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    A work in progress. The weekend write-up. HEre's what I have so far. I'm going to bed.

    Wednesday. Out from Canberra airport.

    The portable bag weigher I bought has paid for itself; my suitcase gets checked with 200g clearance. No excess baggage charges this time around.

    I don't like the default seat I've been assigned, so change it up a bit and opt for a window seat. As it turns out, there's no one sitting next to me. Pretty good decision, that one. Spend the trip alternately reading East of Eden and wondering how the bloody hell planes stay in the air. They're huge metal tubes full of heavy people and bags. Start thinking of landing as a partially-controlled plummet, and can't get the image out of my head. Only mildly nervous. Return attention to book.

    I'm staying with Joe and Linda, two friends from a previous life who I haven't seen in way too long, since about 2008 actually.

    Who watches the watchmen? Actually, it turns out that I do. Having not seen the Watchmen movie before, I spend my Wednesday afternoon watching it. Good film, though not much more than a dumb action romp. Probably a good move to jettison all the claims to literature that the comic aspired to, but still... it left a void.

    Chinese food is on the menu tonight, and I share a lovely meal with my congenial hosts. We play a little Injustice, which I haven't played before. Addictive brawler.

    Thursday. I don't know what I'm doing.

    When I come out of my room in the morning, this is waiting for me. #misery

    A promise is made to 'stage' an actual hobbling photo, but this never takes place. (Which is to say that the hobbling goes ahead, but with no photo).

    I've caught the bus in to what is apparently Queen St Mall. The bus driver helpfully points me in the right direction, and I dutifully walk. He drives away, my lone and only safety net (such as it is) whisked away from me in a cloud of stifling petrol fumes.

    I arrive at Hungry Jacks, see no sign of @dc or @strange, and immediately attempt (and fail) to look nonchalant as I lean against the wall and check my phone. There's a message from DC that says "Let us know when you're around." I reply very sociably: "I'm around" and as I hit send, I see @strange and @dc standing about ten metres away.

    I don't really want to say too much about @dc here, because it could quite easily veer into Scrubs-esque-guy-love territory, and no one really wants that. But I'll say this much: he doesn't disappoint, and the way he talks is reassuringly similar to the way he types.

    As we all know, @strange is pretty awesome. She has made this fantastic quilt for Mrs Shane, and presents it to me at about this point in the story. Her son is a cool kid, and funny. At a later stage today, he will get a balloon and proceed to chase me around JB with it. We keep playing the game right up until Strange starts yelling at us to stop. I feel like a kid who's just been busted eating the teacher's chalk or lighting matches behind the desk (ummm.... neither of which I did ever as a kid).

    I think I might have overstated the extent to which I freak out over socialising because both @dc and @strange treat me like I'm about to burst into tears.

    @jimu and @beardymcmuttonchops make it for lunch! They are both very friendly, cool guys, so naturally I don't say much at all. DC very proudly announces that Jimu is white, and not Asian. Thanks, DC.

    Beardy's Kickstarter starts soon (or might have started, I don't recall, sorry), so we should all support him!

    Because I have already had a big Hungry Jacks breakfast, I elect to consume just the $1.20 thickshakes for lunch. I order a Red Velvet one and a strawberry one, and for the life of me, I cannot tell which is which as I drink them.

    DC asks me who I am most nervous about meeting tonight, and without hesitation I single out @dkzeitgeist and @transientmind. DC then proudly tells me (for the first of several times) about the meat where he and Transientmind were the only attendees. It's not a particularly reassuring story, the way he tells it.

    He walks me back to my bus stop, but tries to send me underground. I know that at least that much is wrong, and manage to foil his attempt to sabotage my travelling plans.
    By the time I've returned to Joe and Linda's, more guests have arrived: Linda's sister, niece and nephew.

    Thursday II. C-words

    I am desperately fashionable in a high-vis vest as I set up my stall.

    My banner is up and looking pretty schmick, even if I do think so myself. Given the Game of Thrones focus on this con, I'm kicking myself for not including the "Game of Thrones - galactic version" review quote on the banner.

    By the time it's done, it's 6:30, and there's no time to shower, no time to change, nothing. Just jump on a bus with some books and head to the meat.

