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    Must find glorious music to play while I reference what I hope to be my final university essay.


    Conflicted over worthiness of this get...

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      Just remember... the penitent man will pass!

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        So if i tell all my topic coordinators I'm a sinner.... I'LL PASS!?

          You best believe it!

            I feel there is an element of deviousness to this advice.

            *head pops*

              Fine, just listening to the Mr. Ed theme. What do I care? :P

                That plays when i stand and/or walk. I get a break when I'm seated.

      This is what I use when I wish to feel dramatic (I used to set up a fan to blow my hair dramatically, but I can't do that any more).

      Maybe The Departure from Gattaca! (cc. @benny)

      Can't go past The Lesser Evil by James Flamestar.
      That shit is glorious.

      The Who - Tommy
    A man travels back in time to force his 8 year old self to learn guitar, so he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.

    I watched the pitch video, and I am strongly considering breaking my 'no-crowdfunding' rule.

      Why no crowdfunding? Not that I'm criticising your choice, just always interested to hear reasoning

        It wronged him in the past!

          Mate, I'll wrong you!

            Thanks, but I'm not interested. I'm flattered though.

            @dc is spoken for now.


                Now I know how @benj and Oliver feel. Let's never tease them again!

                  Hmm.... nah.
                  The teasing must continue.

                  Also, why isn't Shane getting these kinds of comments? It takes two to bromance!

                  @dc It's because I deflected your outpouring of genuine emotion with a Samurai Pizza Cats video. Carefully calculated move, my friend.

                  Also, I'm married. That might diffuse the sitch at my end a little :P

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                  I really wish he were here right now :( What I would give for a great big hug today...

                  That's okay... I can change you.

                  Only you getting the comments because you're more horrified than @shane. Better reactions.

                  ...I'm guessing, anyway. :) (You'll note that I don't tease about bromances.)

        A few reasons.

        First and by far most important is budget. I don't even have enough money to buy all the stuff that's out now, let alone place an uncertain pre-order.

        Second is that backing crowdfunding projects is not too far removed from gambling in my mind. The risk here is twofold: completion, and quality. I'm a veteran of incomplete projects; I know how hard it can be to see a project through to completion. I also know how hard it is to stick to a promised plan and also deliver a [insert project type here] of decent quality.

        Third is that the cost of funding almost always exceeds what the purchase price would be after release, which grinds against the bargain-seeking instinct within me.

        Fourth is the hardest one to explain, and possibly entirely irrational. It's a matter of pride or jealousy or something. I didn't receive any financial aid while I was struggling to get noticed. I wonder whether the struggle has made my writing better, or whether it's just made things harder for me. I'd like to think the former. If someone had just handed me a pile of money and said "Now go, write" I don't think I'd value it to nearly the same degree. I wouldn't have worked as hard, and I wouldn't be nearly as proud of the achievement. And while I know not everyone can do a Kevin Smith and make a movie on credit cards, I think Kickstarter is kind of denying that kind of romantic-indie creative story from happening again.**

        Fifth is that I don't want to support any new projects until I've received my perks from previous backed projects, and I haven't yet received my physical copy of Stargazers

        ** I am aware that this particular paragraph may/will come back to haunt me if/when I decide to put together my own crowdfunded project in the future.

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          Sixth? Crowd sourcing killed his parents!

          No problem.

          The reason I back a number of projects is that the ones I've backed (other than CLANG) have all been fairly low risk and it's truly been disposable income- there's been no projects that I've overspent really, and the ones I have funded at a high level have been pretty sure things (like Numenera).

          i think the preorder premium bit is always going to happen- Once something is in production it's easier to gain efficiencies and knock the price down.

          I can understand the struggling creator bit, but I wonder if it's just an alternate avenue to success?

    I'm still hopelessly addicted to Kantai Collection. :(

    Last night I did my first remodels. Got Yamashiro to level 20 and remodeled her into an Aviation Battleship - reduced firepower but better other stats, cheaper to run and has aircraft. Also upgraded my Kitakami to Torpedo Cruiser for improved anti-submarine warfare as apparently subs become much more important later on.

