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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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    • Morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Been doing next to zero gaming in the last week… a holiday in NZ will do that to you. One mate already broke his collar bone XD

    • Morning taybies. I had a great weekend. Wet N Wild on Saturday with the fam and fiancรฉ. Went out with some friends and their partners for some great Italian food that night and we watched 21 jump street after. Played hours and hours of Banjo-Kazooie on 360 yesterday, i love that game.

      Why do you guys think collecting things in new games isn’t nearly as fun? I mean i get a kick out of finding cool loot in Skyrim or Diablo 3, but they don’t make me run around searching for 100 musical notes in every new area and enjoy it.

  • Hola Tay

    I had a quietish weekend, went Magic Drafting Friday (Won 1, lost 3, got majorly outplayed) and then to a work social BBQ on Sun. Also played a chunk of Skyrim, I’m playing a sneaky Imperial lady.

    A Monday Morning Question: Assassins Creed has made a bit of a thing out of exploring some historical periods that haven’t really been in games before. Which era do you think could make a cool game? i reckon the indian rebellion would be cool.

    • The Egyptian era would be cool. Going around markets and seeing how the pyramids are being built, but you know, aliens. lol

    • I’m surprised that they haven’t done the French Revolution yet. Surely that would be a perfect setting, even if it is around the same time as AC3 and Black Flag.

    • Hola back atcha sounds like you had an awesome weekend red, besides losing 3 games..should of gone for the neck.

      I still feel feudal japan is calling the assassins name and I for one would love it, using a Japanese sword over a cutlass or short sword

      • I should actually have buffed up trample on my dude with double strike which is a mistake I realised two seconds later.

        My problem with a Japanese Assassins Creed game is that Samurai/ninja games have been done a lot. China/Mongols however…

      • They’ve said many times that the point of the Assassin’s Creed series is to explore historical settings that haven’t been done a lot in games.

        Feudal Japan (esp. Sengoku-era) is probably the most used historical setting in games next to WW2 and maybe Romance of the Three Kingdoms-era China.

        I’ve got no doubt that it’d be a good game, but IMO Ninja’s Creed would be the exact point at which the series jumps the shark. While there have been pirate games before, there’s nothing like AC4 which really drills into the historical figures and gives you a chance to explore the area. Same for the US War of Independece – there’s strategy games but nothing like AC.

        I’d rather have Yakuza Ishin.

        There are so many more interesting periods they could set it in that haven’t been done somewhere else.

    • Just thought about it and wouldn’t mind a Creed set in Russia during the fall of the Tsars/rise of Socialism (1915-1925).

      Imagine the setting: A Creed, in the hostile Russian Winter.

      Story wise, you maybe could work in the hopes that Lenin, planning on “giving power to the people” through socialism could be the Assassin’s hoping for a egalitarian government, finally throwing off the centuries long influence on monarchies of the Templars…only to realise that everything is going terribly wrong…

      Yeah I’d play that one to death.

  • I started playing the Resident Evil remake on the Wii over the weekend – such a great game. Come to think of it – I think that game was the first ‘Remake’ for video games.

    Am I the only one finding it a little hard to get into GTAV? Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun – but it’s not grabbing me like other games have,

      • 3 lead chars does that, yes. If you’re not stepping back and allowing it to happen and just holding on for the ride, you won’t feel the game as much as GTA4.

        • I think that might be part of the problem – there can be such a thing as too much to do. I guess personally though I find sandbox games to be a bit of a filler – almost just something to do with your hands (aside from jerk…erm, I mean…er…smoking. Yes, smoking.)

    • Persoanlly still prefer the original RE, I’m just old.
      But actually, I prefer the DS version where they added quickturn.
      I also have a thing for shoddy voicework (Helloooo castlevania Symphony of the Night!)

      The last GTA I cared for was Vice City, I went off sandbox after that. I do like Fallout New Vegas though and 3 and they’re pretty sandboxy.

    • The REmake was indeed a glorious game. In fact, a lot of the Resident Evil games that came out at that time (REmake, Code Veronica, RE: Zero, RE4) were all pretty good. It’s a shame things have gone down hill since then.

      At least I still had the light gun Resident Evil stuff on Wii which were pretty good. Still waiting on that RE2 remake Capcom >.

  • Morning all.

    So, anyone pay attention to Blizzcon over the weekend? That new WoW expansion looks okay. It didn’t really excite me, but it didn’t really look horrible either. Heroes of the Storm looks pretty cool. I’ve never really been able to get into MOBAs before, but I can see myself maybe getting into this because it’s full of characters I know. Bit disappointed the Warcraft movie is going to be Orcs verse Humans, as though we haven’t had enough of that already.

    • It had the opposite effect on me. The WoW expansion makes me want to re-sub back. Also the D3 stuff looked amazing! Inversely in the new MOBA looked like something. Probably won’t pick it up unless it’s free to play and a bunch of people are already playing it.

      • I’ll probably re-sub for the expansion. I have done for every expansion, though I only stuck around for Cataclysm for maybe a week before deciding I wasn’t interested. Mists I played around with for a few months, re-subbing for the Landfall patch, that was pretty cool. Was interested in subbing for the next one, but it was basically all fucking raiding, and as a tank, I am so done with that.

        What I noticed standing around in an inn, in Pandaria? You see some humans or tauren or any of the really old models standing next to a panda, the difference in character models was night and day, like… 2013 to 2003. The character model overhaul is long overdue.

        As for the time-travelling… I’m not fussed. Caverns of Time was in almost all respects the biggest yawn to me. I enjoyed Stratholme the first time, but honestly they all felt kinda pointless. Yay, we get to fight to preserve the status quo, instead of making history ourselves.

        Time-traveling episodes in TV are basically jumping the shark, I think this is WoW’s shark-jump – even if it is pretty and stylish and introduces new pet/collecting/farming minigames. There’ll be a bunch of new factions to rep-grind, at which point you’ll get pretty average, unimpressive pre-raid gear with stupid high token costs, and if you want to gear up any further, you’ll have to get on the raid treadmill. Which… y’know. Fuck that.

        …I just turned myself off already. Yay! No purchase, dollars saved.

    • To be honest, what else could they do for the movie besides Orcs v Humans? It’s been the primary storyline running throughout WoW and the Warcraft games in general.

      • Here’s my HOLLYWOOD pitch:

        A young white All-American boy with an annoying nasal accent is whisked away from his boring school life where a bully mistreats him and he is a stereotypical nerd etc.

        He enters the Land of WoW, and saves the also all-American Princess from the Great British accented Trolls (they are the Orcs but group testing said Trolls is more relatable, also we don’t wanna step on Peter Jackson’s toes).

        He finds the sword of WoW and uses it to …


      • Orcs and Humans teaming up to fight demons or undead?

        They want to appeal to both Horde and Alliance players. It seems to me the best way to do that would have them fighting side by side against the Legion or Scourge instead of against each other.

  • Goooood morning TAY,

    So, had a week off… used that week very productively… i finally played and completed The Witcher \o/
    Only took me 4 years!…

    Am actually amazed how good that game was… incredibly flawed mechanically but the story telling made up for it…
    Then i started playing the Witcher 2, and holy-shite!…
    It looks and plays so much better!
    It kinda feel as though the Witcher is a game they needed to make in order to sell the universe to players, where as the Witcher 2 is the game they wanted to make… so well executed…

    • Which alignment did your playthrough fall towards? Thoughts on the ending? (Feel free to chuck up a spoiler tag) It’s been a few years since I finished it but I found the things that weren’t entirely spelled out rather intriguing.

      • I stayed as neutral as possible all the way through, which led to some pretty thought provoking episodes… When the Scoia’tael took Murky Waters, i rescued Alvin and got the hell out of dodge, which led to a lot of Elves and Dwarfs dying…
        During the Siege of Vizima again i was again neutral, only really helping Foltest when needed and killing the King of the Wild Hunt at the very end…
        I was pretty unpopular but believe i stayed true to the Witchers code which seemed morally right to me…
        It did leave me thinking a lot about the extreme measures both sides were taking, and i’m glad i took the path i did… i can’t see myself supporting either the Scoia’tael nor the Order of the Flaming Rose because they all just seemed too extreme in the measures they pursue… if anything i sympathised with the Scoia’tael the most, but couldn’t condone the actions they took…

        As i said, really well made game, it literally had me stumped a few times about what to do, and i really had to consider every action that i took because i knew it would have consequences

        • I tried for a neutral play through, but ended up on the non human side of the equation by the last chapter. I think the tipping point was the robbery when I figured the most neutral thing was to do what witchers do best and just go kill the monsters, still turned into taking too much of one side.
          Ending sequence / final boss was interesting with some of the questions it raised.

        • Neutral Path buddies! That path in the first game is the correct path – the ‘true witcher’ path. They’re meant to stay neutral. You kind of have to pick a side in TW2 though

      • Iiinteresting because once i got used to it, it is such a vast improvement over 1 that i’m loving the crap out of it XD…
        I guess each to their own, and i can see how some people wouldn’t like it because it is very… unique ๐Ÿ˜›

        • I didn’t play 1 cos I’m a PCaphobe.
          The combat makes sense, and I play on easy cos I’m crap but it doesn’t excite me for whatever reason :-/

          I dig the odd action RPG too.

      • How is it different? I quit Witcher 1 after I realised that combat = clicking a lot and/or in rhythm. Not gonna stick with W2 if that’s still the case.

