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    Happy Monday, everyone!

    You should totally check out James Flamestar and the Stargazers, a comic for which I did all the artwork and scripting, and some of the story development. The hype for the Flamestar franchise may have wound down a bit, so long after the album’s release, but I’m all about the bad timing.

    It’s 74 pages of partially-coloured epic comic awesome, starring a number of TAY and Pixel-Otaku regulars as they battle an evil, oppressive Empire with the only weapon they have: music.

    It can be yours for only four dollars.

    On a related note, seeking feedback on the price point. Too high? Too low? Everything’s negotiable!

    Morning TAY, how's every little thing?

    My weekend was good, celebrated my girlfriends cousins first birthday and picked up KH1.5, played some xcom while biding my time towards getting Enemy Within. And next weekend is Sexpo so that's gonna be fun.

    Anyway I'll see myself out for another week, see you guys around the wagons

    So. Damn. Tempting.

    But. Have. No. Spare. Money.


      If they were metalworked, I'd buy them instantly. I can hold out when it's just plastic.

        Near as I can tell they don't exist so you lucked out there :P

        Hmm. Wonder how I'd go trying to make some of those in metal?

        Last edited 18/11/13 9:11 am

          It's on shapeways. If you ask the creator, it is the work of ten minutes for him to get them done in metal.

    Finished my final frame for helmet last night. Once I fibreglass and harden it I'll do things like cut out eyes and add Glospex ( and fans for cooling. Now on to the torso or something!

    Must remember to measure properly in future. I now have three helmets of different sizes.

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    Why Indie filmmaking is rad:

    After finding an ad on the UK Gumtree site, in which a man advertises that he will give a free room and board to an applicant on the premise that they will dress up as a walrus for a couple of hours a week for him, Kevin Smith talked about it on his podcast and it rapidly turned into an idea for a plot of a horror movie.

    6 months later and the film is about to enter post-production.


    Less than a week until marriage.

    Time for this!

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    What up TAY?

    The show on Friday was easily the most fun I've ever had on stage. The crowd got right into it and ended up getting pretty wild. Our set was the only time security actually had to do something all night. Check it.

    Back to work, (reasonably) refreshed after two weeks off, and the place has all the enthusiasm of a funeral. Same as always, it fucking kills me. Now watch two weeks of holidays wither and die in the vicinity of 24-48 hours.

    Making an interactive map for a private school at work and man these kids have it sweet. The map is for a new building that they've just completed and this thing is probably bigger than my entire high school was :P

    ANYWAY, weird competitive jealousy aside, I played games on the weekend! Because of the stupid rain. Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us, which was great. The Stanley Parable, which was... alright. Don't really understand the hype to be honest :P Maybe because I knew too much before playing. And Batman Arkham Asylum, which I've only played the first couple of hours of and has already blown away my expectations (they were very low because I usually dislike Batman stuff :P). Really enjoying it.

    Hope you're all well!

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      Arkham Asylum blew my socks off too. I was about 12-18 months late to the party after it's release, because I was the same - a Batman game? Meh.

      I picked it up cheap and was blown away by how good it was and how wrong I was to assume it might be poopy. Such an amazing game, and it was also my first real appreciation Hamill's Joker. The setting was great, gameplay was great, plus some pretty neat concepts in there too.

      I have Arkahm City and Arkham Origins, but have yet to play either unfortunately. I even have Blackgate sitting there too.

    Hey TAY!

    Counting down the days until my holiday!
    Only 2 days of work this week (interrupted by uni exams)

    What is everyone up to?

      Classy older Phoenix, you're totally hot.
      And a single dad? With that dress sense?
      How are the ladies not swarming all over you?

    Dear Diablo 3

    Your ending sucked and your credits went longer than the game. You really don't need to credit the florist of the bank manager of the drug dealer of the key grips's uncle's 2nd cousin.


    Hola Tay

    Not too exciting a weekend- went and played Magic on Sat, got my arse handed to me. Bought Saga vol 1 (Awesome) and the first issue of new Sandman. On Sunday played Skyrim and went to the pub with friends- one had been at Supanova and got me GRRM's signature, which is now hanging in my loungeroom.

    A Monday Morning Question: Sandman is a comic in many ways about dreaming and dreamscapes. Which dream of yours would be an interesting game?

    Last edited 18/11/13 9:46 am

      That time I dreamt that a Charizard was attacking my house.


      Not sure I can answer that on a public forum.

