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    Gotta go up the coast to my Nanna's place tomorrow. Having a garage sale to try and sell off all her stuff. Is probably gonna suck.

    I don't really have to go and should probably stay down here to get work done. But I don't really have any kind of mementos from the place at all and haven't had any other chance to go up during the rest of the organisation over the past month or two. At least there's a nice lengthy drive to the place.

      Why go and find OLD mementos when you can buy new ones right now?

      Guaranteed* to be hit with the ladies!

      *Prima Nocta enforced in the case of successful formation of inter gender relationship.

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        Now that's sympathy.

          OH SHIT!

          There's something I've missed.

          Now I feel bad.

          But I won't edit because I'll own my mistakes.

          @mrtaco. Dude. I am so sorry.

          Completely ignore this.

          Seriously. So, so sorry, man.

            Haha, don't feel bad. It's pretty old news anyway (she passed back in like... August I think? Or April. One of the A ones), just stuff to be dealt with at a time when there isn't much time to deal with things.

            I thought your post was funny :P

            That's our DAN!
            *canned laughter*

            Edit: also, I think if there's one thing that the people here are well-used to, it's overzealous self-promotion.

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      Wait, really? Again?? COME ON!

        I'm not sure if this is a gift or a curse. A girse?

      Work will always be there waiting, but you'll never get another chance to do this.

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        I already swiped the bottle of Strega (no idea how old that bottle is, but it's lost most of its yellow colouring and newer stuff doesn't quite taste the same. Shame there's only an inch or so left) as well as a jar of ground cinnamon she had (no idea what brand or whatever it is, but it's way better than the stuff we have at home).

        The only other thing from there I can think of that I would possibly want is the macadamia tree. Nothing better than a nice, juicy, freshly-cracked macadamia straight from the tree :P But I think that's slightly unfeasible. Also it would probably just die at our place anyway.

    I made it through all of this weeks Zeitgeist!

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      I thought for sure the ceasarean conversation would get you. For sure. :P

      That sure is a shiny coaster you bought.

      Don't worry, it's COD It's more interesting as it is now. =P

      Go find a demo PS4 and convince the store owner to let you play it. :P I attempted last night to see if they had any games out back, but had none!

    So burnt out and forgot to grab a coffee before I snagged a desk.

      GOOD LUCK!


          I was going to suggest making everything else feel "burnt out" with a liberal application of flames, but tripping a fire alarm is a slightly less illegal.

          Well, a similar level of illegal, in that it's illegal, but the punishments are less severe.

          I did once. On my birthday.
          Stupid chemistry exams.

      Just get one of the monkey butlers to grab you one. Job done.

    For some reason, my Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse is causing the cursor to jump around a lot, even though I'm not touching it.
    Does this mean it's on the way out?

    EDIT: Found out it was my Wacom tablet causing it, not the trackball.

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      heheeh that used to get me sometimes too! Eventually you'll learn to put your stylus away from the tablet, or in its holder! ;)

        My old tablet was better in regards to the stylus holder.
        It had its own stand along with the ability to place the replacement nibs inside it, like you can do with the Intuos and Cintiq.
        Unfortunately, for the newer Bamboo, they've gone with a loop on the outside, which I find to be far less practical. :(

          ugh. sounds annoying. My little home one is an old graphire. Has a little pen stand at the centre of the top. Very handy!

    Repost for a new day:


    Critics are raving, they had this to say:

    "Why Blaghs, if you organised a Meat to see The Lion King live on stage in Sydney, I would totes come, and I definitely said all this, definitely." - D.C.

    "Crunch. Smash. GGRRRDDDTTTHHUUDDD." - A Rolling Stone

    "Oh god, please be my friends and come see this with me. I'm so alone." - Blaghs

    Alright, so, as I've mentioned before, The Lion King stage musical is on in Sydney, and thanks to its ceiling, Capitol Theatre is the bestest place ever to see it. The show starts running in December, though all those tickets are long sold out, and is running until the start of May, I believe. So, I was thinking we could have a meat, and go to the theatre maybe some time in March, see a manly musical. Right now, I'm looking for anybody who might be interested in going (+whatevers are welcome), and what sort of timeframe would work best for them. Personally, I'm away January/half of February, but if you all decide you want to go then, well, I guess I'll just cry a bit, though most of those shows are close to sold out.

    I know this is still quite a way away, but these tickets do have a habit of disappearing, so I figured I'd try and get the ball rolling again.

    Edit that I probably should have remembered to add: Tickets cost somewhere between like $60 and $200, assuming this all works what I'll probably do is get people to send me money, and I'll buy them in groups of 6-10 or something, but I'm really not sure about that part, as it's something for future Blaghs to worry about.

    @mrtaco I'm pretty sure the Wicked tour will be hitting Sydney after it finishes in Melbourne, so uhh, yeah. Think about that, or something.

