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    So there is a folder just sitting here on the network with postcards for everyone in the school. Containing all their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, etc.


      Of course. OF COURSE.

        Don't be creepy, Gooky. Don't be creepy. :P

          That's what I told me.

          I don't intend to act on it. I just had the realisation. And then couldn't un-think it.

            In all honesty, it's far safer to simply let someone else do it.

            You'd probably need to make up a cock-and-bull story first so you can cover your tracks, but how hard could that be?

          On the other hand, I have been told many times to "get her number", so... :P

            Her number is useless unless she gives it to you herself, my friend. :D

              You mean they're like friend codes now?


                Only thing you could do that wouldn't be creepy is warn your friend that their details are up there for all to see.

                  This. Well, your friend... or better, whoever put it up there, really. "Who's in charge of this? You know you've put private details in a public folder, right?"

                  Though all this gives you a segue next time you talk:

                  "How crazy was it all being listed like that? To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to ask you for your number for a while..."

                  Then the montage begins! :D

                  I'm known for my smoothness.


                  No, that's quickness.

      Man, the paper trail at your inevitable trial is gonna be a treasure trove.

        A witness, known to authorities only as "Sketchbook," was quoted as...

        I look forward to the Law & Order: SVU ripped from the headlines episode about TAY.

          In the Kotaku Commenting System the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the posters, who make comments; and the moderators, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

            INT- SCENE: A modern office

            DETECTIVE @dkzeitgeist looks over a bloodied keyboard, while OFFICER @Blaghman speaks to a witness. Also in the scene, MEDICAL EXAMINER @DC is photographing blood spatter patterns...

    I had lunch at 9.30am (I don't even know, shut up) so dinner at 4pm is totally acceptable right?

      Eating only when you're hungry is super healthy. We're meant to do the same for sleeping, but that would usually mean sleeping through the last half of the work-day, so we don't do it. (Well. Some countries do it with siestas, but they're filthy foreigners and what would they know?)

      I discovered that this is incredibly difficult and that at work, I often eat out of boredom. One day my metabolism will slow down and there will be dire consequences.

    NUMENERA: Wonders of the Ninth World

    For those who came in late:

    Just a reminder, session is TONGIHT at 7:30 SA time! Let us know if you can't make it, also we'll have @tech_knight on board!

    cc @mawt @tigerion @novacascade @negativezero @popdart5 @mythamphetamine @blaghman @transientmind

      I've got my roll20 account set up and ready to go on Monday so I should be good to go for tonight :)

      Ah, I'm at about 50% chance of making it right now - if I'm out for this session I'd prefer to be sent ahead scouting and fail to return rather than be stuck in the tavern drinking.

        Given your character is a ranger I'm sure we can wrangle that.

          Heh. It's fitting for the character, but it also makes an interesting enough hook if I turn up halfway through a dungeon/encounter.

    @freezespreston Yes, they're rebooting Fantastic Four (purely to keep hold of the rights). Being directed by the guy who made Chronicle and produced by the team who did X-Men: First Class (Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar) so it has the potential to be not shit.

    But it will remain shit until it proves itself not shit in which case it will be removed from the status of being shit.

    Last edited 13/11/13 4:08 pm

      I wonder if they'll try fit into the new Avengersverse that's making Marvel so much money.

        Nope. Completely separate to the MCU due to 20th Century Fox owning the rights.

        Having said that, there are rumours they're going to connect it to the X-Men universe (also owned by Fox).

      Is that Max Landis? I loved Chronicle. So good.

      Yeah but it's the Fantastic Four. They're a bit of a relic. A lot of the other characters have been modernised quite successfully but F4 remain so 60's it's painful.

        But if it's Landis though, he did a great job grounding his characters in Chronicle. Maybe he'll bring that sense of tone and atmosphere to the project!

          Director (Josh Trank), not writer.

          Although, Trank did help come up with the story for Chronicle.

            Oooooh, disregard my comments then. :D

          I liked the Venture Bros take on them. Hilarious yet horrifying and sad.

          Ben died ages ago because stone isn't living, Johnny has to be kept in a special chamber because being on fire is horribly painful, Sue turns invisible but only her skin does and she lives in fear of the egotistical, controlling maniac Reed who was the only one who got out without anything horrible.


