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    Legend of Zelda - Link between worlds got a 10/10 from GameInformer! I usually don't pay much mind with game scores but A perfect score ... Damn, not like I wasn't hyped for it before!

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      But the art direction alone should take lots of points away. XD

      I joke, I joke. Hope it's as good as it sounds!

        People also said Wind Waker art direction was terrible. =)

          Not me! That's it's saving grace! :P

        I still hate it every time I see it in screenshots and videos. But it looks so good on the 3DS.

          Just has that plastic sort of CGI look that I really hate about the New Super Mario Bros games too.

            Yeah, horrible 90s CGI. New Yoshi's Island Story looks horrible too.

    Trying to decide if I want to cosplay as something relatively simple for PAX. So far the only idea I've had is to make a little sign on a hat that says "Mt Moon" and when anyone asks me about it I peg Zubats at them.

      Should I start putting together a Chewbacca outfit?


          I may/may not be researching this...

            If it can't happen, I can always go as Luke in stormtrooper armour, so everyone can remark on height requirements within the Imperial army.

      Kinda really want to go as Hawlucha now :P

        Actually maybe I should finally get around to making my Caterpie inspired costume...

        I'm gonna do it! I have a year to plan!

        And Caterpie never goes out of fashion.

        That would end poorly for you.

        Rize uses Glare!

        I've been considering this also, even though I don't even have the game :P


          WOAH! :D
          You're my new god if you pull this one off! :D

      Why not go as one of the many finns?

      If I was to cosplay for 1 day I would go as Snow from FFXIII just so when people say hey your dressed as snow I can be like "what? These are my everyday clothes? I'm not dressed up" and make them feel really awkward

        I'm wondering if there's someone out there who got that as Joel from The Last of Us.
        Legitimately awkward. :)

          Wait if I went as Joel that could be better..wait I don't have his hair BITCH

            Man, I shave my head. I can barely cosplay ANYONE without using a wig to do it. My natural colour used to be blonde, but now it's a sort of fieldmouse grey-brown. Not sure if it was destined to do that or if it's the result of spending my entire childhood swimming in chlorine. :P

            All bald/shaved-head dudes in video games are totally ripped... I should work out more.

              Maybe Cole from inFamous. He's everyman like.

                I'd also have to shave my face. My beard, noooooo!

                Heh. It's a weak excuse for not cosplaying, the real reason is I couldn't be bothered with the effort and expense.

          I like Joel's lumberjack shirts! That's some cosplay I could get behind!

            It's like a bigger, grumpier DC in his 40s/50s. :)

              Nah, he'd have more appreciation for the beautiful post apocalyptic urban decay if that was the case! XD

    Dear TAY,

    One more repost, and then I'll let it slide gracefully into obscurity.

    Shane's trip to Brisbane. All 4700 words of it.

    Wednesday. Out from Canberra airport.

    The portable bag weigher I bought has paid for itself; my suitcase gets checked with 200g clearance. No excess baggage charges this time around.

    I don't like the default seat I've been assigned, so change it up a bit and opt for a window seat. As it turns out, there's no one sitting next to me. Pretty good decision, that one. Spend the trip alternately reading East of Eden and wondering how the bloody hell planes stay in the air. They're huge metal tubes full of heavy people and bags. Start thinking of landing as a partially-controlled plummet, and can't get the image out of my head. Only mildly nervous. Return attention to book.

    I'm staying with Joe and Linda, two friends from a previous life who I haven't seen in way too long, since about 2008 actually.

    Who watches the watchmen? Actually, it turns out that I do. Having not seen the Watchmen movie before, I spend my Wednesday afternoon watching it. Good film, though not much more than a dumb action romp. Probably a good move to jettison all the claims to literature that the comic aspired to, but still... it left a void.

    Chinese food is on the menu tonight, and I share a lovely meal with my congenial hosts. We play a little Injustice, which I haven't played before. Addictive brawler.

    Thursday. I don't know what I'm doing.

    When I come out of my room in the morning, this is waiting for me. #misery

    A promise is made to 'stage' an actual hobbling photo, but this never takes place. (Which is to say that the hobbling goes ahead, but with no photo).

    I've caught the bus in to what is apparently Queen St Mall. The bus driver helpfully points me in the right direction, and I dutifully walk. He drives away, my lone and only safety net (such as it is) whisked away from me in a cloud of stifling petrol fumes.

    I arrive at Hungry Jacks, see no sign of @dc or @strange, and immediately attempt (and fail) to look nonchalant as I lean against the wall and check my phone. There's a message from DC that says "Let us know when you're around." I reply very sociably: "I'm around" and as I hit send, I see @strange and @dc standing about ten metres away.

    I don't really want to say too much about @dc here, because it could quite easily veer into Scrubs-esque-guy-love territory, and no one really wants that. But I'll say this much: he doesn't disappoint, and the way he talks is reassuringly similar to the way he types.

    As we all know, @strange is pretty awesome. She has made this fantastic quilt for Mrs Shane, and presents it to me at about this point in the story. Her son is a cool kid, and funny. At a later stage today, he will get a balloon and proceed to chase me around JB with it. We keep playing the game right up until Strange starts yelling at us to stop. I feel like a kid who's just been busted eating the teacher's chalk or lighting matches behind the desk (ummm.... neither of which I did ever as a kid).