    Last edited 15/11/13 12:06 pm

      I don't know if I replied to the previous post, but yes.

      And potentially 'yes' to your idea of Wicked in Melbourne too.


      I would see Wicked if it was in Sydney. Don't want to travel to Melbourne for it :P

      god, canadian blaghman, on the bus and here too??

      I have a feeling that Mrs Shane would love to do this, but I can't be sure what's happening next Feb/March/whatever, so it might be fairest to keep us out.

      A very likely "yes".
      BTW, I already saw Wicked in Melb a few years ago (you guys should go, it's great!).

      I placed a qualifier because my gf is applying for an internship in Washington for Jan - March and I might try to get over there to visit her during this time.

      I'm waiting to see if Rocky Horror gets announced. If It does I'm likely to be seeing it....

      Interested in both but not sure the finances will be adequate
      Wicked in Melb more likely as I wouldn't have to worry about accommodation and travel

    When @dc's not on screen TAY everyone should say "where's @dc?"

      Hey, he's mine. Get your own.

        It's okay, he took me to see World War Z. If there's one way to tell someone you hat them, it's taking them to see a god awful movie.

          I agree, that film was crap.

            To be honest, I knew it would probably be crap. I just wanted to leave the house and hang out with someone. I regret nothing.

      Where's Wally!?

      Edit: I'm no good at this...

      Last edited 15/11/13 12:56 pm

        Where's Wailmer?

          Speaking of which, when I was back home, I was poking around my old folders and found this image saved:


    Look at this jerk not being on TAY all week and only coming in to brag.

    It's been a really busy week at work. :( Juggling multiple daily deadlines for two different projects. I need alcohol. Fortunately, thanks to one of these projects, I know now where to get the best drinks at the lowest prices! Like that's any kind of consolation.

      I'm going to a work function tonight that has open bar and a buffet.

      Awwwww yeah.

        My parents are visiting for the weekend.


        If you still had all your hair I could have hidden in it and come with you.

          Yeah well, you should've thought about that before getting me to shave it off.

      Sorry to hear, man. Let me know when it starts to quieten down so I can harrass you again!

    Arrrgh! Stop being so emo, D.C.!

    Last edited 15/11/13 2:27 pm

      What's on your mind?

        Nothing of consequence. Haha!

        How are you, my friend?

          I'm good. That games that defined a generation article got me thinking about Mirror's Edge, so now I'm listening to Still Alive on repeat while writing my novel.

            That's a good problem to have though!

            Midway through your novel they'll all start free running? :D


      *pulls pants down and stretched arms out for a hug*
      C'mere, bigguy!

      It's okay to miss me.

        Haha! I have been feeling a little down after the awesomeness of last week/weekend. XD



    *does work*‎



    Anyone watching the PS4 stream? I missed the first 10 minutes. Apparantly there's a new Uncharted?

    Yes. Yes there is a new Uncharted. Trailer here:

    Last edited 15/11/13 3:25 pm

      D'oh. I missed it too. Oh well. There will be articles that summarise it for me.
      *plays music*

      Edit: Hot damn.

      Last edited 15/11/13 3:28 pm

      This teaser I like. I remember Uncharted 3 had a quick 30 second montage at the end that spoiled every set piece in the entire game. This has me excited at story possibilities and is enough for me. MEDIA BLACKOUT ENGAGED! (Though I know I"ll have to see atleast one screenshot of what Uncharted looks like in next gen. XD)

        I'll be checking it all out, so I can let you know when I see a shot that doesn't spoil too much.

      Story speculation with Uncharted 3 spoilers:

      Remember Drake and Sully's conversation at the French Chateau? Here's a playthrough, it's right at the start. The time frame would work out, fifteen years and the like. I wonder if this'll relate? That or it could relate to the orphanage Drake ran away from. Maybe he had a pal?

        Reddit has the words/map pegged as an associate of Sir Francis Drake

          Oooooh, cool. Didn't even think about that angle. Then again, maybe there's a Drake story running paralleled to Francis' story. That's something the series likes to do. History repeating itself and the like.

          Last edited 15/11/13 4:28 pm

            I'd actually be happy for them to diassociate from Sir Francis for a bit

              Likewise, especially with all those story beats indicating he's not even a real descendant. I'd rather see who Nate really is. I'd be down for playable Francis Drake too. In Naughty Dog, we trust.

        also that it may feature this:

    The Last of Us story DLC

    It WILL star Ellie, but her sidekick will be Riley. Any one who played the game/read the comic knows that Riley was with Ellie when certain events transpired before the game began. I'm a little disappointed that Ellie's back instead of a new story, but at the same time I'd really like to see all this stuff on screen.