    Realising that in my haste, I have books but no pens, I lug the bloody things all over the Queen St Mall looking for a place that sells pens. I have to hide as I pass the Hungry Jacks where we are all scheduled to meet. No one mentions it later on, so I think I get away with it. After weaving my way through a rabbit warren of corridors, I find a Target, and buy 8 pens for five bucks. Now I can return to the group, sweaty yet triumphant. I think I'm even vaguely on time - if not, no one is petty enough to mention it.

    @dkzeitgeist, who proudly introduces himself as my biggest fan (or maybe was christening me as his, I'm not entirely sure. Actually, in retrospect, it was probably this one, because I don't think he owns one of my books at this point in the story) presents me with a present that manages to be simultaneously funny and thoughtful: a cassette recording of the Zeitgeist episode I would be missing tomorrow due to Supanova. It actually legitimately feels kind of cool to own some Zeitgeist merch, and I realise that I'm not so far above the compulsion to collect things as I thought I was.

    Within five minutes of meeting DAN!, I've managed to imply that he ejaculates prematurely (at the sad expense of his partner's satisfaction), and when he leaves at the end of the night, I call him a cunt. I'm pretty sure I make the very best of impressions.

    @transientmind is everything he has been hyped up to be. He conducts himself with an effortless-seeming suave charm that is somewhat awe-inspiring and jealousy-inspiring, but somehow retains an approachable air that prevents him from being entirely intimidating.
    I keep the promise I made to him earlier, and we each purchase a glass of milk from the bar at the Beach House. This costs us four dollars apiece, and I make a secret vow never to keep another promise to another human being ever. A valuable lesson indeed.

    As I have met @freezespreston previously, I shall only focus on the bad points this time around. When my massive burger arrives, he suggests that I cut it in two to help me eat it. I realise now that this was a masterful troll, as the god-awful mess that results causes me to spill burger bits out of just about every bite I attempt. Pretty sure my eating put everyone else off their food. Sorry, gents.

    @sernobulus is there, but we don't get a chance to talk too much. I use my ace-in-the-hole way too early, shouting out "DARK SOULS" \o/ the moment I meet him, and running headfirst into uncomfortable silence territory. Pretty sure he wisely avoids making eye contact with me after that.

    @sughly is there. That's all I can say about the man at this stage, because he carefully sits as far away from me as possible when we go for dinner.

    @beardymcmuttonchops sits up the other end of the table with DAN! and Sughly. I think he might have had enough of me. Fair enough, too.

    @dc is a monster. He wants to elbow the people sitting at the table to his left. For no reason. Or maybe it's because I tell him to. Whatever.

    I offload more books with a carefully targeted range of approaches, including "Does anyone want a book before they go?" and a more individual approach: "Do you want a book before you go?" As you can see, my creativity is on full display tonight. No one wants me to sign their book in pink, and I am disappointed.

    @dkzeitgeist disparagingly refers to himself a C-word as he makes for the exit, but decides to buy a book from me before he goes. So, in DAN!'s book, I write "Keep up the good work, cunt" (@dkzeitgeist, I hope this was actually funny to you, because there's still a part of me that says "Too far, man. Too far." Let me know, and I'll send you a more PG13-rated personalisation. )

    When I return to the house, I kick everyone's ass at Injustice except the 11 y.o. boy.

    More coming later.

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    Edit 2: Stupid page-get. *edits out multiple links* grumble

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      Here are the links I edited out.

      #1: Desperately fashionable:
      #2: What I got from DAN!
      #3: What I wrote for DAN! in return

        Oh, and Scrubs Guy-Love

      So good! I've got thoughts I'll post tomorrow, but I'm going to bed and don't wanna ramble on an iPad keyboard. XD Amazing write-up, it's like I was there... for seven hours...

      Wait.... who are you and what have you done with Shane? We all know that Shane does not get page gets. His huge posts always languish and the end of pages, quickly lost as the sands of time march on

      You forgot to mention that time I gave you one punch right in the face! And then a second one at the dinner. There's photographic evidence!

      DC then proudly tells me (for the first of several times)...

      Yeah, that's a thing I do when I'm nervous I inadvertently have the same conversations over and over again. I'm sorry. D:

      You should've hung out more with @sughly too. He lives up to the hype also!