    I think I might have overstated the extent to which I freak out over socialising because both @dc and @strange treat me like I'm about to burst into tears.

    @jimu and @beardymcmuttonchops make it for lunch! They are both very friendly, cool guys, so naturally I don't say much at all. DC very proudly announces that Jimu is white, and not Asian. Thanks, DC.

    Beardy's Kickstarter starts soon (or might have started, I don't recall, sorry), so we should all support him!

    Because I have already had a big Hungry Jacks breakfast, I elect to consume just the $1.20 thickshakes for lunch. I order a Red Velvet one and a strawberry one, and for the life of me, I cannot tell which is which as I drink them.

    DC asks me who I am most nervous about meeting tonight, and without hesitation I single out @dkzeitgeist and @transientmind. DC then proudly tells me (for the first of several times) about the meat where he and Transientmind were the only attendees. It's not a particularly reassuring story, the way he tells it.

    He walks me back to my bus stop, but tries to send me underground. I know that at least that much is wrong, and manage to foil his attempt to sabotage my travelling plans.
    By the time I've returned to Joe and Linda's, more guests have arrived: Linda's sister, niece and nephew.

    Thursday II. C-words

    I am desperately fashionable in a high-vis vest as I set up my stall.

    My banner is up and looking pretty schmick, even if I do think so myself. Given the Game of Thrones focus on this con, I'm kicking myself for not including the "Game of Thrones - galactic version" review quote on the banner.

    By the time it's done, it's 6:30, and there's no time to shower, no time to change, nothing. Just jump on a bus with some books and head to the meat.

    Realising that in my haste, I have books but no pens, I lug the bloody things all over the Queen St Mall looking for a place that sells pens. I have to hide as I pass the Hungry Jacks where we are all scheduled to meet. No one mentions it later on, so I think I get away with it. After weaving my way through a rabbit warren of corridors, I find a Target, and buy 8 pens for five bucks. Now I can return to the group, sweaty yet triumphant. I think I'm even vaguely on time - if not, no one is petty enough to mention it.

    @dkzeitgeist, who proudly introduces himself as my biggest fan (or maybe was christening me as his, I'm not entirely sure. Actually, in retrospect, it was probably this one, because I don't think he owns one of my books at this point in the story) presents me with a present that manages to be simultaneously funny and thoughtful: a cassette recording of the Zeitgeist episode I would be missing tomorrow due to Supanova. It actually legitimately feels kind of cool to own some Zeitgeist merch, and I realise that I'm not so far above the compulsion to collect things as I thought I was.

    Within five minutes of meeting DAN!, I've managed to imply that he ejaculates prematurely (at the sad expense of his partner's satisfaction), and when he leaves at the end of the night, I call him a cunt. I'm pretty sure I make the very best of impressions.

    @transientmind is everything he has been hyped up to be. He conducts himself with an effortless-seeming suave charm that is somewhat awe-inspiring and jealousy-inspiring, but somehow retains an approachable air that prevents him from being entirely intimidating.
    I keep the promise I made to him earlier, and we each purchase a glass of milk from the bar at the Beach House. This costs us four dollars apiece, and I make a secret vow never to keep another promise to another human being ever. A valuable lesson indeed.

    As I have met @freezespreston previously, I shall only focus on the bad points this time around. When my massive burger arrives, he suggests that I cut it in two to help me eat it. I realise now that this was a masterful troll, as the god-awful mess that results causes me to spill burger bits out of just about every bite I attempt. Pretty sure my eating put everyone else off their food. Sorry, gents.

    @sernobulus is there, but we don't get a chance to talk too much. I use my ace-in-the-hole way too early, shouting out "DARK SOULS" \o/ the moment I meet him, and running headfirst into uncomfortable silence territory. Pretty sure he wisely avoids making eye contact with me after that.

    @sughly is there. That's all I can say about the man at this stage, because he carefully sits as far away from me as possible when we go for dinner.

    @beardymcmuttonchops sits up the other end of the table with DAN! and Sughly. I think he might have had enough of me. Fair enough, too.

    @dc is a monster. He wants to elbow the people sitting at the table to his left. For no reason. Or maybe it's because I tell him to. Whatever.

    I offload more books with a carefully targeted range of approaches, including "Does anyone want a book before they go?" and a more individual approach: "Do you want a book before you go?" As you can see, my creativity is on full display tonight. No one wants me to sign their book in pink, and I am disappointed.

    @dkzeitgeist disparagingly refers to himself a C-word as he makes for the exit, but decides to buy a book from me before he goes. So, in DAN!'s book, I write "Keep up the good work, cunt" (@dkzeitgeist, I hope this was actually funny to you, because there's still a part of me that says "Too far, man. Too far." Let me know, and I'll send you a more PG13-rated personalisation. )

    When I return to the house, I kick everyone's ass at Injustice except the 11 y.o. boy.

    Here's some bits I forgot to mention from Thursday:

    * Legend has it that the temperature in Canberra today is hotter than in Brisbane. I pretend to be nonchalant about having one less thing to complain about. You might even say I play it cool (#DadJokePageSix).
    * @dc did give me a punch in the face. He did. @strange is witness. Everyone had a good laugh... though I think you had to be there, so I won't explain any further.
    * DAN! says I sound like Richard Kingsmill. I have no idea if it's a compliment or not, but at least I have a fallback option impersonating JJJ hosts if things get really rocky.