    Farewell, all, until next we cross paths (probably later tonight). Congrats, Kudosian. Nerts to everyone else. Toodlepoops!




        No, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't try.

          That was my jam in Year 6.

            Year 6?

            Holy shit I'm old....

              I remember because my friends and I sung it word for word at my Year 6 formal.

                So basically, replace that with Total Eclipse of the Heart and formal with random bar and nothing has changed?

              Year 7 here! I remember because they played it repeatedly at my Year 7 formal aswell. =P

              Hello old man!

                I think I sung it to @dc one time. It worried him. =P

       many formals did you youths have?

                I had one in year 10 and one in year 12.

                  Year 7 (end of primary school) and Year 12 (end of high school).

                  Likewise and I didn't go to either!

                  Year 6, 10, 11 (didn't go) and 12. And like every year 'dances' with boys from other schools but that was just to hook up. Ah, girls only education.

              But if you're old then...

              What was I saying? Where's my Zimmer frame? Get off my lawn!

      Now the Veronica Mars credits are playing in my head! :P

    Poor EB people. I brought down a pile of games to trade in because, ehh, why not (though I have like, a bag of games somewhere, that I cannot find, and I really don't know what I did with it), and rather than my usual system of nervous silence, I went for nervous chatter.

    On the bright side, they were very polite, and the guy kept fudging the numbers on things to make it worth more for me.

      So you got $14 instead of $12 for your pile of games?

        Of course not. He only said he was trading games, not consoles.

        I got $304 worth, would have been a few dollars less. Was $270ish originally, but then it turned out being like $4 more expensive to pop a GameInformer subscription on top so I got more bonus value, so I did that (and he fudged the numbers a little there), and then after paying off Dark Souls 2 and buying another controller and Killzone I was like $1.16 short, so he just fudged that up a little.

        Last edited 15/11/13 4:07 pm

      SHould have taken your console in. I hear you can get 12 bucks in store credit for that

        This will no doubt make some people a bit nuts, but fatshady sold his to eb last week for about 100 or soemthing if memory serves me correctly. I think he had a little inside help though!

      Shane's box of games?

      Should have sent them to @dc. He could have made a reasonable facsimile of @shane from his belongings to cuddle at night now he is all sad he's gone.

        There may -or may not (it's the former)- have been some games that I brought down from Shane's box of games.

        Fun fact, apparently they can't accept Kinect Adventures by itself. I got the greatest look when I was like "Damn. I don't even own a Kinect."

        Someone needs a body pillow.

        It's me.

        Please. I'm so lonely.

          ...This whole time I've just had a spare pillow sitting next to me doing nothing.

          Why didn't I think of that?

            My cat's started spooning me in the mornings. I don't like being the big spoon. But it eases the crippling loneliness.

        It just won't be the same if his things don't smell like him or feel like him, or whisper back to him :(

      It could've been worse.

      I once had a dude come in at like 9:20am on a...Wednesday or something. First customer of the day. Traded a few of hundred dollars worth of stuff.

      "I want to take cash"
      "I literally do not have enough cash in my till to give you cash. I can put it straight in your bank account?"
      "Nah, I want cash"

      Repeat a couple of times with different variations of the same responses with him getting more and more frustrated and not understanding how physical money works.

        I'm pretty sure cash registers are magical containers that make money appear in them when they get empty,

        Dude, you weren't picking up on his cue.

        Obviously he just wanted to make you say "Not enough cash, stranger!", then you could have high-fived and sorted things out properly. You were the one making things awkward here.

      I think they get a sales target for that so don't feel too bad for them.

    I'm not having fun with video editing today. :(

    I'd expand further, but it's all just doom and misery.

      Does any one really have fun with video editing?


        Edit: That is a scientifically proven fact

        Last edited 15/11/13 4:26 pm

          When I worked at Big Brother there was this editor that had skills to pay the bills. He seemed to love doing it too. I guess Stockholm Syndrome took hold a long time ago? D:

            Some people are just psychopathic weirdos, is all :P

              I'm pretty sure @sughly likes editing too. You so craaaazy. (And awesome, but mostly crazy.)

                I punched the computer once whilst trying to do some video editing... I dunno why but I find it's one of the most frustrating things in the world :P

                I'm potentially with Sughlipop here, editing is fun!

                  Stuff like sound design I don't mind, which is weird because it's basically editing without the pictures. I dunno, if I had a proper editing booth set up and could learn at my own pace I might've liked it better.

                  Yah I still love editing, but I won't deny it being a frustrating exercise

        I did. Granted, it was back at school and all I did was take the piss out of people. My masterpiece was a documentary on midgets. I filmed short people in my school for what they believed to be a documentary on promising students. It was hilarious, especially the reveal at the premiere.

          You're a bad, bad person. :P

    So adding to the NPCs I created the other day, I now have female Prince of Persia, female Jesus, and Van Hellsing. :D

      Lady Jesus?

