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    Momentary excitement when I saw that Antichamber was up on the Humble Store!

    Only to go and look and find that it still seems to be restricted to Steam. Baw :P

    Although, looks like they have Receiver. And Papers Please. $2 and $6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

      Again? Really?

      Also the whole post-being-stuck-on-the-previous-page thing is irritating.

      Why does it matter if it's restricted to steam?

        I don't like, have nor want Steam. Because tinfoil :P

          Surely one game wouldn't hurt. Go on try it. Of course nothing bad can happen from installing it just for one game. You don't even have to run it unless you want to play antichamber. You wouldn't even know it was there

    Probably going to disappear a while guys. Maybe a few months.

    I don't mention it much because it isn't entirely my tale to tell, but the girlfriend's situation has taken a turn for the worse.

    It's been a few years in the works now, with her health, and her insane family, but we've started running out of options and. Well. They tell her that she isn't going to get better. I refuse to believe it. She's not handling it well and neither am I. But I have to. So... I need to do some things and can't afford to divide my attention. Yeah, it's a cop-out to say I won't log on to a website with my phone or whatever when I get downtime, but I know I'm about to become really unpleasant company.

    Thanks in advance for well wishes, good luck with your stuff.

      So sorry to hear. And also disappointed - that cheerful yellow face along with the wisdom and insight (or just general hilarity) that usually follows will be sorely missed from these pages.

      All the best, truly.

        +1 :'( What I was pretty much gonna say.

        Best of luck, TM.

      Oh man :(

      Really sorry to hear that. Will be thinking of you. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate, okay?

      All teh lucks man! Hope everything works out ok!

      Aww man, that really sucks, I'm sorry to hear that :( Take care of yourself and your girl and I hope you both come out okay.

      Will miss you around these parts too! I enjoy reading both your posts and your replies!

      I'm sorry to hear that. Spend time with her and try to make every day happy. It's the most you can do, for both of you.
      Remember, Doctors can be wrong, and don't always know everything. For example, my mother was initially told by her doctor that there was nothing they could do. Another doctor decided to try something, and it worked.
      Wish you both the best of luck and hopefully, they find something that can help her out.

      Sorry to read this man :(
      You know where to find us if you need us and we'll always be here :). I hope both you and her will be okay.

      This is sucky news. I send my regards.

      Aw man, thats terrible news :(
      I hope it all works out, if you need anything at all we are all here for you.

      All the best, my friend, to you and your girlfriend. Sending good thoughts your way. If you ever need to talk no matter how unpleasant you think you're being, you better believe there'll be people here as well as in person who'll be happy to listen. Hopefully all is well soon.

      Awww nooo :(
      I hope everything works out mate - best of luck and we all look forward to seeing you pop your head back in from time to time.

      Good luck mate. Do the best you can and the rest will follow.

      All the best friend. Best of luck with your future endeavour.

    Panoramic ball camera?!

      It's cool but I don't have $500 to drop on a prototype camera

        Oh i'd never spend money on it... i said I'd TAKE three.

        $500 for a novelty camera?? Yeah.. no way. :P

        But still - it's pretty awesome!

          I dunno, I spent $500 on my 808 Pureview...


    TAYlist request time, may only be a one hour show today, so make those requests good ones.

      The Lesser Evil - James Flamestar

        I'd love to play Flamestar, but I'll need a cd, I do plan to buy on one day.

          $5 for a digital copy. Dunno if that would work.

            I'd much rather a CD copy, otherwise I'll have to play off an iPod, not a fun time.

      Hi Numbers!

      Video killed the radio star - the buggles

      Obscure hipster request :
      Mundo de Ciegos - Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

      Serious request :
      Next Girl - The Black Keys

      Edit : Seeing that it's seemingly a thing...
      Flamestar request :
      The Note That Destroyed The World - James Flamestar

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        Can Flamestar requests not become a thing, it just makes me feel crappy, not being able to play the music you guys want.

          sorry man, I'm just being silly.
          also, dont feel crappy for not playing requests.
          you've got a responsibility to make your show good, and I dont think anyone expects you to play some of our requests.

