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    Morning all :)

      Morning :) Been doing next to zero gaming in the last week... a holiday in NZ will do that to you. One mate already broke his collar bone XD

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        Ouch!, hope he gets better... Jealous of the holiday. A mate of mine went recently, he's still raving about it!

          Haha yeah it's brilliant up here, really nice weather and there's so much to do.

      Morning taybies. I had a great weekend. Wet N Wild on Saturday with the fam and fiancé. Went out with some friends and their partners for some great Italian food that night and we watched 21 jump street after. Played hours and hours of Banjo-Kazooie on 360 yesterday, i love that game.

      Why do you guys think collecting things in new games isn't nearly as fun? I mean i get a kick out of finding cool loot in Skyrim or Diablo 3, but they don't make me run around searching for 100 musical notes in every new area and enjoy it.

        I loved finding the Riddler Trophies in Arkham City.

        Because now a days the hidden collectible a are scattered around so much that if you miss one you will never get it as it becomes blocked off

    Hola Tay

    I had a quietish weekend, went Magic Drafting Friday (Won 1, lost 3, got majorly outplayed) and then to a work social BBQ on Sun. Also played a chunk of Skyrim, I'm playing a sneaky Imperial lady.

    A Monday Morning Question: Assassins Creed has made a bit of a thing out of exploring some historical periods that haven't really been in games before. Which era do you think could make a cool game? i reckon the indian rebellion would be cool.

      The Egyptian era would be cool. Going around markets and seeing how the pyramids are being built, but you know, aliens. lol

        You know I'm really surprised AC didn't jump on this era already, seems right up their alley

      I'm surprised that they haven't done the French Revolution yet. Surely that would be a perfect setting, even if it is around the same time as AC3 and Black Flag.

      Does pre-history count? Scale Stonehenge, jump off it and assasinate druids.

      THE '90s!!! :P



            Don't forget the Vita spinoff where you play as Michael Stipe


      Hola back atcha sounds like you had an awesome weekend red, besides losing 3 games..should of gone for the neck.

      I still feel feudal japan is calling the assassins name and I for one would love it, using a Japanese sword over a cutlass or short sword

        I should actually have buffed up trample on my dude with double strike which is a mistake I realised two seconds later.

        My problem with a Japanese Assassins Creed game is that Samurai/ninja games have been done a lot. China/Mongols however...

        They've said many times that the point of the Assassin's Creed series is to explore historical settings that haven't been done a lot in games.

        Feudal Japan (esp. Sengoku-era) is probably the most used historical setting in games next to WW2 and maybe Romance of the Three Kingdoms-era China.

        I've got no doubt that it'd be a good game, but IMO Ninja's Creed would be the exact point at which the series jumps the shark. While there have been pirate games before, there's nothing like AC4 which really drills into the historical figures and gives you a chance to explore the area. Same for the US War of Independece - there's strategy games but nothing like AC.

        I'd rather have Yakuza Ishin.

        There are so many more interesting periods they could set it in that haven't been done somewhere else.

      Just thought about it and wouldn't mind a Creed set in Russia during the fall of the Tsars/rise of Socialism (1915-1925).

      Imagine the setting: A Creed, in the hostile Russian Winter.

      Story wise, you maybe could work in the hopes that Lenin, planning on "giving power to the people" through socialism could be the Assassin's hoping for a egalitarian government, finally throwing off the centuries long influence on monarchies of the Templars...only to realise that everything is going terribly wrong...

      Yeah I'd play that one to death.

    I started playing the Resident Evil remake on the Wii over the weekend - such a great game. Come to think of it - I think that game was the first 'Remake' for video games.

    Am I the only one finding it a little hard to get into GTAV? Don't get me wrong, it's fun - but it's not grabbing me like other games have,

      It definitely feels like you're spoilt for choice.

        3 lead chars does that, yes. If you're not stepping back and allowing it to happen and just holding on for the ride, you won't feel the game as much as GTA4.