      Father, Daughter, and Holy Ghost?

        Lady Jessina maybe? I'll stop talking before I get smited. :P

        Her role is that she talks people down, heals them, inspires others, and rouses the crowd.

        Pretty much going to be annoying for the party to fight in an arena when she turns the crowd on them.

    So I've started watching Batman Beyond, even though I'm only like 30 episodes into Batman: TAS (I suck at finishing TV shows, I'm also in the middle of Freaks and Geeks, Orange is the New Black, Ghost in the Shell, and half a dozen other things) , and holy damn, this is more late 90s/early 00s than X-Men: Evolution, and that is really something.

      I think you mean BATMAN OF THE FUTURE.

        You're right, I do mean BATMAN OF THE FUTURE, because that's clearly the best name for it, and I definitely don't feel like anyone involved in coming up with that name should be fired.

        Into the sun.

      I'm between shows at the moment and really miss having something to marathon.

        Catch up on The Walking Dead! :D

        EDIT: I've seen the first three episodes of season 4 and it actually is pretty good so far! Reminds me a lot of the first half of season 3.

        Last edited 15/11/13 5:08 pm

        Watch Batman The Animated Series! It actually holds up reasonably well. Its first season is 65-70ish episodes or something (the minimum needed to by syndicated, plus a little buffer), so it'll take you a decent amount of time to watch it all!

          Don't listen to this madman. If you're going to watch a cartoon, watch Daria.

          I haven't had anything to do with animated Batman other than playing The Brave and the Bold on Wii (WayForward!) and it was awesome. It made me want to watch the cartoon.

            The Brave and the Bold is a lot of fun, very self-referential, but I can only enjoy it in small doses.

            Batman The Animated Series was the starting point for the DCAU which is generally excellent. It also featured enemies who use actual guns, which was kind of surprising for the time. It also bounces between being relatively dark and gritty, and absolutely ludicrous, which is fun.

            I really, really like the DC animated stuff though. While not in the same universe, Young Justice is fantastic, and Under The Red Hood is one of the best comic adaptions I've seen.

      Also, in animated things:

      I watched the Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox movie thingy the other day, and it was pretty good, had Kevin Conroy, Nathan Fillion, and Ron Perlman in it!

      But it also had anime style Wonder Woman, and she just looked friggin' weird next to all the not anime EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE.

        Watch the Venture Brothers. You'd get a kick from it. Jam packed with references to all the animated superheroes.

        There's a character called Captain Sunshine who is an amalgamation of Batman and Superman who is also a uncontrollable pedophile.

        He's voiced by Kevin Conroy.

          Ahh yes, that's exactly what I need, another TV show to watch 6 episodes of and then have the rest staring at me, thanks Freeze.


    Ate a microwaved cheese burger from a cardboard box for lunch today.

    Haven't had the slightest need to poop yet.


      Sounds like you and your gut have a complicated relationship. Always getting food remorse. I've never had food remorse in my life. (Except for that food poisoning thing in London. *shifty eyes*)

      It'll get there dun worry. At the most inconvenient moment possible tomorrow. Guaranteed!

      Funnily, I felt like I was going to poop before.
      Turns out it was just indigestion.
      It took a glass of Eno to get to that conclusion.

    Yeah, if department stores could start selling different things from one another, that would be great.


        I was trying to find white LED lights that were about 10metre. But they all had similar and none of it was what U was looking for

    I have an exam at 9am tomorrow on 1,000 years of Greek history *head desk*. WHO CAN REMEMBER ALL THAT?

      Just spend all night drinking wine, having orgies and watching people murder each other and you should be right.

      Wait I can remember it

      "Head" ...

    I walked around JB Hi Fi today and honestly, none of the games that are out interest me in the slightest.
    I mean literally none of them.
    Is it just me?
    Am I getting sick of seeing the industry shovel out the same tired shit year after year?

      I feel the same way every single time I walk into EB/JB. I look around the entire store/section and I don't want any of it. Except for Mario & Luigi and The Wonderful 101, which I can't afford right now :( There hasn't been a game on a non-Nintendo platform that I've wanted for like a year or more.

      I'm sorta the same, but it's more of a case of if it were cheaper.

      Like I'd pay a tenner for that game but $40+ is no good.

      I was so confused when I first started looking around at PS3/360 shelves just to see what was around. Practically nothing stood out as being in any way interesting at all.

    Ugh. From Sunday onwards I'm going to have very little in the way of internet until around Christmas or something. I'm trying to cram in as much downloading through the UTAS network as I can in these next two days! I can call Telstra and get them to give me free mobile data whenever I need it (within reason), but ugh. So slow.

    In happier news this t shirt has been bough for me :D Nobody understands why that makes me happy, but it does :P

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