          I mean, no matter how badly BDKIAF wants you to play Chansaw Gutfuck, I dont think you should feel bad for not doing it.

        Next girl - suuuch a great song...
        I think i'll listen to the brothers album now....

          hells yeah.
          was playing it in Rocksmith last night. such a funky bassline.

        We don't have Next Girl, but we have plenty of Black Keys, do you have another choice in mind?

          'Lies' would be 2nd choice, but anything really. its all good!

      Everybody (Backstreets Back) - Backstreet Boys

      I watched This is the End the other night and it has this song and it's been stuck in my head pretty much ever since.

        Same thing happened to me when I watched the end. I think it was stuck in my head for at least 3 days.

      Scooby Snacks - Fun Lovin' Criminals?

        Sounds like a good song, I'll play it if it's in the computer.

      Anything from James Flamestar Beck.

    Oculus Rift mini-review:
    No wolf make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad.

    Last edited 14/11/13 9:15 am

      You can't get wolfenstein to work on it?

    I may have left my debit card at home and have about 60cents in my wallet.

    I regret skipping breakfast this morning.

      BIN FISHING \o/

        Why would I fish for a bin? How would I even eat a whole bin?


      1. Unplug the fridge at work
      2. Wait 10 minutes
      3. Send an email out saying that all the food in the fridge is now off
      4. Volunteer to clean it out
      5. Gorge

        I think that's how Lards started out.

          Yeah, but he can cartwheel like a boss.

            I'm still laughing about that... :D

              It was pretty amazing.

    I watched forty minutes of Man of Steel last night and honestly would say it's one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. I found nothing entertaining about it at all. I had adjusted my expectations after what I've heard, but clearly not enough. D:

      But I liked it and nothing else matters.

        You like Gattaca and that's the only thing that matters. :D


      I enjoyed it for what it was.

        Should be said too that I'm not a Supes fan at all, so even before the opening titles rolled they were going to have a tough job getting me on board. XD

        Last edited 14/11/13 10:37 am

          *Adds Superman to list of things that DC hates.*

            It's been there for a long time. Haha!

              How can you hate Superman?

                How can you like Superman?

                I don't like his origin story. Don't like how overpowered he is. Don't like the world he lives in. XD Now that I think about it I found the previous movie incredibly bland and boring too. :D

                Last edited 14/11/13 10:49 am

                  This is a bad conversation to start while I'm at work. You can expect an essay on why Superman is one of the greatest comic characters ever created later tonight.

                  I'll make sure I'm not around.


                  @rize Read "Red Son" and prepare to be wrong. Even if it is just a one-shot.

                  I think there's a lot of poorly-tapped and entirely untapped ideas and stories that could arise from being OP. It tends not to happen in Superman stories, though.

                  haha, not a supes fan either, i like the fact that his alter ego is Clarke Kent instead of the other way round like most heroes but that's about it.
                  I'm surprised the N64 game didn't make you come round and become a massive fan :P

                  Also remember the supergirl movie? ahahaha
                  also also remember Masters of the Universe movie with Dolph Lungren & badass 80's synthesisers that were actually a mystical device (cause i know how much you love synths :P).
                  Don't mind me I think i broke my brain and am now a little bit loopy

                  I wonder if I can get that at JB. How did they get the food on to these little white sticks?

      I'm going to pick a few problems I had with this movie apart quickly (cc @dkzeitgeist):

      Act 1 - Krypton:

      Too many subplots. The codex, Zod, the core collapsing. Took much exposition. Looked good though. Didn't mind the change from the sun exploding to the planets core exploding as much as a lot of people. I haven't read a lot of Superman comics but I'm pretty sure it happened in one of those universes too.