          I think that might be part of the problem - there can be such a thing as too much to do. I guess personally though I find sandbox games to be a bit of a filler - almost just something to do with your hands (aside from jerk...erm, I Yes, smoking.)

      Persoanlly still prefer the original RE, I'm just old.
      But actually, I prefer the DS version where they added quickturn.
      I also have a thing for shoddy voicework (Helloooo castlevania Symphony of the Night!)

      The last GTA I cared for was Vice City, I went off sandbox after that. I do like Fallout New Vegas though and 3 and they're pretty sandboxy.

      The REmake was indeed a glorious game. In fact, a lot of the Resident Evil games that came out at that time (REmake, Code Veronica, RE: Zero, RE4) were all pretty good. It's a shame things have gone down hill since then.

      At least I still had the light gun Resident Evil stuff on Wii which were pretty good. Still waiting on that RE2 remake Capcom >.


        Seriously, my faves are 2 and 3 by a longshot.

    Morning all.

    So, anyone pay attention to Blizzcon over the weekend? That new WoW expansion looks okay. It didn't really excite me, but it didn't really look horrible either. Heroes of the Storm looks pretty cool. I've never really been able to get into MOBAs before, but I can see myself maybe getting into this because it's full of characters I know. Bit disappointed the Warcraft movie is going to be Orcs verse Humans, as though we haven't had enough of that already.

      It had the opposite effect on me. The WoW expansion makes me want to re-sub back. Also the D3 stuff looked amazing! Inversely in the new MOBA looked like something. Probably won't pick it up unless it's free to play and a bunch of people are already playing it.

        I'll probably re-sub for the expansion. I have done for every expansion, though I only stuck around for Cataclysm for maybe a week before deciding I wasn't interested. Mists I played around with for a few months, re-subbing for the Landfall patch, that was pretty cool. Was interested in subbing for the next one, but it was basically all fucking raiding, and as a tank, I am so done with that.

        What I noticed standing around in an inn, in Pandaria? You see some humans or tauren or any of the really old models standing next to a panda, the difference in character models was night and day, like... 2013 to 2003. The character model overhaul is long overdue.

        As for the time-travelling... I'm not fussed. Caverns of Time was in almost all respects the biggest yawn to me. I enjoyed Stratholme the first time, but honestly they all felt kinda pointless. Yay, we get to fight to preserve the status quo, instead of making history ourselves.

        Time-traveling episodes in TV are basically jumping the shark, I think this is WoW's shark-jump - even if it is pretty and stylish and introduces new pet/collecting/farming minigames. There'll be a bunch of new factions to rep-grind, at which point you'll get pretty average, unimpressive pre-raid gear with stupid high token costs, and if you want to gear up any further, you'll have to get on the raid treadmill. Which... y'know. Fuck that.

        ...I just turned myself off already. Yay! No purchase, dollars saved.

        The new expansion looks awesome and I'm super tempted (didn't play since Cataclysm release)

      To be honest, what else could they do for the movie besides Orcs v Humans? It's been the primary storyline running throughout WoW and the Warcraft games in general.

        Here's my HOLLYWOOD pitch:

        A young white All-American boy with an annoying nasal accent is whisked away from his boring school life where a bully mistreats him and he is a stereotypical nerd etc.

        He enters the Land of WoW, and saves the also all-American Princess from the Great British accented Trolls (they are the Orcs but group testing said Trolls is more relatable, also we don't wanna step on Peter Jackson's toes).

        He finds the sword of WoW and uses it to ...


        Orcs and Humans teaming up to fight demons or undead?

        They want to appeal to both Horde and Alliance players. It seems to me the best way to do that would have them fighting side by side against the Legion or Scourge instead of against each other.

    Goooood morning TAY,

    So, had a week off... used that week very productively... i finally played and completed The Witcher \o/
    Only took me 4 years!...