        • It’s still clicky, but more… i don’t know how to decribe it, Dark Soulsy?
          You have normal and heavy attack (left click and righ click respectively)
          you have parry as well… so yeah it’s more actiony rather then “click in rythm in ways that a partially broken but sometimes defintely always occasionally works” fighting…
          Fist fighting is now QTES but actually fits well as they don’t drone on…
          use of Bombs are now encouraged more…
          I don’t know, took a little to get used to but works so much better then 1… 1 had the story but as i said was flawed through and through mechanically… 2 is still flawed, but vastly improved

      • There’s a RED-supported mod that apparently alters the combat to make it more fluid and less clunky. I can’t remember the link but it’s part of the RED-kit modding toolbox website or the Witcher 2 website.

          • Hm. What’s that feeling of sympathy you get that’s tinged with a sort of ‘I told you so’ disapproval that comes when the hardship someone is facing is entirely brought about by their poor decisions? (In this case: a PC game played on console.)

          • Hay hay hay, not poor decision!

            Had I bought it for my craptop I wouldn’t be playing at all. A game is better than no game, no?

            Also, it plays great. Just not falling in love with it is all.

          • It’s OK, my Master Race’ing has been poor lately what with spending damn near every day last week up to stupid-o’clock on AC4, so I need to get some kicks in where I can find them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Never cared for the Witcher games honestly. Found the combat clunky and repetitive and they failed to make me care about the characters or events before I got bored.

      • Eh, each to their own i guess ๐Ÿ™‚
        i love the shit out of it, so much i could look past the bland graphics (There’s a mod for that) and clunky fighting…

    • I’ve been struggling so much to get into The Witcher. Like you said, the mechanics aren’t great. Feels very wooden with movement and combat. The Witcher 2 is just sitting on my desktop waiting to be played but I’m determined to get through the first one first at some point so I can make it to the second one. I’m looking forward to the 3rd one next year (2015) though as that looks fantastic so I really need to get into it

    • I cant throw grenades when im in a shipping container…. I watch it sail away, land somewhere good… then Im ‘killed in action’ by the damn thing.

  • Hola TAY

    Over the weekend I realised I am juggling too many games at once. AC IV, the Batmens, Ace Attorney, AC Liberations (I bought a Vita), Majora’s Mask, A Link to the Past. Too many games. Not enough time! Enjoying them all though. So that’s something.

    Also my sister is sending me pictures of the abandoned kittens she rescued over the weekend oh my god you guys it is LITERALLY A BOX OF KITTENS –

  • I had a pretty awesome weekend. On Saturday I went to Lake Meander with a group of friends and we had a bbq, even though it was really cold. The wind was coming off the snow and onto the lake. Brrrrrrrrrr. I also took the dog for a nice long walk.

    Yesterday I went to church, and then my godparents took me out for afternoon tea. I had Baklava and coffee, which is a match made in heaven. We also went to Shiploads and I managed to pick up a copy of the original Django on dvd.

    Today I’m planning to take the dog out for another long walk and have a picnic. Parents are home tomorrow and I haven’t destroyed the house or anything. The only mishap that has occurred is that in trying to fix a problem with Tetris Blitz on my mum’s iPad, I accidentally lost most of her progress. Whoops.

  • Played some Windwaker HD over the weekend. Truly epic stuff. If this was a brand new game, I daresay it would be in contention for GOTY.

    PS. Anyone looking for AC4, Target are selling for $58.

    • Dude, you were awesome too. As was @shane. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the TAY crew.

      Also, apologies to @freezespreston and @sughly. I seemed to have completely missed you guys at Supanova yesterday. I’m sure we’ll meet in the near future.

    • Aw man…I wanna meet @popdart5!
      Feeling very sad today about having to miss Supanova,but at least we still took advantage of not having the kids for the day and went out to a nice air-conditioned cinema and saw Thor: The Dark World which I thoroughly enjoyed. Saw it in 3D and it was weird because I’d forgotten it even was in 3D until I dislodged the glasses whilst scratching my face. I think that means it was good 3D. I think. ๐Ÿ˜›
      The day was way cheaper than Supanova would have been, too. Two 3D movies, two drinks, and then Nandos for dinner later still cost less than just two entry tickets would have been.

      • That’s why I’m not sold on 3D (as well as feeling uncomfortable). I forget it is 3D all the time. The fun-effect usually wears of in the first 20 mins.

        Also, I AM JELLY I WANNA SEE THOR 2!!!!111!!!

        • I love 3D! I’ve never really forgotten I was watching something in 3D before so maybe it’s just becoming commonplace to me, like a while after switching to DVDs after VHS?

          • I loved the DVD switch because we got dual audio and all the extras.
            I didn’t appreciate the better quality pic until I tried watching a VHS yet.
            Prolly why I only own 3 BDs.
            The only thing that stands out to me as bad on a DVD is the blocky subtitles, which again, I forget about pretty quickly.

            Also, I am penny pinchin’

      • I’m looking forward to meeting you too Strange. I’ll see you at the Symphony Orchestra thing in two weeks if you are still going. Funnily enough, I met Joe (the guy who was housing Shane) so I know he’s going as well. It does sound like I might be a fifth wheel for that night but I’m okay with that.

        Also, yeah Supanova was pretty expensive. I tried to limit myself but I still ended up spending about $100 for the day. But I bought @shane’s books so it was worth. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I can’t believe that Symphony thing is so close now! I got my ticket way back at the start of the year so it feels like I’ve been excited about it forever. We’ll be having dinner with Joe beforehand, so I’ll let you know where that will be as soon as we have a plan. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Morning all.

    Had a pretty laid back weekend. Bought the Devil May Cry HD collection recently. Absolutely love replaying through the first. It looks amazing!

    Learnt a lesson on the weekend.
    Don’t burn bridges, they might come back and cock block you one day, badly ๐Ÿ™

      • Haha, crowd around kiddies.

        Saturday night I met a nice German girl at the pub. We got along really well. She asked if I wanted her number and suggested I come into the coffee shop where she works to pay her a visit sometime.

        Turns out she’s room mates with my ex >.< Sent her a message the next day and its clear she doesn’t want to know me. What pisses me off is that my ex started dating a friend of mine 2 weeks after we split and I gave them my blessing. Even got a thank you message from her.

        Yeh, annoyed.

  • Howdy. Weekend was pretty good.

    Saturday was playing some WW, I’m up to Tower of Gods now. No idea on time played. That night was also my gf’s bday dinner partay, which ended up at a cocktail bar in the city. Pretty fun, she’s happy with her gift too so that’s a bonus.

    Sunday was maybe half an hour of WW, much youtube loitering, and some chillaxing after gf finished work (work on bday, not cool). Had another DnD session because one of our party is leaving soon. In addition to being a generally cool Rogue, I now have an awesome sword thing that hits good.

  • Serrels tells me the Xbone TV in Australia is pretty good and Gizmodo is telling me it’s terrible.

    I don’t know what to think. SOME ONE TELL ME!

    • Enh, I read it as Serrels saying, “It’s not so bad, really…” like one might talk about a crippling injury. Which is basically what that TV list is. It’s awful.

      Also, I had never seen Quickflix before until realizing that we weren’t getting Netflix on that thing, and what the hell is Quickflix? So I go look it up. Jesus fucking christ. A quarter of the range of netflix at double the price. Hay guys, I think I found out why we have a piracy problem.
      How much do you think I can get on commission for revealing that problem to the powers that be? I mean, surely they’d be keen to fix it, right? …Right?

      • Yep it’s on the list next to faster Internet and a bullet train from Melbourne to the HJs in surfers in just under 40 minutes

  • It’s been a while, so it’s time, once again for Chuloopa’s patented “In my ass” game!!

    The title of the last song you listened to folowed by the words “in my ass”!!
    It never* gets old!!
    unless you are an actual adult


    Do i wanna know in my ass!


  • This apartment building has been undergoing renovations for months. It basically means that I’m serenaded by the sound of power tools every damned day.

    Right now, they’re doing something to the apartment right next door.


    • At least they’re doing it during work hours when people are out of their homes instead of at night when everyone’s trying to sleep.

      Unlike the roadworks that somehow HAD to be undertaken out on the street maybe ten metres from my BED at 1am the other night. Now those are some dickbags.

  • Morning, everyone.

    If I may ask, I have a couple of Dreamcast accessory questions. At the moment, I am thinking about getting the Broadband Adapter and a VGA box (a must these days given that everything is a progressive screen now).

    First, is it worth getting the BBA accessory (for collection sake)?

    Second, in terms of a VGA box I can find third party version for a quarter of the price of the official version. Are the third party versions (and I mean the box, not the infamous cables) worth it or will I damage my console in the process?

    My thanks in advance.

      • From what I have learned, the VGA box allows the Dreamcast to output a progressive image at 640×480 resolution. And if I have read correctly, it outputs the image at 60Hz.

        As the name implies, you hook up the Dreamcast to the box, and it has a VGA port so you can attach a VGA monitor or HD TV. It also has regular RCA ports for a regular TV signal (I think it is for the light gun).

        • Oh right, it’s Dream Cast specific, I was thinking of something else.

          That’s cool, I’m worried my Dream Cast is gonna keel over soon though. It’s always been dodgy.

  • I met @mrtaco briefly on friday evening.
    & a few of the Sydney TAYbies.
    that was cool.

    then went & watched bands play.
    then drank cider.

    played a bit of Path of Exile yesterday. it’s pretty decent for a Free-To-Play game. not much hand holding, so you’re pretty much just dropped in the deep end & left to figure it out for yourself.
    which doesnt take too long, i guess, but given its got some mechanics that i’ve never encountered before, a little bit of a tutorial wouldnt hurt.
    probably wont drag me away from Torchlight 2 for too long though…

    aaanyway….. whats up with you lot?