    Still haven't had any real luck with ship crafting, though after about eight tries I finally managed to build my first submarine this morning - I-168. Still need to level up a little bit to try and push through the first event world before the 20th when the current event finishes. E1 rewards another sub, I-19, for completion but I don't think my current fleet is strong enough to get through.

    It also occurred to me yesterday that the formula they're using for the game could be applied to a whole bunch of other stuff with probably only minor tweaks to the progression and combat systems. Don't know if something else would be as appealing though.

    soooo coooooll

    Dear lady from my old high school

    I know you have no way of knowing that I've been going through a bit of an internal crisis lately thinking I've been wasting my life. No way at all. But bringing in the trophy for the schools annual Science award to get a new name engraved on it isn't helping. Especially when my name is on there 3 times.

    Slumping over

      Did you tell her that was your name?

        No. I always feel embarrassed and ashamed when stuff like that comes up and I'm sitting here in a retail shop.

        I probably shouldn't but I do.

          I totally get that. I was a frickin' celebrity at school. Now, it's like... I work for the government in a role which doesn't use any of my qualifications or skills which I fell into when I quit a GOOD job out of disgust with management, and have never left because I'm comfortable.

          COMFORTABLE. Gah! What have I become?!

      I get where you're coming from, man. By my reckoning, I've spent almost 12,000 hours in my current job, a job for which (on a good day) I feel no interest, and take no personal pride in, a job that has taught me nothing of value, and to which I contribute mediocre work.

      I think back to high school when I topped the class in every subject and was voted "Most likely to succeed" and again to college when I got the third highest UAI in my year and was again voted "Most likely to succeed" ... and I feel like I've let down the kid I used to be.

      But in the last few years, it's slowly dawned on me that there are other ways to measure success. Professional satisfaction is just one small facet of life. If you hate your job, it means that you're only doing it to support your family, and there's a certain kind of masculine pride to take out of that kind of sacrifice. Also, having a family. Also, you're taking steps to move on to the next stage of your working life, thinking about where to go. It's all stepping stones, then, and nothing wasted.

      Also, from what I understand, you might not be intellectually stimulated by your job, but you are doing it very, very well. And that's not nothing, either.

        there are other ways to measure success.

        Lots of this.

        This Pretty much sums up what I was feeling/wanted to say, but far more eloquently.

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    “I would say in the next year’s time, if you’re a fan of Japanese games, if you’re a fan of Vita, then hopefully we’ll have a little treat for you.”

    FF Type-0 Vita port?!

    Entering a comp.

    I need puns for use on a tombstone!
    Don't ask why! Just go!


    those who want to enter themselves, hit up the doom & destiny facebook page

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      in terms of weird names or punny epitaphs?


          Here lies jack, a man of class.
          Pity bout his stone-dead ass

          I go to meet my maker, and file a bug report.

            1st one is in!

              I go in peace, and leave in pieces.

              BTW, i don't plan on having a tombstone, but if I did I'd want this as my epitaph:

                Mine will say

                "LOOK OUT! I'M BEHIND YOU!!!"

          Here lies X

          For all the things I did in life
          Next time warn me 'bout the knife!

      Also, my favourite is still Spike Milligan's: I told you I was ill

        Yeah, it's pretty hard to come up with something original when all the greats have left some pretty amazing messages behind.

      Here lies Michael Gunn.

      Who made his father, Arthur, very proud.

    I want to restart Animal Crossing. For no real reason apart from feeling like I've been too merciful a ruler.

      Hey! This person seems familiar! But how and in what capacity? Did you used to be Batguy?

        I can confirm that we have been seen in the same place at the same time. I was considering a name change but I'M BATGIRL.

          My mental voice read that back as a woman attempting to mimic Christian Bale's 'I'm batman' line as spoofed by HISHE. Yeah. That wasn't weird.

      Neglect them for months like your hero, Dan.

      That's how you play Animal Crossing.