    Am actually amazed how good that game was... incredibly flawed mechanically but the story telling made up for it...
    Then i started playing the Witcher 2, and holy-shite!...
    It looks and plays so much better!
    It kinda feel as though the Witcher is a game they needed to make in order to sell the universe to players, where as the Witcher 2 is the game they wanted to make... so well executed...

      Which alignment did your playthrough fall towards? Thoughts on the ending? (Feel free to chuck up a spoiler tag) It's been a few years since I finished it but I found the things that weren't entirely spelled out rather intriguing.

        I stayed as neutral as possible all the way through, which led to some pretty thought provoking episodes... When the Scoia'tael took Murky Waters, i rescued Alvin and got the hell out of dodge, which led to a lot of Elves and Dwarfs dying...
        During the Siege of Vizima again i was again neutral, only really helping Foltest when needed and killing the King of the Wild Hunt at the very end...
        I was pretty unpopular but believe i stayed true to the Witchers code which seemed morally right to me...
        It did leave me thinking a lot about the extreme measures both sides were taking, and i'm glad i took the path i did... i can't see myself supporting either the Scoia'tael nor the Order of the Flaming Rose because they all just seemed too extreme in the measures they pursue... if anything i sympathised with the Scoia'tael the most, but couldn't condone the actions they took...

        As i said, really well made game, it literally had me stumped a few times about what to do, and i really had to consider every action that i took because i knew it would have consequences

          I tried for a neutral play through, but ended up on the non human side of the equation by the last chapter. I think the tipping point was the robbery when I figured the most neutral thing was to do what witchers do best and just go kill the monsters, still turned into taking too much of one side.
          Ending sequence / final boss was interesting with some of the questions it raised.

          Neutral Path buddies! That path in the first game is the correct path - the 'true witcher' path. They're meant to stay neutral. You kind of have to pick a side in TW2 though

      I like everything about Witcher 2 but the combat. I dunno what it is, but it just won't click :-/

        Iiinteresting because once i got used to it, it is such a vast improvement over 1 that i'm loving the crap out of it XD...
        I guess each to their own, and i can see how some people wouldn't like it because it is very... unique :P

          I didn't play 1 cos I'm a PCaphobe.
          The combat makes sense, and I play on easy cos I'm crap but it doesn't excite me for whatever reason :-/

          I dig the odd action RPG too.

        How is it different? I quit Witcher 1 after I realised that combat = clicking a lot and/or in rhythm. Not gonna stick with W2 if that's still the case.

          Never played 1, playing 2 on 360. Plays like an action RPG, like press a to attack etc

          It's still clicky, but more... i don't know how to decribe it, Dark Soulsy?
          You have normal and heavy attack (left click and righ click respectively)
          you have parry as well... so yeah it's more actiony rather then "click in rythm in ways that a partially broken but sometimes defintely always occasionally works" fighting...
          Fist fighting is now QTES but actually fits well as they don't drone on...
          use of Bombs are now encouraged more...
          I don't know, took a little to get used to but works so much better then 1... 1 had the story but as i said was flawed through and through mechanically... 2 is still flawed, but vastly improved

        There's a RED-supported mod that apparently alters the combat to make it more fluid and less clunky. I can't remember the link but it's part of the RED-kit modding toolbox website or the Witcher 2 website.

          360 :-(

            Hm. What's that feeling of sympathy you get that's tinged with a sort of 'I told you so' disapproval that comes when the hardship someone is facing is entirely brought about by their poor decisions? (In this case: a PC game played on console.)

              Hay hay hay, not poor decision!

              Had I bought it for my craptop I wouldn't be playing at all. A game is better than no game, no?

              Also, it plays great. Just not falling in love with it is all.

                It's OK, my Master Race'ing has been poor lately what with spending damn near every day last week up to stupid-o'clock on AC4, so I need to get some kicks in where I can find them. :)

      Never cared for the Witcher games honestly. Found the combat clunky and repetitive and they failed to make me care about the characters or events before I got bored.