    And without further ado, Friday through Monday.

    Friday. Supa...

    Anyone remember Samurai Pizza Cats? It's on DVD, and my hosts have it. I loved that show when I was a kid, but there's no way that it can measure up to those fond memories, right?


    Oh man, it was fantastic. So crazy funny. We suspect (without having done even a lick of research to verify) that the English dub is entirely unrelated to the original Japanese content, and was written on the fly to accompany whatever was happening on the screen. It is genuinely batshit crazy, but self-aware enough to be winkingly funny. I really enjoy watching one point five episodes before the day kicks off.

    I'm never too sure about competitive etiquette, especially when facing off against people half your age. But anyone who really knows me knows that when I'm given an opportunity to compete, I am fierce, determined and absolutely unyielding. Also I'm a desperately ungracious winner. I whoop the kids (and adults) at Injustice many times. Eventually I get the distinct impression that my merciless winning is causing me to overstay my welcome, so I hand the controller away, and go to have a little alone freak-out.

    Soon, it's time to get moving.

    I spend way too long thinking about the answer to a question that no one was ever going to ask me: "What's your favourite thing about Brisbane?" My response: "The way that people say 'thank you' as they get off the bus, even if they're getting off through the rear doors."

    I don't know why, but of everything that's going on, and excepting the absence of my family, that's the thing that reminds me most that I'm not in Canberra anymore. I guess the little details matter after all.

    At Supanova, no one I speak to is expecting too much to happen today, so I'm expecting a slow afternoon. It's what I get. In the six hours the convention is open that day, I sell six books (and three of those are to someone I know from Canberra).

    That night, the comics folks wander down to a nearby Chinese restaurant, and I order vegetables. After having eaten nothing all afternoon but sugar-coated dried pineapple chunks, I feel I owe my arteries something. One last hurrah. Especially if the weekend ahead is anything like previous cons.

    After some confusion with the Translink journey planning site, I discover (by using my feet and eyes) that the bus stop I need is right around the corner from the restaurant, outside the 'gentleman's club'. I make eye contact with nobody and catch the bus back to Joe and Linda's.

    Saturday. Nova... (hi @novacascade)

    SHIT. I've slept in. I never sleep in. I haven't slept in in years. Not this late.

    No time for breakfast. No time for shower. I throw on some clothes and charge out the door.

    I'm stressed and already a little grumpy by the time I even reach my table, but I make it with time to spare before opening. Indeed, I'm actually one of the first people to arrive on artist alley. I should have stopped to get some food. Too late now, though.

    Anyway, the doors open and people enter. Lots of people. A huge, pulsating mass of nerds with cash to burn. I want all that cash to be mine. I know this is not going to happen.

    The morning is as slow as yesterday afternoon. I sell a book an hour. It's pretty demoralising, to be honest. I try to keep a positive attitude, but it's hard. I feel the defeat sinking into my gut, although I refuse to let it show on my face. A sullen demeanour is not going to sell books, that much I know for sure.

    Here's something I've picked up from the various cons I've done so far. I'm not sure how this is going to come across, so I'm going to preface these observations with the following disclaimer: I'm not bitter about it - this is just what I've observed.

    It's a relatively quiet Saturday afternoon. I am trying to keep an eye on the stalls around me, trying to see what gets the attention of con attendees, and what doesn't.

    What sells:
    Fads. These days, anything with zombies is a surefire recipe for success.
    Doodads. A lot of stalls, even comic ones, fill out their tables with little plastic gizmos and such. They were cheap, and seemed to move pretty well.
    Craft and crafting. The guys at the table next to me had a pretty constant stream of customers, and plenty of excited people charging across the building, drawn by word of mouth to check out their cute hand-made (3)DS cases and hair clips. The table at the other end of my row selling markers also had a strong show.
    Fan art. Attaching your work to a more popular segment of popular culture is a good business strategy. Folks selling professional prints that venerate popular shows and movies (Star Wars/Firefly/superheroes/Transformers/lots of stuff I know nothing about) apparently do very well this weekend.
    Bright, short and snappy. It's pretty hard to convince someone on a limited budget to splash out $18 or more on an author they've never heard of (even if it is a decent price for such a large book, it's still a large risk). On the other hand, a small hand-stapled sample comic selling for the cost of a hamburger is a tried-and-true road test method. If it's in colour, even better, because it will attract eyes from a distance.

    What doesn't sell:
    The Lesser Evil. The Lesser Evil is none of these things. It doesn't easily draw the eye, it doesn't appeal to the wallet, it doesn't latch on to established popular culture. If I can get someone to pick up the book and have a decent look at it, I have a decent conversion rate to sale.
    But it's not something that's immediately engaging at a place where everything is happening in a rush, where time and money is limited, and there are a thousand brighter, louder, shinier and cheaper things vying for a punter's attention.
    I don't mean to suggest that the other things on offer at other tables are devoid of substance, but the only thing my books have going for them is substance. They can't compete in any of the other arenas mentioned above.

    Because my books can't compete on any of the above arenas, I have to work hard to sell each and every copy. I can't just hope they'll catch someone's eye; I have to be standing, engaging with every person who walks past, holding out my book in the hope that they will take it, flick through it, and be impressed enough to take a gamble on me.