    @rize RE cars;
    At the end of the day, everything is based of personal opinion, i would never purchase a Holden due to it largely being GM and i've had plenty an issue with GM's in the past.
    But there's similar stories everywhere about Fords, VW, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan etc.etc. so it boils down to preference...

    All i can say is do your research, find out what commonly fails in that series of cars, so you know what to watch out for. Take plenty for a test drive, because some cars might surprise you (i'm looking at you Kia Optima) and some might really let you down...
    $30,000 is an amazing price bracket for both new and used cars, so you have a lot of stuff to toy around with...
    I tend to keep a check on the pulse regarding new cars since i bought mine so if you ever want an opinion (because that's all i can give XD) i'll be happy to help...
    I do apologise if i came across a pretentious in my previous reply, it was worded very, VERY poorly :P

      Whereas I've owned Holdens all my life and never had a complaint.

        I'm not denying there's no good Holden's out there, i've just never been lucky enough to get my hand on them XD... when i say Holden i of course mean Opel but you know :P

          To be fair I've only had Commodores (Australian built) and a Rodeo (Isuzu).

            i will admit i drove a brand spanking new VE SV6 once, and that was pretty good...
            To me it's the international labels (Captiva, Cruze etc) which is assembled at Daewoo that i've had issues with, and heard horror stories from...

            And it's like anything, you have a bad experience with a brand, you are left with a poor image of them and are not likely to revisit

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      What's the point of driving a Honda if nobody knows it's a Honda?

      The badge on the car means sweet FA to me, as does whoever made it. I'm pretty straightforward when it comes to cars. For example, I'm not getting a Kia Sportage because we have them at work and when you try to drive up a hill they move like a pregnant whale on a beach. I have a friend who's got a 2009(?) Captiva for work and I haven't heard any issues about it from him.

      Ultimately, if I can get a medium turbo diesel SUV that's less than 2 years old and in my price range (without any issues), I could care less about brand.

        edit - nevermind, i should refrain from airing personal opinion when i'm crappy

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    Trying, and failing, to find numbers on initial PS4 & Xbone manufacturing runs. even approximations. nope nothing.

    though sony are reporting over 1.5 million pre-orders...

    @mcgarnical mentioned on twitter that theres still Xbone consoles available day one, so i'm wondering if thats coz MS anticipated numbers better, or if the number of pre-orders for the Xbone are much lower...

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      That is precisely the sort of shit they definitely do not want us to know. :)

      From talking to the EB manager here the XBone preorders are much lower. There's a suspicion amongst them MS stopped taking preorders for the Day One edition as a marketing move to be able to say Sold Out to not look so bad next to Sony.

        I am amused that you can buy a console Day One but you can't buy a Day One console.

        There's really no gain to them by doing that though.

        Leading up to now there have been heaps of reports of the Xbone having production capacity problems. CPU yields were low, design wasn't finalized for a long time and so on. Sony ramped up production on PS4 months before Microsoft were ready, so they have a huge stockpile.

          Thing is you can still order an XBone and get one in launch day. Just not with the Day One decal on the controller.

          And if they really are struggling with production and still can't sell them all and Sony has a huge sold out stockpile that just sounds even worse.

            Microsoft failing to sell hardware this launch would be very bad. It would say very bad things about the state of the console market, even.

            Competition is good. We need it. If it was a one-horse race then I guarantee you Sony would be turning the screws the other direction.

              I may not be an XBox fan (I have my reasons), but I can appreciate that people have personal preference, and I respect that. I don't really care about what console people have, as long as they are enjoying themselves.

    Someone's doing work outside my house. I'm hiding. I'm really thirsty, but that's all part of the hermit life style. If they realize I'm home after hiding for two hours I might appear crazy.


      You don't have...water?

        They're fixing the shade sail at the front of the house that tore off in a storm last week. I forgot to close the curtains. They can see into the kitchen. D: D: D:

          Bathroom sink then

            I've got to pass by that window to get to the bathroom. IT'S A FUCKING PREDICAMENT, RED. :D

              Stealth, DC. Commando crawl.

              Or sneak out the back to the garden hose.