    • I’m up to act 3 of Path of Exile with a level 30ish Duelist.

      So much of it is lifted straight from Diablo 2 that it isn’t funny. The passive skill upgrades are lifted from Final Fantasy X and the skill gem thing is novel but I feel like it really restricts your item progression.

      It’s damned hard to get new shoes if you need them to have two linked green sockets. I guess the items that let you turn common items into rares is probably the only way around that. Find commons with the right sockets and burn some items to make them useful.

      • I’m not going to deny that PoE is pretty heavily influenced/copied from Diablo 2 and I’m okay with that. Heck, the final boss

        is pretty much a clone of Diablo from Diablo 2.

        The game does what it does well and I consider it to be a newer version of Diablo 2 with a few differences.

    • Path of Exile is pretty good. I think they’ve got the f2p model right because I’ve spent a tonne of money on cosmetic stuff that I wouldn’t usually buy.

      I’ve currently got a level 44 duelist on Domination league. How about you?

        • Fair enough. I’m the inverse, probably because there seem (to me at least) to be a little more variety in build options in PoE. I don’t get nearly as engaged playing TL2 as I do in PoE. Different horses for different courses.

  • ok people, ive heard some disturbing information on the xb1.

    a couple of weeks ago i was talking to a gamestop assistant manager they informed me that microsoft was authorizing store for xb1 trading, now the first thought that came to my mind was a drm return but i dismissed it. yesterday though i was speaking to another store manager who said that their is rumour that xb1 games now lock to one console.

    now none of this is confirmed, but it does raise concerns

    any opinions

      • i hope so, but ive paid for one and would hate for a drm return , so im just being cautious and trying to find out as much info as possible

    • I don’t mean to sound silly but given the train wreak that the new generation is, you’re better off putting your money into retro consoles.

      There is something seriously wrong when there is more entertainment and game play in either a Super NES and Mega Drive (aka, Genesis) than the PS4, Wii U and XBone combined.

          • Can I play the Batmans on the Dreamcast?

            Or Skyrim?

            My point is, you find fun in the games you play. I’m leery of putting any game on a pedestal and saying “THIS GAME IS THE FUNNEST!”

          • My point is, you find fun in the games you play. I’m leery of putting any game on a pedestal and saying “THIS GAME IS THE FUNNEST!”

            I don’t put any game on a pedestal either. I look at the library on the consoles.

            And when it comes to the new generation, the justification for any of the consoles (I count the Wii U as the first in the next generation) is close to zero.

            That might change over time but it is a far cry form the good old days when new console launches had well made launch titles to go with them.

            If CoD is your cup of tea, then fine. You are entitled to your preference.

            My original point was to be vary careful with the new generation. Game consoles are no longer about the games. It’s all about technology and using DRM to pamper to the publishers who have grown desperate for zero risk investment.

          • But what if I derive my enjoyment from high end simulations like Forza? or Online gaming?

            The reason old consoles had stronger launch titles is that the complexity was lower, sure, but that’s a separate issue. And I don’t know how you could argue the DRM point as a corollary to “entertainment and game play”- Unless it’s something super obnoxious like GFWL, I don’t see how it’s impacting game play.

  • So I spent some time watching anime at the Madman room at Supanova yesterday. They were showing Samurai Pizza Cats.

    It was so 90s it hurt.

  • So it’s remembrance day today.
    I can’t help but think about how many people’s lives were affected by all the wars. Not just the Australians. Not just the ones who came home and then suffered through PTSD. Not just the ones who perished. Not just the allies of the Australians, but also the enemy. Young men who fought for a cause they may not have believed and may have also died from it.
    At the same time, there are the ones who do support the cause of their leaders, such as the war in Afghanistan, because they believe it will make the world a better place. The difference between the terrorists and the soldiers is that the terrorists use very cowardly methods.
    Those who fought under Hitler may not have agreed with his views, but what could a lowly soldier do? You speak up, you die. So you cling to life while you can and face an enemy who may not want to be there as much as you don’t.
    For this reason, we should remember them. All of them. Everyone who lost their lives, everyone whose life was affected, everyone.
    We will, remember them.

    The reason I decided to write this is because when I think about the Australian media, they oft forget about the allies who fought beside us. Why shouldn’t they be remembered? They also forget our enemies. They talk about how young our soldiers were, how they were fresh faced and often came home no longer the same. They forget it was most likely exactly the same for the enemy.
    The australian media tends to only focus on Australia, generally forgetting most of the time, it was the australian and NEW ZEALAND army corps. Our brothers across the water are the most forgotten and I just wanted to get this out. To remember them in my own way I guess.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • I agree in every respect. It’s also heartwarming when you see footage from the joint commemorations, particularly for the Vietnam War, that both sides are able to put aside their differences, respect their former enemies, and jointly pay respect to the fallen. It shows that war can still have honour.

    • Your point about the people under Hitler/Taliban etc- there’s a whole school of debate over what constitutes a “Just War” and whether the frontline soldiers are morally culpable for the actions/orders of their leaders. The Nuremberg Defence is a notable example of that.

      • I don’t believe we should respect the taliban so much, mainly because of their methods.
        Those who believed in Hilter’s cause, i am a bit iffy about that. But those who were forced into a war they didn’t want, definitely.

  • Pokemans!

    Who is available to link up and trade or battle or whatevr?

    If we do we get an extra Mon in the Safari per person and that means MORE MONS!

    C’mon peeps, do it!

    FC: 4038 – 6136 – 9136

  • NINJA EDIT: Hi Tay! Welcome to Monday. I apologise for not even having any sort of greeting. For some reason I have read the last three sentences in Dr. Who’s voice. It’s naff.

    So I’m sitting here, chewing my nails off, waiting on a damn email from the local TEDx chapter to see if I’m on their speakers list.
    Their “Hard Deadline” to pick speakers was Saturday night. I’ve been checking emails non-stop for the last two days.
    I’m giving up hope that the event will even happen at this rate.

  • I don’t think I could handle PAX. The crowds at Supanova were way too much for me and I spent a good hour in the morning hiding in a corner. Then another three hours escaping to the panels upstairs. Scary stuff. D:

    • The cool thing about PAX is that if you are sick of the big crowds you can go and just chill in the beanbag lounge, or find people and camp on a tabletop area or in the console library.

    • I think the panels at PAX would freak you out more. The distribution of population seems to be 70:30 between panels:expo floor.

          • The guy that talked to me seemed nice enough. Not scary or any thing. (Other then meeting the criteria of being another human trying to talk to me and that’s inherently scary!)

            Shane totally saw the weird cosplayer who cornered us at EB on the Supanova floor too. XD

          • The weirdos are there, sure, but most people were pretty cool.

            One of my favourite memories of PAX was actually standing in line- on the second day, I was near the front of one of the lines to get in, and there were beach balls being volleyed around the crowd. The crowd started a spontaneous game to launch the balls over a hanging banner, great fun.

            Also in the crowd, someone had written “for a good time call xxxx” on one of the balls… so us and one of the guys we were standing with gave them a call and wished him a happy PAX ๐Ÿ™‚

          • @redartifice

            It depends, on the Friday there was someone else, on the Saturday was mine, and I don’t know about the Sunday.

          • @redartifice

            I think so? I got a coupla texts too, we left Pip to respond to them, which was probably a terrible idea.

        • Oh gods. Having a random talk to me in a line is how I met my creepy waifu at Supanova last year.

          Don’t know what I’m talking bout? GO LISTEN TO OLD SCHOOL POTAKU

          • I remember the tweets when that was happening. It was entertaining for all!

            Except probably for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • The good thing about pax is if you’re in a big group, it’s not an issue.
      I think I ended up initiating conversation with people in stalls

      • Only people I talked to at the stalls were people I knew. Shane and uni pals. Way too loud. Didn’t want the awkwardness of not hearing people respond and all that.

        Part of me thinks going in cosplay would somehow make it easier. Mentally prepare for a certain amount of interaction with people and you can ‘escape’ into the character?

          • You so kind, Strange. But I don’t think I’m man enough to leave a house in cosplay and take a train in cosplay and go to a place in cosplay. Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Eh, you have to own it. I’ve walked down main streets in full dieselpunk or steampunk gear. Trick is to own it and wave.

          • The mask and/or helmet can help with this also. It’s like hiding in plain sight!

            I think you should do it though. It’s scary to do it at first but once you push through that it’s great. I still get terrified every time I go to dress up for something in a public place (along with plenty of other social situations :P), but am glad I went through with it whenever I do.

  • Wake up at 1.30, don’t get back to sleep until 4.30. Today’s started off just great. Ho hum. Started FFIX on my PSP this weekend. My favourite FF but I think I’ve only completed each one since VII only once. I keep on starting new games but get halfway and then lose interest, so I can’t remember much, if anything, of a FF game ending ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Feeling under the weather which means all I want to do is play a JRPG. I don’t have any on the go at the moment besides TiTS but that’s on PSV and I need a big screen game. Which means starting an old game all over again.
    First thought was that I’d like to play FFXIII again but then I realised my Mum hasn’t given it back so now I need to find something else. Any suggestions for JRPGs that I might already own that hold up to replays?