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      *waits for the rest of the write up*

      Jesus, Shane. When I said 'flattery will get you everywhere', you really took it to heart! Even I might believe the hype at that rate. Also, I can't believe there was nervousness to meat! You should be well aware I am of the opinion that Shane is good people. :)

      But yeah, @dc is not as awkward as he makes out. White House Down meat was proof - he was great company. I'd been prepared to write off the day and just chill out at the pub enjoying a nice lunch and a drink solo, but it was better for having D.C. around. He does have a certain... nervous energy, but I like to consider that an attempt to contain enthusiasm. (It's certainly better than no energy, and serves as a nice counter-point to my own laid-back attitude.) After all, he's usually looking on the bright side of things (with the notable exception of anything regarding himself - stop that!), and has banter down pretty well.

        -- Nervous energy.
        -- The way he talks is reassuringly similar to the way he types.

        All this is going on my resume! :P

        Just to clarify there was no dissing of you, all mentions of White House Down meat were about awkwardness on my part and how you took it in your stride. Haha!

        Thanks for the kind words, you guys!

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    FTL is going to get a expansion. Neato.

    Also thinking very strongly about getting a PS4. It's a tough, tough decision for me.

    Muramasa Post Ending 2 Question

    I have forged all the swords possible but there are still swords that I have yet to "unlock". How do I unlock these weapons? The previous ones you had to advance the story but seeing as I need to get the swords to advance the story (ending 3) I don't really see how to unlock it. Unless I screwed something up ok the main story.

    @scree @negativezero @anyoneelsethathasgotreallyfarinmuramasa

      You need to beat all the white Demon Caves. Some of them drop extra swords. Suggest consulting a guide to find out which ones you need to beat. Once you forge the Oboro Muramasa (108/108 swords) you use it against the final boss to see the true ending.

      I haven't done it because the final demon cave I needed to beat is just too hard. You have to fight a Red and Blue Oni simultaneously, followed by the Horse and Bull Onis, followed by all four at once. It's the all four at once but that ruins me, they hit too hard. :(

    I just bought Don't Starve and Rogue Legacy from the Humble Store. $15 for the two games, not bad.

      Really tempted with chivalry...

        Do it! Then arrange a chivalry night so we can shank each other.

    been playing Rocksmith 2014 a fair bit recently.

    It's pretty rad coz I've never had any sort of lessons on guitar or bass, so all of its picking up on certain techniques I'm less awesome at & suggesting i do its tutorials.
    goddamn harmonics.

    also, I discovered something awesome & mildly scary about it.
    if you get good at a certain song, the on-screen notes go all semi-transparent, making it a bit harder.
    then if you get better still, the on-screen notes disappear completely & you have to just play from memory. :S

    also, I've come up with a list of things I really wanna finish before picking up a PS4 / upgrading my PC

    Kingdoms of Amalur, Lost Odyssey, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Far Cry 3, Arkham Asylum & City, Max Payne 3, Space Marine, Alan Wake, Resonance of Fate, Mirrors Edge... probably a few others as well...

    aaanyway... whats up with you lot?

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      I’m really debating whether or not I want to get the new Deus Ex Directors Cut. I played the original and was blown away with it, but got stuck at the first boss and it drained my motivation. $20 on steam looks reasonable but I might wait on a sale first.

        if you've got the original DE:HR on Steam, the DC is $10.
        if you've also got the Missing Link DLC, the DC is only $5...

        #[email protected]

          I know, but I bought it on 360 -_-

            When will people learn?

            #HashTagsForHarli (why are we doing this, again? It's important as a Twitter-er to just follow, but sometimes I like to know.)

            Last edited 12/11/13 11:22 am

              @harli once pointed out how dumb it was using hashtags on anything other than twitter.
              needless to say there was then a flood of pointless hashtags.
              then #HashtagsForHarli became a thing.

          Always a pleasure, 35!

            that just proves you've not met me.
            I'm not often a pleasure.

              Edit: Haha! Oh man, that response was too weird. TOO WEIRD.

              Last edited 12/11/13 11:41 am

                no, it really wasn't.
                I can deal with extreme levels of weird before it becomes a problem.

      Have fun with Kingdoms of Bannanarama. The last section is one long corridor over an hour long of just trash mobs.