        Yeah, because usually this place is so restrained. :P

        Freeze's Dream Game has been refused classification by the Australian Board of Classification :P

      SAGA! \o/
      Volume Two is out now as well, it's pretty damn awesome.

      I have no answer for your question.

      Open world sandbox post a disastourous event where people fight in the streets to survive, hide in bushes always in bushes

      A stealth game where you avoid velociraptors and other forms of beasts because you're too weak to fight and also no weapons

      So many
      Stranded and issolated in SE asia so join rebel group fighting against corrupt government
      The cross world universe collision where our world and fantasy world meld together.
      Starfighter combat similar to starlancer

    Looking at finally upgrading to a mechanical keyboard for all the 'clicky clicky' noises.

    Has anyone used a Logitech G710?

      I think that's the one Pip got. She loves it. It seems decent from the little I've used it as well.

      I've been thinking about it, but it's kinda overpriced for what it is.

      Honestly, the best option is still Razer, with one important condition: do NOT use Razer Synapse (their software), especially if you have Logitech stuff (and therefore software). It's caused so many problems for me that I've uninstalled it. The keyboard still does everything I need without it.

        I've found it for $149.95 and I'm willing to pay the extra if it's worth it.

        I've had nothing but trouble with Razer gear (excluding one of their cheap mice I got for an old laptop).

          I can't fault the Blackwidow as apiece of hardware, but everything outside of that is a steaming pile.

          Just looked at prices, apparently the G710 has dropped in price all over the place so they're relatively comparable in cost now. If you get one I'd be keen to hear how it goes.

        Confirmed. My Black Widow Ultimate is the best keyboard I've ever owned, bar none.

        I had several Logitech keyboards and found them to be quite plasticy and crappy for the price. That being said, the last Logitech KB I owned was the original blue G15, so my information might be sorely out of date.

          I'm still using my blue G15. Can't complain about long term durability.

            I've still got mine under my bed somewhere and it works just fine. My biggest issue was with the build quality, really. Didn't have such a problem with it until I started looking at other keyboards. But the G15 and my 6 odd year old G9x still work perfectly - I won't fault the Logitech longevity.

            EDIT: I thought my G9x was dying a month or so back, but I think it turned out to be a funny USB port.

            Last edited 18/11/13 10:39 am


                I had a G5 before my G9x as well. That was a fantastic mouse, and I only got rid of it (sold it to a mate) to upgrade.

                  There is no upgrading from a G5. Only another G5, then realising you don't have any other USB mice available when one dies on your parents' computer, so they borrow the G5 and complain about how strange (hi @strange) it is, then when you move interstate you cannot take it with you because they don't want a normal mouse any more.

                  G5. I was unaware anything better could possibly exist.


                  I dunno man, the G9x is still my favorite mouse of all time. I've used a lot of mice too - it still pips my favorite Razer mice too. The only reason I'm not still using it on my games machine is because I need the extra MMO buttons on the Razer Naga.

                  In short, brilliant mouse.

                  G5. I figured I'd look at available upgrades and if there's anything better once it died.
                  Got it in 2005(?), still waiting, and still very happy with it.


        Razer is probably the best out of the major gaming brands but when it comes to mechanical keyboards the Black Widow is fairly middle of the range.

        I've been using a Ducky keyboard for a while now and it is rad. Filco and Coolermaster also make some damned fine keyboards.

      I've been wanting one for a while now, though with all the talk of the different kinds of keys they have I'd really want to try them all out first to see which sort's best, but wouldn't have a clue where you'd go to do that. Therefore, too hard basket :P

        We walked into Hardly Normal, and the sales guy pulled one out of the box so she could get hands on and make a decision. Then he even knocked a bit off the price so it was as good a price as anywhere.

    Feck this cold. Going on two weeks now and no end in sight. :(

    In other news, nothing of any great importance happened. I played the new DLC in Payday 2 and it's pretty fun although it's so annoying having to contend with Black Bullies.

      Seconded. Take away the stupid cold and wind and rain and bring back the 30º days again.

        I really want a hot and dry summer. I'm so sick of the rain.

    So... Anyone that has watched the whole of Breaking Bad, how much spoiler is the front page of at the moment?

      Not very. Only spoils (vaguely) the first half of s5. it's pretty funny

        Having only watched up to season 2, I took that title as giving away one of the major parts of the ending. If this is indeed the case, and you're throwing in a good dose of misdirection, I am very appreciative.

