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    Morning everyone.

    Edit: Whoa, first? This is...well, a first.

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      Morning Scree!

      How's things?

        Centrelink haven't paid me -_- Tomorrow is a public holiday so I'm meant to get my pay a day early.
        Nope, didn't happen.

          I think that only happens when it's a national public holiday. I've had that happen before as well.

            That's silly. I can pay my bills online, but there are elderly pensioners who would need to use today to pay their bills.

      You really were up early this morning. No wonder Sid was compalinging.

        Sid sleeps in until about 10 o'clock

    Morning Fronds!

    How are we all? I had an okay weekend, didn't do to much although I did meat up with @trjn & @transientmind. We discussed all things games and work related. After @transientmind left @trjn and I wandered around Queen Street Mall.

    Oh, an interesting thought we had during the meat. In regards to game side missions. For the older generation of gamers majority (usually) do side missions before we do the main missions because you may lose access to them later. I wonder if the younger generation go through the game THEN do the side quests. The only recent game I can think of that penalises players for doing side missions last is Mass Effect 2.

      Dragon Age had a handful of side missions you had to do before story events or they would be locked out forever.

      I don't like over staying my welcome in a game. I alternate between side quests and main quests so there's a good amount of momentum going. I find side quests lose their urgency after the main quest is done.

      I still remember an instance in Morrowind where you could absolutely screw yourself up if you did some side quests before others, particularly with the Morag Tong stuff. I don't recall many recent games, aside from perhaps Witcher 2, that if you do quests in the incorrect order then you lose access to them or are unable to complete them.

    Extreme lack of gaming on the weekend.

    Played a bit of SWTOR, Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate: Subtitle on Saturday and that was about it.


    Problem I have with Arkham Origins (no story spoilers, only gameplay):

    I have the same issue with Arkham Origins that I had with Arkham City (and is why I like Asylum so much more). The story is too unfocused. The actual "city" itself is purely a hub world and feels like there is little reason for it apart from that. There's way too much backtracking. And yes, there was backtracking in Asylum, but because it was an enclosed space and with the new gadgets, story advancements the areas would evolve as you played. The city doesn't.

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      Gotham lacks that level of detail that made gliding around Arkham City so much fun.

    Dull weekend, no gaming except town maintenance on Animal Crossing. Probably watched about 12 hours of Rooster Teeth's 25-hour livesteam from the Extra Life charity though. Top effort by those guys. I hope they put it all up on youtube so I can watch the bits I missed.

    Not exactly anything worth talking about, even for gamers let alone normal people. My boss made the mistake of asking how my weekend was which resulted in me needing to go into a lot of detail about going to dinner with my wife's aunt on Saturday night. I thought I'd had a worthwhile conversation, then I flipped the question on him and he just said "yeah, uneventful" and turned back to his computer.

    I never considered myself socially awkward but there are some conversations I just hate having and they happen over and over.

      Loved that Roosterteeth feed. Had it up all yesterday in the background while I played Assassin's Creed. Props to Jack for being there for basically the entire 24 hours.

      Yeah I hate the hw was the weekend question. Usually 2 possible outcomes; busy getting things done or uneventful. When it does happen that you did something interesting, you may find it interesting, but not so much the other person. Working in an office sux

    Hola Tay!

    How are we all?

    Had a quiet weekend, went out Friday to a Halloween thingo then did not much for the rest of the weekend. Sunk a couple hours into Arkham Origins- it's not really engaging me as much as City did. Also caught some pokeymans

    A Monday morning question: Which other superhero needs an Arkham quality game?

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      Nightcrawler, think of how kickass the combat can be.

        Teleportation might be my favourite power and I'd love a game that does it well.

      Make it less dreary and I'd like a good superman game.
      I know it's hard but I'm sure a developer can figure it out one day.


      Dogwelder is a mysterious and likely disturbed individual who never speaks. His face is never revealed; always hiding behind a welding mask. All we know of Dogwelder and his methods are that he seems to live in an alley, he sets traps for stray animals, has a supply of dead dogs (perhaps just puppies) and he fights evil by pouncing upon evildoers and welding a dog to their face.

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        Boy I hope this is fan-fiction.

          Nope. Official DC character.