        Havent been doing the main story much. been buggering about with the faction quests.
        But I'll consider myself warned when it comes to finally doing the last bit.

    Had to put together IKEA furniture on the weekend. Brought it all home, unpacked it all, realised I needed a screwdriver.

    Okay, put all the pieces in a pile, go into work on Monday, buy a screwdriver on my lunch break, unpack everything again once I get home, realise I need a hammer.

    Screw you, IKEA! I thought it was meant to be all allen keys!

    (I'm just going to not put the back on my bookcase. I'll just say it's meant to be like that)

      Hehe. I think you'll find the backing might be required to keep it all straight.

        Aw man. Looks like I'm buying a hammer today :P

          I bought 4 Billy bookcases once. It took until the 4th one that I built to realize that I was putting the top shelf upside down so you could see the joint screws. :P

      You have a hammer. Just hold the screwdriver backwards...

        I've done that heaps of times.
        Not because I don't own a hammer, but more i was too lazy to go get it when i already had the screwdriver.

        How did you know that's exactly what I was doing...

        I gave up after the second nail :P

        I find that pink desk legs are also quite acceptable.

      I built an Ikea bookcase using the handle of a large knife as the hammer. They’re just small nails anyway.

      Go to Kmart. For $20-30 you can buy a little toolkit with all the basics. They're terrible quality tools but I'm fairly certain you're not going to be constructing houses anytime soon so it will cover anything minor you need.

      Seriously, it's pretty much an essential purchase.

        I've been going to Kmart/Coles almost every day in my lunch break getting stuff. You don't realise how often you need certain things until you don't have them! :P Scissors, screwdrivers, nail clippers, pens, etc. So many small things!

          I remember buying a pair of scissors because I needed to cut things and didn't have anything to cut with.

          So of course I buy a pair in a heat-sealed package. Which... you can't open without cutting. The tools I needed to open the package were INSIDE THE PACKAGE. That's some zen shit. Or pure idiocy, I haven't decided.

          i r smrt.

    Chuloopa's PSA:
    Pretty sure most people would know, but in case you don't and you care - you can get a demo of New Lego Marvel Superheros game from the official website if try before you buy is your thing. I picked it up last night and hope to spend a little time in it tonight to get my Marvel Lego fix until after the bells of weddings. \o/

    Being a plaguebearer is not as cool as Nurgle made it sound.


      That being said - you can share the plague with others!


      Nurgle - sharing shit before it was cool!

        I'm pretty sure I'm inadvertently sharing Papa Nurgle's gift with the staff at this school, and from there, the children.

        Basically I'm making an army of snot-nosed kids.

    There is going to come a time when Sketchbook and Climber stumble across these pages (because all girls are obsessive stalker psychopaths right?) and there is not a single thing in this world that would make me want to trade places with @mrtaco at that point.

      If they decide to sign up, whatever name they decide to use they will forever be known as Sketchbook and Climber to us.

        I'm picturing Climber as super-athletic, tanned, and outgoing while Sketchbook is kind of introverted, very artsy and intellectual, possibly with dyed hair of an unusual colour. That sound about right @mrtaco?

          And Gooky has two looks that he alternates between when he's meeting either one. One day it'll be like Mrs. Doubtfire where they end up at the same restaurant and he sits down at the wrong table in his introverted, very artsy and intellectual clothes with possibly dyed hair of an unusual colour... THEN HILARITY WILL ENSUE!

          Fairly accurate, yeah.

            In that case, focus on Sketch, and let Climb take you along for the ride.

            Get it, ride?

      I don't know, I'm sure it could be spun as a quirky romantic comedy bump in the road. Nothing a montage couldn't fix!

      On the plus side, he hasn't really said anything incriminating. He's been very carefully neutral... for the most part. He did indicate a preference at one point. (That's right, Stalker girls. Now you have to read ALL the posts to find out which.)

      All the same... it will be very uncomfortable.

      When I was many years younger and too stupid to know it was a bad idea, I dated women who worked on the same floor as me. Nothing especially long-term, just sampling, doing the rounds. One day I walked into the break room to see four of them all standing around talking to each other and laughing.