    Gizmodo doesn't seem to have a 'Talk Amongst Yourselves' equivalent, so I'll post this here.

    You have a disconnect between the generated markup and what your Javascript code expects the markup to be. In your JS file here, you have code expecting "#content > .pull-right", which is direct descent, but in Gizmodo's page markup here for example, the "pull-right" class is inside an "em" element, which maps as "#content > em > .pull-right" instead.

    That causes an error further down when you try to use the .offset().left property of the pull-right element, and that causes a Javascript error. And because you guys decided to use qbaka to track Javascript errors, it means every time the page scrolls, a HTTP post is sent from the browser to qbaka with the error details, which is basically a flood and causes a constant stream of Ajax connections to their servers and really jittery page scrolling.

    Can you maybe pass this on to your dev team? They need to either put a check against undefined in the Javascript, or remove the 'em' element from the markup.

    Edited to add, it doesn't happen on every article, but I've had it several times this past few days.

    Last edited 13/11/13 4:08 pm

      It does, it's called White Noise, but that doesn't matter, welcome!

      The person you need to talk to is @benwhite. he's also on Twitter at @d3v1an7

        Yeah, I remember they had a try at it but I forgot its name and I hadn't seen it appear in the list recently. Or maybe I'm just bad at finding it =)

    *head desk, head desk, head desk, face floor *

      Is this some sort of new form of twister?

        OH I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!

        Left haaaannd.... Mincer....AWWWHAHAGHIUGEMYGODWHYITHURTSSOMUCH!!!!

        Nah, dance craze that's taking Brisbane by storm!

      End up going to Supanova this weekend, Gutsoup? Hope is all well, you sound stressed! D:

        no, didn't go, wasn't in the right mindframe

    Just a tender moment to let you know that i love you all.


      I don't love you back but will happily exploit your love for me in the form of booty calls.

        I farted so hard this morning I had to go to the toilet for a precautionary wipe.

          Any follow through?

            Fortunately, no - was touch and go for a bit though.

      I'm waiting for the follow up that involves SPACE MARINES or your penis. I expect it shall come soon.

        Which is itself a double-entendre.

        ...Yeah, I got nothing.

    Sorting this exotic asian cold I picked up with careful application of video games, anzac biscuits, pseudoephedrine cold and flu tablets, metal at unhealthy volumes and my heater.

    I feel I'm fighting the good fight and winning. Fuck you cold, let's see you beat me now.

    Last edited 13/11/13 5:05 pm

    Hngh, Eva Green.

    Random: "Have you guys got any spare handsets?"
    Transientmind: "Nope, sorry. You'll need to put an order in."
    R: "I could've sworn your unit had all those big piles of spare handsets returned from clients."
    T: "We did. You told us you needed our storage space and it was a waste of time and space keeping them and we should send them away. So we did."
    R: "Oh. Because we really need a spare phone."
    T: "Yeah. You'll have to put an order in."
    R: "It doesn't need to be anything fancy, just one of those little black ones that we had spares of..."
    T: "Gotta have storage space if we're gonna have spare phones."
    R: "Yeah, I know, but... we only need the one. Sooooo..."
    T: "Sooooo we don't have any spares and you'll need to put an order in."
    R: *sadface*
    T: "If it helps, I don't like living with the negative consequences of my decisions either."

    I won't pretend I wasn't savouring the irony.

      I love it when you answer someone's query, and they continue to ask the question in different ways like somehow a definitive 'no', might turn into something else if they persist. I don't have what you need, and asking me again or begging isn't going to magically change anything.

        This is every day with my kids.

          I liken it to going back to the fridge repeatedly, despite knowing there's nothing good in there. Like something might've changed in the 5 minutes since you last checked.

      You have no idea how many times I encountered the same kind of situation at the school I used to work at! Of course, nobody wanted ANYTHING, until the day it had all been shipped off to be recycled, or thrown away!

    I just pulled a hair from my nose...
    OH GOD!!!

      The ensuing tears and face-wrinkling pain, that's why.

        ...I could see through TIME...