  • Oh man, I nearly completed forgot. Best cosplay of Supanova yesterday were two gigantic Chaos Space Marines. They must have been at least 2 metres tall and were made of awesome. It’s a shame I didn’t get a photo but it’s good to see some Warhammer love. There was a tonne of variety in the cosplay actually (lots of Naruto, LoL, Star Wars [surprisingly], quite a bit Attack on Titan, random anime/magic girls, also lots of Game of Thrones).

    Actually, now that I think of it, @chuloopa did you end up having your Dark Heresy game over the weekend? If so, how’d the inquisiting go?

  • NUMENERA: Wonders of the Ninth World

    For those who came in late:

    Just a reminder, session is this Wed at 7:30 SA time! Let us know if you can’t make it, also we’ll have @tech_knight on board!

    cc @mawt @tigerion @novacascade @negativezero @popdart5 @mythamphetamine @blaghman @transientmind

  • Still contemplating my PAX attendance. I fear if I contemplate too long, the prices will just skyrocket.

    Anyways, if I go it’ll be in a gang of 4-6 of us. Naturally, I suggested we all do some reasonable cosplay as a group effort. Some suggestions were: all Storm Troopers, Bilbo Swaggins and the Fellowship of Yolo.

    You guys got anything?

  • You know what I loved about the original Quake?
    The medieval setting and feel to the game.
    I think Quake and Hexen are the only FPS’s I can think of that were set there.
    Does anyone else know if there are others?

    Okay,excluding Chivalry. That one’s obvious.

  • Just realised that over the course of the weekend, I pumped about 20 hours into Pokemon. Went from 4:17 to 24:29.

    …And nearly half of that was voltorb flip >_>

    • I’m hesitant to begin getting hype for this. Mostly because Cyanide is involved with it and their track record is spotty. I hope it turns out well.

      • E.Y.E. was pretty ok.
        looked like rubbish & had a few buggy bits, but it was a pretty deep RPG.

        Dunno anything else about Cyanide though.

        • They’re probably more well known for some the simulator games. Not bad but nothing to crow about.

          I know them mostly from Blood Bowl. The game is buggy and the UI is quite strange and counter-intuitive. The game itself is still fun and enjoyable but I would put that down more as the core rules of Blood Bowl from the tabletop version being good rather than Cyanide doing stuff to add to the tabletop experience.

  • So I haven’t used an Xbox 360 in a fair while and I don’t plan on buying an XBone any time soon and I think Microsoft is punishing me. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Couldn’t find the working HDD and controller charge cord for the 360 in the loungeroom so I decided to go play Lost Odyssey in the bedroom on the Slim 360 instead.
    Try and fire up the console but nothing happens. Check all the cords are connected, then unplug and replug. It starts up but then turns off again mid-update. I think it may be the dodgy power board which is supposed to be a power saving one but just randomly turns stuff off so I removed it from the dodgy power board and plugged it into a different power point. It turns on so I assume everything’s fine.
    Does the update, starts the game…and then mid opening scene turns off again. Guess I won’t be playing Lost Odyssey. ๐Ÿ™

    Not entirely sure what could be wrong. Could be the power cord but when it’s actually on it’s fine. Weird.

  • Aw crap, just realised Climbey’s likely going to be back tonight.

    I’m too busy being in a don’t-want-to-deal-with-anything state to want to deal with that >_<ย 

    Already staring vacantly at RIft stuff and hating everything as it is.

  • Hey Tech TAY! I have a question!

    So some dude is coming to set up my internet this Thursday and the confirmation email that Internode sent me mentioned that if you live in an apartment building, you may need to give the guy access to the Main Distribution Frame for cabling work.

    Now, am I correct in assuming that he would only need access to this if the unit was not already set up for broadband? (which is should be, I was given the option of an EasyConnect Telstra plan before I moved)

    The email says that any cabling is at my own cost, so I’m just a bit worried it’s going to be some massive cost that I won’t get to take advantage of if I move out in 6 months.

  • Weekend report:
    – Resubbed to PS Plus \o/

    – Downloaded Guacamelee and played for about 30 mins. Don’t like it. The platforming is imprecise, the combat feels janky and I don’t give a shit about the plot. ๐Ÿ™

    – Played some of The Guided Fate Paradox. If anyone is fence-sitting, don’t waste your money. Plays really badly, plot is nonsense, characters are uninteresting (aside from having nice designs) and the game is amazingly chatty. I’ve got a high tolerance for talky games, but not when the dialogue is just for the sake of dialogue. “Shut up and let me play” was all I was thinking.

    – Got in touch with NIS America regarding my missing Disgaea D2 LE and it looks like it left the US but never arrived in Australia. ๐Ÿ™ But because I’ve been buying their stuff since 07 they sent me a replacement \o/ \o/ \o/

    – I spent most of the weekend playing Kantai Collection. Discovered I don’t need a VPN to play after the initial login which makes things easier. Managed to finally get a full size carrier (Hiryuu) and my very first sortie with her was hillarious. Recon plane went out, spotting the enemy fleet early. Pre-emptive airstrike from Hiryuu and Shouhou flies out, torpedoes all the enemy ships and the rest of my fleet didn’t even get to fire a shot. Perfect victory. Then the random drop from that encounter was the Sendai, which was the remaining ship I needed to complete the Sendai-class light cruiser set and unlock my third fleet. Following encounter was against some aircraft carriers, which I wiped out again (this time with some battleship support) which unlocked Akagi so now I have two carriers \o/ Currently my main fleet is the Battleship Yamashiro (flagship), Carriers Akagi and Hiryuu, Destroyer Yukikaze and light cruiser Kitakami (which I am currently trying to build to level ten so I can remodel her to a Torpedo cruiser for anti-submarine operations). My 6th slot goes either to Battleship Fuso or Light Cruisers Yura or Tenryuu depending on status and resources available. My next major goal is to get a Kongo-class (ideally Kongo or Haruna) but every time I build a Battleship I get a Fuso-class and it’s very annoying because that’s about 12 hours worth of resources. ๐Ÿ™

    – Kantai Collection is insanely addictive and no one should play it. Upside is that I think I’m actually learning some Kanji readings while playing it.

    – Still have absolutely no idea what to take away with me to NZ next week.

    • Are you serious!? RE: Guacamelee

      I found the platforming really good and the combat takes learning but once you get it you can get some serious combos going.

      Agree about the plot, though. It’s pretty nonsense.

      • I just don’t like it. I can’t put my finger on it but the platforming feels really broken to me. Also with the plot being uninteresting I’m not hugely motivated to stick with it when I don’t like how it plays.

        • Related question – have you played Rogue Legacy? Because you’ve pretty well summed up my impressions of that game. I really wanted to like it too!

          • Yes. I thought it was complete trash too, absolutely can’t understand why everyone raves about it. Went in wanting to like it but really don’t.

            I haven’t tried Spelunky yet because I’m worried that it’ll have the same issues for me.

  • So last week I mentioned that terrible tendency in open-world games to complete all possible sidequests and exploration options before advancing the main quest? Happening again in Assassin’s Creed 4.

    Not sure if it really counts as a spoiler because it’s more of a game mechanic, but whatever:
    So you capture forts to uncover sections of the sea, much like using radio towers in Far Cry 3, or Synching Viewpoints in any other AC game. So of course, immediately I capture as many of them as I can to reveal the entire map… or the entire map except for one section. That section was infuriating the hell out of me until eventually I gave up and did some more story missions. Turns out there’s a story mission to unlock that section, in a tutorial on how to take forts.
    Mm… post-mastery tutorials.

      • I know it has (fairly average) active noise cancelling, but even without “turning them on” the sound quality is kinda poor. Very soft and drowned out. They sound great with the noise cancelling turned on though, so I’m not 100% positive whether it’s just for the noise cancelling or not.

    • I found it mostly visually pleasing and the sound quality pretty decent. I liked the IDEA of the skill/talent tree system, but not the limitations that sprang out of it and the length of time it took to get fun toys. Leaving shit on the ground is the only way to progress too, and that plays fucking havoc with my OCD and is the primary reason I stopped playing. You simply cannot explore the entire map, pick up everything, return to vendor when full, then come back and continue. It’s simply not possible, thanks to respawns and taking bloody forever to ‘jog’ at a relative crawl.

      • I’ve only been picking up blue and yellow items. White items are trash and seem to only be worthwhile if they’re the right item with the right sockets.

        That’s pretty much how Diablo games work anyhow. There are meant to be trash items that you ignore so that you excited when you see something yellow.

        • ‘Meant’ to be played? Pfft. No, Diablo is MEANT to be played with you as a human vacuum cleaner who returns to town every three minutes to drop shit off at the vendor.

          At least with town portalling, Diablo doesn’t punish my pathological compulsion to pick up every bit of shiny possible. And Torchlight even caters to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (God bless you, magical trading kitty.)

          • And then there are trinkets that aren’t even worth picking up.

            By the time you get to act 3, portal scrolls are plentiful.


            Well, not in Path of Exile, because it means you can’t get past respawns. But in NORMAL ARPGs it is. 1 gold is something, dammit! They all add up!

          • It’s starting to feel like even the blue items aren’t worth picking up.

            On the other hand, 10 hours into the game and I have literally no concept of value in this game.

      • And this is why Torchlight and Torchlight 2 got it right with the Pet to sell the items for you as you kept going with a now empty inventory :). Torchlight 2 made it even better with the shopping list, so darn good!