      They were all from different work units, I didn't know they knew each other! They paused a moment when I entered and... I don't know. It might've been my imagination, but I thought they looked amused and curious to see what I would do. I can't imagine what the expression on my face was at the time. I definitely tried incredibly hard to control it, but for at least a second or so it must've been pure, unadulterated, wide-eyed horror.

      I grabbed a drink of water with a forced smile, then bolted, internally screaming, "NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF THIS." I immediately abandoned any thoughts I'd had about a couple of the others on the floor I'd had my eye on.

      Moral of the story: don't sleep with coworkers. (Plural. One is probably fine.)

        You have the best stories!

        You've lived, Transientmind. You've lived.

        Last edited 12/11/13 11:13 am

          Whereas my stories are just horrifying and off putting?

            Well that strip club one you were telling us was pretty off-putting.

            Thursday's conversations really turned into #boysclub stuff, huh? D:

      That's why I'm only known here as Gooky/MrTaco and not my proper online name. Gotta keep things separate :P

      Though that said, my friend at school who became obsessed with figuring out my age found out a whole craptonne about me in the process thanks to knowing my username. Actually, she also saw me posting on here a lot at school so was able to find things on here from time to time too. Ugh.

      At least this system isn't particularly easy to search through for anything that hasn't happened within the last couple of days.

    Tickets are now on sale for PAX North. Just give me the money and I might send you a ticket, but probably not. *decisive nod*

    Also, this too I guess:

      North? South? Midwest? What do all these options mean?

    @chuloopa Were the xenos purged and the heretics slain? Is the Imperium safe? Were many 'nades thrown? (Sorry I'm being impatient. I just like hearing about people's RPG stories) :D

    I may have already registered for PAX AUS tickets. >.>

      Who's planning on going this year? I'm wondering if it'll be the massive TAYbie meat up like this years was and therefor worth getting tickets for.

        I didn't go last year - but by all accounts it was a lot of fun. I'm seriously contemplating jumping in so I can meet people.

          I'm seriously considering it.

            Do it man - even without PAX it's always fun catching up with the guys. There was no PAX last year but @pyrean and @gorzilla's housewarming was awesome fun. PAX will just be the icing on the cake, or the broken to the furniture.

      Mate bought a 3 day pass for me \o/

        Would you recommend the 3 day pass? Or will a single day be enough?

          Based on my experiences with it this year, you can see everything in a day, but you'll want the three day pass so you can keep going and hanging out with people.

            Did you ever go to the movies with that girl?

              Twice. It's more of a friends thing than anything. I'm still in contact with her.

                Friends are good! Some of my best friends are friends!


                *moseys off*

                Last edited 12/11/13 12:00 pm

          2 day pass would be enough but I go for the social aspect more than anything

          I think it will really depend on if the get the panels sorted out. If it is feasible to see a couple of panels in a day without waiting for over an hour in lines then there will be much more to do.
          There is plenty to keep you occupied for 3 days, certainly if you like boardgames it could go for a week

      Yup, I just bought two 3 day passes and realised that there's a non-zero chance it's the week after my sister's wedding. I might be busy in late October.

      Your reservation was successful! Your receipt is available for viewing and printing using the links below.

      I may or may not have just purchased two Saturday passes. Okay let's go with may.

      It's time to start organising the PAX 2014 Dance-Off.

        It will be good to catch up with you down there. Don't think I saw you at the last one.

        I need to practice the worm. Last time I tried it I busted my chin open, spilling blood everywhere.

          Or don't practice so we have more dramatic stories to tell

      3 Day pass here. Dunno if I'll be there that long but may as well play it safe!

    My son has elected to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates in his room which means soon I'll be able to play some more Resonance Of Fate. Looking forward to it.
    I'd forgotten how fun it was jumping around acrobatically and gracefully shooting enemies. Oh and the dress-ups! Was so happy when I reached the point where you can buy new clothes. Gun parts? Who needs gun parts when you can buy clothes? :P

      Man, I found the mechanics of that really difficult to get into. The story was revealed so slowly so it didn't grip me enough to propel me forward, and I can't remember but I think it has that crazy Japanese fixation with rating your performance - invariably telling you that 'A' isn't good enough, because you know there's a rank S.

      I should probably give it another go because it seems pretty deep... but yeah, that was a hard one to get a handle on.

        I found the mechanics rough at first, but the more i played it the more i got into it.