        Eh, each to their own i guess :)
        i love the shit out of it, so much i could look past the bland graphics (There's a mod for that) and clunky fighting...

      I've been struggling so much to get into The Witcher. Like you said, the mechanics aren't great. Feels very wooden with movement and combat. The Witcher 2 is just sitting on my desktop waiting to be played but I'm determined to get through the first one first at some point so I can make it to the second one. I'm looking forward to the 3rd one next year (2015) though as that looks fantastic so I really need to get into it

    I am totally convinced the bugs in BF4 PC are getting worse. My textures are now doing acid behind my back.

      I cant throw grenades when im in a shipping container.... I watch it sail away, land somewhere good... then Im 'killed in action' by the damn thing.

    Hola TAY

    Over the weekend I realised I am juggling too many games at once. AC IV, the Batmens, Ace Attorney, AC Liberations (I bought a Vita), Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past. Too many games. Not enough time! Enjoying them all though. So that's something.

    Also my sister is sending me pictures of the abandoned kittens she rescued over the weekend oh my god you guys it is LITERALLY A BOX OF KITTENS -

      And here begins Pants' slow spiral into becoming a crazy cat... guy :)

        Hey they're not at my house. It's my sister's slow spiral, not mine! :P

          If you need pointers on how to be a crazy cat Man My housemate is one so I can give you plenty of pointers

      "I bought a Vita"! \o/

      Did you get P4G yet? (is that even something you'd like??)

        I told him to get it on twitter but he won't listen to me!

          +1 for being a pretty cool grindey JRPG. I'm maybe 8 hrs in.

            I only use Grind when I'm not having fun, which never happened to me during P4G! GotY!!!

              Fair enough. I've been having fun this whole time too.

        I bought P4G over the weekend for my girlfriend. It's pretty amusing watching someone new play it when you knkw the story/ending.

        Btw the killer was the butler, in the library with the candlestick the entire time!

      I have Tomb Raider, GTA V, Hitman Absolution, Spec Ops The Line, All the Batmen, Remember Me, State Of Decay, P4G, Ace Attorney and Heavy rain to finish and yet I find myself still playing ArmA II multiplayer at nights

      Why do people abandon kittens and not just take them into the RSPCA or something? :(

    I had a pretty awesome weekend. On Saturday I went to Lake Meander with a group of friends and we had a bbq, even though it was really cold. The wind was coming off the snow and onto the lake. Brrrrrrrrrr. I also took the dog for a nice long walk.

    Yesterday I went to church, and then my godparents took me out for afternoon tea. I had Baklava and coffee, which is a match made in heaven. We also went to Shiploads and I managed to pick up a copy of the original Django on dvd.

    Today I'm planning to take the dog out for another long walk and have a picnic. Parents are home tomorrow and I haven't destroyed the house or anything. The only mishap that has occurred is that in trying to fix a problem with Tetris Blitz on my mum's iPad, I accidentally lost most of her progress. Whoops.

    Morning ladies and gents!
    How are we all!?

      Fantastical. <---------- This is my word for the day. Feel free to use it at will.

        I will.


          In WoW I would always congratulate people on gear-get/achievement/ding with, "Gratsticles!" It is surprising how many people were weirded out by this.

      But at home slackin' so not all bad!

      (why so many exclamations, jimu?!)

        BECAUSE YOU CANN!!!!!

        Sick - boo!
        Home - YAY!

    Played some Windwaker HD over the weekend. Truly epic stuff. If this was a brand new game, I daresay it would be in contention for GOTY.

    PS. Anyone looking for AC4, Target are selling for $58.

      Woo, I too had some WW goodness!

        How good is it? My housemate was telling me how she liked the original WW but didn’t see the point of getting an HD remake. She took that back after watching me play for 5 minutes.

        That “A” button sail is the greatest thing ever.

          Yeah it looks really pretty.

          Swift Sail? I haven't got it yet. Purchased 3rd item in auctionhouse, hope it's next...