      Act 2 - Growing Up/Becoming Superman

      Ok, this is my BIGGEST problem with the movie. Jonathan Kents death. In the movie he just signals Clark not to rescue him as he is about to be taken by the tornado. That's not what it's about. The death of Jonathan has always been about Clark realising that not matter how many powers he has, with all his abilities he can't save everyone. He's killed by a simple heart attack. No. Just no, movie. And he's god damn Superman! Why didn't he rescue the dog instead?

      Act 3 - Vs. Zod

      A lot of people have the same issue as I do. He lets half the city get levelled killing who knows how many people as an direct result of his fight with Zod. He would've tried to draw Zod away from the city. Stealing this from a YouTube comment of all places because I agree 100%:
      "Superman fights Zod with absolutely no concern for the people around him who would get hurt. It goes against the ideals that Superman stands for - protect life at all cost, even if saving that one life might lead to more lives, or even his own, being in danger."

      Still, there were some interesting ideas in the action scenes. The fight in Smallville for example had some awesome flow to it. Like, actually looked and felt like super powerful people kicking the crap out of each other.

      EDIT: Like Freeze though I enjoyed it for what it is.

      A lot of people blame Zack Snyder but I think most of the blame needs to be put on David S. Goyer. Dude can't write for shit.

      Last edited 14/11/13 10:43 am

        One thing I'll say is on paper it had a damn good cast though: Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and the like.

          isn't the prohy from Boardwalk the Villian in that? I thought he'd make a good villian

            Yeah, that's him! He's in a movie called Take Shelter too. You should watch. It's good! (cc. @sughly)

            Last edited 14/11/13 11:14 am

              And hes amazing in Revolutionary Road, off the top of my head

                Ooooh! That's playing on Foxtel. I'll add it to the list!

                  Yah, such a great film, so well acted by everyone in it

        See, this is really interesting to me as a non-superman fan because as a film, I found it entertaining enough. Weird pacing issues, but it was mostly enjoyable.
        Yet a lot of these points you raise kind of tell me why it is, objectively, a bad Superman film. But subjectively, I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

    GOG is having this weird limited stock sale at the moment where there's only so many copies on sale and when it sells out they move onto the next game. Weeeeeird.

      Ugh. High pressure impulse sale...

        Yeah, agreed. To tell you the truth GOG is always having sales. Don't feel pressured into these ones, because they'll be at these prices again soon enough.

          Oh, I'm not going to. I really dislike limited stock sales for all the common reasons.

      hahaha that's pretty clever really :)
      I like the bar that won't shut up.

    Fuck's sake. Just found out my employers had changed my super provider without my permission or knowledge. What makes it worse is a small amount of research shows they've changed it to one that is the worst performing stocks of anything on the ASX and has consistently won consumer choice worst of awards.

    Now I need to try and unfuck this situation.

      Isn't it illegal for them to pull shit like that?
      Man that is just utter BS!

        Yeah, pretty sure that's illegal...or at least dodgy as hell.

      Should have been impossible for them to roll you super over into the new fund. So contact your previous fund, say you want to use them but employer did this. Ask them what you need to do

      Your employer switched to the poorest performing super fund on the market with no apparent reason for doing so?

      There are some decisions that make so little sense that I have to assume that someone, somewhere, was really good in bed to make it happen.

    Oh Crap.... I had Coffee... Now I feel ill.... Why do I do this to myself?
    "it's been 6 months, surely my body can handle one tiny coffee"
    2 Hours Later
    "OW OW OW OW OW"



      Too tired to know better
      Have a coffee to wake up
      Now alert enough to realise that you didn't want coffee

    So tough to avoid all these PS4 reviews. To be perfectly honest, I want to make up my own mind about this console. I don't want any thing to influence what I think about the games too. Time to avoid the front page of all game sites for two weeks. D:

      I was set as an Xbot from about 2007 onwards, so there was never any chance of me not buying an Xbone. Some reviews suggest it's less powerful than the PS4. Some people might argue blah blah blah I don't even care enough to make up shit people might say who fucking cares it's a goddamn toy not a way of life no matter how many hours you invest in gaming.