          The worst ones are the ones that are right at the very front of your nose - the little ones - they sting so bad. That or the gigantic black ones that are like an inch in diameter and come out with part of your brain attached to the root.

            Oh man.. I HATE those.
            Getting older sucks arse!

      *Link to Red Dwarf clip.*

      If you didn't use cooking tongs to extract said hair, you did it wrong.

        mannnn i fucking LOVE that show

    And, holy shit - X Rebirth drops in two days. I am decidedly excite. Here, smell it. See?

    Why is it the customers who come in and spend hundreds of dollars are in, got what they want and out with no fuss but the ones who spend nearly nothing will bother and harass you for an entire day?

      They have so little that the tiny amount means more to them.

      ...Not the most fun answer. :/

        I was thinking the same thing.

          Funny to think about really.

          I remember not too many years ago when I'd been utterly screwed on finances by an ex, was paying for rent at two different apartments and drowning in credit card debt. Trying to wriggle out from under that debt sometimes meant a weekly food budget of $20, where every single dollar was worth its weight in gold - hell, right now a dollar gets you a loaf of bread, son. That's great value for vital calories (Like, nearly 250 a day - and if you ever get sweet cravings you can let the bread dissolve on your tongue where it will be converted to glucose.)

          Contrast to only a few years earlier as a young and brash corporate stooge working insane hours for insane monies, throwing money around like it was candy, paying for other peoples' bus tickets or bottles of water in queues because they were holding up the line and looking embarrassed. I remember one time, standing at one of those intersections that tricks tourists because the walk signal doesn't go when you'd think it should thanks to turning lanes, and some kid started walking out onto the road after hearing the wrong pulsing walk-signal go off... I yank the kid back by the collar to prevent him getting hit by a car (which then sped past, honking), but had to drop my newspaper (yeah kids, we read newspapers in those days) to do so, which then spilled everywhere and got picked up by the wind. Such a filthy litterer. What I assume was the kid's mother looked incredibly apologetic and tried to offer to pay for the paper, to which I replied, "Thanks, but I won't miss it. I tip more than that for my coffee. ...It's not even very good coffee."

          Value is a function of scarcity, and all that.

            Good guy Transientmind! Not really related to Freeze's post but I like being generous and I feel so bad that I can't afford to be overly generous these days. It's not cause I don't want to, it's because I really can't. I look forward to being able to do nice things for people again. Haha!

            Last edited 13/11/13 6:50 pm

      Rich people are busy getting richer.

    Soooo just got back from the doctors. News was about as good as it could get. Everything's gotten a lot better since last time, no need for steroids, keep doing what you're doing, see you in 6 months or so.

    Seriously so relieved. I do not, ever, want to go on steroids again. I've lost a bit more weight (down to 62.5kg with shoes+hoodie and that on) which I'm not entirely happy about, but it's still better than the 52kg I was at a few years ago. It fucking scares me that I weighed that at 16 years old.

    Don't need that great big hug from Oliver anymore, although I'd still like one cos I haven't had one in like a week and a half, I miss the guy :P He'll have more ammo when he complains that I'm too skinny and there's not enough of me to hold on to now though... (yeah that's happened a couple of times)

      Glad the news is good on the health front, my friend! Hells yeah!

        Doctor told me to avoid coming home when possible too, but I completely forgot to ask about getting a referral in Hobart :(

      As a frame of reference, how tall are you? Also, good news is good. Most people's weight fluctuates a few kilo just on how hydrated they are and when they last pooped.

      Last edited 13/11/13 6:19 pm

        Yeah, I've always been very puzzled at the women in the office who get all excited that they lost one kilo this month, when I've noticed that I can be anywhere up to two kilos difference at any given time of the day.

        "Sometimes I just forget to eat, and yeah, I lose some weight those days." Apparently the concept of forgetting to eat is so alien to them as to warrant stares, so clearly these people have never been glued to a 4X strategy game on a weekend.

          I can't wait to see the spread in Woman's Weekly: "The Dota Diet! See how one Swedish man lost 5kg after a marathon gaming session."

        Umm I think I'm like 167cm tall from memory. Somewhere around that.

          That's like 5'5 or something, right? That weight doesn't sound too crazy for that height?