          Part of the New Earth continuity and is based in Gotham City.

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            And yet we just keep getting Batman film after Batman film.

        Oh god, he has a whole team. Incredible.

          Sixpack: Team leader, whose special ability is grotesque drunkenness and beating villains with broken-off liquor bottles; he talks in a stream of comic cliches. He thinks he's a real superhero and doesn't seem to realise that all his superheroic encounters are just drunken dreams, but gets upset when he's told they're not real. A regular at Noonan's Sleazy Bar, he fought against the vampires in No Man's Land and at the Battle of Noonan's Bar in "The Old Dog".
          Bueno Excelente: An obese, sweaty, and bald Latino in an overcoat who "defeats evil with the power of perversion." Generally, the only things he says are "Bueno" or "Excelente", often preceded by a creepy chuckle. That Stupid Bastich reveals that he has a career in porn films. He has also become a small internet meme.
          The Defenestrator: A large, burly man in a denim jacket, black sunglasses, with black hair who obsessively carries around a window through which he forcefully throws criminals and the occasional unlucky policeman. His assaults on police officers landed him in Arkham Asylum. His appearance, name, and his death (and last words) are direct parodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
          Dogwelder: A thin, silent man in a welder's mask who spot welds dead canines to evildoers. Never speaks. When Sixpack tries to bring him back to the team, Dogwelder almost welds him on general instinct.
          Friendly Fire: A large, hapless man in a red cowl, Friendly Fire would easily be the most powerful of Section 8's heroes if he were to shoot anything other than allies with the potent bolts of energy he fires from his hands. He is the most defeatist member of the team and the only one who will state how pathetic the team is (though he apologises to Sixpack for revealing the truth), but he still wore his costume even in retirement. He blew his own head off when trying his hardest to shoot the right target.
          Jean de Baton-Baton: A bizarrely gaunt walking French caricature who defeats enemies with "the power of Frenchness," as expressed by savage beatings with a baguette and occasionally blinding others with rings of garlic and onions.
          Flemgem: A sickly, thin, bald man in a green suit and a purple domino mask who has the ability to produce and expel large volumes of phlegm, which can blind, suffocate, or simply disgust evildoers.
          Shakes: A thin, hairy vagrant who upsets people through stutters and an overall shaking palsy. He is a frequent accidental target of Friendly Fire. He dies trying to take out the Many-Angled Ones, when he grabs a grenade and runs to a petrol station.

          @redartifice, tell me you don't want to play this game. Go on.

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            I think I need to do some reading.

      If going by the DC universe, the Question would be a good superhero. Semi-noir type of game with a heavier focus on the detective work, like LA Noire but no shooting.

      Also good choices: any of the Teen Titans (seriously, they already have Deathstroke as a bad guy), Aquaman (he needs some love), and possibly Captain Marvel aka Shazam (because he's awesome).

        I think Captain Marvel would be hard to differentiate from supes.

        I reckon a Green Arrow game would be pretty cool.

          Oh yeah, Green Arrow would make an excellent superhero as the focus for a game. In fact, any of the not-brokenly-overpowered/superpowered superheros would be good.

          Yeah I guess you're right about Captain Marvel. I just wanna see more public recognition of Captain Marvel as he's one of my favourite superheroes.

          On that note, Justice League movie question/theorising:

          Do you reckon they'll go with the traditional Justice League formation or the New 52 version? I think they might opt for the New 52 as it's a bit neater to get everything going and having Darkseid as the main villain straight off the bat would be kickass.

            My wish for a justice league film is that they don't try to hit the whole league at once. I'm hoping they do Batman/Superman, then perhaps Bat/Sup/Wonder Woman, and build the league around that. They could also easily drop Green Arrow from the TV series straight in.

              Still need that Wonder Woman film first though *shakes fist at DC/Warner Bros*

                See, I don't know if they'll make a Wonder Woman movie. They can't afford to mess it up. If they do make it and it's awful, they essentially kill any chance of a JL movie. Man of Steel was pretty garbage in my opinion, but it didn't completely bomb, so they can keep going.

            I'll be very surprised if they go with any lineup other than Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Flash. Maybe Green Lantern if they're feeling lucky, but they probably dropped the ball there.