          I'm not hedging either way, as either could be a spoiler. The specific clip it's referring too, and this is spoiling very little, has an intro from the first half of s5 (and is as shane describes below).

          The text in the article itself is a more explicit spoiler.

      Nah, it's just Hal from Malcom in the Middle waking up and saying "It was all a horrible dream." It mentions some events from most seasons of the show in a vague way, so could be considered spoilers in that sense. I watched it and don't think it's really worth a look, though.

        Breaking bad finale spoilers The headline states "Walt Lives In This..." spoiling the fact that Walt dies.

          Ha, didn't even notice that title. Whoops!


          I think the headline is borderline- "Walt lives" could be a reference to "walt exists once again following the end." The text of the article says "Walt survives" which is a bit different.

      Only advice I could ever give is: "do not use for anything ever. period."

        It's one of the few sites not blocked at work.

    Had bee's little brother over for the weekend - lots of Eath Defence Force was played.
    Also played some 40k with him.

    Mannn cultists suck SO bad when they aren't in massive numbers!



        Don't ever change

      I remember one time I was LANing against people in W40K while I was playing as Chaos:
      "HAH! These cultists do no damage, I have no idea why you're using-"
      *Suddenly three full squads of raptors jump right on top of them*
      Moral of the story: Don't underestimate meatshields :)

    Ugh. This Monday is terrible. I think I'd like to return it and get a new one.

    On the bright side, I may be buying a car within the week.

      \o\ \o/ /o/
      \o\ \o/ /o/
      \o\ \o/ /o/

      dammit I'm supposed to buy one of them but I don't know what I'm doing, been about 3 months and i still have no idea.

      Cool, what you choose? The RAV?

        Looks like it may actually be an ex-fleet X-trail.

          What model? Note that the best one is with the dash in front of driver, not in the centre. Apparently a whole bunch of other subtle improvements happened there too.

            ...there's one with the dash in the middle? I *hate* that. Fortunately, it's not that one.

            Honestly can't remember the exact model, but it's either mid or top because climate control and a few other things.

              Cool cool. Should come with CVVT (the silky smooth transmission). We have one for fleet car, it's pretty nice.

    Morning all. Mondays really blow hard with a vengeance.

    I celebrated my two year anniversary with the wife on Saturday night by going to see Captain Phillips on the big screen. Great film - very scary, very tense. I definitely won't be sailing off the Somali coast anytime soon. Tom Hanks is amazing, as per usual.

    That's two very scary, very tense films that I have seen this year (Gravity being the other) which had me thinking about horror films. I know I'm mashing two genres here, thriller and horror but I cannot think of the scariest film that I've seen for the life of me - that would hold up today and still freak me out.

    The Exorcist perhaps? I re-watched the original Japanese Ringu recently and nothing - not as scary as I remember.

    My question is; what's the scariest film you have seen? Doesn't even need to be horror-genre specific. I'm going to say The Exorcist, mainly because I can't think of anything else - however I will need to re-watch to be sure.

      Bowling for Columbine.
      Scared the shit out of me.

        Oh wow, totally forgot that one. Definitely going to re-watch that.

      Maybe the woman in black.
      It's hard for me to say because I don't get scared by horror movies easily.

        The trailer looked pretty creepy - I might have to actually watch that one.

      I watched Sinister over the weekend, and that shit was skin-crawling. Loved it. The horror movies that go for the cheap jump-out-of-your-seat scares do nothing for me. It takes some skill to give me goosebumps.

        Sinister is all kinds of messed, I don't mind watching horrors but damn sinister had me reaching for a pillow to cover my eyes

      Jesus Camp.


      It's about the indoctrination of children by right-wing evangelicals in the US.

        Okay I just read the Wikipedia overview for that one. Uh, what the f?

      I've heard people say things about Cannibal Holocaust. I don't know if it falls under horror or thriller at all, rather than just gross, but I know it was meant to be hard to watch in one way or another.

    Morning everyone.
    I said this over the weekend, but I'll say it again here.
    If anyone wants help or advice if they're thinking of cosplaying at Pax, I'll be happy to help.

      I still need to stockpile on those group cosplay ideas. :( Keeping in mind we're all lazy and don't want to rock up with paper mache wings. Needs to be practical.

        There are rules anyway. If the wings are too big* they would need to be cloaked. Weapons, if they are over a metre are banned, or cloaked (I can't remember which), guns must have a ring of coloured tape over the barrel and no weapon is allowed to be useable. So nothing sharp, or functional.
        My suggestion would be to ask what everyone would like to do and go from there.

