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    I'm considering setting up a multiplayer session of Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition sometime this week.
    Would anyone be interested?

    Xbox 360 + 4 games = $249

    PS3 + 3 games = $399

    Bit of a price difference there.

      That buy or trade-in value?

        Buy price at EB.

        They offered me $12 for my 360...

        Last edited 14/11/13 10:35 pm

          Oh. Oh. Twelve whole dollars? I hope you jumped on a deal that breathtaking!

          I don't even...

          That's pretty fucking ridiculous, even for EB.

            It is one of the launch white ones. I'm sure a slim would command a much higher price.

              Are you looking to part ways with it? I'm looking to pick one up so my wife and son can play Disney Infinity and I can play RDR. I'll pay you more than EB!

    A little over a month ago I bought some Blurays, the first 3 seasons of SoA, and 4 movies. One of these movies was a film called True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon & Josh Brolin.

    Anyway I'm having trouble sleeping, so I go to watch it, and to put a long story short, in 1969 John Wayne starred in a western called... True Grit. Guess which disc the girl put in my case?

    I'm hoping that I can just take the case & disc in to the same store and explain what happened, cause I'm fairly certain I threw the receipt out some time ago.

      The original is still a fantastic movie though.

      The remake is great as well.

        Yeah I don't mind a bit of John Wayne every now and then, but was a little disappointed to find that was the version I was given.

        For westerns I always preferred Eastwood's spaghettis.

    Final Kantai Collection Update No One Cares About for the week as NZ will be in NZ for a long weekend.

    - Leveled my Yura (my first non-destroyer ship drop when I first began playing!) to 20 and upgraded her to Yura Kai for added anti-submarine warfare (her Kai version has some of the best ASW stats in the game). Shame the current event will probs be over by the time I get back from NZ and I won't have time to blow the crap out of some enemy subs.
    - Leveled my I-168 to 10 and she finally gained the ability to fire torpedos during normal combat and started sniping the shit out of destroyers in the opening phase and getting MVP. Feels good.
    - Gave up on ever getting another Battleship via crafting and ran the second world a few times. With a decent fleet now I'm finding the 2-2 isn't too bad, haven't tried 2-3 yet but will do so when I get back. Battleships can drop from these zones sometimes so might be time for some grinding.
    - Discovered that 2-2 contains the transports I need to kill 3 of for a daily quest. I'd been wondering where they were hiding.

    Still addicted. :(

      I'm starting to understand more of these words. This game sounds compelling.

        Can't stop playing. I suspect its basically pokemon with ships that are girls.

    Stan: But the PS4 controller has a touchpad interface. You never listen to me Kyle. Because that's how Xbox people are.
    Cartman: C'mon Kyle. Let these Sony fucks wallow in their limited voice control functionality.

    This South Park episode is great.

    Last edited 14/11/13 11:55 pm

      Almost finished downloading... I forgot about it, it hasn't been in my weekly download list this season, will have to remember for the last few episodes!

      Wait. Kyle and Cartman are friends now? I haven't watched it in a while.

        They've completely thrown out any character continuity at this point in favour of whatever serves the plot at the time.

        It's not like it used to be.

    Aww yiss today we gonna get some PS4 bombas. Hopefully.

    Tomorrow I am just going to stroll on my break at work upstairs to the second floor of the Target where I work and hopefully grab a PS4. Wish me luck.

    Also, Dota gets a damn neat patch (with Diretide,) and Planetside has had a massive optimization I'm raring to test. So sad there's no TS server for TAYbies these days.

    Last edited 15/11/13 6:07 am

      ... We have a TS server. Buzz me on steam, brosephine.

        I'd forgotten about that too... I should get on more often

    Okay, I've been doing some thinking... and you can disregard my original idea :P

    True story.

    Last edited 15/11/13 7:44 am

      It'd be wise to get his approval in some form first. Accepting help at complicated times can be tough.

      Last edited 15/11/13 7:42 am

      While he'd be touched by the thought I'm not entirely sure he'd want or need it.

    This Xbox One Takes Around 13 Seconds To Boot Up

    Surely there aren't people out there that are going to choose a console based on the boot time.

    Right? ....right?

      Especially when the promise of a 13 second boot is just for one console.
      What about all the other Xbox Ones?

      Hey, if the PS4 takes 2 seconds longer and you add it all up that's like half an hour subtracted from my life over time while waiting for my video game console to boot up and who had time to waste like that? Not gamers that's for sure.

        Hmm, that's 900 boots, which is once every second day for about 5 years.

        Maths checks out. PS4 for me, pls.
        Edit: maths.

        Last edited 15/11/13 9:04 am

      I know I'd be happier with a console that got me into the game in five seconds than one that got me into the game in a minute.