    I met @popdart5 on the weekend. He's awesome AND lives on the north side! That's Jimu, Endu, Gutsoup, Beardy and me now!

    Last edited 11/11/13 9:58 am

      I also walked past George R R Martin and an entourage of screaming girls following him. Was the weirdest thing.

      Dude, you were awesome too. As was @shane. I can't wait to meet the rest of the TAY crew.

      Also, apologies to @freezespreston and @sughly. I seemed to have completely missed you guys at Supanova yesterday. I'm sure we'll meet in the near future.

      Aw man...I wanna meet @popdart5!
      Feeling very sad today about having to miss Supanova,but at least we still took advantage of not having the kids for the day and went out to a nice air-conditioned cinema and saw Thor: The Dark World which I thoroughly enjoyed. Saw it in 3D and it was weird because I'd forgotten it even was in 3D until I dislodged the glasses whilst scratching my face. I think that means it was good 3D. I think. :P
      The day was way cheaper than Supanova would have been, too. Two 3D movies, two drinks, and then Nandos for dinner later still cost less than just two entry tickets would have been.

        That's why I'm not sold on 3D (as well as feeling uncomfortable). I forget it is 3D all the time. The fun-effect usually wears of in the first 20 mins.

        Also, I AM JELLY I WANNA SEE THOR 2!!!!111!!!

          I love 3D! I've never really forgotten I was watching something in 3D before so maybe it's just becoming commonplace to me, like a while after switching to DVDs after VHS?

            I loved the DVD switch because we got dual audio and all the extras.
            I didn't appreciate the better quality pic until I tried watching a VHS yet.
            Prolly why I only own 3 BDs.
            The only thing that stands out to me as bad on a DVD is the blocky subtitles, which again, I forget about pretty quickly.

            Also, I am penny pinchin'

        I'm looking forward to meeting you too Strange. I'll see you at the Symphony Orchestra thing in two weeks if you are still going. Funnily enough, I met Joe (the guy who was housing Shane) so I know he's going as well. It does sound like I might be a fifth wheel for that night but I'm okay with that.

        Also, yeah Supanova was pretty expensive. I tried to limit myself but I still ended up spending about $100 for the day. But I bought @shane's books so it was worth. :)

          I can't believe that Symphony thing is so close now! I got my ticket way back at the start of the year so it feels like I've been excited about it forever. We'll be having dinner with Joe beforehand, so I'll let you know where that will be as soon as we have a plan. :D


    Convention food does not agree with me.

      Should've gone to HJ's with Shane and me afterwards. He got four BBQ cheeseburgers, a mango smoothie and two strawberry milkshakes. He can never criticize my diet again!

      I thought I'd play it safe at Gold Coast Supa Nova and just bought hot chips....NOOOOOOOO!

    Morning everyone.
    I tried to improve my drawing over the weekend. Yay for improving, but boo for the way it makes me feel. =|

      How do you draw? Paper, or digital?

        Both. I've also dabbled in watercolour and acrylic but I'm terrible at them

      I don't think blood is wise to use as paint, especially if it's your own.

        That would be really difficult to paint/draw in blood

          The trickiest part was just to keep enough of it flowing.

          Although I guess that only applies if you're using it straight from a finger or something, rather than pre-collecting in a bowl and using a brush. But then I guess you'd have to deal with coagulation or something.

      Improvement is always a good thing so Hooray for good things \o/

    Morning all.

    Had a pretty laid back weekend. Bought the Devil May Cry HD collection recently. Absolutely love replaying through the first. It looks amazing!

    Learnt a lesson on the weekend.
    Don't burn bridges, they might come back and cock block you one day, badly :(

      I feel like the last sentence requires story tiem. kgo.

        Haha, crowd around kiddies.

        Saturday night I met a nice German girl at the pub. We got along really well. She asked if I wanted her number and suggested I come into the coffee shop where she works to pay her a visit sometime.