              I think Aquaman is tricky because it needs a LOT of groundwork re atlanteans etc. Martian manhunter needs less

                Depends how much setup they want to do, I guess. An Aquaman movie in the build up would provide everything they'd need, but you're right, Martian Manhunter wouldn't need his own film. No reason they couldn't do both, but it looks like they're really trying to push toward the JL movie as soon as possible.

      Spider-man? Maybe with a city the size of GTA V.

        Or just an "HD with more stuff but mechanically identical to" Spider Man 2!

      Oh, I'd love to see a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer game too. I know there's some old ones, but I'd love a spiffy new one. Even if it was set in post-series 'canon' comic universe! :D

      FPS tactical shooter. You play as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

      XCom style base.

      Unlockable personnel for the base (eg, stop a Hulk rampage, you're rewarded with Bruce Banner as a scientist. You save Latveria from a rampaging Fantastic Four, Dr Doom gives you access to his university to train personnel.)

      Unlockable gear that is hero specific. (Iron Man can be called in as air support.)


      Story is you're off the S.H.I.E.L.D. grid and are taking down heroes who are acting out of character.

      I've already written the story.

      Will work on for free.

        I tried inserting my credit card into my PC but it didn't work...

      While I would love a collussus game not sure how it would translate. But getting a decent xmen game that wasn't a fighter would be rad

      Punisher. Seriously. It'd be like a grimdark GTA with none of the silly activities!
      But it could make a pretty awesome stealth/collecting/murder game.

      Taking out muggers, pushers, all the way up to mob bosses, evading cops (Punisher doesn't kill cops), and if you REALLY wanted, add supervillains and superheroes to kill/evade, but I prefer the more realistic Punisher MAX universe thankyouverymuch (specifically the Garth Ennis run).

    Morning, TAY!

    I've had a weekend of ups and downs. Four day weekend! \o/ ...due to food poisoning /o\ But I moved into my new place on Saturday! \o/ ...that has no internet for two weeks /o\

    Hope you're all well!

      I remember when I moved and had no internet for 2 weeks. I didn't even had a data plan on my phone which was only slightly smart, and not on the level of iPhones etc. I managed to limp onto twitter once or twice a day, incurring $30 worth of data fees in the process, because 3G megabytes are worth their weight in diamond-encrusted platinum.

        I didn't get internet put into my place for 6 months.


            I had ph data, which helped, but I did a lot of reading.

            It was before I went overseas earlier this year, and I decided I didn't need the expense.

      Ouch food poisoning for four days? Are you at least feeling better now?

        Just the two days I took off work (it's a miracle! Cured just in time for the weekend! :P)

      Congrats on moving in, my friend!


    BIGW is having a one day sale this saturday...

    PS Vita WiFi with Killzone Mercenaries $188

    @scree ?

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      That seems pretty good. It might also be a chance to grab the OLED vitas before Sony brings the new ones with the LCD screens to the west.

      Does this one come with the 4GB card too?

        not sure but id assume so if it comes with a game?

      After finding out that PS4 to Vita gameplay works remotely (broadband to broadband, not phone network) I'm almost tempted as a future investment.

        totally worth it just for the indie stuff alone!

      Ah, sorry. I've had a vita for a few months now ^^;;

        thats cool, i remembered you were after one!

          Yup, got it, played the crap out if it, then pokemon came along

      Why would anyone want a Vita?

    Good morning TAY. How are we all?

    My weekend was pretty self-indulgent. I spent a massive chunk of time grinding through Path of Exile as a cyclone-Duelist. Was pretty fun.

    Minor PoE spoilers:

    The final boss (Dominus) was a huge nostalgia throwback to Diablo in Diablo 2. Was so good. :D
    Also I actually sat through the ending credits. Dayum that is a lot of supporters equals a lot of money. I'm happy to see GGG do so well with PoE.

    @masha2932 Did you see the 99% Invisible kickstarter?

    He's been given a challenge of 10,000 backers, so even a $1 could get him closer!

      Oh yeah, I was going to send you a tweet about this over the weekend. A weekly show sounds great.

      Never contributed to kickstarter before but I've been enjoying the podcast since you introduced me to it so maybe I'll do it.