      Dunno if it would necessarily make me choose one over the other, but I'd sure appreciate it.

    So I asked last night but I didn't get much of a response, so I will ask again.
    Do people want to do another big meat up after pax again? What day should we do it and what activity should we do? (restaurant or something else)

      Thursday Pre PAX dinner and drinks
      Friday Dinner
      Saturday: The big one. Karaoke again could work or something similar
      Sunday: Post pax dessert fest

      If we do karaoke again and this one becomes the biggest PAX meat ever with even more people than last time, I don't know if Rainbow Karaoke bar will let us all in, considering that we were basically at full capacity for that room we reserved last time.

      I'm definitely keen for another big meat (heh).

      I'm keen for anything, but as a suggestion - apparently there is a beer hall in Melbourne called the Hofbrauhaus. Would be cool for something different? Maybe I can give myself gout again.

      Yes, however I haven't been to Melbourne for many years, so I can't think of any suggestions. Sorry!

    Yesterday, I took my con money to the bank. Turns out that Supanova was my most lucrative con to date.

    Edit: cut out the maths bit because I just shouldn't do maths.

    Last edited 15/11/13 9:09 am

      Nice work, a few more and you can become a lucrative full time con man it it keeps trending this way

        I should have added that rather than being legitimately profitable, it was merely less unprofitable. A few more and I will have to take on another job to pay for it :P

      Shane's clearly been hanging around @dc way too much.

      All these edited posts...

        Quiet, you.

        Edit: just for a joke, I added this edit in.

        Last edited 15/11/13 9:26 am


    Just today, monday and Tuesday, then i'm off to prepare for my pending nuptuals then off to noosa the week after for honeymoonin!

      Awwwwwwww yeeaaaah!

      ...can I go too?

        Can you fit in a suitcase?

          I could be the suitcase!

            You just want me to stick things in you, don't you.

            That can be arranged ;)

      Part one of nuptial prep: learn to spell "nuptial"


      EDIT: Because apparently we're editing our posts this page?

      Last edited 15/11/13 9:31 am

      Noosa is really nice. Shame you won't get to see any of it.

        Unfortunately I'll be seeing plenty - part of the aftereffects of bee going to hospital the other week is we're not allowed to have any special adult time for at least a month.
        It's killing me :|

        Also, Noosa is where i proposed to her, hence why we're going back. Mannnn it's SO nice there :D
        CAN. NOT. WAIT!

          Have fun, man! Mrs Shane was six weeks pregnant when we finally got around to honeymooning. We actually got to see lots of Tasmania!

          Last edited 15/11/13 10:01 am

            ... Trying to work if Euphemism or.... 0_o

            Last edited 15/11/13 10:03 am

              Actually, this was a rare serious post. Treasure it.

                I'll treasue it like it was my own.

                This time round in Noosa should be pretty great - last time we did a lot of the "activity" stuff, so this time will feature a lot more of the chill stuff like picnics and the such.
                Plus Bee has booked a sunset Gondola ride.
                So Gangsta! :D

      aah, nice, just remember everything in Noosa is closed by like 8pm on weekends. Me & my girlfriend were there a few years ago, on a saturday night we went to the pub at about 7pm and we were the only people in the entire building other than the 1 employee, he kicked us out by about 7:45 cause he wanted to close, we then decided to get food and the only thing we found open was a pizza place that was about to close when we arrived and we convinced them to make us one last one. Very relaxing place if you're prepared though ::P

    Apparently the Fable re-release is going to be rated R18+ because if you have sex you can have a child which is apparently an incentive.

    Ummmmm ... okay ...

      I mean, maybe it's just me because I'm a heartless monster and children scare the crap out of me. But I don't think the classification board realises what the word "incentive" means.

      That's ... a pretty bizarre interpretation, and a strange (hi @strange) decision.
      And I'm perfectly happy to accept the definition of children as incentive.

        Zelda has hardcore gambling issues, children are encouraged to bet all their money to have a very slim chance of winning something. BANNED IN AUSTRALIA.

          Vegas Stakes for the SNES was rated G.
          God only knows what rating it would get today :P

      Yeah, I think it's truly bizarre. Especially because usually they just have a problem with the sex being the reward for something, not "rewards" resulting from sex.

      As a parent of an almost 13 year old girl I'd have zero problem with her playing the game. If anything, the Fable games are the most responsible depiction of sex in games I've seen.

        What I learned in Fable 3 about wooing women: Constantly Dance with them, clap their hands like a child, or shake their hand for an awkwardly long time and they'll ask you out on a date. Obviously this didn't work for me when I tested this in the real world... you humans are a strange race :P

          Actually, the dancing isn't necessarily a terrible approach.