        Exactly. I'll be the first to admit I acted like the majority are now, comparing the PS3/X360 at launch and lording it over everyone that the 360 was better.

        I was 15/16 then, a child. People really do need to wake up, a few missing details here and there at launch is nothing, as long as you're happy with the system/s of your choice.

        (XBone here also)

      Eh, they're mostly positive with a screaming negative for more games. People act like launch games are the only games a system will ever get. It's crazy.

        It's true, all I've done for seven years is play Chromehounds and Lair.

          Yeah, Kameo and Condemned: Criminal Origins are starting to wear out its welcome on the 360 too. :P

          Last edited 14/11/13 10:50 am

        The Nintendo 64 launched with 2 games in the US:

        Super Mario 64
        Pilot Wings 64

          And since then, everyone has realised they'll never have a lineup that good, so that's why they don't try.

            I think GameCube quite probably had the best launch lineup ever.

              I think I remember Smash Bros and Rogue Squadron?

                Smash was launch window, didn't come out til a month or so later along with Pikmin. But there was Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Leader, Wave Race and Burnout all available from the get-go. All awesome games, and Rogue Leader's got to be one of the best launch games of any system.

          Not getting a 64 at launch may have contributed to me never having owned or played through Super Mario 64.

      Latest game I'm playing is 'pick the timeframe to hardware revision', since my 360 is the elite revision, and my ps3 the first slim. So I expect XBone and PS4 will happen for me once there is a revision and/or package deal, and enough exclusive games.

      Jury is still out on the MS side, original xbox had the controller revised same year as launch, but no major changes after that - just minor internal changes around manufacturing and anti-piracy stuff. The 360, first revision after 18 months, and revised to wahoo ever since.
      Baseless prediction: No signs for major revisions, maybe 3 years. Storage may be the first point of change.

      Sony is a very interesting story. Playstation -> PSOne, 5 years. Ps2 -> slim, 4 years. Ps3 -> slim, 3 years. Without taking anything else into account, looking at a ps4 slim by 2015. Storage may also be a major driving force on this one too.

      At least with a mindframe set this far out, I'm not too concerned about short term impressions. Big companies will support and make these platforms better over time to make sure they're a worthwhile investment for the consumers. Relax, and enjoy the experience!

      are you getting one at launch? what games u getting with it? I'm gonna upgrade AC4 and BF4 to the ps4 versions as my first games and hoping Starbound lands soon too, It's my birthday on the tuesday after launch so I've booked 2 days off work and will have 4 days to check it out, I just bailed on my work christmas party too cause it's on the 29th and I was like "no work that's day 1 of new console, I do not want your free booze and food"

        Assassin's Creed 4 and Killzone, for me! :D

        I've got some looking at stuff to do. XD

          hope you like AC4, I'm almost finished it, been thoroughly enjoying it, I hope they make more pirate games, so fun

            I loved all the Assassin's Creeds before 3, so hoping the troubles there were an anomaly. XD

            I can't wait for a Red Dead sequel on next gen consoles. Did you see the Dragon Age footage from yesterday? I couldn't help myself and watched the first 30 secs. Totally in awe at how beautiful and colourful that world is. As Skyrim-like as the interface looked it was reassuring to a party behind you. :D

    Has anyone else played dysfunctional learning systems :D

    dunno if its gonna interest anyone, but Walking Dead season 2 is $16 on green man games.
    use the 25% off thing GMG25-C8FGA-VFPGI

      I am trying to save money here!


        /role reversal

        Last edited 14/11/13 11:14 am

          You should be. Gotta save money for christmas. The only real thing I'm allowed to spend on is stuff for Nob's cosplay

      Ah! I hope it's released soon! I saw an article about the changes to season two on Game Informer yesterday. Hope that's prelude to an impending release. Noticed a few recent Wolf Among Us tweets from Telltale too!

        TWD 2 will come out as soon as every plot point is spoiled on front page headlines on every gaming site.

          Time for Tina to step up! :D

      Good to know. I'll get my preorder in as soon as I get paid, which is tomorrow.