                Any one who's hung out with me know I ain't stealthy. The amount of times I've hit fire extinguishes, phone booths, other people, stumbled on water bottles and the like when hanging out with @sughly and @freezespreston can't be counted on one hand!

                  Have you seen the first five minutes of the film Waterworld?

      That sounds like something I'd do. If someone broke into my house I'd probably hide not because y'know the stabbing but because I wouldn't want to talk to anyone.
      'Hey, so that's my TV you get there. Nah, that's cool. this a lot? How about this weather, huh?'

        And you know you'd end up helping them carry stuff to their car. D:

          My TV is pretty heavy. I wouldn't want them to injure themselves. They'd probably sue me.

      By contrast, when someone knocks on my door and I'm not expecting anyone, the first thing I do is grab a knife.

      Well. Sometimes the first thing is put on pants, THEN grab a knife.

        Both are likely to scare the person away, so you've got all bases covered!

        No. No pants. Startle them so you get the upper hand. NOW WHO'S THE DERANGED MANIAC? OLD NO PANTS OVER HERE.

          Better yet... just put on a shirt and take off shorts. Yeah. Shirt-cocking. OK when girls do it, so wrong when dudes do it.

    Nobody would help me in JB HiFi so I just went with the cheapest Modem Router they had. You just lost yourselves an up-sell from a mostly ignorant customer, JB!

    Also, someone should cosplay with me as Sawk and Throh for PAX. Requirements: must be shorter and less lanky than me and be willing to wear red body paint for the entire day :P

    @rize So uh, this is kinda tempting to get.

      October. You will roast.

        You will roast
        I guess you can say he'll be a little

        ( •_•)>⌐■-■

        *walks off*

        It's currently 13 degrees with wind chill taking it down to 8.

        Well it depends. PAX is basically schedule for a week ago and we have the massive high temp of 16 today



      Advantage of Han outfit: buy boots, belt and holster, make the rest easily.

        I could just be lazy and go as William Riker...

          How're you going to manage to look that awesome?

            By surrounding myself with people who aren't awesome.

            You're going right?

      "Authentic Chewbacca costume!
      Skinned from the famous smuggler wookie himself!"

      Maybe it's just me but that costume doesn't look like Chewbacca to me at all. Fur's the wrong color (Chewie is more of a chestnut and not that slate gray) and the head doesn't look right and the proportions seem off too.

    I finally got around to watching The World's End.

    I'm not entirely sure how to rank it against Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead but it was definitely pretty amazing. Simon Pegg sure knows how to act like a massive cunt.

      Mannn i need to see that movie SO BAD!!!

      For me it goes Hot Fuzz > The World's End > Shaun of the Dead

      Hot Fuzz was best because it was about old people and old people are hilarious.

      My listing is Shaun > Hot Fuzz > Words End

    Gotta do these stupid "postcard" things for school. A small little thing with a short description about ourselves and then some contact info, with a few pictures of cool stuff we've done over the course. I've used a screenshot from my tanks game last year, as well as a pair of giraffes mounting each other. Totally stuck for the description bit though.

      Oh man, this sounds almost as a bad as the interpretive dancing some folks did at uni once.

    Apparently the easiest way to tell a woman from a man is the elbows. Lol psychology.

      Yeah, because women can't touch their elbows together behind their backs...

      This is a lot better in person.

        Hahaha, Mrs Shane apparently fell for that one a bunch of times in college.

        Ha! Apparently men with arms stretched out can't have their elbows touch.

        Help I think I'm a woman D:

          It'll make @transientmind's advice on picking up Lesbians a whole lot more useful for you, my friend! Things are looking up for Gooky!

            'Actually ask someone out' is pretty uni-sex advice. :)

              You and your stories!


                TELL ME A STORY.

                A DEMAND A STORY.

                  I will tell you a story lass... once I am back from getting my hair cut.

                  The lads who were out on Thursday can attest to the fact that my mane has grown unruly and wild, it must be shorn back down to a 1. ...So that I may once again frighten children and the elderly.