      • I’m the same, I need to pick up everything and compare it with stuff I have. I was playing multiplayer but got too frustrated by everyone running off while I was comparing gear. Seems to happen a lot when I’m playing multiplayer RPG’s. =(

    • I like it. I can see the flaws and they still haven’t fixed the shadows which keep bugging out and crippling my fps but I still play and enjoy it.

    • It scratches the clicky itch and it’s free. I haven’t gotten back to it in quite a while though. Not high up enough on the priorities.

  • gah, why do I always get jobs where they just keep overloading and overloading me until I hit breaking point and quit.
    This is why I’ve never had a job for more than about a year and a half,

    edit: and I am good at coping with stress and big workloads, this is just getting unreasonable

  • If the Kinect wants to spy on me then fine. But I ain’t changing what I do in front of the TV in my home and they’re just gonna have to deal with that.

    *takes off pants*

  • Really hope The Walking Dead season two or The Wolf Among Us episode two isn’t far away. I’m in the mood to play one of these games!

  • Oh gods. My 12 year old played some of her music to my 4 year old and now he’s running around singing his version of that “Acapella”song: “oh oh oh oh ohh ohh oh oh oh oh ohh ohh thought you were a perfect lubber”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Getting stressed wondering if Mrs. @shane liked the quilt I made for her. He was supposed to be home an hour ago! Why haven’t I heard anything?! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Kids are down and the quilt is amazing! Mrs Shane will send through a message soon, but just to put your mind at ease, it was a huge hit.

      • Mrs. Shane’s looking to send a message?

        Oh man, that sounds ominous. I’d lock the doors and windows tonight, Strange. (Probably worth doing every night now that I think about it.)

        Huge hit? She’s hired a hit man! D:

  • Aww man, where’s all the Supanova write-ups!?

    Well, here’s mine.

    In short, I had one of the best days of this entire year so far. It was that good. And I only spent about 4 hours there in total. My cousins and one of their friends always come down from Maryborough for it, and I usually think about going but never actually do. The one I went to back in 2011 was a massive let-down. It was cramped and uncomfortable and I ended up getting the flu. But I did meet Robin Hobb and get to have a bit of a chat with her, which was awesome.

    But this year, I knew I had to go. George R R Martin was going to be there, and so was Garry Chalk, the voice of Optimus Primal in Transformers: Beast Wars. That character was my hero growing up.

    So I waited until the very last moment to buy my ticket. About 9pm on Friday night. And I just hoped that they could scan the barcode on my phone. I showed up way early, but the lineup was already huge to the main building where Artists Alley and the panels/signings were. While in line I met up with my cousins+friend. They didn’t want to stay in line, so we decided to head down to look at the other building first. There were so many awesome things that I wanted to buy. I’ve resolved to going back next year with a bucketfull of cash. They even had a bunch of Takara Masterpiece Transformers and G1 reissues like Devastator. They even had a gorram Fortress Maximus.

    Did I mention I was dressed as a half-arsed Ice King from Adventure Time? One of my highlights was getting a photo with a really good Varys cosplayer, and I asked him if he’d help install the TRUE king on the throne. THE ICE KING! He totally agreed. Brandon, my cousin’s friend who spent the day in a Deadpool morphsuit, got stopped for photos every couple of minutes. He’s usually so shy and reserved, but as soon as he put that suit on he just owned it.

    Another cool moment was a bunch of Adventure Time kids came up to me. The Finn challenged me to a duel, and Princess Bubblegum ran away in fear. I hoisted ,my wedding ring up and yelled, “It’s ok! I’ve already found my princess! You don’t need to be scared!”

    Then we migrated up to the other building. I went upstairs and bought my photo token with Garry Chalk and I had an hour and a half to kill before it. I went downstairs and thought about trying my luck with getting A Game of Thrones signed by George R R Martin. I located him pretty quickly, and no sooner than someone joined the line behind me, they capped it. No more signings until after lunch. I only waited in line for about 25 minutes before getting a signature, and he was just the nicest dude. He asked ME if I was having a good time! He reminded me of a little Hobbit Santa Claus. I just wanted to take him home and make him a cup of tea.

    Then I went back upstairs and mulled around the photography section, waiting for my photo with Garry. I ran into another dude who was waiting for a photo with him too. We both bummed each other out, because we BOTH had the bright idea of bringing our Optimus Primal figures with us for our photos. But his was the original 1995 figure, and mine was the 2005 re-release with updated face sculptures and cartoon-accurate paint applications. We decided that Garry would choose whose figure was better.

    And I have to warn you guys… this is pretty much the nerdiest, fanboy thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m not proud of it, but I would never take it back. I introduced myself, and asked him if he could say something for me. He asked me what I’d like him to say. And I said, “can you say…. that’s just prime?”

    He put his arm around me, pulled me close and said it right into my ear. In that moment, I was transported back to Prehistoric Earth, and it wasn’t Garry Chalk standing next to me. It was Optimus Freaking Primal. I blubbered some kind of sentence out and I’m pretty sure I audibly said “Oh my god…” as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

    In the photo, my wife says I look happier than in our own wedding photos.

    Here’s some pics.

    And after the photo with Garry, I was pretty much ready to head. I had a great day, and next year my cousins and I are going to be going as a themed cosplay group. Cannot wait.

    • Every paragraph needs to have its own special post so I can upvote each paragraph. Awesome write-up. Always love reading about what incredible times people have.

        • I was thinking of doing a write up but the first four hours or so involved me cowering in corners and hiding in panel lines. Did see Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis who openly mocked Stargate Universe a whole damn lot. Also saw Rikki Simons from Invader Zim. Second half I worked up the courage to go see Shane and Space Pyrates and then Sughly and Freeze found me and we hung out. (We also saw a sketch-off between three comic illustrators!)

          After the gang left Popdart5 and I moseyed around Shane’s booth. I really hope you didn’t mind, Shane. D: Then we met a cool guy named Joe! TRUE STORY!

    • I think I’d be the same if I got to meet Peter Cullen, who played Optimus Prime and Coran in Voltron. And meeting George RR Martin would be awesome. I’m keeping an eye on who’s coming to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne because I’m keen to go.

  • Urghhhh I have to go back home again tomorrow ๐Ÿ™ Mum’s pushing me to stay until the weekend, but no. I’ll just catch the bus back here on Thursday morning, or Wednesday night if I can.

    And egad, this isn’t going to go well. I managed to get in an argument with my brother over Ultimate Ears vs Klipsch. We’re both very stubborn over this :l

        • I went with Klipsch on what, If i remember correctly, was your advice!

          Though that was a year or two ago now and I wasn’t after top of the line, just something better then the default apple ones. They are definitely better then then apple ones.

          • Aha I remember that! Yeah, as far as earphones go the Klipsch s4’s are still amazing for their price and are by far their best (portable) product, but their new styling and products (particularly headphones) leave a lot to be desired. They’re going after the Beats crowd now. On the other end of the spectrum I would never buy another pair of UE earphones, but would choose their headphones over the Klipsch ones.

  • Midori, Midori Mix, Bacardi, Tequila.
    All over ice.
    Thrown into a bullet blender.
    Served with a straw.
    So damn good.

  • My Boss should be so happy I brought a new motorbike. If I wasn’t broke I think I’d have quit today.

    As it is I’m going to start looking for a new job tomorrow.

    Anyone know of any jobs in NSW for a 28 year old male with little in the way of formal qualifications past year 12, experience in retail, policing and security monitoring and a few thousand hours on video games?

      • If memory serves you do engraving and related things don’t you?

        I’m not sure how good I’d be though as my handwriting is terrible and my drawing isn’t much better.

        I imaging it would be a fun job in many ways though getting to see the results of your work (when not dealing with arsehole customers though, but you get them in most industries.)

        • Yeah, Mister Minit. Don’t worry, my handwriting and drawing are beyond terrible.

          It’s decent money and the work isn’t overwhelming. Plus as a general rule you get to work pretty autonomously so don’t have anyone consistently riding your ass.

          And as far as the customers you get about 4-5 horrible ones a month and sometimes feels like it’s all you dealing with until you realise that’s out of 1000-1500 people.

          Just go to a few shopping centres and drop a resume off at a few (because half the staff are lazy assholes that will just stuff it in a cupboard and forget about it) and try giving the head office a call.

  • Going through playing some older games from this gen. Arkham Asylum, Fallout:New Vegas, Darksiders and Mirrors Edge. Having a blast.

    The tail end of this gen hasn’t been fantastic with only a small handful of stand outs. Going back I’m realising 2009-2011 was probably the best time for it.

  • The Walking Dead 4×05

    First half of the episode I found pretty slow and I suspect that’s because it was character based in a show with not really hugely compelling characters. I find the world a lot more compelling than characters as a whole. Got real good in the second half though. Loved the stuff with Rick and Carl and also Hershel defending the cell block. Get the feeling the worst is over on this front. Not sure how I feel about the end with The Governor though. When we saw someone feeding rats to the zombies a few weeks back I strongly suspected it might’ve been him.
    Hopefully this shift in what has been a good storyline won’t be for the worse!

    • =D
      I thought it was Lizzie feeding her pet zombie the rats. They were coming from inside the prison, not outside.
      The worst of the flu is over, all the non relevant characters are dead and someone we gave a shit about died, so I imagine that’s it.
      Not quite sure how I feel about the governor returning. =/

      • Oh good point with the Governor. I thought at first that the flu might’ve been ‘released’ at the prison. Like man made and all that. Do you think we’ve seen the last of Carol?

        • People who aren’t dead have a habit of coming back in the walking dead, so yes, we most likely will.