    Every person who walks past is a potential fan, and (with all due modesty) a hefty percentage of them might even be likely fans, given half a chance. I want to give them that half a chance. I have to sell my books, because they won't sell themselves.

    I'm so far outside my comfort zone that I don't even recognise the guy standing there trying to sell books.

    At around lunchtime on Saturday, I am feeling particularly alone and insignificant in this place.

    I take semi-regular sitting breaks all through today, and especially in the morning - I just don't feel enough enthusiasm to keep up the pressure on passersby all day. I subtly clear out my 3DS streetpasses as regularly as I can, and by day's end, I have 103 of them. That's enough for the 100-in-a-day achievement, and I realise then that it's the only achievement I really wanted to get. I might even be just about finished with Streetpasses now.

    Things pick up in the afternoon, though, and I sell about twenty books in the space of three hours. There's still about eighty books sitting on the ground behind me, so it's not quite the landslide I am hoping for... but it's something. It's enough for now.

    Before I leave for the night, I drop the price of the 3-book bundle from $45 to $40. Hopefully that makes a splash tomorrow.

    That night, the awesome and friendly folks at Geek Speak invited all the creators out to a local hotel for drinks, and put on a very generous bar tab. I initially intended to take it easy, but after flubbing my drinks order and accidentally winding up with two drinks instead of one, I realised the cards were stacked against me. I had no choice but to slam down the first drink at top speed, so that I didn't look like some weird free-food-hoarding moocher when I returned to the group.

    I don't recognise the guy who goes around tonight, chatting with everyone, getting to know as many people as he could get to. Alcohol has never given me that kind of social confidence before; I guess this is the first time I've had drinks on a stomach that's had no meals for twenty-four hours though. Still, I have a great time, and get to meet a whole bunch of other comics creators and artist alley vendors. It is a great night, and I get uncharacteristically tipsy.

    The nearest bus stop is, again, the gentleman's club bus stop. I hope that the detective Mrs Shane has hired to follow me has actually been following me, and isn't just hanging around places like this hoping I'd show up. I'm so uncomfortable waiting here that when I realise that there's still 25 minutes till the bus arrives, I head back to the bar and say goodbye to comics people once again.

    As I haven't eaten anything all day and am feeling kind of muzzy in the head, the BBQ cheeseburgers I buy from Hungry Jacks when I hop off the bus that night taste as good as satin feels.

    Sunday. ...aaaa? It's still going?

    I'm so exhausted. You wouldn't think standing still for three days is particularly tiring, and you might not think that talking rote lines to strangers is especially draining, but there's no way I could be more completely wiped, physically, mentally, spiritually.

    But there's still a whole day to go, and so I screw this doofy smile of confidence-faux upon my face, and grind out the day.

    It turns out to be a good decision. More than fifty books are sold today. The new price point of $40 seems to be a big draw card, and the words "Can I tempt you to get all three books for $40?" have a success rate of greater than 50%. Seriously. I don't know whether the word 'tempt' has some secret magic powers, or whether the price point descended past some risk threshold, but the books start to sell really well as bundles.

    By the end of the day, I have only three copies of The Lesser Evil remaining, and quite a few of the two volumes of Peaceful Tomorrows. Still, I've done a huge amount better than I thought I would.

    The day has passed in a blur. I can't account for it; all I know is that I've eaten nothing, and drank only about a litre of water. I barely remember the bus trip in this morning.

    Joe has finished the replica sword he has been working on for months, and intends to give it to his client this morning to complete the guy's cosplay. He smuggles it in early morning with me. Also coming in early is Linda's nephew Liam. I like the name Liam, and the kid seems cool too. I think he might not have much of the liking for me since I only lost to him once in Injustice, but he's polite enough not to show it. We get in very early and wander around the marquee, which I haven't seen yet. A separate area for the retail stalls, and they all get AIR CONDITIONERS. I remark rather unwittily that if I had just one of those up near my stall, I would get rich. It's probably true, but after some thought I decide that I probably couldn't get away with theft like that.

    I do recall meeting a few TAY people today. @freezespreston, @sughly, Mini-sughly, @popdart5, and @dc all come by the stall. @popdart5 is a cool guy - and I was the first TAYbie he met. Poor guy - could have done so much better. He's also a fellow public servant! I wheedle $40 out of him, and send him on his way.

    I forget which order everyone else comes in, but Freeze and Sughly miss DC by a few minutes, and everyone misses Popdart by a few minutes, and eventually Freeze and Sughly track down DC (with a little guidance from yours truly).

    DC looks so freaked out by the thick crowd here that he looks like he's about to cry. He hops nervously from one foot to the other and is looking around as if expecting someone to inadvertently touch him at any moment. I think that he's pretty brave to hang around a place like this all day with that kind of anxiety weighing on his back, but of course I don't say anything complimentary like that.

    I also get to see some old SerenityOZ friends, Brendan and Diana, and their small offspring, CJ (who is absolutely named after the iconic West Wing character). It's good seeing them, as I haven't seen them in years, and I let them have the book bundle at mate's rates.