      What tier did you contribute to?

        I put in at the $35 tier for the 3 notebooks- thought about going higher for the posters, but the only one that appealed to me was going to be $60 and i thought that was a bit too much for me

          I don't use notebooks as much so I might go for the $15(+$5 shipping) tier. The dazzle notebook design looks better though and the $15 tier is randomised. Hmm, maybe $30?

          Ugh, I'll think about it for a bit. :-)

            The dazzle stuff is so cool- I've had a dazzle ship pic on my wall at work for months

    Users of the Terraria server:

    Due to pretty much 0 activity over the past week and a half, I will be taking it offline over the next couple of days. If you have anything you want to collect please do so ASAP.

    I will be backing up the worlds before I take them offline so if they ever go back online you won't have to start again.

    So my LE copy of Disgaea D2 shipped from the US on October 5th. It's November 4th and it still hasn't arrived. :( Thinking either Australia Post lost it or they've delivered it to the wrong place.

    Giving it the rest of today and if it doesn't turn up I'll be sad :(

      I bought some shirts from the US recently that took over a month to arrive, so I'd imagine the issue is either the US or AU postal service.

        IIRC I didn't get it shipped super fast (NISA's shipping is very expensive) so standard USPS can be a bit longer than expected.

        However I've had mail go astray here before. So I'm thinking maybe I should get one of those parcel locker things set up and ship to that instead. Or just have all my packages sent to work.

    Morning all. This weekend I made the permanent switch over to PC for all my gaming. Master race indeed. Goodbye consoles, so long. (Yes, that means I chose sound system over PS4.)

    It wasn't a difficult decision, really. Once I fired up the desktop on the plasma and synced the wireless 360 controller, it's all peachy. So pretty too. I have 46 Steam games that I now need to delve into. Shameless gaming begins!

      Good choice, sir. However, I'd like to remind you that you won't have 5.1 surround sound from games unless you have a sound card capable of DDL! (Usually) :O !

        Thanks for the tip, but the sound system is in the lounge. I have to put up with internal TV speakers for my home study setup, haha! I'm laughing but really crying on the inside.

    I'm not saying that people who were turned away from the series by Assassin's Creed 3 should rush out to buy 4, but they should definitely keep an eye on it at some point, because it's pretty damn good stuff.

      I've heard good things about AC4.
      but I dont care how good it is, it would've been 10x better if it wasnt part of the Assassins Creed franchise.

      Seriously, just call it Black Flag & get rid of the Animus framing device & BAM you've got an awesome new pirate IP thats got none of the franchise fatigue associated with AC.

      having said that, I'll be getting AC4 when it drops on PC.
      because pirates.

        Yeah that's pretty true. It's fairly disconnected from a lot of assassiny/templar stuff at quite a few points but there is enough of it there that would annoy people who just want to be a pirate.

        Yeah, I'm in the same boat. It sounds like Ubisoft has backed down on some of their DRM rubbish as well, which is reassuring.

        Yeah apparently the rumoured Prince of Persia game in Egypt(Osiris*) might become an Assassins Creed game as well :-(

        *It was basically a PoP game but technically Osiris was never really confirmed to be a Prince of Persia title

        Maybe I just have to finally come to terms with the fact that Prince of Persia might be dead. A prince of persia game masked as an Assassins Creed game might be good though I guess.

      Well I kind of HAVE to only keep an eye on it at this point. *Grumble Ubi and their damn PC delays grumble*

      My sister loves Assassin's Creed and is buying on PS4. I will play it without having to pay for it, which suits me. XD

    I had a bit of fun yesterday playing Halo 4 and Modern Warfare 2. We had it set up in the church auditorium which has two big screens and had two 360s set up. Unfortunately, it illustrated just how terrible I am at 1st person shooters, but I still enjoyed myself.

      Playing games and having fun?
      No no no, that's not how it works here.


    ...Oh wait, that finished up.

      It's now HOMELAND, WALKING DEAD DAY for me.

        Walking dead day for me. Mum like sit a hell of a lot more then me and if I don't get the episode...
        I'm in trouble. =P

          Everything I've seen of The Walking Dead before season four I haven't liked, but I really like this season. Good watching.