          Mum predicts she’ll team up with the governor

          • This is the first season I’ve watched, but Carol didn’t really strike me as a bad guy. Just doing what she could to protect her people with the best intentions in mind. Then again, there could be all this history I don’t know about.

            The Walking Dead is getting a spin-off on AMC, though. That character could end up there and I wouldn’t mind. Maybe we’ll see them in the Telltale game which I would love too! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Carol lost her daughter in season 2. In season 1 we met her abusive husband. She is tough as nails. She isn’t really a bad person, but it wasn’t the best thing to do as the people had a chance to recover.
            What Rick was saying was that in Season 2 his best friend who was banging Rick’s wife Lori, tried to kill Rick and so Rick had to kill Shane in self defense.

          • Oooooh, that’s cool. I assumed all that history happened before the zombie apocalypse. You’ve got me interested to go back. (Even though I haven’t liked any of the eps I’ve seen before this season.)

            Liked all the symbolism with the watch and all that too.

          • The series only refers to things that happened in previous seasons.
            Which all happens when Rick wakes up.

            Even the opening has symbolism. It was more prevalent in the first 3 seasons. In fact, I don’t think they’ve changed the third season opening for this season

          • I love the theme song though. So good. Bear McCreary did the awesome music on Battlestar Galactica too. The imagery is scary.

  • Finished Path of Exile and that last boss is some bullshit. I was a fairly glass cannon build but he just wrecked me. Barely gave me a chance to attack in the small gaps between his attacks and if I got caught out, I just died.

    Lag spikes did not help.

    Luckily, his second form was so much weaker that I could just stand next to him and fill him with arrows.

    Never playing that game again.

  • Hi all! I’m home!

    Currently putting together a write-up of the weekend. Did anyone write-up the Thursday meats? Looking for some words to copy/paste ๐Ÿ˜›

  • All I’ve done tonight since the kids went to bed is watch Mr. Strange play GTAV and then watch the latest episode of Castle. Which was bad. Really bad. Think I’m going to give up on the show. I have loads of things lined up to watch and don’t need to waste time on bad shows. I’ll miss Ryan and Esposito though.

    • Made the same call for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I understand that lots of people like it but I’m not one of them and I feel like I’ve given it a chance to win me over and it hasn’t happened. :'(

      Sleepy Hollow, though? Totally won me over!

      • I’m loving SHIELD more with each episode. I can see it turning into something really special. I always tend to give first seasons of stuff more leeway because it does take time for shows to find their feet,more often than not.
        As for Sleepy Hollow, I’m watching it because my husband likes it but I’m finding it a bit boring and don’t really care about anyone in it.

  • Oh, @dc. Meant to mention, Climbey *did* seem rather pushy for me to start going on Thursdays as well. First asked me if school finishing would mean that I’d be climbing more (then accused me of laziness when I was all “ehhhh…” about it), then later when leaving was asking if I’d be in on Thursday. I told her Mondays. Yup.

    And I totally didn’t just reply fail this to Crazyguy up there somehow.

      • In the sense you’re being firm and decisive. Playing hard to get and all that.

        BUT he would’ve asked her out ages ago, man. *strokes patchy chin stubble*

          • That’s why I’m so invested, man. I missed my shot. That ship has sailed. Let me be your cautionary tale. Also, people find me repulsive and you pleasing to the eye. You should totally take advantage of that. XD

            Maybe you should cosplay as Confident Gooky, escape into the character. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • There’ll be another shot. After all, I’ve missed mine plenty of times >_>

            I should be my own cautionary tale, but I am generally too dumb to learn from my mistakes so they keep happening.

          • @dc There is always another shot. Asking chicks out and getting rejected, bad relationships that I screwed up instead of just not being interested enough? I’m pretty sure I’d be up around 75% strike rate, there.

            The key is to cast a really wide net, see. You’ll catch more fish that way.

          • I only just saw your edit and now rescind your upvote for the repulsive comment.

            Also typing this out has given me massive deja vu. Typo corrections and all.

        • I like to think @mrtaco said something along the lines of, “Yeah, I’m not climbing on Thursdays, but since you’re desperate to see me I’ll see if I can clear my calendar for you to buy me a drink.”

          OK, so… story time:

          A few years back, when I was single, there was a very alternative chick at work who I hadn’t seen around much, but was who looked very fine. I’d complimented her on her ear-ornament once, in passing, and we’d always smiled when passing in the hallway. After another such passing, as I got back to my desk I remarked to a coworker next to me, “Damn, I’ve really gotta ask her out.”

          Coincidentally at that time, one of the women in the office who chatted with her a lot was just walking away from her, so I got up from my desk and walked over to ask, “So, what’s the story with you two? She’s around a lot.” (The rumour was that they were probably dating, but if you don’t ask you don’t know.)
          She replied, “Yeah, we broke up, but we’re still friendly, y’know.”
          “So it’s definitely over huh?”
          “Yeah.” …She didn’t look that sad.
          “Reason I ask, is because I wanted to know if you want to go out for a drink sometime.”
          She looked a little surprised, but pleasantly so, and said, “Oh! Yeah, sure!”
          “Great. Give me your number and I’ll call you to tee something up.”

          I go sit back down at my desk, and the coworker I talked to before was staring at me like I was a space alien. When I asked, “What?” she complained, “People don’t actually say they should ask someone out then just go and DO it.”
          “Why not?”
          “Because… I don’t know, they just don’t! There’s… dwelling and stewing and worrying and building up nerve and stuff!”
          “That seems terribly counter-productive.”
          “But what if she’d said no?”
          “Then I’d get to stop wasting my time on her and look somewhere more promising. Win:win.”
          “Besides, isn’t she into women?”
          I just shrugged, smiled, and got back to working.

          (The relationship didn’t work out, in the end. She and her ex were totally not over it, she just didn’t know it. So eventually I broke it off, seeing that this wasn’t going to end well. She was great in all other respects, though, so the time was definitely spent well.)

          The moral of the story is that you just do it.

          • It isn’t! First you have to figure out what you’re asking. And then there’s the realisation that if they say yes, you’ll have to follow up on it. And then if you follow up on it, you’ll actually have to figure out how to be an engaging and interesting individual instead of just standing there in total awkward silence which is about 95% likely to happen so obviously this is a terrible idea and should be shot down immediately.

            I don’t think a no is what I’m most afraid of ๐Ÿ˜›

          • You need to start giving less fucks, my man.

            Law of universes states that as soon as you don’t give a shit, a banquet of pancakes will plop itself on your table.

            There’s nothing wrong with admitting to the girls that you have no idea what you’re doing, but you’d like it to continue. If she’s interested, you’ll potentially have some fun; learn a lot; grow a lot; maybe get a gf.

  • A work in progress. The weekend write-up. HEre’s what I have so far. I’m going to bed.

    Wednesday. Out from Canberra airport.

    The portable bag weigher I bought has paid for itself; my suitcase gets checked with 200g clearance. No excess baggage charges this time around.

    I don’t like the default seat I’ve been assigned, so change it up a bit and opt for a window seat. As it turns out, there’s no one sitting next to me. Pretty good decision, that one. Spend the trip alternately reading East of Eden and wondering how the bloody hell planes stay in the air. They’re huge metal tubes full of heavy people and bags. Start thinking of landing as a partially-controlled plummet, and can’t get the image out of my head. Only mildly nervous. Return attention to book.

    I’m staying with Joe and Linda, two friends from a previous life who I haven’t seen in way too long, since about 2008 actually.

    Who watches the watchmen? Actually, it turns out that I do. Having not seen the Watchmen movie before, I spend my Wednesday afternoon watching it. Good film, though not much more than a dumb action romp. Probably a good move to jettison all the claims to literature that the comic aspired to, but still… it left a void.

    Chinese food is on the menu tonight, and I share a lovely meal with my congenial hosts. We play a little Injustice, which I haven’t played before. Addictive brawler.

    Thursday. I don’t know what I’m doing.

    When I come out of my room in the morning, this is waiting for me. #misery

    A promise is made to ‘stage’ an actual hobbling photo, but this never takes place. (Which is to say that the hobbling goes ahead, but with no photo).

    I’ve caught the bus in to what is apparently Queen St Mall. The bus driver helpfully points me in the right direction, and I dutifully walk. He drives away, my lone and only safety net (such as it is) whisked away from me in a cloud of stifling petrol fumes.

    I arrive at Hungry Jacks, see no sign of @dc or @strange, and immediately attempt (and fail) to look nonchalant as I lean against the wall and check my phone. There’s a message from DC that says “Let us know when you’re around.” I reply very sociably: “I’m around” and as I hit send, I see @strange and @dc standing about ten metres away.

    I don’t really want to say too much about @dc here, because it could quite easily veer into Scrubs-esque-guy-love territory, and no one really wants that. But I’ll say this much: he doesn’t disappoint, and the way he talks is reassuringly similar to the way he types.

    As we all know, @strange is pretty awesome. She has made this fantastic quilt for Mrs Shane, and presents it to me at about this point in the story. Her son is a cool kid, and funny. At a later stage today, he will get a balloon and proceed to chase me around JB with it. We keep playing the game right up until Strange starts yelling at us to stop. I feel like a kid who’s just been busted eating the teacher’s chalk or lighting matches behind the desk (ummm…. neither of which I did ever as a kid).

    I think I might have overstated the extent to which I freak out over socialising because both @dc and @strange treat me like I’m about to burst into tears.