            My brother is 185cm (6'1) and he's been under 60kg. Even now, I'd be shocked if he was over 65kg. Then again, he seems to break a different limb every week so I don't know if he's a useful example of anything when it comes to health.

            It does if you saw how tiny I actually am :P I constantly get told to eat more, but the only thing that achieves is pissing me off.

              When I was, uh, slightly, um, depressed earlier this year I got down to 70kg and I'm 6'2... wasn't good... I can empathize my friend.

                That sucks man :( Whenever I get depressed I'm always happier not eating at all so I can understand that. Hope you're doing better now!

                  I am. Took some happy pills for a while and now all is good in the hood. Haha! Thanks!

      I had a little crisis when I was trying to get fitter and discovered that I could barely struggle out a dozen chin-ups without feeling like my arms had turned to rubber.

      I exclaimed to the trainer, "Shit, I used to be able to do an infinite number of these when I was 19! The limit was just whenever I got bored!"
      Trainer asked, "So what did you weigh at 19?"
      "Uhm. About 56kg."
      "And now you're 80."
      "78.5 thankyou!"
      "Near enough. Mystery solved. Lifting that extra weight is hard, which you'll find out when I start strapping weights to you while you do it - don't give me that look. ...Also you're out of practice, you should be able to do more like a few dozen, and I'm guessing you never did much more than 100."
      "This is all very reasonable, if only slightly less disheartening."

        19 year olds aren't renowned for their long attention spans.

        Haha sometimes the hard truth hurts :P It's very easy for me to notice when I've put on or lost a couple of kilos though. It always shows itself somewhere.

        Man. I can only do like six tops before I have to stop. A dozen is pie in the sky crazy.

          Does climbing help with that stuff?

            Apparently not? :P

            Well, I've got the strength for it, sure. But my stamina is pretty shit. Though that probably comes down to having done nothing but bouldering for the last couple of years. Like when Climbey had me down on the ropes the other week, and I was huffing and puffing all the way up. Totally unfit.

              Intense cardio is totally un-fun and a sure-fire way to lose all your hard-earned bulk. Which is why you'll always be able to outrun a bodybuilder. :P

              ...It's also kinda the only way to stay fit. :(

                Good thing I'm just doing this for fun, and don't particularly care about fitness then :P

      Reads through all the replies.
      Looks at 6ft 7 self in mirror at 85kg.
      Remembers when he came back from travelling weighing in at 69kg.
      Remembers when he was weight lifting and exercising, weighing in at 95kg of muscle.
      Looks back at mirror.
      Starting to get pot belly.
      Has existential crises about being the tall hairy skinny guy with the big belly.
      Promises to go to gym. Tomorrow. Or Saturday. Sometime soon.
      Goes back to desk and eats chocolate to feel better.

    This is confusing because it has two slightly different titles but here you go @dc:

      Thanks Jimu! Think I'd prefer to just watch the original in full though! You awesome!

        qwell, long story short, the euro one is worth your time....but not before 12 Monkeys.

          But there's a TV show coming. There's no point watching the original now. :P

            You just made the list, like literally, there was no list previously...

              Seems like something I can take pride in, maybe? :D



      Why do bull ants suddenly appear every time you are near?
      Just like Climbing Girl they long to be close to you!

      Just think of them as Pikmin, maybe?

      Last edited 13/11/13 7:06 pm

        They do look rather Pikmin-like...

        Plus they are red, and I can only imagine that those pincers would sting like a motherbitch.

        Last edited 13/11/13 7:35 pm

      So the winged ones are future Queens, kill them before they pull an Aliens in your back garden (serious)

        I think dad went out to take care of them already, in whatever manner. I know once years ago in the backyard he dumped diesel on an ants nest and set it alight, just standing there and turning the soil for a while.

        I just realised before that this would have been perfect for my giant solar death ray. Too bad the sun's already gone. Guess I'll have to come out and check for any on the weekend :P

    @ynefel: tried adding some cash to my US PSN wallet via Paypal.

    Paypal deducted the money correctly but then the fucking Sony store is all 'couldn't fund your wallet' so now I have $50 in limbo. I don't want to go whinging to Sony because they'll be all 'your account has a fake address' and stuff, last thing I want is all my crap being cancelled because of violation of ToS.