        I thought the story was a bit awkwardly paced, like the focus was disjointed. Still great, but if they'd rearranged the focus a bit it would have been amazing to me.

        I liked the options for the map too, even though i got it horribly wrong and couldnt take it back.

          Oh man, you can't take it back?! That was one of my worst fears in placing those tiles!
          Heh. More things to screw up and be judged by the game for. "Yeah, you fucked up that tile, buddy. And now you see why - totally never getting that chest. What's inside? Could just be gil... could be a rare ultra-weapon component. You'll never know. You are bad and should feel bad. Go back to corridor-shooters or something, codboi."
          ...I may have overstated my perceived harsh judgement at the hands of the game. All the same, by defeating that, @strange is clearly better at games than me.

            You don't need to take it back. There are no mistakes. You can always get more tiles, you may just need to wait for a new chapter in order to open up the part of the map where enemies drop the shape of tile you need is all.

            Definitely not better at games but I'm clearly more patient than you. :P

        I think a lot of people struggled with the game mechanics at first, especially because right at the start it gets suggested you go to the Arena for the tutorials but it never appears on your map as your "Next" objective so a lot of people missed it. It took me forever to go through the tutorials again yesterday, but it's slowly coming back to me.
        As for the grading, I can't remember if you get graded in the Arena battles, but for the actual game part there's no grades on your performance so at least you don't have to worry about that.
        The story is weird and convoluted but that's part of why I love it. :P But yeah, mostly I just love the style of the game. It's oozing with style and that just makes me happy.

        I spent a fair bit of time with it but never got to the point that it was enjoyable. Combat wasn't the problem for me, it was the actual plot and characters were incredibly obtuse and the whole game feels like it's doing its utmost to stop you from getting into it.

    Really can't wait to play Goodbye Deponia. It's still not on GOG. I'm betting they'll put it up right on launch week for the PS4. *shakes fist*

      Hey DC, are you planning on going to PAX next year?

        Nah! Can't afford it and don't think I would even if I could. Would love to hang out with interstate TAYbies eventually but it won't be PAX, alas. Not good with crowds like that too. What about you?

          I grabbed two Saturday passes, hope to take the wife and kid along. So it should be cool - apart from you not being there of course.

            You're mistaken, things are cool when I'm not there! So you'll be all good in the hood!

    Great review for the XCOM expansion pack at Polygon. (For what it's worth, I've found my opinions and Polygon's opinions are getting further apart by every review. There's only one writer I trust on that site now to often have similar thoughts on a game as me and that's Danielle Riendeau!)

      Polygon like it? Crap. I was looking forward to that.

        I only noticed the review because it the solitary high score in a sea of low scored games! XD

      Got a good review from Gamesradar too, but since I never play Enemy Unknown any more, I'll probably wait until it's on sale before I buy it.

        GameInformer, my first port of call for reviews gave it 9.25 too. We're (mostly) on the same page when it comes to reviews!

        This. I want it, I was slightly underwhelmed by the Kotaku review (which is the only one I've read) but i'll still get it. Just cheap. Not gonig to pay $40 for an expansion on a game I hardly ever play... again.

        I should really play more CiV.

      It's always sad when your views and a favourite site's diverge.

      I've stopped reading Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Most of the reviewers are still OK and I noticed that they've been bringing Cara Ellison on more, lately, who is hands-down my favourite (and whose blog I keep meaning to get around to reading, but never do), but the editor John Walker has been increasingly using the site as a soap-box for his personal issues and it's getting too much for me to put up with because it's infused in EVERYTHING. If I wanted to read a feminism blog, I'd read one. But I don't really feel like getting all my gaming news and reviews served with a side of white-male guilt.

      I don't read Polygon so much for the reviews (which I rarely agree with) but more for the seemingly-exclusive interviews and usually some early-breaking news. Seems they have a nose closer to the ground than most.