    @dc the best Superman stories aren't about Superman the flying brick- they are about Superman the boy from Kansas who wants to embody the best of humanity, even though he's not human. That's what I like about Superman (although he's not my #1)

      It's the ideas behind Superman, not the character himself.

      The death of Superman is pretty cool - as well as popular back in the day. Supes is pretty cool in the The Dark Knight Returns as well - but I'm a massive Batman fan so go figure.

      @dc might like some of Alan Moore's Superman stories. There's a kind of "best of Alan Moore's DC Universe characters" collection that includes "For the Man who has everything" and "Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" which are both excellent. It's also got "The Killing Joke" for Batman and a cool Green Lantern Corp short story called "Mogo doesn't socialize" which might just be the ultimate hermit comic story.

    I miss Transientmind already. :(


      Or has he? D:

    Last night conversation came up with some friends about pickup lines. Most of them were pretty terrible/offensive/similar. I've always found it odd that I don't really have any of those up my sleeve/can never think of any, considering that I'm usually all over bad humour. But then I actually came up with one somehow, and I kinda wanna use it. For Sketchbook, of course :P
    "You must be a pretty great artist. You draw my attention better than anyone else here."

      Pick up lines are like puns and I can't abide them! >:|

        For someone who claims to hate puns, you sure were making a lot of wordplay jokes on Sunday night.

          I just wanted to make you feel comfortable... or something... Let's go with that.

      How does that Nike slogan go again?

        Shoe fly don't bother something or other?

          Unsure if joke. Pretty sure what Rize means is "JUST DO IT." Ask the girl out already! :P

            Yes, intentional :P

            Can't do anything yet though. There's still another couple of weeks before the last possible moment to do so.

              why the hesitation?

                Because why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?

                Also terror.

                  I dont understand this scared of rejection thing to be honest.
                  but then again, I may be in the minority there.

                  you have no reason to be terrirfied.
                  you seem to be a pretty rad guy & you're not too harsh on the eyes either.
                  confidence is goddamn hot, so just go for it, man.

                  @35 Like I said to... someone else the other day, I'm not sure that it's the potential rejection I fear most, but the possibility of success. Because that means I have to follow through with it, and deliver on whatever it is I'm proposing. Also I have to figure out that bit too.

                  firstly, a disclaimer: I'm a bit of an extrovert / antiauthoritarian with little regard for consequences or my own wellbeing. I'm also a filthy optimist.

                  so yeah, just remember that nothing is set in stone.
                  when the bad out weighs the good, you're free to make changes.

                  secondly, another disclaimer. I give shit advice, so ignore me.

                  @35 The weird thing is I do a lot of those things a lot of the time too. They just seem to completely disappear in some situations. This happens to be one of them :P

      I think pick-up lines are kind of fraught. If there's laughter, you're expected to be equally witty with whatever original material comes second. If there's a DC glare, then it's at best a salvage mission. Much better to just ask the girl out and put all the discomfort on her.

        Hey they nearly worked for @welbot :P

        But yeah, it really depends on delivery and such. I can see a generic line used in any situation being risky like you said, but I think a tailor-made one for a particular circumstance would be much less so.

          To be honest, Welbot's line creeped me out. Haha!

            It all depends on who you're using it on. I can safely say, there's no way I would have ever tried it on anyone else but her, cos I knew she wouldn't take it the wrong way. She wasn't your typical girly girl. A little bit,, how shall I say.. Indie? Punk? She just has a very different attitude to most girls, and we've joked in the past while she made my coffee, so I knew even if I got shot down, she wouldn't be offended :)

      Mannnnnnnnnn i used to LOVE pick up lines but never used them seriously.
      There are some REALLY great ones out there, too.
      So. many. lols.

        I got a message from someone on a dating site the other day.. it was just terrible... "Have you got a jersey? Cos I need your name and number!"

        Like.. come on.. considering how often you hear women complain about terrible pickup lines, you'd think they'd at least have the decency to come up with a good one for themselves!

          nahahaha that's great!