    @jimu and @beardymcmuttonchops make it for lunch! They are both very friendly, cool guys, so naturally I don’t say much at all. DC very proudly announces that Jimu is white, and not Asian. Thanks, DC.

    Beardy’s Kickstarter starts soon (or might have started, I don’t recall, sorry), so we should all support him!

    Because I have already had a big Hungry Jacks breakfast, I elect to consume just the $1.20 thickshakes for lunch. I order a Red Velvet one and a strawberry one, and for the life of me, I cannot tell which is which as I drink them.

    DC asks me who I am most nervous about meeting tonight, and without hesitation I single out @dkzeitgeist and @transientmind. DC then proudly tells me (for the first of several times) about the meat where he and Transientmind were the only attendees. It’s not a particularly reassuring story, the way he tells it.

    He walks me back to my bus stop, but tries to send me underground. I know that at least that much is wrong, and manage to foil his attempt to sabotage my travelling plans.
    By the time I’ve returned to Joe and Linda’s, more guests have arrived: Linda’s sister, niece and nephew.

    Thursday II. C-words

    I am desperately fashionable in a high-vis vest as I set up my stall.

    My banner is up and looking pretty schmick, even if I do think so myself. Given the Game of Thrones focus on this con, I’m kicking myself for not including the “Game of Thrones – galactic version” review quote on the banner.

    By the time it’s done, it’s 6:30, and there’s no time to shower, no time to change, nothing. Just jump on a bus with some books and head to the meat.

    Realising that in my haste, I have books but no pens, I lug the bloody things all over the Queen St Mall looking for a place that sells pens. I have to hide as I pass the Hungry Jacks where we are all scheduled to meet. No one mentions it later on, so I think I get away with it. After weaving my way through a rabbit warren of corridors, I find a Target, and buy 8 pens for five bucks. Now I can return to the group, sweaty yet triumphant. I think I’m even vaguely on time – if not, no one is petty enough to mention it.

    @dkzeitgeist, who proudly introduces himself as my biggest fan (or maybe was christening me as his, I’m not entirely sure. Actually, in retrospect, it was probably this one, because I don’t think he owns one of my books at this point in the story) presents me with a present that manages to be simultaneously funny and thoughtful: a cassette recording of the Zeitgeist episode I would be missing tomorrow due to Supanova. It actually legitimately feels kind of cool to own some Zeitgeist merch, and I realise that I’m not so far above the compulsion to collect things as I thought I was.

    Within five minutes of meeting DAN!, I’ve managed to imply that he ejaculates prematurely (at the sad expense of his partner’s satisfaction), and when he leaves at the end of the night, I call him a cunt. I’m pretty sure I make the very best of impressions.

    @transientmind is everything he has been hyped up to be. He conducts himself with an effortless-seeming suave charm that is somewhat awe-inspiring and jealousy-inspiring, but somehow retains an approachable air that prevents him from being entirely intimidating.
    I keep the promise I made to him earlier, and we each purchase a glass of milk from the bar at the Beach House. This costs us four dollars apiece, and I make a secret vow never to keep another promise to another human being ever. A valuable lesson indeed.

    As I have met @freezespreston previously, I shall only focus on the bad points this time around. When my massive burger arrives, he suggests that I cut it in two to help me eat it. I realise now that this was a masterful troll, as the god-awful mess that results causes me to spill burger bits out of just about every bite I attempt. Pretty sure my eating put everyone else off their food. Sorry, gents.

    @sernobulus is there, but we don’t get a chance to talk too much. I use my ace-in-the-hole way too early, shouting out “DARK SOULS” \o/ the moment I meet him, and running headfirst into uncomfortable silence territory. Pretty sure he wisely avoids making eye contact with me after that.

    @sughly is there. That’s all I can say about the man at this stage, because he carefully sits as far away from me as possible when we go for dinner.

    @beardymcmuttonchops sits up the other end of the table with DAN! and Sughly. I think he might have had enough of me. Fair enough, too.

    @dc is a monster. He wants to elbow the people sitting at the table to his left. For no reason. Or maybe it’s because I tell him to. Whatever.

    I offload more books with a carefully targeted range of approaches, including “Does anyone want a book before they go?” and a more individual approach: “Do you want a book before you go?” As you can see, my creativity is on full display tonight. No one wants me to sign their book in pink, and I am disappointed.

    @dkzeitgeist disparagingly refers to himself a C-word as he makes for the exit, but decides to buy a book from me before he goes. So, in DAN!’s book, I write “Keep up the good work, cunt” (@dkzeitgeist, I hope this was actually funny to you, because there’s still a part of me that says “Too far, man. Too far.” Let me know, and I’ll send you a more PG13-rated personalisation. )

    When I return to the house, I kick everyone’s ass at Injustice except the 11 y.o. boy.

    More coming later.

    Edit: Awesome page-get.
    Edit 2: Stupid page-get. *edits out multiple links* grumble

  • FTL is going to get a expansion. Neato.

    Also thinking very strongly about getting a PS4. It’s a tough, tough decision for me.

  • Muramasa Post Ending 2 Question

    I have forged all the swords possible but there are still swords that I have yet to “unlock”. How do I unlock these weapons? The previous ones you had to advance the story but seeing as I need to get the swords to advance the story (ending 3) I don’t really see how to unlock it. Unless I screwed something up ok the main story.

    @scree @negativezero @anyoneelsethathasgotreallyfarinmuramasa

    • You need to beat all the white Demon Caves. Some of them drop extra swords. Suggest consulting a guide to find out which ones you need to beat. Once you forge the Oboro Muramasa (108/108 swords) you use it against the final boss to see the true ending.

      I haven’t done it because the final demon cave I needed to beat is just too hard. You have to fight a Red and Blue Oni simultaneously, followed by the Horse and Bull Onis, followed by all four at once. It’s the all four at once but that ruins me, they hit too hard. ๐Ÿ™

  • been playing Rocksmith 2014 a fair bit recently.

    It’s pretty rad coz I’ve never had any sort of lessons on guitar or bass, so all of its picking up on certain techniques I’m less awesome at & suggesting i do its tutorials.
    goddamn harmonics.

    also, I discovered something awesome & mildly scary about it.
    if you get good at a certain song, the on-screen notes go all semi-transparent, making it a bit harder.
    then if you get better still, the on-screen notes disappear completely & you have to just play from memory. :S

    also, I’ve come up with a list of things I really wanna finish before picking up a PS4 / upgrading my PC

    Kingdoms of Amalur, Lost Odyssey, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Far Cry 3, Arkham Asylum & City, Max Payne 3, Space Marine, Alan Wake, Resonance of Fate, Mirrors Edge… probably a few others as well…

    aaanyway… whats up with you lot?

  • Had to put together IKEA furniture on the weekend. Brought it all home, unpacked it all, realised I needed a screwdriver.

    Okay, put all the pieces in a pile, go into work on Monday, buy a screwdriver on my lunch break, unpack everything again once I get home, realise I need a hammer.

    Screw you, IKEA! I thought it was meant to be all allen keys!

    (I’m just going to not put the back on my bookcase. I’ll just say it’s meant to be like that)

    • Go to Kmart. For $20-30 you can buy a little toolkit with all the basics. They’re terrible quality tools but I’m fairly certain you’re not going to be constructing houses anytime soon so it will cover anything minor you need.

      Seriously, it’s pretty much an essential purchase.

      • I’ve been going to Kmart/Coles almost every day in my lunch break getting stuff. You don’t realise how often you need certain things until you don’t have them! ๐Ÿ˜› Scissors, screwdrivers, nail clippers, pens, etc. So many small things!

        • I remember buying a pair of scissors because I needed to cut things and didn’t have anything to cut with.

          So of course I buy a pair in a heat-sealed package. Which… you can’t open without cutting. The tools I needed to open the package were INSIDE THE PACKAGE. That’s some zen shit. Or pure idiocy, I haven’t decided.

          i r smrt.

  • Chuloopa’s PSA:
    Pretty sure most people would know, but in case you don’t and you care – you can get a demo of New Lego Marvel Superheros game from the official website if try before you buy is your thing. I picked it up last night and hope to spend a little time in it tonight to get my Marvel Lego fix until after the bells of weddings. \o/

    • That being said – you can share the plague with others!


      Nurgle – sharing shit before it was cool!

      • I’m pretty sure I’m inadvertently sharing Papa Nurgle’s gift with the staff at this school, and from there, the children.

        Basically I’m making an army of snot-nosed kids.

  • There is going to come a time when Sketchbook and Climber stumble across these pages (because all girls are obsessive stalker psychopaths right?) and there is not a single thing in this world that would make me want to trade places with @mrtaco at that point.

      • I’m picturing Climber as super-athletic, tanned, and outgoing while Sketchbook is kind of introverted, very artsy and intellectual, possibly with dyed hair of an unusual colour. That sound about right @mrtaco?

        • And Gooky has two looks that he alternates between when he’s meeting either one. One day it’ll be like Mrs. Doubtfire where they end up at the same restaurant and he sits down at the wrong table in his introverted, very artsy and intellectual clothes with possibly dyed hair of an unusual colour… THEN HILARITY WILL ENSUE!

    • On the plus side, he hasn’t really said anything incriminating. He’s been very carefully neutral… for the most part. He did indicate a preference at one point. (That’s right, Stalker girls. Now you have to read ALL the posts to find out which.)

      All the same… it will be very uncomfortable.

      When I was many years younger and too stupid to know it was a bad idea, I dated women who worked on the same floor as me. Nothing especially long-term, just sampling, doing the rounds. One day I walked into the break room to see four of them all standing around talking to each other and laughing.