    The late afternoon and evening part of the day is DEAD. No foot traffic at all. Half of artist alley has already packed up and gone home by the time the doors close at 6pm. I've never seen anything like it. I must admit, though, I'm kind of jealous that they feel okay breaking their stalls down early, and kind of wish I felt the same.

    At day's end, Popdart and DC have returned to assist me in breaking down my stall, as has my host Joe. Everyone meets, and makes with the chitchat while I pack up my stuff, and send folks on bin runs. I am so exhausted by this point that I can barely concentrate, and I worry I might have been a little gruff and/or ungrateful for the help and company. Just in case it didn't come across, @popdart5 and @dc, I really appreciate it, guys.

    I leave the guys for a few minutes to give out some copies of my books to the folks I bent elbows with the night before. They are all grateful, and most offer up some excess stock of their own as compensation. At the risk of sounding like a complete jerk, I am at best only mildly interested in most of the stuff offered, but I take it and will read it before passing final judgement.

    Everyone asks me if I'll be at any more cons; I proudly tell them that my wife is pregnant, and that I'm a homebody for the foreseeable future. I thought I would be a little disappointed by this, but I feel absolutely okay with it. Home is my place. Cons - even ones that go well - still feel like weird and alien places for me.

    DC goes to hang out with his Space Pyrates pals, and Popdart leaves as I exit with my suitcase of stuff. I wander down to Joe's car with him, and pile all my crap aboard. He offers to drive it back to his place and leave me here to do whatever social thing is planned.

    There are indeed plans for the comics folks to meet out at a pub at a place called Milton. As directions start to make themselves known, it becomes clear to me that getting out there and back before the buses stop for the night will be a MAJOR hassle. At the eleventh hour, DC whisks me away from those problems, and we go on a brief mandate to the city instead and binge on Hungry Jacks. The lady at the counter thinks we are a couple because DC sneakily buys two pink milkshakes for us and tries to put his hand in my pocket.

    This is the most relaxing part of my day to date, and it's pretty clear to me that this was a much better choice than trying to figure out the train to Milton and back again. Thanks @dc, you are indeed excellent company. Really needed that decompression. I feel a little guilty that @Popdart5 is long gone by the time this decision is taken, because this was something he totally could have participated in.

    I send Mrs Shane a picture of a train to show my daughter, but the message doesn't arrive on her phone until about two hours after she's picked me up from the airport the next day.

    When I get back to Joe and Linda's that night, Joe and I spend about four hours listening to cool music (including the entire James Flamestar album!) and looking at photos from a previous life: the annual Brisbane SerenityOz shindigs (of which I participated in 2 out of 3). It's a great way to wrap up the day, and the weekend.

    According to a Facebook post made by Supanova on Tuesday night, around 34900 people visited Supanova over the course of the weekend. Huge numbers. By far the biggest con I've ever attended. Of that huge throng, I only like about fifty people. The ones who bought my books. They are the true elite, the 0.1 per cent, the ubermensch.

    Monday. Leaving, on a jet plane...

    I wake up more than 10 hours after I went to sleep. Amazing. That's twice as much sleep as I usually get. I must have been so wrecked.

    Holy shit. The Lesser Evil track on James Flamestar's unbelievable album Stargazers is an epic track even on the tinny speakers I've been listening on. But in a room with surround sound and subwoofers... man. Oh man. It was HUGE. I don't know what's beyond epic on the scale of awesome, but this reaches whatever mythical peak you can imagine.

    If you don't own this album, shame on you.

    And all too soon, it's time to be heading home.

    Being home is great. I missed my wife and kids so much. Spending five days apart is harder than maybe it should be, but I'm okay with that.

    Better than it being easy.

    THE END.

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      I still can't believe with all those TAYbies and the like visiting your stall that nobody brought you any food!

        Wait... you're right!
        Scum, the lot of them.

      7/10, needs more jimu, seen it before

    Dear TAY,

    I hope this letter finds you well.

    Please find enclosed the new TeamSpeak server details to replace the old server which will be going offline later today.


    Usual password.

    If you are unsure of the usual password, please kindly ask one of the TS regulars or myself on Steam.

    Kind regards,


      Not that I use TeamSpeak much. Maybe I should change that.

      I have nothing interesting to say.

        Most times you log in, say hello, then everyone sits in silence for a couple of hours. Unless they're playing games or singing Disney.

        But mostly silence.

          I admit I don't log in as much as I used to, mainly due to either silence or everyone doing ARAMs all night, which frankly bore me now.
          I got another group with 15+ people that I play LoL Summoners Rift and even Twisted treeline (when it's online) with almost each night now. They're not that good at the game but they're happy for me to coach them on how they can improve (As in they don't tell me to shut up yet :P)

        yeeeaaah i should probably log on and say HI every once in a while, but the thought of instant communication where i don't have time to think of good/witty responses scares me... plus that @rize guy is a jerk

    Dear TAY

    Because we had fun with it last week, it's time once again for SIX WORD SPECULATIVE FICTION:

    The Dragon begged for our help

    A Tale told in terse form,


      Dear Red,

      Is this an ongoing saga where everyone contributes six words, or is each story standalone? If the latter:

      Advanced technology did not save them.

      Kind regards,
      Usually verbose

        Dear author man

        Each sentence is a complete standalone.

        The Witches' meeting minutes were remarkable


      Belatedly, they realised Kinect was benign.