      My brother had a good one
      "Hey, your beaver can knaw on my wood any day."

    The US is getting a Bravely Default Collector's Edition release.

    It's the same as ours, except doesn't have the figure. And they don't get it until 2014.

    PAL Nintendo is like some kind of bizzaro-world where we don't get fucked over for good JRPGs.

    My good pal @sughly posted an idea on Twitter... what if we have one last hurrah with our Dreamworld annual passes by going to the park before Mrs. Freeze's birthday shindig on the 23rd?

    @freezespreston, @jimu, @gutsoup, @sughly, @strange, @welbot, @sernobulus, @virus__, @transientmind, @beardymcmuttonchops, @dkzeitgeist (who'll be at Disney, but whatever... I ain't jealous...) @lambomann007, @popdart5 and all the rest!

    Last edited 14/11/13 12:07 pm

      Is aleph still at Surfer's? Maybe we could have an aleph/Dreamworld meat?

        I think Aleph's in town until Sunday, maybe? Although I think he's keen to do something in the city on Saturday. Also, I can probably only justify one Gold Coast trip. Haha!

        Last edited 14/11/13 12:13 pm


        The only thing that makes me not jealous is the fact this'll be stuck in your head for weeks!

          Not to mention It's a Small World!

      Lambo. Doesn't. Meat. :P
      Won't be able to make it, too far away for me. Plus I'll have a shiny new Xbox One I'll be too busy playing with (and I'll still be tired from attending the midnight launch) :P

      I'd love to say I'm down with the idea, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to at this stage. Given I'll be half way through my pay cycle, and I haven't yet had a full one, I might not be able to. Will see though. Hopefully I'll have a better idea by tomorrow, though I'm not gonna get my hopes up. Everything always seems to happen at the worst possible times for me!!! So looking forward to next year when I wont have to worry about things like this!

    NegativeZero's daily Kantai Collection update that no one cares about:

    Attempted to clear the first of the event maps. Managing to get through 75% but not quite make it to the boss each time. My shipgirls are just not quite strong enough. I can't see myself managing to push through to the boss and beat it to get my I-19 before the event ends on the 20th. Spent some time trying to level up my new submarine, but finding she's pretty useless at this point. Doesn't actually fire in the first round and all the destroyers and cruisers focus-target her with depth charges so usually ends up taking a trip to the repair dock after every sortie. On the upside she costs next to nothing to run and repair.

    Finding I'm getting my ass handed to me in PvP sorties as well. I've hit a high enough personal level that I'm being thrown in against fleets with 4+ battleships at level 15+ and my two battleships are the basically the weakest variety and can't hit hard enough, leaving me forced to run several aircraft carriers to bring the extra damage. Akagi and Hiryuu absolutely chew through my bauxite (side note: why the hell is it bauxite and not aluminium? The other resources - fuel, ammunition, steel - are refined products but bauxite is raw aluminium ore. Weird Japanese thing?) and so I really can't afford to keep using them both at the same time.

    Spent a ton of resources attempting to build another battleship but the RNG goddess keeps giving me heavy cruisers instead. :( I've had about 20 attempts in the last week or so and only one produced an actual BB, Fusou, which I've had practically since I started playing. Starting to look like I need to push through to some more advanced sortie areas and hope I get a Kongo-class as a drop instead, might be more reliable.

    Still addicted. :(

      How much of the difficulty wall is cash based?
      My only saving grace is laziness and the fact it isn't released in English. If that pops up on steam I think I would be in trouble


        It's a browser-based flash game so it'll never turn up on Steam. Plus the subject matter probably makes it too potentially volatile to localize unless in the future they expand it to navies beyond the IJN but I'm not sure that that wouldn't make it worse. It is getting a Vita version at some point next year though! Don't know if it'll be stand-alone or not yet.