        Turns out she's room mates with my ex >.< Sent her a message the next day and its clear she doesn't want to know me. What pisses me off is that my ex started dating a friend of mine 2 weeks after we split and I gave them my blessing. Even got a thank you message from her.

        Yeh, annoyed.

          Wow. Tough break. You can't fight that kind of unfiltered poison-in-the-ear.

            Nah, might be for the best though. No doubt it would have caused drama. Still, I'd feel better if I at least had a shot before getting palmed.

          Sorry to hear that, my friend. :(

            Thanks mate. Left with a bit of an anxious feeling after it.

            Eh. Shit happens.

          Just gotta move on to the next and pray it's not your exs best friends sister or anything relatable back to her

            That's true mate. I can still take away the fact she was keen before she spoke to her, its good for confidence.

            That's the problem with the area I live in. Everybody knows everybody which means everybodys f*cked everybody, or knows someone who has.

    Howdy. Weekend was pretty good.

    Saturday was playing some WW, I'm up to Tower of Gods now. No idea on time played. That night was also my gf's bday dinner partay, which ended up at a cocktail bar in the city. Pretty fun, she's happy with her gift too so that's a bonus.

    Sunday was maybe half an hour of WW, much youtube loitering, and some chillaxing after gf finished work (work on bday, not cool). Had another DnD session because one of our party is leaving soon. In addition to being a generally cool Rogue, I now have an awesome sword thing that hits good.

    Serrels tells me the Xbone TV in Australia is pretty good and Gizmodo is telling me it's terrible.

    I don't know what to think. SOME ONE TELL ME!

      Time for PopSugar to step up, eh?

        HA HA HA (chesty sick laugh)

      Trust Lifehacker, who tells you to put your Xbone in the Microwave.

        I actually bought a microwave last week. And here I was putting my bread on the counter like a sucker.

      Enh, I read it as Serrels saying, "It's not so bad, really..." like one might talk about a crippling injury. Which is basically what that TV list is. It's awful.

      Also, I had never seen Quickflix before until realizing that we weren't getting Netflix on that thing, and what the hell is Quickflix? So I go look it up. Jesus fucking christ. A quarter of the range of netflix at double the price. Hay guys, I think I found out why we have a piracy problem.
      How much do you think I can get on commission for revealing that problem to the powers that be? I mean, surely they'd be keen to fix it, right? ...Right?

        Yep it's on the list next to faster Internet and a bullet train from Melbourne to the HJs in surfers in just under 40 minutes

    It's been a while, so it's time, once again for Chuloopa's patented "In my ass" game!!

    The title of the last song you listened to folowed by the words "in my ass"!!
    It never* gets old!!
    unless you are an actual adult


    Do i wanna know in my ass!


      Wasn't going to play along but then I realised the last song I listened to was Cleansed by Fire...(in my ass). :P

      Last edited 11/11/13 11:01 am

        So last night was curry night? :P

          Nope. Last night was Nandos Extra Hot night, though.... :P

          Mr. Strange sent me a message this morning about his aftereffects, actually and I just laughed at him because even when I eat the same level of heat as him I never have a next day bathroom excursion of fire.

            The line "Through the fire and the flames we carry on" seems apt here. :)

      Everytime in my arse.

      Sweet hell almighty. *hangs head*

      Getting Away With Murder... in my ass? This makes no sense. :P

    This apartment building has been undergoing renovations for months. It basically means that I'm serenaded by the sound of power tools every damned day.

    Right now, they're doing something to the apartment right next door.


      I can fix that for you...

      *Changes the work plans so TRJN hears a mechanical version of Blue Danube*

      At least they're doing it during work hours when people are out of their homes instead of at night when everyone's trying to sleep.

      Unlike the roadworks that somehow HAD to be undertaken out on the street maybe ten metres from my BED at 1am the other night. Now those are some dickbags.

    Morning, everyone.

    If I may ask, I have a couple of Dreamcast accessory questions. At the moment, I am thinking about getting the Broadband Adapter and a VGA box (a must these days given that everything is a progressive screen now).

