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    If the Kinect wants to spy on me then fine. But I ain't changing what I do in front of the TV in my home and they're just gonna have to deal with that.

    *takes off pants*

      But they'll sell your measurements to the evil underwear corporations!

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      "We noticed you are slightly below average and have subscribed you for relevant enhancement offers from our partners.

      Also your Pizza has been ordered"


        Wouldn't that be a blow to the ego.

          Don't play Xbone games if it's cold in your house.

          EDIT: Wait were you actually referring to it ordering your pizza for you?

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            Both. "You're fat and have a tiny penis. Eat some pizza fatty."

              All those kids yelling at me on CoD will finally have a reference point.

    Really hope The Walking Dead season two or The Wolf Among Us episode two isn't far away. I'm in the mood to play one of these games!

      I want to play more of The Wolf Among Us so much. SO MUCH. I'M MORE HYPED FOR IT THAN I AM THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2, AT THE MOMENT.

        I've got more Walking Dead hype, but would happily play either. I love the tone and atmosphere of Wolf Among Us and the whole crime angle to the plot...

          A lot of it is probably just because I've played the first episode of Wolfie, so I'm more invested into its arc than I am with Walkies.

      Ha! I'll be waiting for the full seasons. Worth it!

        But post episode conversations! POST EPISODE CONVERSATIONS!

          I wouldn't know, I didn't play WDS1 til it was on Vita.

          usually I'm a million years behind you lot anyways D:

    Oh gods. My 12 year old played some of her music to my 4 year old and now he's running around singing his version of that "Acapella"song: "oh oh oh oh ohh ohh oh oh oh oh ohh ohh thought you were a perfect lubber". :P

      That calls for groundings all round!

        I would do that...but I'm dead from all the laughing I did. :P

      I just you tubed it.

      Is that what passes for music these days?

        Erggh, it is so annoying. It gets stuck in your head and you just want to stab yourself in the face.

          I don't think she understands what the word acapella means.

            She really does do it acapella later in the song though. (I wish I didn't know this.)

              She does it for like 2 bars, and is then like "BRING THE BEAT BACK!"

            Oh god. I just realised what song this is about. One of the girls at work likes that song. She has terrible taste in music.

            Technically it means "in the style of the church," or something along those lines.

            I do not know what sort of church she has been going to.

            (And I'm sure we could discuss that it's called Acapella, not A Capella, but shhh, let my bad joke sit)

      Okay, thankfully we all now just have the Avengers cartoon theme song stuck in our heads instead. Phew!

    Getting stressed wondering if Mrs. @shane liked the quilt I made for her. He was supposed to be home an hour ago! Why haven't I heard anything?! :P

      He might be still recovering from getting to ride a train twice in two days!

        He perhaps he wrapped himself up in said quilt on the journey home, and promptly fell asleep, thus missing his stop!

      Kids are down and the quilt is amazing! Mrs Shane will send through a message soon, but just to put your mind at ease, it was a huge hit.

        Mrs. Shane's looking to send a message?

        Oh man, that sounds ominous. I'd lock the doors and windows tonight, Strange. (Probably worth doing every night now that I think about it.)

        Huge hit? She's hired a hit man! D:

        Last edited 11/11/13 7:34 pm

        Yay! Now I can stop worrying that you put it in your checked baggage and it was lost or something. :P

    Why doesn't anyone do PR vids?

    Mine's awesome


      I made mine all about my precious Avalugg, then I realised Avalugg kinda sucks :(

      I made one with my Amaura. She's so cute!
      I think I added you the other day. My FC is 2063-0450-7288

      Is this something I should check out? I pretty much skipped the building entirely.

        Maybe. you just make a short clip, like a music video. It can star you and a Pokemans of your choice. You can pick backgrounds and animations and sound effects and music.

        I had fun.

    VLR came in the mail today, time to get all the endings! \o/

      VLR is soooooooooooooooooo good

      feel free to come to me to discuss stuff after you've finished it!

        Will do, I've finished 999 a year and a bit ago, hopefully I can still get the references.

    I neeeearly traded @scree a Weedle named Doodle and rethought that.

      I wondered what happened =P

      @Scree is an artist. I'm guessing she spends much of her time doodling.

        I wouldn't call myself an artist...

          Yet, Evidently, I would.

            because you wouldn't know art if it hit you?

              I'll have you know that I once had a very nice Vase fall of it's perch and hit me. Boy did I know it.
              I made that up

      Wait. They keep the names when traded?

      Not sure if that means I should stay away from trading or start right now.