        I have to admit I spent some cash on it to get extra resources, but generally speaking the difficulty wall isn't cash-based, it's time-based. The cash shop sells bundles of resources, instant-build and instant-repair items, emergency repair teams (equip on a ship and they will never be able to be sunk) and cosmetic items to allow you to customize the look of your headquarters. Also you can buy items to give you extra construction and repair docks. I bought two extra repair docks to improve the amount of time it takes me to completely repair my fleets after a bad sortie.

        You can't pay money to get special ships. Resources regenerate at the rate of I think 1 per minute, but refresh at 3 minute intervals. Your personal (headquarters) level dictates your maximum resource cap - I'm currently level 16 HQ and I can stockpile I think 6000 of each. You also have a cap on how many things you can build - you need construction materials and those are rewarded mainly from quests or you can pay money for more (I have never hit 0 though)

        Instant Build and Instant Repair items can be gotten via sorties. There are quests in the game as well, ranging in type. Most of them are one-offs (eg 'Have all four Kongou-class Battleships' or 'Have Akagi and Kaga in your first fleet, Soryuu and Hiryuu in your second fleet' or 'Sortie with a Light Cruiser') and there are some which are repeatable every day or every week. You can only track progress toward 5 quests at once so it requires picking what you're going to do at a given time. Can change which ones you're working on at any time though. The quests also reward resources, instant build, instant repair and construction materials.

        The way sorties work is that you pick up to six ships to form a fleet (duplicates not allowed), then pick an area. Each area has multiple nodes on it connected in a map. Whenever there's a branch, there is a random chance you'll go in each direction (some branches also require certain fleet compositions). Some nodes drop resources, other nodes contain enemy fleets, which you will then engage in battle with. You start by picking a battle formation (Line Ahead, Line Abreast, Double Line, Diamond, etc) and then the enemy picks one as well. Depending on the combination there are different effects (eg if you pick Line Ahead and they pick Line Abreast then they've 'Crossed the T' in their favor and you take extra damage). If you have any recon planes, you'll send one up and if you have air superiority you'll successfully recon the battle and this avoids a disadvantageous formation combination. Then there is a torpedo attack phase for advanced ships, followed by an air attack phase where the carriers send out their torpedo planes and fighters to shoot down the opposing planes. Then it's just a standard biffo between the ships. Targets on the other side are picked semi-randomly (I think battleships target destroyers first, destroyers always target your subs etc). Cannon fire and dive bombers off the carriers. Once everyone's used up their turns you have an option for a night attack or to continue. Night attack every ship with only light damage can fire their weapons again, and they usually do a lot more damage in this phase. But you also take more damage from opposing ships so it's a risk/reward thing. Then depending on how you go you get a rating (best is a perfect S, where you wiped out the whole enemy fleet without taking any damage) and every ship gets XP based on the difficulty of the node, even if you lost. The flagship of the fleet gets I think 50% bonus XP, and the MVP for the battle gets 50% as well (so 100% if your MVP was the flagship). MVP is usually the ship that had the best damage dealt to damaged received.

        After the battle's over you can either continue to the next node or go home. Any ship that enters a node with only light damage or no damage cannot be sunk in a subsequent battle, but if they have medium or heavy damage then you run the risk of them sinking and being lost forever. Your flagship can never be sunk but if they're damaged down to 1 HP you have to turn back. Similarly if you run out of fuel or ammunition you have to head back.

        Once you're back at HQ you can spend Fuel and Ammo (and Bauxite for carriers) to resupply the ships you used, and you can spend Fuel and Steel to send them to the docks to be repaired. Resupply is instant, repair takes time depending on the class of ship and how much damage. Heavy carriers like Akagi cost a button of steel, 150+ to repair if they're heavily damaged and repairs take several real-time hours. Conversely a heavily damaged submarine can be repaired in about 4 minutes at a cost of around 3-4 steel.