            Mum likes everything. Seriously. She wants Daryl stuff, Glenn stuff, Rick stuff, Michonne stuff, Hershel stuff, pretty much everyone except Carl. But at the same time she sympathizes with him.

              I'm not sure what Carl pre-season four was like, but I'm enjoying his arc too! :D

                well, good-guy, dick, good-guy, dick, good-guy, dick...

                he did have to kill his own mother and he has seen a lot of people pass away

                  I think I'm just liking getting a Walking Dead fix between Telltale seasons.

                  Could be that. I tried to get Mum to play the telltale games, but she wouldn't. I might try again though.

                  Maybe do what @shane did? You control the game and let her make the choices?

                  If you played it on PC you could set up Steam Big Picture mode with a HDMI cable and play on the couch!

                  @dc that might be an idea except I have no idea how to connect my pc to my tv

                  @scree I dunno what your PC set-up is, but you should just be able to plug an HDMI cable straight in

                Really? I can't stand Carl. Maybe it's because I did watch him pre-season four :P

      I'm sad now.

      Boardwalk Empire/The Good Wife Day!

      Most of the TV shows that were on hiatus last week return this week.


      Bobs Burgers day!! \o/

      Masters of Sex day!! \o/ (even if Bob is beginning to irk me)

      Korra day \o/

      Later this week:

      Sleepy Hollow

      American Horror Story: Coven -man this season is getting better with each episode.

        I'm up to date with Sleepy Hollow now. Really, really enjoying it. I like the mythology its building and how it's all serialized and episodic at the same time. Good times.

          Yeah I like that too. Every episode is self contained but there are threads continuing the major plotline.

          The show has the right amount of 'nonsense' too and I like how they keep introducing various mythical creatures/events.

            Catching up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now!

      Every day has been Breaking Bad day for a few weeks for me now. Only have 13 episodes left though :(

        Are you enjoying it? Oh yeah speaking of which I forgot to post my personal ratings of each season. I may as well do them here.

        Breaking Bad
        Season one: 5/10
        Season two: 7/10
        Season three: 9/10
        Season four: 7/10
        Season five: 8/10

          Season 3 above season 4?

          You're a madman.

            It was a pretty crazy marathon that I did. Like, 50 episodes in ten days or something. So each episode was pretty much compared to each episode. Season three was awesome. Season four was like season two - slow for the first half.

        SEASON 4!?

          Finished Season 4.

          Repost from the weekend.

          Finished Breaking Bad season 4 last night.

          Holy shit.

          I actually shouted "No fucking way" at the TV when Gus walked out of that room. That was one of the most intense hour of television I've watched.

          I couldn't help but laugh at Ted's anticlimactic and inglorious death. The smarmy little prick. (Although I have since learned it's not so dang it)

    Waking up with a headache, that's always fun.

    I started playing RIft recently, just because. It's one of the few major MMO releases I missed, but since it's f2p now I thought I'd give it a shot. It's surprisingly decent. I remember when it first came out, people said it was basically WoW, and I have to say they were right. It is basically WoW, but with random events and more class customisation thrown in. Like WoW, it feels smooth when you play it. It's the only other MMO I've played apart from WoW that just feels right. Other MMOs will feel clunky with their character movements, or their menu management, or there will be a slight delay on abilities that leaves combat feeling wrong. None of that's present in Rift, and it's nice to see WoW isn't the only MMO capable of pulling it off.

      Hope you feel better, friend!

        Thanks. There's no panadol or aspirin in the house, which is a bit annoying. Hopefully it will go away on it's own eventually.

          Black and white/home brand paracetamol is usually only a dollar or so... could be worth a trip to the nearest super-market.

    Howdy all. Pretty quiet weekend here - thank goodness.

    Friday I had the day off, as I was accompanying the gf to her grandma's funeral. Sad stuff, my first funeral, but I think it really helped to give my gf closure after a crappy week. We followed up with dinner that night with two friends, so a good end to the day.

    Saturday was .. forgotten? I don't even know what we did. At night we had a bday party to go to, so I only got 1-2hrs of Wind Waker in before that.

    Sunday was relax day, but I had to pick up the parentals from airport in the morning. Spent the rest of the day relaxing - Wii Sports Resort was heaps of fun; stroll along beach; DnD for myself that night (was pretty good, I was highly hax, even though I died :P ).