      They were all from different work units, I didn’t know they knew each other! They paused a moment when I entered and… I don’t know. It might’ve been my imagination, but I thought they looked amused and curious to see what I would do. I can’t imagine what the expression on my face was at the time. I definitely tried incredibly hard to control it, but for at least a second or so it must’ve been pure, unadulterated, wide-eyed horror.

      I grabbed a drink of water with a forced smile, then bolted, internally screaming, “NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF THIS.” I immediately abandoned any thoughts I’d had about a couple of the others on the floor I’d had my eye on.

      Moral of the story: don’t sleep with coworkers. (Plural. One is probably fine.)

    • That’s why I’m only known here as Gooky/MrTaco and not my proper online name. Gotta keep things separate ๐Ÿ˜›

      Though that said, my friend at school who became obsessed with figuring out my age found out a whole craptonne about me in the process thanks to knowing my username. Actually, she also saw me posting on here a lot at school so was able to find things on here from time to time too. Ugh.

      At least this system isn’t particularly easy to search through for anything that hasn’t happened within the last couple of days.

  • @chuloopa Were the xenos purged and the heretics slain? Is the Imperium safe? Were many ‘nades thrown? (Sorry I’m being impatient. I just like hearing about people’s RPG stories) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • My son has elected to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates in his room which means soon I’ll be able to play some more Resonance Of Fate. Looking forward to it.
    I’d forgotten how fun it was jumping around acrobatically and gracefully shooting enemies. Oh and the dress-ups! Was so happy when I reached the point where you can buy new clothes. Gun parts? Who needs gun parts when you can buy clothes? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Man, I found the mechanics of that really difficult to get into. The story was revealed so slowly so it didn’t grip me enough to propel me forward, and I can’t remember but I think it has that crazy Japanese fixation with rating your performance – invariably telling you that ‘A’ isn’t good enough, because you know there’s a rank S.

      I should probably give it another go because it seems pretty deep… but yeah, that was a hard one to get a handle on.

      • I found the mechanics rough at first, but the more i played it the more i got into it.

        I thought the story was a bit awkwardly paced, like the focus was disjointed. Still great, but if they’d rearranged the focus a bit it would have been amazing to me.

        I liked the options for the map too, even though i got it horribly wrong and couldnt take it back.

        • Oh man, you can’t take it back?! That was one of my worst fears in placing those tiles!
          Heh. More things to screw up and be judged by the game for. “Yeah, you fucked up that tile, buddy. And now you see why – totally never getting that chest. What’s inside? Could just be gil… could be a rare ultra-weapon component. You’ll never know. You are bad and should feel bad. Go back to corridor-shooters or something, codboi.”
          …I may have overstated my perceived harsh judgement at the hands of the game. All the same, by defeating that, @strange is clearly better at games than me.

          • You don’t need to take it back. There are no mistakes. You can always get more tiles, you may just need to wait for a new chapter in order to open up the part of the map where enemies drop the shape of tile you need is all.

            Definitely not better at games but I’m clearly more patient than you. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I think a lot of people struggled with the game mechanics at first, especially because right at the start it gets suggested you go to the Arena for the tutorials but it never appears on your map as your “Next” objective so a lot of people missed it. It took me forever to go through the tutorials again yesterday, but it’s slowly coming back to me.
        As for the grading, I can’t remember if you get graded in the Arena battles, but for the actual game part there’s no grades on your performance so at least you don’t have to worry about that.
        The story is weird and convoluted but that’s part of why I love it. ๐Ÿ˜› But yeah, mostly I just love the style of the game. It’s oozing with style and that just makes me happy.

      • I spent a fair bit of time with it but never got to the point that it was enjoyable. Combat wasn’t the problem for me, it was the actual plot and characters were incredibly obtuse and the whole game feels like it’s doing its utmost to stop you from getting into it.

  • Really can’t wait to play Goodbye Deponia. It’s still not on GOG. I’m betting they’ll put it up right on launch week for the PS4. *shakes fist*

    • Got a good review from Gamesradar too, but since I never play Enemy Unknown any more, I’ll probably wait until it’s on sale before I buy it.

    • It’s always sad when your views and a favourite site’s diverge.

      I’ve stopped reading Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Most of the reviewers are still OK and I noticed that they’ve been bringing Cara Ellison on more, lately, who is hands-down my favourite (and whose blog I keep meaning to get around to reading, but never do), but the editor John Walker has been increasingly using the site as a soap-box for his personal issues and it’s getting too much for me to put up with because it’s infused in EVERYTHING. If I wanted to read a feminism blog, I’d read one. But I don’t really feel like getting all my gaming news and reviews served with a side of white-male guilt.

      I don’t read Polygon so much for the reviews (which I rarely agree with) but more for the seemingly-exclusive interviews and usually some early-breaking news. Seems they have a nose closer to the ground than most.

      • Oh yeah, Polygon’s reviews were never the strong part of the site too. I agree. Their investigative journalism and features is where it’s at! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’m seriously so annoyed that the PAX tickets are already on sale…
    On the plus side, i should be able to at least still get a one or two day pass by the time i come back from my honeymoon.
    Also – with a baby on the way, it’s probably a bit selfish to want a 3 day pass… it’s not really fair on bee… BUt still – PAX YOU BUMHOLES! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • You and i can stand on the otherside of the fence crying, trying to claw our way through while PAX is on…
      I will definitely not be able to afford attending this year, which sucks, but here’s hoping for some nice post-PAX meats going on

      Edit because i still can’t do that spelling thing very well

    • I’m trying to figure out the best way to bring up the topic of me wanting to go for 3 days and somehow juggle a 6 month old too.
      We could always somehow convince our wives they should hang out in Melbourne for 3 days with the kids while we go to PAX. That wouldn’t upset anyone!


  • I need to write more.

    Last night, Freya showed me a job ad for an “aspiring online journalist” or something like that. At the Guardian. It looked interesting and started in February. Pretty neat.

    They wanted someone who actively wrote. I haven’t done that in a long while because I hate my writing. Everything I’ve written in the last two years or so, at least the non Shameless Gaming stuff which takes very little time or effort, has either been left as a half started draft or deleted without mercy.

    Not having a reason to finish things is kinda shitty but when I go back and look at some of the stuff I’ve written, I’m almost glad I haven’t added to that shitheap.

    As I’m sure you can all tell, I’m in a super fantastic mood right now. Fucking renovations. Give me peace!

  • HOLY CRAP I’M GOING TO PAX. My best friend just bought me a pass… maybe 2… I’m not entirely sure seeing as he wont answer his frakking phone

  • Introducing the First Annual TayWives Club.

    While your husbands are off enjoying themselves at PAX with their mates you can all congregate at one of the many cafรฉs in Melbourne with your children where you can bitch about your horrible thoughtless husbands and make a pact to withhold sex for months to,…

    Uh. Actually. Never mind. Forget I said anything.

    • This might be a stupid single guy question, but wouldn’t they understand if you go on your own? Not exactly springing it at the last minute or any thing. It’s 11 months away and couples don’t need to be joined at the hip constantly, right? RIGHT? MAYBE THIS IS WHY I’M SINGLE!

        • But if you give 11 months notice and give them an opportunity to go somewhere without the kids some other time, what’s the- I mean- Married life sounds tough. XD

        • But surely if you’re doing something they don’t want to do then it’s fine? I know I have no problems with Mr. Strange doing things like Soundwave by himself, or travelling to see bands I don’t like. But I also know that if he does something like go on the metal cruise by himself then as much it sucks to be left behind, I’ll also get my turn to do something by myself. This is how I got a weekend in Canberra, and still have one up my sleeve for when I need it/we can afford it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m with Dan, I’ve never had a problem with SOS taking a holiday on her own and vice versa.

        Maybe all women aren’t the same…

        Probs are, but.

      • Not a stupid question at all and I’m with you. There’s two factors at work here. One is that all women are not the same (or maybe I’m doing this wife thing wrong? ๐Ÿ˜› ), and the other is that boys find it easier to use their wives as an excuse for not doing something as opposed to actually asking them if it’s okay. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Also, I think in a relationship there needs to be balance. Balance between spending time with each other and spending time doing the things you love that the other probably only tolerates because they love you. I know I need time away from the responsibilities of being in a relationship every now and then, and I also know that Mr.Strange needs to do the same. It’s good to get the opportunity to just be you-you as opposed to couple-you.

    • It… it might not be the best weekend for them to be upset at you in Melbourne, given that it’s also the weekend of Melbourne Cup…

  • Without fail, the day I call in sick is the day I get the most emails. Seriously. 30 emails on a Monday is basically unprecedented.

    Still feel like ass, and by the time I climb on top of all this work I’ll probably need another sickie.

    So that’s my weekly whinge.

  • Oh man, PAX. Do want. Though none of the others seem to be around to talk to about it.

    Also those prices have gone up since last year. $45/$115 vs $55/$150.

      • But less discount for 3-day pass? $20 off this year, $15 off next year. Sense is not made with these prices. Probably better to just get 2x 1-day passes?

        • Probably because last time they sold out within the day, and must’ve seen the stats on whoever was left out but bought all three 1-day passes.

  • @stickman – My mates and I are contemplating a nerd session Saturday – A carton of beer each, starting lunchtime Saturday playing Magic, Warmachine, Board Games and Sexbox. If all goes to plan we should have a few Xboxes set up in a LAN. Let me know if you’re interested (and we didn’t scare you too much the other night)