    Maybe it was just because I left it idle for too long before finishing the workflow.

      Poooo. That limbo money can take a couple of days before it returns too. I hate that.

        According to our good friend BlueMaxima it doesn't work from AU :( Stick to buying codes.


      Mister Tawky Tawny: This move requires a black sock, a digital audio recorder, and electric hair clippers. It only works if your partner is a natural redhead.

      These guys sound like they know how to party.

    Also, on the postcards thing - they're all going to be mass-printed and be just sitting there on the tables at industry night or whatever for anyone to take. So... yeah :P

    Guess who just had Thai Green Curry...this guy!

    PEW PEW cc @chuloopa

    Glad I mocked it up in paper first! Needs to be bigger. (BECAUSE I HAVE A BIG HEAD)

    Last edited 13/11/13 9:23 pm

      So freaking AWESOME!!!

      The real question is:
      Which Chapter?

        Bit soon for that :P But I'd probably go BA Death Company, Imperial Fists orrrrr the ANGRY MARINES

      Paper mockups are the best. Though yours looks a whole lot fancier than most of mine.


    And so, the party has solved the mystery of Embered Peaks, pacified the psychic entity Boregal and brought peace to the area. But what awaits them in Charmonde?

    Thanks for playing @blaghman @novacascade @popdart5 @Tech_knight! Next time @tigerion @mawt @mythamphetamine @transientmind!

      Was an awesome session. Although I will say we all found it kinda difficult trying to get any information out the Crazies that seemed to populate the town. Still... we got through it... Just :-/

        Yeah, I was a little worried you'd be stopped short a couple of times, but I figured I could feed something to @tech_knight if you got really stuck. If you hadn't gone towards the Forum of the Dead when you did Chahil probably would have started screaming

          In which case the cowards in us would have us leaving the town for good :P

            Hah! I'm trying not to railroad you too much, but I'd have probably tried to force you back to the town in that case!

              Its subtle railroading, the kind that I'm guessing a GM has to be good at. You are doing an awesome job

            I still would've gone in personally, it was my home afterall :)

          I really felt bad cuz I was barely able to contribute/knew how to contribute since it was all communicating with fleshlings (Which being as I am, not very good at that lol). Plus they were so out of mind they couldn't answer our questions to help investigate further, if Nova didn't use that monitor I think we would've truly been stuck at the Forum of the Dead. I was trying to press Chahil about the leftover blood stains but that didn't help much sadly :)

          Still this is a lot of fun taking part in a rollplay, never actually done it like this before (Not through a computer game role play server). I really should show the bios of the Neverwinter Nights characters I've done in the past just for you guys to read if anyone's interested :P.

            Good thing I remembered I had that gadget then :D

              AND you got it replaced in the same session, was a very good run with that cypher. :)

      Also, @tech_knight if you can send me a character sheet and, if you have one, a character pic? If you haven't got a pic in mind Moebius is a good artist to start with.

        I'll put the character sheet together when I can and send it over with an avatar. I'll probably have to do a shoddy mspaint job on the character sheet lol

          Doesn't need to be on the actual sheet, just the character details.

          Also, there is an app you can get to manage your char- search numenera on the app store of your choosing

            Ah yep I can do that, I'll email you what I have in my notepad tonight and if I'm missing stuff like class-based skills or a stat I missed you can let me know

    Baw, Tactical Haptics' kickstarter isn't looking too good :(
    Still got a month to go, but I dunno. Hope they get there.

    R.I.P.D is a pretty terrible movie.

    Jeff Daniels is pretty great in it though.

    And god dammit Ryan Reynolds stop picking terrible movies to waste away in.

    Also, Crazy Girl likes the moustache. Told me so a couple of times today. The last of which ended something like

    "No but seriously, I think it's really [cool/good/something/I forget].
    [possibly something else happened here inbetween]
    Can you be Batman?"
    "*confused pause* Why?"
    ".....because I love him?"

    Don't at all know what to take away from that.


        My first thought was to do my "budget batman" again, where I took my Capt. Falcon mask and wore it under my black hoodie, with a pair of cardboard ears safety pinned to it. Pretty easy.

        Although I can't remember where I put the ears.

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