        There's multiple ship classes. Destroyers are the weakest ship-to-ship but are cheap and extremely common, plus a few of the rarer ones (Yukikaze, Shimakaze, Hibiki's Russian upgrade version and a few others) can be extremely powerful later on. There's only currently 4 submarines in the game, and only two are buildable, the others are event drops. They're super cheap to run and repair and can only be hit by light carriers, destroyers and light cruisers, but they get focus-fired as a result. Light Cruisers are basically the support / utility ships, they're not that expensive to run but they're mostly used for anti-submarine warfare or farmed because they get specific equipment that's valuable. Heavy Cruisers are sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Hit hard but not as a hard as a battleship. More expensive to repair and run than a Light Cruiser but less than a battleship. Battleships obviously are heavily armored and hit really hard in the cannon fire phase but are expensive to run. There's different types of carriers - Seaplane Tenders, Light Carriers and Fleet Carriers.Light Carriers are much cheaper to run (close to cruisers) and Fleet Carriers are probably the most expensive.

        When you build a ship, you basically put a different amount of each resource into the build and depending on what you put in you have different chances of getting different types of ships. Doesn't seem to be a formula to it but people have come up with recipes that have fairly known chances of getting certain types of ship, for example 250 fuel, 30 ammo, 200 steel and 130 bauxite has around a 9% chance of a submarine and a small chance at Yukikaze or Shimakaze, otherwise it'll be a destroyer or cruiser. Which one you get is random, so if you're me then you're sinking 600 steel repeatedly into attempts at building Battleships and never getting them :(

        You can also build equipment. Same deal applies, only your HQ level and your flagship affect the chances of getting certain equips. Different ships have different numbers of slots for equipment. Usually they come armed at level 1 with 1-2 pieces, generally cannons or torpedos or aircraft. Once a given shipgirl gets high enough level you can Remodel them. They get a stat bump and in some cases may change class (eg at level 20 you can remodel Fusou-class Battleships into Aviation Battleships and they get offensive floatplanes). At remodel time your existing equipment gets de-equipped and they get new gear. Some of the ships have really rare equipment after remodeling, eg the Seaplane Tenders get midget subs.

        To actually answer your question, from what I've seen if I log in in the morning and evening I have gained around 600 of each resource. That's enough fuel and ammo to do all the PvP exercises (picks 5 other players fleets, 3-4 at your same HQ level and 1-2 at much higher, your ships can't be sunk in PvP and are repaired back to full for free so you only ever need to pay resupply costs, great for boosting XP) and then do several sorties depending on which ships you send, which get damaged and so on. You can send your secondary fleets (you can have up to 4 fleets) on expeditions which basically cost a fixed amount of fuel and ammo and have a certain time, and at the end they return with resources, extra build, instant repairs etc. Haven't done much of that but I imagine after a bit it becomes fairly efficient long term. If you only logged on once a week you'd be at the resource cap but you'd probably not get as far into the game as quickly - lots of resources would go over your capacity and be lost, you miss out on the high XP from PvP exercises and generally I think it'd feel a bit frustrating. Playing twice a day like I have been is probably too often, though it does give you two shots at the PvP stuff (refreshes every 12 hours) which can make it easier to complete some weeklies and dailies. Overall I think if you're playing semi-regularly at least, you shouldn't need to pay for anything.

    I know i harp on about it.. but my god, you guys...
    Doom & Destiny....

    Soooooo gooood...


      I've spent more time then I care to say on Jetpack Joyride. =P

        And that doesn't even have a story!

          That's one of the only games that has ever made me motion sick. Can't play it at all. D:

    IGN: 75
    Polygon: 45
    Things are looking up for contrast

    Fair warning: car talk.
    So I may have the opportunity to get a demo 2013 Rav4 diesel for a pretty decent price. However, one thing I just don't get: why is its brake towing capacity only 550? That's rather low for this type of car...

    EDIT: Actually, just found the answer. Toyota was "worried about Australia's extreme climate" and therefore rated it really low here. Seriously, the exact same car in New Zealand is rated at 2000...

    Last edited 14/11/13 12:52 pm

      The important thing is that you tried ...

      Diesel? Do you know the pro/cons? Rav4 is pretty cool.

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