      Last edited 11/11/13 9:31 pm

        And the other guy can't change it! ;-)

          I thought you could go to the Centre in the second city and talk to the guy who "appraises" the names, but really can just change them?

            Only your own.
            The ones that have you as original trainer

    Hey, my pals at Space Pyrates who some of you met at Supanova on the weekend are doing an improv comic!

      I hope they go with my sentient pirate ship and his magic guitar in the "sexy" bar!

        I went with Robot Lawyer and his magic guitar in an underground Mechanic's workshop!

        Last edited 11/11/13 7:58 pm


      Never forget, peoples. XD

    Aww man, where's all the Supanova write-ups!?

    Well, here's mine.

    In short, I had one of the best days of this entire year so far. It was that good. And I only spent about 4 hours there in total. My cousins and one of their friends always come down from Maryborough for it, and I usually think about going but never actually do. The one I went to back in 2011 was a massive let-down. It was cramped and uncomfortable and I ended up getting the flu. But I did meet Robin Hobb and get to have a bit of a chat with her, which was awesome.

    But this year, I knew I had to go. George R R Martin was going to be there, and so was Garry Chalk, the voice of Optimus Primal in Transformers: Beast Wars. That character was my hero growing up.

    So I waited until the very last moment to buy my ticket. About 9pm on Friday night. And I just hoped that they could scan the barcode on my phone. I showed up way early, but the lineup was already huge to the main building where Artists Alley and the panels/signings were. While in line I met up with my cousins+friend. They didn't want to stay in line, so we decided to head down to look at the other building first. There were so many awesome things that I wanted to buy. I've resolved to going back next year with a bucketfull of cash. They even had a bunch of Takara Masterpiece Transformers and G1 reissues like Devastator. They even had a gorram Fortress Maximus.

    Did I mention I was dressed as a half-arsed Ice King from Adventure Time? One of my highlights was getting a photo with a really good Varys cosplayer, and I asked him if he'd help install the TRUE king on the throne. THE ICE KING! He totally agreed. Brandon, my cousin's friend who spent the day in a Deadpool morphsuit, got stopped for photos every couple of minutes. He's usually so shy and reserved, but as soon as he put that suit on he just owned it.

    Another cool moment was a bunch of Adventure Time kids came up to me. The Finn challenged me to a duel, and Princess Bubblegum ran away in fear. I hoisted ,my wedding ring up and yelled, "It's ok! I've already found my princess! You don't need to be scared!"

    Then we migrated up to the other building. I went upstairs and bought my photo token with Garry Chalk and I had an hour and a half to kill before it. I went downstairs and thought about trying my luck with getting A Game of Thrones signed by George R R Martin. I located him pretty quickly, and no sooner than someone joined the line behind me, they capped it. No more signings until after lunch. I only waited in line for about 25 minutes before getting a signature, and he was just the nicest dude. He asked ME if I was having a good time! He reminded me of a little Hobbit Santa Claus. I just wanted to take him home and make him a cup of tea.

    Then I went back upstairs and mulled around the photography section, waiting for my photo with Garry. I ran into another dude who was waiting for a photo with him too. We both bummed each other out, because we BOTH had the bright idea of bringing our Optimus Primal figures with us for our photos. But his was the original 1995 figure, and mine was the 2005 re-release with updated face sculptures and cartoon-accurate paint applications. We decided that Garry would choose whose figure was better.

    And I have to warn you guys... this is pretty much the nerdiest, fanboy thing I've ever done in my entire life. I'm not proud of it, but I would never take it back. I introduced myself, and asked him if he could say something for me. He asked me what I'd like him to say. And I said, "can you say.... that's just prime?"

    He put his arm around me, pulled me close and said it right into my ear. In that moment, I was transported back to Prehistoric Earth, and it wasn't Garry Chalk standing next to me. It was Optimus Freaking Primal. I blubbered some kind of sentence out and I'm pretty sure I audibly said "Oh my god..." as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

    In the photo, my wife says I look happier than in our own wedding photos.

    Here's some pics.

    And after the photo with Garry, I was pretty much ready to head. I had a great day, and next year my cousins and I are going to be going as a themed cosplay group. Cannot wait.

      Every paragraph needs to have its own special post so I can upvote each paragraph. Awesome write-up. Always love reading about what incredible times people have.

        The other awesome thing? I was the only Ice King I saw in the timespan that I was there.

          I was thinking of doing a write up but the first four hours or so involved me cowering in corners and hiding in panel lines. Did see Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis who openly mocked Stargate Universe a whole damn lot. Also saw Rikki Simons from Invader Zim. Second half I worked up the courage to go see Shane and Space Pyrates and then Sughly and Freeze found me and we hung out. (We also saw a sketch-off between three comic illustrators!)