          I got a wife in Fable2 by constantly dropping my guts in front of strangers...



        I NEED AN ADULT!

    Incredibly boring repetitive IT tasks are always made better with music. Feels Just Like It Should just came on, and suddenly this data entry became pretty great.

      Lifehacker or someone did a 'best typing playlist'. I... don't know if that may help. :P

      I listen to Rainwave, a collection of game music, chiptunes and remixes like a radio station, pretty cool stuff

      The girls here in our shared office listen to the radio. I hear Katy Perry's Roar literally ten times a day - not so great.

        I remember having that issue when I worked as a stock picker... you hear the same song over and over and over... urgh, I don't miss that at all

          Neither do I, mind numbing. But you robuts like repetitive tasks and such!

            Why you think I play LoL so much? It's the same darn map and I'm meant to destroy their nexus! :P

        My son loves that song. I hear it ten times a day as well. Thankfully it's just him singing it in his cute little boy voice instead of the actual song. :D

          My 2 year old niece was alternating between that and Indonesian nursery rhymes when I saw her the other day. Thankfully I had that explain as I had no idea what was going on

        Good god if I have to hear Roar one more time I will lose it. My eldest is obsessed with it and has it on repeat whenever she is home and when not she's singing it repeatedly.

      yep, i do a lot of data entry and I don't think I'd make it through some days without music

    Repost because no one saw it. :( [Or just wasn't interested]

    My local DSE store had the PS4 demo stand. Here are my thoughts.

    Standard demo stand, with 32in Sony TV and two controllers, plus the Eye camera. Console set to demo mode or something, with a bunch of stuff showing off the Eye and the touch pad on the controller. I actually didn't know they had more stuff on it until the second time I went around with my gf.

    In the 'game' section they had a bunch of stuff, including Killzone, Knack, etc. You click on that, opens up a description, with maybe video clip or trailer. Knack had a playable demo (like 5 games listed, I checked 3) so I fired it up.

    Load time was pretty slow IMO, but still decent I guess considering it was loading the whole game and level from the menu. Visuals looked nice and were sharp - I wasn't impressed, but satisfied. They actually had anti-aliasing turned on, and looked like 1080p, so this was pretty sweet. Game was running at probably 30fps, as you could see the lag when panning camera. Graphics were kinda Darksiders1 looking, with fewer elements on the screen and effects. It was the demo, so not sure what final will look like. Kinda like an adult Skylanders for next-gen, that kinda look?

    Shadows were much better than current-gen, but at that distance to the TV they weren't really great and quite pixellated. But, I guess this is the sacrifice they made to give AA, which has far more of an impact at a standard 40inch+ lounge room distance. Jaggies suck.

    Gameplay was very demo-ey: Jump, punch, and I got a transformation after 5 mins. Impressions of the game are that it is quite fun, more casual, and should be a 60-80% cost game as compared to AAA-release. But alas, that was the demo.

      I read the first post, very detailed and informative with the PC jargon - I liked it. I think I upvoted it? Will be sticking to PC however. Not psyched at all for next-gen consoles.

      Correction: did not upvote your previous one so I will for this one.

      I forgot to talk about the controller!

      I like it, seems much more comfortable than the DS3. Hard to tell with the corded security stuff, but the longer sides definitely helped my largish hands to cradle the controller better. The sticks are much better - deadzone reduced, the contour of it means it'll never wear out, shorter height, shorter throw. L1/R1 buttons will take some time to get used to as they are much firmer, at least as firm as DS3 d-pad. Triggers are finally actual triggers; nice steady force throughout the travel. The concave shape helped a lot to keep finger stready. The touchpad was interesting. The button click worked okay (nothing to use it) but the actual touch screen wasn't as responsive as I hoped, considering the small size of it didn't help either. have the remake of the rise of the triad remake for $7.50
    Only 40 copies left, so you maybe have a couple of minutes to get on it!

    @shane I finished The Lesser Evil last night. I shall now review it in doge form.

    Such character. Much style. Most emotion. Favourite Stan. Pretty tech. Layers like onion. That twist. Wow.

    Seriously though, that was a very good story and I really enjoyed it. I haven't really read a serious graphic novel before and your writing and your art style was really superb. Now on to the next books. :D

      I really need to get his latest work, surprised I haven't done it yet

      Thanks, my friend. Really glad you enjoyed it! (I always worry a little and guilt out about selling books to people, especially friends.)

      At the risk of asking for too much, if you put pen to internet and tell Amazon what you think of the book, your words shall be immortalised both there and in soundbite format on my website.

      Also, anyone who reviews The Lesser Evil has a chance to win a digital copy of Peaceful Tomorrows #1 when it comes out (probably not so big an incentive for you, though, I suppose).