    Played the Lego Marvel Superheroes demo last night.


    I was SOOOO giddy when i got to play as spiderman... my god it's so much fun! And the hulk transformation is brilliant! :D

    Added to the Xmas list! So i'm pretty sure Santa bee might bring it to me if i'm a good boy :D

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      Assuming it's local only, but does it have any online component?

        I HAVE NO IDEA \o/

        I don't see why it wouldn't in this day and age...

          Just about every other Lego game hasn't.

      Well my missus just picked it up, can't wait to get home and play it... as far as i understand it
      Lego City Undercover + super powers + local co-op... I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER \o/

    New Dragon Age; Inquisition footage. Not going to watch because I'm on a media blackout, but so damn tempted too. Also that first screenshot blows my mind. SO. DAMN. PRETTY.

      DA:I \o/
      Really tempted to start playing through DA:O again just to hype myself... BUT I HAVE SO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO PLAY

        Yeah, sounds nice in idea but I just know I'll wanna play it for 80 hours again and not willing to do that. I'll wait. It'll keep.

        I never played any of the expansions or non-launch DLC (*spits*). I'm totally doing that for my PC run at some point, to set up the 'perfect save' for how the Warden should be.

        Then I can go back and do the Perfect Run for DA2, as well. Which despite the fucking horrific mechanics (endless 'drop out of the sky' enemy-spawning, copy-pasta dungeons/rooms, artless, button-mashing combat, and back-and-forth patrolling to force spawns/events - fuck, it was horrible now I think about it) I really enjoyed anyway.

        THEN I CAN DO DA3... er, nowait. EA boycott.

    @gutsoup: ARRRRRGH! How good was this weeks Boardwalk Empire. It's got that sense of escalation happening that was really obvious at the end of last season too.

      yeah, i was pretty shocked by the ending there.

      Narcisse is just freakin scarey, dude has a few screws loose.

        That whole stuff with Myer and the like too. Crazy tense. Also Margeret choosing again to get involved with this stuff. She can't take the moral high ground any more. Glad Chalky made it out alive... so far.

    Starting to look around at getting a new car because family, and I realise that I have no idea what I'm looking for. Also, the realisation that I'm probably going to have to spend $30k minimum is not a pleasant one.

    This adult thing is shit. I'm gunna go play Pokemon to make myself feel better.

      eh, any good family friendly mid-size sedan you can get for below 30k... look at mine, ISO standard child hook restraints, 4 doors, economic, good size boot which can fit a pram (i've tried this) and several other items (full weekend in wagga) 28k... get it used and it's 22 - 25k

      Seriously though, you don't have to pay a huge amount for a civilised, reliable family car... Hell even Hyundai and Kia are (now) valid options, the IX-35 and new sportage is quite decent cars...
      One of my colleagues 'upgraded' from a HSV R8 to a Kia sportage and he is loving it, even now, a year in...

      Last edited 13/11/13 11:17 am

        I'd love an ix35 but if I had ix35 money I'd probably do something silly like spring for a Veloster.

          Funny story I actually considered the Veloster SR Turbo, but luckily thought the better of it and purchased a Jetta instead... NO REGRETS \o/

            I have a Barina Spark. With my credit rating it was either that or a Mirage. I feel like I made the right choice.

      Don't buy a 'new' new car. So not cost effective and the biggest regret of my life. $45k down the drain for noooothing.

        I recently got a new new car and while I agree that the rapid diminishment of value makes the idea of paying the finanace off over 5 years and ultimately paying way more than the car is worth is somewhat disheartening, the fact that it's got an 8 year warranty and capped price servicing is pretty comforting.

        Last edited 13/11/13 11:55 am

        Yeah. They lose an utterly ridiculous percentage of value in one year alone. And one year sitting on the showroom floor makes fuck all difference to how it runs.

      You've got it easy. We're about to upsize to minivan :(

      Also, yeah, newish second-hand is usually a better option than straight new. They lose something like $5000-8000 value the instant they drive off the lot. That's demoralising.

      Salary-sacrificing is usually an option for leasing a car. Looked into that at all?

      Last edited 13/11/13 10:51 am

        With the changes made to FBT last year, novated leasing is no longer competitive. :(

        Minivan?! So it really is twins, then? :P

          No. Our car really isn't designed for three seats though. Mrs Shane got a chance to try it out when she babysat for a friend while I was in Brisbane.

      My sister and husband just got a Mazda CX 5 (I think) for their soon to be new family. Seems okay. It's around the 30k mark new.

        My wife has her eyes on one of those. Fairly sure we'll end up with one.

          From the small time I spent being driven around in it last time I was at home they're pretty good.

      Something like an X-Trail or a Rav4 or similar is a godsend with kids. So easy to pack all the shit in and out of the back.

      We have an X-Trail and the back being completely flat all the way through means sliding the prams and bags straight in and out is something I highly recommend.

      There's a reason so many soccer mums drive those things.

        Yep, Rav4 is among options at the moment. Think we're pretty much getting something that size/shape, so looking into similar stuff like the CX-5, Captiva, ...well, there's a crapload, you get the idea :P

          edit - shutting up

          Last edited 13/11/13 2:26 pm

            What about a Trax? :P

              ... didn't even know that existed...
              soo let me get this straight...