    Damn comments awaiting moderation >:(

    Reposting without two links... Finished my final frame for helmet last night. Once I fibreglass and harden it I'll do things like cut out eyes and add Glospex and fans for cooling. Now on to the torso or something!

    Must remember to measure properly in future. I now have three helmets of different sizes.
    Speaking of which, I have to either cut the torso in half or make it massive as my head is too big for the neck hole without making the scale maaaaaasive. And I am not agile enough for large stilts.


        aka Space Wolves?

          I just rambled down further how you never see spesh maureens with beards too. First day back at work and all. I'm tired. Hngh.

      How to make a space marine more manly? Add a beard.
      Looking really good, what is the frame made of?

        200gsm paper and a mess of PVA glue.
        My beard will go for the event, since it is very uncomfortable with beard and helm.

          You needed to think more about this and go helmetless. Cutting your beard off for anything is not on, not to mention we'd see a spesh maureen with a beard! You could be like a Captain or somesuch, they like to go helmetless. But you'd need to go Chaos, I don't the Emperor is a fan of beards. That or the lack of facial hair is a side effect of the gene-seed. I blame the primarchs and their smooth, hairless faces.

          I'm rambling now. Excellent helmet, excellent beard. Do what you will.

          EDIT: Space Wolves, Leman Russ etc. Good work Cody. Go the fuck back to sleep.

          Last edited 18/11/13 10:23 am

            I am far too ugly to show my face in public. But yeah, i'll probably just cut it down, it's about 2 inches long at the moment so I guess I could go down to 1/2 or something. But it's only a month and a half of beardness anyway so it'll be back.

            If this goes to plan I hope to make a Chaos Marine next \o/

              \o/ for not completely shaving!
              \o/ for Chaos!

      That must have taken a while. Did you use peppacura?

        Si. Most people making them have been using foam but I have more access to body panel repair gear so fibreglass, bondo (car filler) and automotive spray painting will be the end result.

          Just try to make it a little more rounded. It's hard to explain, but sometimes the effect can be ruined if you can see the little triangles, so I would suggest sanding it, just to hide it a little.
          You probably already though of that though, so sorry.

            Yeah, that's what the bondo is for. Bulk coverage then sand it down

      This is the most EPIC thing i have seen on here.
      By far.
      You're my hero.

    Good morning,

    Spent the weekend playing Devil May Cry HD and X-COM.

    I'd previously only played the first hour of the first three games. Really loved my time with Devil May Cry. It looked amazing in HD especially the castle and pirate ship. I liked the 'inspect/interact' function with the environment and furnishings which if you read them created a greater atmosphere and reminded me a lot of the older Resident Evil games. With the first game finished I moved on to the sequel and completed the first mission. I spent most of the time using the new wall running ability and doing backflips, cause backflips are awesome! The combat seems to be a bit more free-flowing too.

    Put about 3 hours into X-COM and I'm really enjoying it. Its a change of pace from I've been playing of recent times.

    In other news, last week I went and saw G.R.R.M and Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister) and Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) at the Opera house. It was a very interesting experience.

    Happy Monday \o/

    So the weekend was alright.
    Contrast unlocked
    Wasn't allowed to play contrast without Mrs Tigs
    Mrs Tigs go home
    Played Contrast
    Went to BBQ
    Came home
    Finished Contrast

    I quite enjoyed the game which is good as I went in with high expectations, I've been waiting for this game for maybe a year. Artistically it is beautiful and always nice to get a bit of soft jazz through your games. Puzzles were interesting but not overly difficult. The gameplay doesn't evolve much so more using the general ability in a different location.
    Think it took us around 3 hrs to finish in total with time spent hunting for collectibles (Missed 2) so if you just wanted to blast through you could do it in 1.5 - 2 hours. For me I think that was a good length, much longer and the puzzles would get repetitive or the gameplay would need to evolve.
    I think the game is really going to suffer review wise from being a launch title on the PS4. It isn't anything that is designed for the new hardware or to be a showcase title. It is certainly a last gen title that has been launched on the new hardware.
    Also going to get slapped by some people on a cost/time ratio. But for 15 bucks it was cheaper than 2 movie tickets and we both enjoyed it as much as movies we have gone to see. (Not to mention the last time we went to see movie it cost $150)

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