    First, is it worth getting the BBA accessory (for collection sake)?

    Second, in terms of a VGA box I can find third party version for a quarter of the price of the official version. Are the third party versions (and I mean the box, not the infamous cables) worth it or will I damage my console in the process?

    My thanks in advance.

      Man, I wanna know this.

      Is that the box that adds horizontal lines to the picture so the graphics look less shit?

        From what I have learned, the VGA box allows the Dreamcast to output a progressive image at 640x480 resolution. And if I have read correctly, it outputs the image at 60Hz.

        As the name implies, you hook up the Dreamcast to the box, and it has a VGA port so you can attach a VGA monitor or HD TV. It also has regular RCA ports for a regular TV signal (I think it is for the light gun).

          Oh right, it's Dream Cast specific, I was thinking of something else.

          That's cool, I'm worried my Dream Cast is gonna keel over soon though. It's always been dodgy.

    I met @mrtaco briefly on friday evening.
    & a few of the Sydney TAYbies.
    that was cool.

    then went & watched bands play.
    then drank cider.

    played a bit of Path of Exile yesterday. it's pretty decent for a Free-To-Play game. not much hand holding, so you're pretty much just dropped in the deep end & left to figure it out for yourself.
    which doesnt take too long, i guess, but given its got some mechanics that i've never encountered before, a little bit of a tutorial wouldnt hurt.
    probably wont drag me away from Torchlight 2 for too long though...

    aaanyway..... whats up with you lot?

      I'm up to act 3 of Path of Exile with a level 30ish Duelist.

      So much of it is lifted straight from Diablo 2 that it isn't funny. The passive skill upgrades are lifted from Final Fantasy X and the skill gem thing is novel but I feel like it really restricts your item progression.

      It's damned hard to get new shoes if you need them to have two linked green sockets. I guess the items that let you turn common items into rares is probably the only way around that. Find commons with the right sockets and burn some items to make them useful.

        I'm not going to deny that PoE is pretty heavily influenced/copied from Diablo 2 and I'm okay with that. Heck, the final boss

        is pretty much a clone of Diablo from Diablo 2.

        The game does what it does well and I consider it to be a newer version of Diablo 2 with a few differences.

      Path of Exile is pretty good. I think they've got the f2p model right because I've spent a tonne of money on cosmetic stuff that I wouldn't usually buy.

      I've currently got a level 44 duelist on Domination league. How about you?

        lvl 10 (or 11) Marauder on Standard.

        It's not a bad game, but I do prefer TL2.

          Fair enough. I'm the inverse, probably because there seem (to me at least) to be a little more variety in build options in PoE. I don't get nearly as engaged playing TL2 as I do in PoE. Different horses for different courses.

    Shane was unreasonably excited about catching the train last night. He even took a picture.

    I backed away slowly.

      The railroad hasn't made it to Canberra yet. Its all new to him.

    ok people, ive heard some disturbing information on the xb1.

    a couple of weeks ago i was talking to a gamestop assistant manager they informed me that microsoft was authorizing store for xb1 trading, now the first thought that came to my mind was a drm return but i dismissed it. yesterday though i was speaking to another store manager who said that their is rumour that xb1 games now lock to one console.

    now none of this is confirmed, but it does raise concerns

    any opinions

      I doubt it. Given the shitstorm MS ignited last time I doubt they'd have kept something like this under wraps.

        i hope so, but ive paid for one and would hate for a drm return , so im just being cautious and trying to find out as much info as possible

      I don't mean to sound silly but given the train wreak that the new generation is, you're better off putting your money into retro consoles.

      There is something seriously wrong when there is more entertainment and game play in either a Super NES and Mega Drive (aka, Genesis) than the PS4, Wii U and XBone combined.

        Can I play the CoDs on the Dreamcast?

          I'm the worst person to ask about that. I'm more critical of them than Yahtzee is to a J-RPG.