          After the gang left Popdart5 and I moseyed around Shane's booth. I really hope you didn't mind, Shane. D: Then we met a cool guy named Joe! TRUE STORY!

          Last edited 11/11/13 8:01 pm

            He minded hanging out with you so much that he even chose to go out with you for foods afterwards!

              Stockholm Syndrome is a weird thing!

            Hooray for mocking Stargate Universe!

            I love me some Stargate but I could never get into Universe.

              Haha! I liked Universe, but I can understand being riled up at cancelling one series for another even though the other one was still going strong.

                I don't really have much vitriol for universe. I Just didn't find it interesting enough to watch.

                  It's one of those shows that got better the longer it went. Loved it at the end of its run, liked it at the start.

              Mocking it was a bit harsh. :( I really liked Universe. It was cancelled way before its time. At least Atlantis got its time to shine.

                It was pretty tongue in cheek though.

      I think I'd be the same if I got to meet Peter Cullen, who played Optimus Prime and Coran in Voltron. And meeting George RR Martin would be awesome. I'm keeping an eye on who's coming to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne because I'm keen to go.

    Urghhhh I have to go back home again tomorrow :( Mum's pushing me to stay until the weekend, but no. I'll just catch the bus back here on Thursday morning, or Wednesday night if I can.

    And egad, this isn't going to go well. I managed to get in an argument with my brother over Ultimate Ears vs Klipsch. We're both very stubborn over this :l

      Easy. They're both terrible.

        They've both gotten pretty shit compared to what they used to be to be honest.

          I went with Klipsch on what, If i remember correctly, was your advice!

          Though that was a year or two ago now and I wasn't after top of the line, just something better then the default apple ones. They are definitely better then then apple ones.

            Aha I remember that! Yeah, as far as earphones go the Klipsch s4's are still amazing for their price and are by far their best (portable) product, but their new styling and products (particularly headphones) leave a lot to be desired. They're going after the Beats crowd now. On the other end of the spectrum I would never buy another pair of UE earphones, but would choose their headphones over the Klipsch ones.

    So now that it's found its way to its home I can share with you all how Mrs. @shane's quilt turned out:

    It's the largest quilt I've ever made, with 216 five-inch squares. It's a monster, just like me! :P

      Nicely done, Strange! I saw it in person on Thursday and was blown away! So damn good!

        I believe the phrase skills to pay the bills was said repeatedly.

      I showed the photo to my Mum who is a quilter and she loves it.

    Midori, Midori Mix, Bacardi, Tequila.
    All over ice.
    Thrown into a bullet blender.
    Served with a straw.
    So damn good.

    My Boss should be so happy I brought a new motorbike. If I wasn't broke I think I'd have quit today.

    As it is I'm going to start looking for a new job tomorrow.

    Anyone know of any jobs in NSW for a 28 year old male with little in the way of formal qualifications past year 12, experience in retail, policing and security monitoring and a few thousand hours on video games?

      You could try my job. They're always hiring and guaranteed to have a store not too far from you.

        If memory serves you do engraving and related things don't you?

        I'm not sure how good I'd be though as my handwriting is terrible and my drawing isn't much better.

        I imaging it would be a fun job in many ways though getting to see the results of your work (when not dealing with arsehole customers though, but you get them in most industries.)

          Yeah, Mister Minit. Don't worry, my handwriting and drawing are beyond terrible.

          It's decent money and the work isn't overwhelming. Plus as a general rule you get to work pretty autonomously so don't have anyone consistently riding your ass.

          And as far as the customers you get about 4-5 horrible ones a month and sometimes feels like it's all you dealing with until you realise that's out of 1000-1500 people.

          Just go to a few shopping centres and drop a resume off at a few (because half the staff are lazy assholes that will just stuff it in a cupboard and forget about it) and try giving the head office a call.

    Going through playing some older games from this gen. Arkham Asylum, Fallout:New Vegas, Darksiders and Mirrors Edge. Having a blast.

    The tail end of this gen hasn't been fantastic with only a small handful of stand outs. Going back I'm realising 2009-2011 was probably the best time for it.

    The Walking Dead 4x05

    First half of the episode I found pretty slow and I suspect that's because it was character based in a show with not really hugely compelling characters. I find the world a lot more compelling than characters as a whole. Got real good in the second half though. Loved the stuff with Rick and Carl and also Hershel defending the cell block. Get the feeling the worst is over on this front. Not sure how I feel about the end with The Governor though. When we saw someone feeding rats to the zombies a few weeks back I strongly suspected it might've been him.
    Hopefully this shift in what has been a good storyline won't be for the worse!