    So yeah, a nice weekend and I hope the goodness of it follows through to this week!

      Aw, sounds like Friday was tough. Hope your girlfriend is doing okay.

      You hear any thing more about the kid from last weekend?

      Last edited 04/11/13 12:27 pm

      How hax could you have been if you died? I'm legitimately curious. (Also was this 3.5, 4e, or Next beta/trial?)

        Next Playtest (not sure which version). I'm a Rogue. We were doing a campaign where we are pretty much gladiators, and if we died there we can be resurrected easily (it's all magical). On 150HP bosses I was doing 100+ damage, while we have 5 characters in our party. Then, the DM targeted me pretty much all the time and it's a miracle I survived as long as I did (or as much), but I have Evasion (use reaction to halve/zero damage).

    My weekend was spent playing nothing but Deus Ex. Good weekend!

      My Sunday morning consisted of trying to fix my sewing machine


          My cousin came over and that was fun. We pokemon'd it up =D

      Hey @dc, I saw these guys last week. Good times. Thoughts?


        Why do you hate your ears so much? :'(


        Hooooooooooooooooooooolyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

      I bought the game on Steam. To my surprise, it's a separate game! Do you know if my save file will work on it?

        Dunno! Don't think so, though. (Worth checking atleast!)

          Lucky I'm only 3hrs in or so... damn... :\ I'll still try my hardest to make the save work, 3hrs is 3hrs.

    Had a pretty shitty end to last week. had a fight with Anton, and spent Friday at home trying to fix it. then the rest of the weekend trying to fix everything else... Quite upset by it all.

    on Saturday I went to the opera House for Festival of Dangerous Ideas to listen to Dan Savage talk about Monogamy It was an amazing talk and very interesting to hear his ideas on relationships. Anton and I then went to bondi to see sculptures by the sea. After getting home I slept.... and slept.... and

    Sunday! Went to the Cruelty free festival - DELICIOUS VEGAN LEMON MERINGUE PIE!!! OMG JUST GIVE ME ALL THE MERINGUE!!!! Also many Husky dogs to pat and Hug...

    Through all that I was a miserable bastard and emotional as hell. But Hopefully things will get better this week.

    I made a magnificent Canneloni last night! Onion, Mushroom and Tempeh - Fried up with oil and Balsamic Vinegar put in tubes and then surrounded by tomato. AMAZING! SERIOUSLY TRY IT!

    How was everyone elses weekend?

      Mmm, I think I will try some of that cannelloni. It smells good.

      Hopefully you can resolve your fight with Anton.

      Wait what! Dan Savage was in Australia? How did I not know this? :-(
      I love the guy's podcast and I've learnt a lot listening to them.

        He was on Hack on Triple J last week. It was pretty entertaining, you might be able to get it on the podcast.

          Nice. Found it, thanks for that. Another fan of Dan Savage?

          Btw is the Hack podcast good? Never heard of it until now. Some of the descriptions on the episodes sound good. I guess I'll download one or two extra episodes in addition to the Dan Savage episode and find out.

        It's pretty much resolved, But thanks we're getting there.

        Dan Savage is on Q&A tonight on ABC. should be good :)

          Good to hear.

          Nice. I don't have an aerial so I can't watch it when it airs but I'll definitely catch the interview on iview tomorrow, thanks.

    Today, I learned how great pooping at work was.

    However, I suffered through a 10-hour workday.

    However, pooping at work is great.

      Halloween is over, imposter-Shane!

      ...Also, we miss Saturday. It is the best day. I wish it was Saturday again right now. :(

        SHAZAM. You may now resume your @saturday shout-outs, although you all never stopped even when I was shane.

      I'm bummed that this isn't a page-get. I'd've liked that.

      Also, damn, TWO apostrophes in I'd've? Man the english language is crazy.

      Pooping at work is indeed great. I'd rather do it there than at home, because:
      a) Smells.
      b) Stains.
      c) Consumables - tp.
      d) No time taken out of my out-of-work pool!
      e) It's a nice break sometimes.


        I just love the idea of getting paid to poop. I have a shit work ethic though.

        c) How much toilet paper do you honestly go through?