              "Hey the barina looks cool, lets make it bigger"
              "okay, here's a bag of weed"
              "aaaand go!"

              Sound about right? :P

                I think the Trax is replacing the Captiva, or was intended to? We're just kind of adopting the Chevy products since Holden is basically done making their own cars after the current run of VF Commodores. I don't mind it really, though for compact SUVs the ix35 still gets my money.

      get 6 of these things & tie them all together.
      jam a 2nd hand engine in one to power it, & you'll have 3 spares for storage space etc.

      probably less than $30K as well.

      My old lady got a Mazda 3? I think? For about that.

      It's pretty hashtag dope, son.

      Do you work for the government? Because if you do you can get crazy deals because you don't pay stamp duty or some nonsense if you buy it through the government.

      I think.

      Holden Cruze and Hyundai Elantra are both pretty good mid-sedans in the low $20k range. Though I think I recall reading that last year's Cruze had some issues that led to a recall.

      I've been car shopping for about 4 months, due to the fact that I know nothing about cars I'm hesitant to buy one, it's gonna take a while.
      I also dislike this adult business

    Dear TAY,

    It has come to my attention that you're all a bunch of deviants.

    Disgustedly yours,


      Oh yeah baby, talk dirty to me

        This post is to hold a mirror up to your collective behaviors... but I bet you all like that. Perverts.


      Hi, Dan Clone!


          Which one of us is Vincent, and which one is Anton. Or is it Jerome?

          I'll be Vincent. :D

            Tell me, Benny. Did you save any thing for the swim back?

      Says the guy who tried to reach into my pocket and buy me sweet pink drinks.

        Hey I was trying to put some money in your pants.


        That doesn't sound any better.

      What took you so long?
      I thought i would have been the biggest tip off.

    Steam really needs to work on it's maths.

    Okay so Link Between Worlds hype - definitely but uh, where is the damn musical chest pre-order thingo? Is it sold out already?

      think it sold out a few weeks ago, unfortunately.

        Oh crap. What a great Zelda fan I am, then.

    I managed to get a 6-down-vote score on a comment in the general news item. More specifically, it was on an article about Xbox vs PS4. Now everything I post is awaiting moderation. :(

    I've been thinking about PAX cosplay ideas all morning now, thanks guys! >:[ How cool would it be to go in a Caterpie costume on Day 1, then Metapod on Day 2 and Butterfree on Day 3. Unfortunately I lack the motivation to do this :P

    Anyway, I have to buy a modem/router today. I got the day off for tomorrow! \o/ Have to wait at home all day for the Internode guy /o\ All I need is a cheapy, right? Doesn't need to have much of a range. D-Link has always been pretty good to me too. I dunno, I'll just go into JB today and buy the first thing I see :P

      I have a Belkin Dual Band one (D600?) that seems to work pretty well, even with the PC on the other side of the house.

      If you want advice/help, I am here. =P


        It won't be cosplay in the normal sense. Just a t-shirt/pants that have Caterpie's markings on them :P

          Got a screen printing place near you?

            Dunno! I guess I have a year to find out haha

              If you can find a really good one, they should be able to put custom designs on shirts and pants.

    So who's going to PAX?

    I've seen confirmation on twitter and random posts but thought it'd be cool to see on one elaborate list:

      Not Shane!

        You can go to PAX North and hang out and make Strange feel like a third wheel again?

          Except she wouldn't because Pax North generally is lacking in the DC department from experience.

            But you had a special guest: @sughly's brother!


            That was all my doing... some how...

            You're welcome!

      I bought two three day passes, so there's a good chance I'll be there.

        In fact, you'll be there twice!

          It's more in case I lose the first one.

      I bought a ticket. I won't feel confident enough to say "I'm going" until I actually have accomodation and whatnot :P

      Damn PAX!

      /Not Helping

      Edit: Which is a tad annoying coz I had a decent idea for a cosplay I could've done.

      Last edited 13/11/13 11:21 am

        You ARE helping. I have to know who's going to be circling the wagons with their 'ol pal DC...


        Hey Red, have you decided on Supanova this weekend?

          Decided against- just couldn't see, outside of GRRM, a real drawcard.

          Going to a Magic thingo with a mate while his missus is Supanovaing in costume.

      Ooh, I am. Need to be forgotten by Freeze, abandon NightFlarer, and sit around a whole lot.

      I paid for two @saturdays. I'm hoping to take the wife and kid along but like many have already mentioned, it's difficult to know for sure what will be happening in a year from now.

      Probably Saturday and Sunday again for me as I work on Friday

      @Sughly and I were talking about going to Melbourne at the same time but not going to PAX because, you know, mouth breathers.

      So we might be there just not at the con because, once again, fucking nerds.

        Oh man, the crowds at Supanova traumatized me. I'm not sure I could ever subject myself to that again. You guys have the right idea!

        Hmm. Might want to double check with Sughly on that one.

          It was very obscurely discussed.

          He's bought a ticket hasn't he.

          Fucking. Krams...

            I think he said on Twitter he's just got a pass for Saturday. I think. You might want to double check if you wanna go at the same time!

        I totally bought a saturday ticket :3 Got it with insurance though so I can try selling it back if I change my mind

      Currently considering it. If I do, I'll do all three days and do a dress up with my gf and friend. We'll have to think of something super creative.