    Last edited 11/11/13 9:31 pm

      I thought it was Lizzie feeding her pet zombie the rats. They were coming from inside the prison, not outside.
      The worst of the flu is over, all the non relevant characters are dead and someone we gave a shit about died, so I imagine that's it.
      Not quite sure how I feel about the governor returning. =/

        Oh good point with the Governor. I thought at first that the flu might've been 'released' at the prison. Like man made and all that. Do you think we've seen the last of Carol?

        Last edited 11/11/13 10:23 pm

          People who aren't dead have a habit of coming back in the walking dead, so yes, we most likely will.

          Mum predicts she'll team up with the governor

            This is the first season I've watched, but Carol didn't really strike me as a bad guy. Just doing what she could to protect her people with the best intentions in mind. Then again, there could be all this history I don't know about.

            The Walking Dead is getting a spin-off on AMC, though. That character could end up there and I wouldn't mind. Maybe we'll see them in the Telltale game which I would love too! :D

              Carol lost her daughter in season 2. In season 1 we met her abusive husband. She is tough as nails. She isn't really a bad person, but it wasn't the best thing to do as the people had a chance to recover.
              What Rick was saying was that in Season 2 his best friend who was banging Rick's wife Lori, tried to kill Rick and so Rick had to kill Shane in self defense.

                Oooooh, that's cool. I assumed all that history happened before the zombie apocalypse. You've got me interested to go back. (Even though I haven't liked any of the eps I've seen before this season.)

                Liked all the symbolism with the watch and all that too.

                Last edited 11/11/13 10:37 pm

                  The series only refers to things that happened in previous seasons.
                  Which all happens when Rick wakes up.

                  Even the opening has symbolism. It was more prevalent in the first 3 seasons. In fact, I don't think they've changed the third season opening for this season

                  Last edited 11/11/13 10:43 pm

                  I love the theme song though. So good. Bear McCreary did the awesome music on Battlestar Galactica too. The imagery is scary.

                  Last edited 11/11/13 10:51 pm

                  I also love the theme songI was going to buy it from iTunes, but I hate iTunes

    Finished Path of Exile and that last boss is some bullshit. I was a fairly glass cannon build but he just wrecked me. Barely gave me a chance to attack in the small gaps between his attacks and if I got caught out, I just died.

    Lag spikes did not help.

    Luckily, his second form was so much weaker that I could just stand next to him and fill him with arrows.

    Never playing that game again.

    I hate having to drive in the rain. Means I have to drive with the windows up.

    I hate driving with the windows up.

      How was climbing girl?

        Tanned :P

          I assume you two are a couple now! Congrats! I SAID CONGRATS! >:|

            There are two of us.

            The maths checks out.

              Math was never my strong suit so I'll take your word for it. :P

      You just can't look cool in the car unless the windows are wound down and you're slowly nodding your head along to Public Enemy being blasted to everyone in a 500m radius!

      Extra points when it's 3 pasty white guys!

      Last edited 11/11/13 10:28 pm

        *Bellowing along to Judas Priest at the top of your lungs


        In all seriousness though I just feel like my senses are dampened if I can't hear the sounds of things going on around me

          That's when you make car sounds yourself!

    Hi all! I'm home!

    Currently putting together a write-up of the weekend. Did anyone write-up the Thursday meats? Looking for some words to copy/paste :P

      No write ups from Thursday except that you live up to the hype. You should put that in your write-up.

    Oh, internet.
    I don't care how old it is, it's never not funny.

    All I've done tonight since the kids went to bed is watch Mr. Strange play GTAV and then watch the latest episode of Castle. Which was bad. Really bad. Think I'm going to give up on the show. I have loads of things lined up to watch and don't need to waste time on bad shows. I'll miss Ryan and Esposito though.

      Made the same call for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I understand that lots of people like it but I'm not one of them and I feel like I've given it a chance to win me over and it hasn't happened. :'(

      Sleepy Hollow, though? Totally won me over!

        I really like sleep hollow as well.

        I found Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tolerable for the humor but that's slowly wearing off.

        I'm loving SHIELD more with each episode. I can see it turning into something really special. I always tend to give first seasons of stuff more leeway because it does take time for shows to find their feet,more often than not.
        As for Sleepy Hollow, I'm watching it because my husband likes it but I'm finding it a bit boring and don't really care about anyone in it.