                  (My barber is awesome. Half an hour, a chat, $10, including a beard-trim and tidy. A friend of mine has this long, luxurious blonde hair which goes down to her ass. She's not a natural blonde. So apparently she has to book in these like... 8hr marathon sessions where the hairdresser puts on a movie for her and gets her drinks and she drops hundreds of dollars on it. Insane.)

                  Alright, here's your story:
                  (It are a sad story, though, so spoilertag.)

                  A while ago I reconnected with an old best mate from high school. He'd had adventures - converted to Islam, got on various watch-lists for his political views, married a devout muslim girl, brought her back here, got divorced when she went insane with culture shock... went back to eating meat and drinking like the old guy we knew. He was still a little cut up about it... it'd been pretty bad and she had otherwise been pretty great.

                  This blonde friend I mentioned earlier and I were taking advantage of his hospitality. We'd spent a pretty wild night out, impromptu cosplaying with theatre props on the streets on the way to the bottle'o to pick up more fuel for our insane Magic: The Gathering/music video binge.

                  After a big night, I'm usually an early riser. I was pottering around the kitchen before anyone was up, making myself a bit of toast and some coffee. The girl I'd shared the couch with was roused by the noises, so I went back to the pantry to get her a cup as well - I knew she'd need it.

                  When I opened the pantry door, I saw the saddest thing.
                  One of those white-board shopping-list type things that people use for pretty much anything other than shopping lists. On it were two messages, in different hand-writing:
                  "Welcome to our new home, darling! I love you so much."
                  "I love you too, baby. We're going to be so happy here."
                  Little hearts drawn on.

                  The divorce had been like... almost a year prior. The message had been there even longer, staring him in the face, picking at the scab of his feelings every time he opened the pantry.

                  I frowned at it a bit, but left it, and went back to making coffee. As blondie got up and padded sleepily into the kitchen to join me, I handed her the mug and gestured to the whiteboard, instructing dourly, "Have a read."

                  Her eyes slowly widened as she read, her face falling in sadness, and she exclaimed, "Oh my GOD," and quickly rushed to put her coffee down and grab a tea-towel. She rushed to the whiteboard, and it took me a moment to realize what she was going to do before I snapped out and caught her wrist before it made contact with the board.

                  She looked up at me, imploring, "We have to get rid of it!" but I didn't let go.
                  Instead, I shook my head slightly and noted, "Yeah, that was my first instinct too. But one day, he's going to take stock of his life. The mistakes, the regrets, the good times. And maybe he'll pack it in a box to preserve forever, or maybe he'll clean it off himself. If he does - when he does - it'll be a moment of empowerment. He'll be consciously making the decision to move forward, himself. And it'll more powerful than anything you or I can do for him. If you wipe that off, you will rob him of that moment to choose - of that empowerment."
                  I let her go, saying, "Don't do it."

                  She looked back at the board, full of sympathy, but she agreed and put the tea towel down.

                  I don't know what he did with it. He did move out eventually, and packed everything up. The whiteboard would've had to be included, but I never asked him about it. A man needs his secret regrets, secret shames, it's the burden of age. Maybe he chose empowerment, maybe he clung to sentimentality, but it was his choice.

                  So yeah. Story with a moral.

                  Alternately, if you were just after dating stuff...


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    I wonder how many of these GW have sold...


      Knowing the addictive nature of Warhammer players?

      Probably multiple.

        Mann i need to re-evaluate how much i care about the hobby to actually think that the collection is stupid :|

      When I click that I get a 'choose your country' page. Are they selling Australia?

        For the price after that page, you'd think so.
        You still have to assemble and paint it yourself, though.

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      Then add the absurd cost of paint to the total.

      Holy carp. That's more expensive than my FREAKING CAR.

    Huh. Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) is writing the new Daredevil series (reportedly anyway).

      And apparently the lady who adapted the twilight books is doing Jessica jones

      *deep breath*


        She also did the first few seasons of Dexter though...

        Head writer until the end of season 4 (Trinity) so yeah. COULD be good.

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          Actually that makes it a lot better.

          I'm sure with Twilight she had to work with the source material...