          Hey man, those rolls are like $1-2 each! Every square counts. :P

      My poop schedule is such that I usually have to visit the smallest room right when the cleaners come through and you can't go in because they're cleaning :(

      The man makes a dollar, I make a dime
      That's why I shit, on company time.

    Thought: Next-gen console game installs are so huge because of a focus on textures., to allow shortcuts in other areas.

    8GB unified memory will allow a lot of textures to be stored in the GPU 'VRAM', much more than on PC. Currently, PC cards are pretty much 2GB, with game installs around 30GB at their largest. Considering that PCs can render at higher than 1080p, and 1080p is indeed the lowest screen resolution devs should be pushing for, this is concerning.

    Consoles will push for 1080p max resolution. Normally, textures shouldn't be 50GB, especially for a closet shooter like CoD. This leads me to believe that next-gen focus is primarily on really nice looking textures: they are decently easy to render, from a performance point; if textures are so large, the difference between it and current-gen will be HUGE; such a difference would allow the machine to skimp out on the usual AA, DOF, lighting, AO, draw distance, etc. CoD runs at 720p, yet has 50GB install. How can this be, unless the textures will be splendiferous?


      Mostly, yes, but it's not the whole story.

      Let's start by destroying your assumption for fun (and just for fun). For my first example, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a smaller game than Killzone 3. (37 gig compared to 41, or thereabouts). Of course, the reasoning behind this is that many assets in KZ3 are cached on the disc multiple times to improve streaming performance (I believe Naughty Dog did the same for their games), but it does at least stand as an interesting example.

      Now, we hit a second issue, that being the phrase "textures" which can mean a whole lot of things. In this case, I wouldn't expect the diffusion maps (what is typically the "texture" (or really, just the colouring)) to be that much larger. They'll probably generally be double size, so 2048 rather than 1024, though I think games like Titanfall will buck that trend (It's going for a very traditional, simple rendering style, so I wouldn't be surprised if it has some enormous textures). What does increase is the number of maps on an object. So like today you might have a normal (bump) map, a specular map, and like some more advanced games, a diffusion map. You could also have a tessellation map, a material map or detail map, or a hundred and one other things that I can't think of off the top of my head. And all of these could be drawn at full size.

      There will probably be more in the way of Level of Detail reduction too. Again, using the Killzone example, their character models can have 7 level of detail forms (compared to 3 in KZ3), and their max is around 40,000 polygons, which is 4 times the max from KZ3, and so 4 times the space. Add in more complex animations (animations are really quite expensive) and it begins to be quite a lot.

      Finally, there's things like shadow maps, and screen space based effects that are often calculated and rendered at far lower resolutions than native or than what looks good, and all of these need to be stored somewhere, and while a 4 meg map may not sound like much (for 720P), when you have twelve of them vying for space, the extra RAM makes a very big difference.

      In short, there's a lot of factors.

      Code bloat
      Marketing tracking and logging
      Advertising downloaded to disk for rapid display

    Typing of the Dead is amazing. God, they nailed everything in their atmosphere.

    Honestly, I just wanted to leave the main menu up forever, such smooth grooves.

      Dat muzak.

      Oh man I wish I still had my blog entry up from... whenever. But it has long since been eaten by the internet, so I'll... wait, I can link these guys instead!

        (Edit: Dude. You got skillz.)

        Last edited 04/11/13 2:27 pm

          Not so much in the writing department. I'm in pain from cringing so hard reading through that again :P

          Though that was probably one of my worst ones, others were much better. Can't seem to find it in my folder of text files though, strangely. But now I've dug it (and all the others) up on, so yay. *bookmarks*

    so anyone buying xbox live subscriptions online? ive been getting billed for $12 a month for the past 18 months because ive been too lazy and too stupid to just buy a yearly subscription.... whats a good deal nowadays?

    seems like you can grab them pretty cheap online...

    Last edited 04/11/13 2:09 pm

      Xbox themselves has a 40% off yearly sub. Not sure how long the deal lasts for, but it's on the front page of dash.

      I get prepaid codes off the internet, usually about AU$50 for 12 months.
      You can get them from Ozgameshop here for $54.99 at the moment -

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