            Can I play the Batmans on the Dreamcast?

            Or Skyrim?

            My point is, you find fun in the games you play. I'm leery of putting any game on a pedestal and saying "THIS GAME IS THE FUNNEST!"

              My point is, you find fun in the games you play. I'm leery of putting any game on a pedestal and saying "THIS GAME IS THE FUNNEST!"

              I don't put any game on a pedestal either. I look at the library on the consoles.

              And when it comes to the new generation, the justification for any of the consoles (I count the Wii U as the first in the next generation) is close to zero.

              That might change over time but it is a far cry form the good old days when new console launches had well made launch titles to go with them.

              If CoD is your cup of tea, then fine. You are entitled to your preference.

              My original point was to be vary careful with the new generation. Game consoles are no longer about the games. It's all about technology and using DRM to pamper to the publishers who have grown desperate for zero risk investment.

                But what if I derive my enjoyment from high end simulations like Forza? or Online gaming?

                The reason old consoles had stronger launch titles is that the complexity was lower, sure, but that's a separate issue. And I don't know how you could argue the DRM point as a corollary to "entertainment and game play"- Unless it's something super obnoxious like GFWL, I don't see how it's impacting game play.

      Sounds like a load of bull to bull to me. Probably someone misinterpreting something else.

    So I spent some time watching anime at the Madman room at Supanova yesterday. They were showing Samurai Pizza Cats.

    It was so 90s it hurt.

      I still have the opening credit song in my head. And it's fantastic.

        Guido Anchovi, he's a wild, romantic rover (or something)

      One of the very rare cases of a show being vastly improved by a hack-job localization. Apparently Saban weren't given the scripts to the original show when they licensed it so they basically sat in a room and made amusing shit up.

    ignore this

    Last edited 11/11/13 11:04 am

      There's no way they've kept that under wraps this late in the game.

    So it's remembrance day today.
    I can't help but think about how many people's lives were affected by all the wars. Not just the Australians. Not just the ones who came home and then suffered through PTSD. Not just the ones who perished. Not just the allies of the Australians, but also the enemy. Young men who fought for a cause they may not have believed and may have also died from it.
    At the same time, there are the ones who do support the cause of their leaders, such as the war in Afghanistan, because they believe it will make the world a better place. The difference between the terrorists and the soldiers is that the terrorists use very cowardly methods.
    Those who fought under Hitler may not have agreed with his views, but what could a lowly soldier do? You speak up, you die. So you cling to life while you can and face an enemy who may not want to be there as much as you don't.
    For this reason, we should remember them. All of them. Everyone who lost their lives, everyone whose life was affected, everyone.
    We will, remember them.

    The reason I decided to write this is because when I think about the Australian media, they oft forget about the allies who fought beside us. Why shouldn't they be remembered? They also forget our enemies. They talk about how young our soldiers were, how they were fresh faced and often came home no longer the same. They forget it was most likely exactly the same for the enemy.
    The australian media tends to only focus on Australia, generally forgetting most of the time, it was the australian and NEW ZEALAND army corps. Our brothers across the water are the most forgotten and I just wanted to get this out. To remember them in my own way I guess.

    Sorry for the rant.

      I agree in every respect. It's also heartwarming when you see footage from the joint commemorations, particularly for the Vietnam War, that both sides are able to put aside their differences, respect their former enemies, and jointly pay respect to the fallen. It shows that war can still have honour.

        I have read some of the most amazing things on cracked about times where enemies worked together

      Your point about the people under Hitler/Taliban etc- there's a whole school of debate over what constitutes a "Just War" and whether the frontline soldiers are morally culpable for the actions/orders of their leaders. The Nuremberg Defence is a notable example of that.

        I don't believe we should respect the taliban so much, mainly because of their methods.
        Those who believed in Hilter's cause, i am a bit iffy about that. But those who were forced into a war they didn't want, definitely.

          And that's one of the key tragedies of war- it forces Joe citizen into having to make those choices.

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