      My favourite is Stan, too!

      Last edited 15/11/13 10:24 am

        I shall get on that when I get home. :)

          Thanks, man. And after you've read all the books, I'll be happy to recommend some graphic novels that are actually good!

        Only con with the story: Lack of puns :)

          Hear that, @dc? If you want some Shane words without punny times, you should totally read the books :P

            Then Shane slips in a new recurring character for his next book, the robot servant that loves using puns in his conversations :P

    Hi all.
    Anyone else get massive slowdown on the front page due to the excessive use of gifs for the main image of articles lately? Seems to be almost every second article has a gif nowadays and when 3 or 4 are lined up, my ipad slows down like crazy.......

    Is there a Kotaku Minecraft server these days? I've been quite productive this morning...

    and I'm scared.

      Nah, I think that got closed ages ago. Actually, I think @gorzilla may still have a server.

        I think @zetrox2k had one going and the plan was to keep it up a few months but I only visited it once and I forget how long ago that was.

        The last one I put any real investment in was the Potaku one.

      mines still running steveo

      ill log in now and restart the map however cause no one has bee on for ages, and that new update was MASSIVE

      Myself and some friends are planning on getting back stuck into it this weekend...

      Last edited 15/11/13 1:21 pm

      Done update, up and running.... i can import Laputa back into it too if you like...



      Oh man, @dc is not going to last long this week!

      Edit: that ending... hahaha :P

      Last edited 15/11/13 11:10 am

      What's that?

      You want a t-shirt, hoodie, baseball 3/4 sleeve shirt or sticker with my face on it?



        That is scarier than a tee with 'Feels kids' on it.

    Neutral Milk Hotel were pretty damn amazing last night.

    hows things with you lot?

      How 'bout that Prometheus! GREAT MOVIE!

        you suck. almost as much as that film.

        Edit: also, that means I"m gonna have to stop flirting with you :p

        Last edited 15/11/13 10:53 am

          I think it's for the best, 35. I think it's for the best.

    Wearing a full suit on a Friday because of some function I've been roped into. Sure, it'll probably be really informative and a great networking opportunity, plus there's lunch, but... I'm wearing a SUIT on a FRIDAY, damn it.

    WHOA! Blink and you miss it on

    There goes System Shock 2 right before my eyes! I didn't even see the price!

    Has anyone seen that the Psvita has come down in price again? (maybe this is old news)
    but I noticed that vita with Killzone is only $199 at JB hifi

      Yep, you're right, but it doesn't come with a memory card, so add (for example) $44 for an 8GB card.

        Or 85 for a 32 D:

        My precious savings

          yeh but you can get the the memory cark and game pack for $42

            That game pack changed. It was 10 games (some demo-ey, showcasing Vita hardware) including LBPV, Motorstorm, some others. It's now Disney themed with Epic Mickey 2 ($20 value) and some other stuff. YMMV according to store location.

    Wishing I'd played Max Payne 3 on PC now. Having a hell of a tough time in certain areas, even on Normal.

    When you're in the stadium with the sniper rifle, and you're saving Pessos from being obliterated in the stands, this is the time I wish I had my trusty keyboard and mouse. On top of the right-stick aiming there's the added effect of the delay of using the sniper rifle AND the grunts could be coming from the left, right or below.

    Also as you mentioned previously @shane, you just don't get any time to really take it all in and just walk around. You need that to get all the clues and parts scattered around. Minor gripes really, but the story still has be by the scruff of the neck which makes it worth it.

      One thing I noticed on my third attempt in that part is You can use bullet time. In fact, you almost have to.

      Last edited 15/11/13 11:15 am

        That didn't even cross my mind! I've barely used it to be honest. Only in the sections where you're forced to.

        (i.e. the collapsing water tower on the top floor of the building in Chapter 4).

        I just plain forget to use it in most cases, too busy trying to get good cover.

        Last edited 15/11/13 11:48 am

          Me too! I figured it would be useful advice :)

            I would have preferred being able to get out of sniper scope, that would have helped a bunch!

      I didn't get past the bit that stadium bit. Even once I got a handle on where all the guys were rushing in from, the hit detection seemed way off and I kept failing for what seemed like arbitrary reasons. I wound up rage-quitting after the 5th failure and I can't be bothered going back.

      Last edited 15/11/13 11:15 am

        I gotta admit, I got real lucky after several attempts. The real issue is that once you miss one, it's real tough to get back on track. Then you panic and waste a whole bunch of bullets hoping one connects. I was able to work out the order after that many goes at it.

      Absolutely love the avatar

        I had flashbacks the other day of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and laughed stupidly hard every time Zorak got lasered. It was a no-brainer!

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