 monies, now I have the best kind of problem of not knowing what to spend it all on.
    Tank: $1.5 million, Buzzard $1.8 million, Adder or Entity $800,000 - $1 million.
    The look on the faces of those high level jerks that attempt to attack me when I'm minding my own business and i call in chopper or tank support and they flee in terror: Priceless

      Hope you don't get banned for that, my friend!

        not really worried, we've been finding heaps of them and they get patched out, Rockstar should thank us for all the Beta testing.

        also the glitch still works so I'm gonna use it more.
        We're only operating under the parameters that the code allows, if they banned people for exploiting the company would get slammed as it's not the consumers fault that we are able to do these things.

      Oh man I could've used that back up yesterday. Got hammered 9v1 by a bloke who just had it in for me.

      Gave my worth back in a later game though ;)

        are you in a crew, it really helps, every time i get hassled my crew appear outta nowhere and make them regret it. They're all higher level than me and usually turn up in all kinds of destructive vehicles.

          Yeah I'm in the Kotaku crew but I've only really played along side them during missions. I've got two buddies who I get up to shenanigans with but ones also a WoW player and the other has a recently acquired girlfriend.

          Normally I give it back as good as I get it but this guy happened to catch me when I wasn't feeling like starting a war. However it did lead to an entertaining chase sequence. I was trying to get a car back to Simeon while he was in a missle-shooting-death-copter. Thankfully I secured the car


    OH DEAR GOD, VISA APPLICATIONS ARE SO BORING. SOOO BOOORRRIIINNNGGG. Why can't every country just trust that I'm not as terrible as I look?

    Morning TAY!

    I managed to finish Batman Arkham Origins yesterday, which means I played about 16 hours of it between Friday and Sunday, and that was with some other games in between, so apparently when I'm procrastinating something else, I'm really good at playing games.

      Tell me about it :\

        Ha. At least mine are only travel Visas. I wish they just let me put "I AM GOING TO YOUR COUNTRY TO SPEND LOTS OF MONEY. LOVE ME. LLLOOOOVVVEEEE MMMMEEEEE!" as my application.

          Depends where you're going i suppose...
          Maybe attach a nekkid photo to really persuade them!

      Where are you going!? And why aren't you taking me with you!?

        Japan with the family, then China, Mongolia & Russia on a tour. And I'm not taking you with me because I can't afford this sort of thing for myself, let alone for 2 people (This whole thing basically constitutes my Birthday and Christmas presents from my 21st (last year) until this Christmas)!

    So drama with one of my housemates last night. He and his girlfriend got a kitten about 4 months ago. They’ve constantly neglected it, going away to Newcastle on weekends and leaving it to us to look after. I feel sorry for this cat, but she is always troublesome. She’s been knocking things over (and our housemates have never replaced any broken glassware), constantly trying to get out of the house and always trying to fight our other cat. My housemate and his girlfriend broke up a few weeks ago and the cat is even worse. He’s been ignoring her, sitting in his room every night smoking pot (I had to tell him off for this) and still going to Newcastle every weekend. Most of the time he doesn’t even tell us he’s going, so we don’t even know if we have to feed her.
    Last weekend my other housemate was having a shower before she had to go to work, she came back into her room to find the cat had taken a dump on her bed. She went ballistic (understandable). I told our other housemate when he came back on Sunday night, I told him he can’t leave his cat alone anymore. He either has to take her with him or drop her off with his grandma’s. He agreed and he said he’d apologise to the other housemate.
    Fast forward to this weekend, he’s gone away and left his cat behind (didn’t tell us again). As soon as he came home I asked him what happened.
    Him: “Oh, it’s my Grandma’s fault. I told her to pick her up and I just found out today that she got confused and thought it was next weekend.”
    Me: “Okay. Well this weekend she’s smashed another glass, she’s left holes in the screen door trying to get out, did you apologise to (other housemate) over what happened to her bed?”
    Him: “To be honest, no I haven’t had the chance”.
    Me: “Okay, well the incident is unacceptable and I’m not seeing any reason it won’t happen again. Your cat can’t stay here any longer.”
    Him: “Well that means I have to look for another place then”
    Me: “Okay, that’s fine.”

    And I left.

    Too harsh, TAYbies?

      Sounds like the housemate is a bigger problem than the cat.

        Yes and No. The way he looks after the cat is the biggest issue. If he didn't have the cat, it wouldn't bother me so much as he keeps mainly to himself and it's one less person around during the weekend.

      Not at all. Great that you had the direct conversation.

        It frustrates me at times that you need to have a direct conversation about an issue like this. This could have been easily avoided.

          Not having these sorts of direct communications is one of the ways problems fester and get worse in share houses. May be more stressful now but much better for the sanity long term.

      If he doesn't take care of it I don't understand why he doesn't try to get rid of it. RSPCA/crazy cat ladies sort of thing.

      Seems a heck of a lot easier than moving out.

        I wasn’t sure which way he would go. I don’t know why his gf didn’t just take the cat anyway, she was the one who really wanted it and spent the most time with it. I get the feeling he’s just keeping the cat out of spite or proving her wrong or something.
        What makes me a little sad is that I can definitely seeing the cat ending up with RSPCA eventually anyway, She hasn't even been microchipped and really doesn't like staying inside at all.

          If he's keeping the cat for those silly reasons then he's putting himself in that situation where he needs to move out. Sure give it a feed and a 'hey kitty kitty' here and there but Its not your responsibility to look after it.

          I'm in a similar situation with my room mate. Before I moved in him and his girlfriend bought a puppy boxer. They broke up and he hasn't been to puppy class since and doesn't get the attention needed. The backyards full of poo. I take the lil guy for runs most days throughout the week otherwise he wouldn't get outside and fill up his bowl when its empy because he looks too skinny. My situations easier though as I like the little guy, even when he wakes me up at 3am with his squeaky toys. Its hard to stay mad at a puppy playing with toys.

      Not too harsh at all! If our housemate even brings a cat home we're kicking her out, at least you gave him a chance! :P

        They asked me if I was okay with it before they got it. I wasn’t really but my gf really wanted a second one around the house to keep our cat company. I told them only if the cat got along with our cat, she didn’t cause damage, they got it desexed and they pay for any repairs needed.

      Had VERY similar issues with a couple of housemates myself. Went the same way both times. I think it has to be done. Sometimes people can be just a bit clueless.

      Good job dealing with it. Can be super awkward.

    Urghhh, never shotting Absinthe again. Jesus.

    First exam today \o/ Shouldn't be too hard. It's only HTML/CSS/a little bit of Javscript. Actually it's mostly drawing sketches,

      I'm only a few years older than you, but holy shit do your weekends make me feel old.

        And I'm one of the quieter ones of all my friends, they make me feel old at times :P

      I'm not a fan of the aniseed-based liquors, so I've thankfully been spared the experience of absinthe benders. But even without liking it very much, the Moulin Rouge absinthe fairy (played by Kylie Minogue) was about right.

        Everywhere from my lips to my stomach burneddddd. That and it tastes gross!

        Intoxicating, otherworldly and gives you syphilis?

    Pokemon came late, AC4 came early... go figure.

    Had an awesome weekend. Finally got around to trying a cafe I'd been meaning to try. Good, reasonably priced coffee, so I went there on Friday and Saturday. I've already detailed the rest of my Saturday, so I won't bother, except to say that I gave the bottle of wine I won at the trivia night to my land lady. Yesterday I had church, then played mini golf and went out to tea with friends. It's actually nice to spend the entire day at home for a change.

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