        Oh yeah, Polygon's reviews were never the strong part of the site too. I agree. Their investigative journalism and features is where it's at! :D

    I'm seriously so annoyed that the PAX tickets are already on sale...
    On the plus side, i should be able to at least still get a one or two day pass by the time i come back from my honeymoon.
    Also - with a baby on the way, it's probably a bit selfish to want a 3 day pass... it's not really fair on bee... BUt still - PAX YOU BUMHOLES! :P

      You and i can stand on the otherside of the fence crying, trying to claw our way through while PAX is on...
      I will definitely not be able to afford attending this year, which sucks, but here's hoping for some nice post-PAX meats going on

      Edit because i still can't do that spelling thing very well

      Last edited 12/11/13 11:31 am

      Grab two Saturdays and come along with Bee!

        I can't think of many things that Bee would enjoy less, unfortunately. :(

      I'm trying to figure out the best way to bring up the topic of me wanting to go for 3 days and somehow juggle a 6 month old too.
      We could always somehow convince our wives they should hang out in Melbourne for 3 days with the kids while we go to PAX. That wouldn't upset anyone!


        Bring up the topic while juggling your niece/nephew... that's what you meant right? RIGHT?

          THIS JUST IN - RIZE JUGGLES INFANTS. Aerial abuse! Stay tuned for our exclusive report/harassment with a large camera inches from his face.


            Last edited 12/11/13 11:58 am

        Uh, that might be exactly what my wife is doing.

          You should totally frame the 2015 Japan trip as a treat for her to make up for that. ;)

            Hey, those people look familiar. Where have I seen them and in what capacity! :P

            I hearby hire Transientmind as my Director of Marketing.
            Uh... Your pay is uh... in the post. Yeah, that works

    I need to write more.

    Last night, Freya showed me a job ad for an "aspiring online journalist" or something like that. At the Guardian. It looked interesting and started in February. Pretty neat.

    They wanted someone who actively wrote. I haven't done that in a long while because I hate my writing. Everything I've written in the last two years or so, at least the non Shameless Gaming stuff which takes very little time or effort, has either been left as a half started draft or deleted without mercy.

    Not having a reason to finish things is kinda shitty but when I go back and look at some of the stuff I've written, I'm almost glad I haven't added to that shitheap.

    As I'm sure you can all tell, I'm in a super fantastic mood right now. Fucking renovations. Give me peace!

      *Gives a hug*

        It's okay, I've had coffee now and the damned renovations seem to have stopped for now. If they start up again, I'm just going to go do some groceries.

        Unemployment does weird things to the brainmeats.

      Deleted without mercy made me laugh.

        You probably think I'm kidding but I wouldn't be shocked if I've deleted over a hundred thousand words worth of stuff in the last six months or so.

          You really should keep that stuff - put it away in an archive folder or something at least.

            I've recently started doing that. I write everything in Simplenote these days, so it's just a matter of suppressing the urge to smite from high atop the thing.

    HOLY CRAP I'M GOING TO PAX. My best friend just bought me a pass... maybe 2... I'm not entirely sure seeing as he wont answer his frakking phone

    Introducing the First Annual TayWives Club.

    While your husbands are off enjoying themselves at PAX with their mates you can all congregate at one of the many cafés in Melbourne with your children where you can bitch about your horrible thoughtless husbands and make a pact to withhold sex for months to,...

    Uh. Actually. Never mind. Forget I said anything.

      I'm planning on leaving mine at home. I haven't told her yet. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, send help.

      This might be a stupid single guy question, but wouldn't they understand if you go on your own? Not exactly springing it at the last minute or any thing. It's 11 months away and couples don't need to be joined at the hip constantly, right? RIGHT? MAYBE THIS IS WHY I'M SINGLE!




        Good one.

          The idea of checking your individuality at the door doesn't appeal to me. Maybe the hermit lifestyle is a keeper! XD

        Take it from me. Leaving a spouse behind while you holiday is a recipe for disaster and/or resentment.

          But if you give 11 months notice and give them an opportunity to go somewhere without the kids some other time, what's the- I mean- Married life sounds tough. XD

          But surely if you're doing something they don't want to do then it's fine? I know I have no problems with Mr. Strange doing things like Soundwave by himself, or travelling to see bands I don't like. But I also know that if he does something like go on the metal cruise by himself then as much it sucks to be left behind, I'll also get my turn to do something by myself. This is how I got a weekend in Canberra, and still have one up my sleeve for when I need it/we can afford it. :)

            Plus I imagine married or otherwise, everyone values some alone time!