    @benny Mrs Shane is on her way to the post office with your Supanova badges now. Because no one else said they wanted one, I'm sending you two and keeping one as a souvenir.

      Haha, thank you. Thank Mrs Smith(?) for me also.


          Shane's resume:

          "Shares name with fictional character played by Brad Pitt"

        News just to hand! If you don't need both of them, @jacksonwryan is looking for one. Commence discussion!

          Is he someone in Adelaide I can just pass it on to?

            I don't recall exact addresses, but you could hold an outside-Supanova meat! And then put on the badges and laugh as you pass by all the crowds and masquerade as exhibitors before opening! :P


              He looks like this!

            Hey, yeah dude! I am. I can grab from you if you don't have someone you know lined up for the second pass.

              No problemo. I'm only planning on attending the Saturday so if you want to meat up before then to collect? Otherwise Saturday? I will need to wait for them to arrive in the mail, also.

                Oh that'd actually work really well, because I plan to attend the Sunday! So you use Saturday and then switch to me and I will use em (both?) Sunday? let me know if you want via email - jacksonwryan @ gmail . com

    Guy came in looking for a pen refill for this odd looking pen all proud and boasting about how his pen is one specially designed for stabbing people.

    Congratulations. You're a psychopath. :/

    Edit: Found it. This one
    It's actually a thing :S

    Last edited 13/11/13 2:56 pm

      Well, they always say the pen is mightier than the sword.

      Don't even care this isn't page 6.

        I can't stay mad at that joke. For Last Crusade/Sean Connery reasons.

          The pen ish mightier than the shord.

            That's how it sounded in my head also.

      The ultimate pen for Pokemon trainers, who want the most out of their S.T.A.B damage.

        I'm going to buy one of those pens purely to prod you with it when next I see you.

      Trying to discover the legality of these but it's really fuzzy. Best I can figure it would be classed as a category M weapon ie: a weapon disguised to look like an innocent item.

        Could say it's just a tool? It's a glass-breaker that can also write things.

      Besides, everyone knows that pretty much any pen or pencil will work just fine if you get it in the right spot. Designing for it would just be to give you some margin for error. Pfft. Amateurs.

      Edit: Actually, that's TWO posts in one day indicating a predilection for stabbing/violence. Totally not a psycho, no really! The first one was just because I live in the Valley and homeless people sometimes think they deserve to be inside my home.

      Last edited 13/11/13 5:04 pm

    Got an email to the address associated with my US PSN account telling me you can now use PayPal to add funds on the PS Store. This just made life a whole lot easier. Haven't tested it yet to see if it discriminates against Aussies, but good news either way.

      Apparently Amazon opened their PSN store yesterday too. Not available in Australia.

      I got this as well. Also haven't tried. Will probably take the plunge tonight, I think there was something I wanted to grab on Vita/PSP before I go away for the weekend.

      Theoretically it shouldn't? Interested to hear if you have any problems with it, though.

        Yeah I can't see why it would, but history has taught me cautious optimism before outright excitement.

      That's weird, because I'm pretty sure I ALWAYS used paypal to pay for things on the PSN. c.c

    TAY has gotten pretty damn BoysClub-esque lately. I know that didn't sit well with folks last time. I feel kind of stupid for bringing this up, but just throwing it out there...

    *smoke bomb*

      I realise i've had major part in it so i'm keeping quiet for now, apologise to anyone i may have offended

        No, we've all been a part of it. No one person or any thing. There's nothing wrong with it either, just bringing up the fact that this kind of alienated people last time. (Full disclosure, I've never been a fan of boys club stuff too, but at the same time I recognize I've made my fair share of comments this time as well.) Uh, I dunno why I even brought this up!


        Last edited 13/11/13 3:15 pm

          Trying to deflect attention away from the steamy torridness of D.Chane?

            Yes, but that's not the point! :P

              Quiet, young DC. Let your fears melt away in Shane's warm embrace.

            I'll take full responsibility for Tay shipping, but in my defence, I was going for purple prose over smut and innuendo.

              I would like a share of responsibility to be assigned to me, for while I never instigate, I always follow through.