          Call me when SHIELD actually gets special! :P

    Finally got around to getting rid of the beard.

    Moustache engage :P

    Oh, @dc. Meant to mention, Climbey *did* seem rather pushy for me to start going on Thursdays as well. First asked me if school finishing would mean that I'd be climbing more (then accused me of laziness when I was all "ehhhh..." about it), then later when leaving was asking if I'd be in on Thursday. I told her Mondays. Yup.

    And I totally didn't just reply fail this to Crazyguy up there somehow.

      Ooooh, Transientmind-esque!


        In the sense you're being firm and decisive. Playing hard to get and all that.

        BUT he would've asked her out ages ago, man. *strokes patchy chin stubble*

          I suppose the lack of asking people out is Gooky-esque. You so craaaaazy.

            Who've you asked out lately? :P

              That's why I'm so invested, man. I missed my shot. That ship has sailed. Let me be your cautionary tale. Also, people find me repulsive and you pleasing to the eye. You should totally take advantage of that. XD

              Maybe you should cosplay as Confident Gooky, escape into the character. :P

              Last edited 12/11/13 1:21 am

                There'll be another shot. After all, I've missed mine plenty of times >_>

                I should be my own cautionary tale, but I am generally too dumb to learn from my mistakes so they keep happening.

                  Haha! Same here, man. Same here. Maybe we should take up drinking? WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

                  Also, here's a song by The Eagles, man. There's wisdom here. *stares off into distance*



                  @dc There is always another shot. Asking chicks out and getting rejected, bad relationships that I screwed up instead of just not being interested enough? I'm pretty sure I'd be up around 75% strike rate, there.

                  The key is to cast a really wide net, see. You'll catch more fish that way.

                I only just saw your edit and now rescind your upvote for the repulsive comment.

                Also typing this out has given me massive deja vu. Typo corrections and all.

          I like to think @mrtaco said something along the lines of, "Yeah, I'm not climbing on Thursdays, but since you're desperate to see me I'll see if I can clear my calendar for you to buy me a drink."

          OK, so... story time:

          A few years back, when I was single, there was a very alternative chick at work who I hadn't seen around much, but was who looked very fine. I'd complimented her on her ear-ornament once, in passing, and we'd always smiled when passing in the hallway. After another such passing, as I got back to my desk I remarked to a coworker next to me, "Damn, I've really gotta ask her out."

          Coincidentally at that time, one of the women in the office who chatted with her a lot was just walking away from her, so I got up from my desk and walked over to ask, "So, what's the story with you two? She's around a lot." (The rumour was that they were probably dating, but if you don't ask you don't know.)
          She replied, "Yeah, we broke up, but we're still friendly, y'know."
          "So it's definitely over huh?"
          "Yeah." ...She didn't look that sad.
          "Reason I ask, is because I wanted to know if you want to go out for a drink sometime."
          She looked a little surprised, but pleasantly so, and said, "Oh! Yeah, sure!"
          "Great. Give me your number and I'll call you to tee something up."

          I go sit back down at my desk, and the coworker I talked to before was staring at me like I was a space alien. When I asked, "What?" she complained, "People don't actually say they should ask someone out then just go and DO it."
          "Why not?"
          "Because... I don't know, they just don't! There's... dwelling and stewing and worrying and building up nerve and stuff!"
          "That seems terribly counter-productive."
          "But what if she'd said no?"
          "Then I'd get to stop wasting my time on her and look somewhere more promising. Win:win."
          "Besides, isn't she into women?"
          I just shrugged, smiled, and got back to working.

          (The relationship didn't work out, in the end. She and her ex were totally not over it, she just didn't know it. So eventually I broke it off, seeing that this wasn't going to end well. She was great in all other respects, though, so the time was definitely spent well.)

          The moral of the story is that you just do it.

            Utter awe.

              It really is as easy as just asking. If they say no, you just dust off your ego and go look elsewhere.

                It isn't! First you have to figure out what you're asking. And then there's the realisation that if they say yes, you'll have to follow up on it. And then if you follow up on it, you'll actually have to figure out how to be an engaging and interesting individual instead of just standing there in total awkward silence which is about 95% likely to happen so obviously this is a terrible idea and should be shot down immediately.

                I don't think a no is what I'm most afraid of :P

                  You need to start giving less fucks, my man.

                  Law of universes states that as soon as you don't give a shit, a banquet of pancakes will plop itself on your table.

                  There's nothing wrong with admitting to the girls that you have no idea what you're doing, but you'd like it to continue. If she's interested, you'll potentially have some fun; learn a lot; grow a lot; maybe get a gf.

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