        Tickets are going quick, my pal! I think the 3 Day passes are already sold out and you'll have to get three single day passes instead!


      I ended up getting 2 x 3 day passes so 90% will be there unless unforeseen accident happens

    Dear TAY,

    Rogue Legacy was well worth the purchase. I can see myself playing it for hours.

    Thanks for recommendations,


    Lost Planet 3 is 50%, down to $25.



      seriously, i liked (not loved) Lost Planet 1, but felt no compulsion to actually play any of the sequels... maybe when it comes down to $10 in a steam sale or part of a humble bundle, i will consider it :P

        Lost Planet 2 co op campaign was incredibly fun. I reckon you missed out.

      Apparently it's a little bit shit.

      And by little I mean a lot.

      ...I've heard it's horrible.

    So some slightly better news! My manager finally contacted me this morning (after word had gone around that I wasn't going to be in at work today) and said I can fill my car using one of the on-site tech's fuel cards! WIN! Just sucks she couldn't have arranged it sooner, cos now I will miss being paid for today. Better than nothing though. Hopefully it will be enough of a boost to keep me at work for the next fortnight so I might be able to get a full pay next cycle! Still gonna be hard though, cos due to the timing, I'm not only going to have one days pay more than last pay cycle this round, so I'm only gonna be slightly better off this week. At least I wont have to worry about buying petrol for a while. Hooray for them actually stepping up to the plate and trying to help at last though!
    Also big props to @redartifice for helping out. It'll be 3-5 working days before it'll reach me, but given what's just transpired in the past day or two, I'd say that timing will work out nicely!
    February next year I'm gonna figure out something awesome to do for all those who've helped me and cheered me up with steam gifts etc! Been a bloody rough year for me, and I highly doubt I'd still be here if it wasn't for the greatness of TAYbies! Even those who haven't helped in a material sense, I still appreciate all your kind words, as at times, even just having friends to chat to has been a great help to my mental state. My hellish year may not be quite over yet, but at least I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Dear TAY,

    Holy Shit!? I didnt know there was an expansion for AOE2HD!? Does anyone know if it's any good?

    Kind, non seductive (I heard there's some kind of sexual content crackdown) regards,


      (I heard there's some kind of sexual content crackdown)
      there is?
      well F**K, i'm not allowed to open my mouth then XD

      Apparently if AoE2 HD runs well for you, it'll be fine/great. But I was cautioned against it by TAYbies and checked out the Steam forums about how HD runs, and it seems the lag issue is not only incredibly prevalent and debilitating, but also almost entirely unacknowledged by the devs. Which is... disheartening.

        OK. AOE2HD is touch and go. sometimes it runs fine, other times make me want to strangle small animals.

        Thanks :)

    I just purchased A Link Between Worlds + musical chest from Game UK. I also received a download code for Link's Awakening DX but I already own the game on 3DS. Is there anyone here that would be interested in a free download code for Link's Awakening DX?

      It's a great game. Massive kick right in the nostalgia.
      (I already have it on my 3DS, so not for me thanks!)

      I'll take it. I love the original hand held Zelda games, but that's one I never got around to playing.

        No problem. Just email me: benbonnici at the gmails and I will send you the reply code.

    Danganronpa preordered from NISA \o/

      There's a limited edition?

      you better believe i'm pre-ordering that!

      edit: it comes with the soundtrack... instant buy....


      Last edited 13/11/13 12:14 pm

      I think I agree with the article writers take on this. On one hand, more The Last of Us. On the other, the game ended so perfectly, trying to continue it on could lessen it. They mention a new character, so hopefully the DLC (and any future games) will stay away from Joel and Ellie. I think that's the key to continuing to series successfully.

        Yeah, I'm optimistic. This is Naughty Dogs first piece of story DLC too and I remember reading how they want to do the game justice. I think it'll be great!


      There's people in Adelaide?

      Uh... @jacksonwryan: ANY FRIEND OF SCIENCE IS A FRIEND OF MINE!


      I'm sure there's more, but... I...


        I decided fiction wasn't my strong suit.

        You read page 5, you know this.

          That's okay, I've got a script for the first episode of a web series that has sat untouched on my computer since January 2012. I moved it from my active projects folder into archives. :'(

      Yes please.

        I'll need your address, and I'll send it your way this afternoon express post. Email me shane at shanewsmith dotcom

      Thanks for the kind offer sir (and to @dc and @redartifice for telling everyone the state I live in and now they can find me and OH GOD) but I already have a free pass through the gates there and might turn up saturday in my Goblin King gear for a few hours. <3

        There was totally a guy at Brisbane Supanova dressed as that too. Yours was way better. :D

    Hey guys!

    I got to play an awesome game at PAX Au this year called Hand of Fate. Really great game, basically you have a character and a deck, to move forward you play a card from the deck. The card could be anything. Maybe you fight 3 bandits, or you encounter a traveling group, etc... Combat is fairly simple, think Fable kind of combat.

    Anyway, the creators, Defiant Development have opened a Kickstarter for their game. Check it out if you get a chance.

      backed! what I will be saying next week, as soon as i get paid.


        ... Is what I'd say if my credit card wasn't all the way over there. *points 2 metres away*


          ..Is what I'd say if Blaghs credit card wasn't all the way over there