              I think alone time is healthy for a relationship. How else is your partner going to have time to miss you? :P

        I'm with Dan, I've never had a problem with SOS taking a holiday on her own and vice versa.

        Maybe all women aren't the same...



        Probs are, but.

        Not a stupid question at all and I'm with you. There's two factors at work here. One is that all women are not the same (or maybe I'm doing this wife thing wrong? :P ), and the other is that boys find it easier to use their wives as an excuse for not doing something as opposed to actually asking them if it's okay. :P

          Also, I think in a relationship there needs to be balance. Balance between spending time with each other and spending time doing the things you love that the other probably only tolerates because they love you. I know I need time away from the responsibilities of being in a relationship every now and then, and I also know that Mr.Strange needs to do the same. It's good to get the opportunity to just be you-you as opposed to couple-you.

          Last edited 12/11/13 4:14 pm

            You're my role model, Strange! :D

              Then maybe you should what I say more often! Play Dark Souls!:P

                My role model once told me that it's okay if you only tolerate something someone you like loves! :P

      It... it might not be the best weekend for them to be upset at you in Melbourne, given that it's also the weekend of Melbourne Cup...

    Without fail, the day I call in sick is the day I get the most emails. Seriously. 30 emails on a Monday is basically unprecedented.

    Still feel like ass, and by the time I climb on top of all this work I'll probably need another sickie.

    So that's my weekly whinge.

      You get more emails when you're sick because anything that someone would just quickly mention when they see you gets an email instead.

        An excellent theory, except all my emails were from externals brokers/solicitors.

        I think they just sensed weakness.

    Oh man, PAX. Do want. Though none of the others seem to be around to talk to about it.

    Also those prices have gone up since last year. $45/$115 vs $55/$150.

      Aaaaaaand two tickets purchased, since a friend is strapped for cash at the moment.

      Venue changed to a site that's 50% bigger, and at a more busy time, which is probably why there was the price hike.

        But less discount for 3-day pass? $20 off this year, $15 off next year. Sense is not made with these prices. Probably better to just get 2x 1-day passes?

          Probably because last time they sold out within the day, and must've seen the stats on whoever was left out but bought all three 1-day passes.

    @stickman - My mates and I are contemplating a nerd session Saturday - A carton of beer each, starting lunchtime Saturday playing Magic, Warmachine, Board Games and Sexbox. If all goes to plan we should have a few Xboxes set up in a LAN. Let me know if you're interested (and we didn't scare you too much the other night)

      Sounds pretty goooooood. Still not sure what my plans are, but I'll try and pop round at least for a bit.

    I've kind of got post meat blues for the first time in months. :'(

      Your meat was blue? You animal.

        meat from cows that have likely been exposed to Mad Cow Disease are painted blue to show that there is a possibility that they are infected.
        most of the time, this blue meat is incinerated.

        my point is, DC most likely has BSE. or whatever the hell its called when its transmitted to humans.

        so I guess my subsequent point is - dont eat DC.

        Edit: but then again, Im not your goddamn dad, so if you wanna eat DC, you go right on ahead.

        Last edited 12/11/13 1:35 pm

          I always pictured him as a mad pig rather than a mad cow.

          That's a photo not an avatar right?

        Blue steak. For when you like rarer than rare

          The only way to have it!

            And he likes his steak the same as me.

            Dear Diary, I think he really is the one.

            Last edited 12/11/13 1:38 pm

      Well, I'd offer to hang out to alleviate that, but I'm kinda tied up until next weekend.
      Mrs Freeze birthday meat!

      Wanna have supercheap lunch with me tomorrow?

        I would, but don't think I can afford to. Was an expensive weekend. D:

        Thanks though. You so kind. :) Always good seeing you and your son too!

          I could visit you and bring some bread one day, you know....

            Haha! That's as kind as it is terrifying! (Thanks for the thought though!) Nah, I'm okay. Just too many meats in a short amount of time. Have to pace myself out of necessity. :D Especially with Mrs. Freeze's party coming up soon, Arcade Fire in January, Brisbane International Film Festival and potential Wet n' Wild meat I've been contemplating. :D

            Worst part is having to continuously top up my Go Card! *shakes fist* XD

            Last edited 12/11/13 4:39 pm

              Oh man, there's an Aleph meat too on the horizon. D: D: D:

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