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    Morning all! Happy MonTAY.

    commiserations congratulations to @chuloopa for getting married over the weekend. I'm sure my invitation just got lost in the mail. I understand completely.

      God damn it - i sent that invite like 4 times!!!
      I'm about to go postal on that... postie...

      Thanks buddy! :D


      hahaha, oh my god i woke up this morning and saw ten million siliconera articles on persona and they all look like troll games and that was the best thing ever

        It was definitely the biggest troll when watching the stream, they announced the dancing game and was about to wrap up, then a countdown started from 55 seconds and we ended up getting what we were waiting for haha

    Hey, hey, hey guys, guys...

    If anyone missed the article on the weekend, there's a chicky called Taylor Davis, that can apparently do something with a violin and make it sound decent:

    Oh and she mainly does excellent gaming scores, eg. Skyrim, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts etc.

    I just purchased her album (Melodies of Hyrule) from her personal website, (do the googles for Taylor Davis Violin, i don't want to put another link into this post) and it's only $10, and every bit as amazing as the above clip...

    I'm usually not much for TAY-marketing, but she pretty much produces all of this herself, so every bit of backing she can get, she deserves!

      *Sees Sheik costume. Rolls eyes*

      At least she doesn't dance as stupidly as Lindsey Stirling.

      (Taylor Davis was also Violinist for the Critical Hit album that I've harped on a few times about)

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    So how about that Doctor Who?

    I liked it, I really liked it.

    Interesting to see the angry eyes of next Doctor guy during the big scene, will be interesting to see how much he returns to being an old man. Also, that Tom Baker cameo at the end. Pretty great. He appeared and I was like "Oh crap, I know who that is, but I can't remember!" Clicked a little while later. Oh, and I really liked John Hurt as the Angry Old War Doctor. The "assemble a cabinet at them?" line made me laugh far too much. Now other people, bring interesting discussion. INTERESTING STUFF!

      I forgot it was out yesterday, so then I went on the internet and then suddenly SPOILERS!
      Good times.
      Still going to go watch it tomorrow at the cinemas though, so that is my completely irrelevant contribution to this comment chain.

      I kind of loved it.
      Tom Baker is my Doctor so I recognised his voice instantly. :D Wasn't fond of David Tennant often forgetting how to act as The Doctor, though. It was a bit jarring. When Clara was stopping the Doctors and again in "the big scene" I may have teared up but if you tell my husband, I will hurt you. He doesn't know, thanks to the nice dark cinema we watched it in. :P

        I bet you $50 there was at least one point in the movie your husband was hiding his teary eyes from you.

          He doesn't hide it. Probably because I don't laugh at him like he laughs at me. :P

        I blame the writing for Tennant's acting. He was obviously only there for fan service and was an in-betweener between the much younger John Hurt doctor and the current much older Matt Smith doctor. I don't care for Smith much so it kind of bugged me that Tennant had to play the less-experienced second fiddle role.

        Overall though, I thought it was a good episode, a good story, and a good celebration of the 50th anniversary. A+ would watch again.

        Heh. I almost considered going to a cinema for it.

        But then I realised that it would be full of screaming Dr Who fanatics (you know the ones I mean) and decided against it.

        Far, far safer viewing at home.

          Actually, the fans made it. Being in a big room, where everyone gets the jokes and cheered and gasped in the right places really made the experience. So glad I saw it in the cinema.

      Oh man, John Hurt was absolutely fantastic! Also, kind of wish they used DotD to reveal that Peter Capaldi was the next doctor, but regardless it was really freakin' cool having him there.
      Really happy I went and saw it at the movies. The 3D worked really, really well with the Timelord art, and that intro was so good :D

        Re: Your second spoilertag
        That intro made it so worthwhile. :D

          I was munching on popcorn during the movie and every time it squeaked I laughed :P

      So damn good.

      John Hurt did an amazing job as wartime Doctor. Everything about it was awesome, really. I may have started to tear up a bit at the whole "the noise the TARDIS makes brings hope wherever it's heard, even to you" thing.

      I loved it, but a couple of things felt slightly off. Thoughts and wishes spoilerfied below.
      No.1: Dr 10 (11 now?) saying "I don't want to go." You could see on his face that even he thought it a shlockly line.
      No.2: Alright, so all the stuff with 10 (11?) with Timothy Dalton and the Master has just been retconned? What? That kinda leads to his death. Blaghs picked up something I didn't and it's making sense now.
      No.3: Seeing Hurt and Tennant made me realise that Smith is not a fantastic Dr IMHO. Grab your pitchforks, I'm going to stand right here and martyr myself over that point.
      No.4: I miss Eccleston.
      No.5: The one liners within this were brilliant. "Yes, lock me in the tower with my co-conspirators, Sand-shoes and granddad!"

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        The only things I agree with you about are your last two. :D

          But that's the great thing about Dr. Who, we're both still big fans who don't agree on everything.
          Also, I'm calling it early.
          Here's the body-centric nicknames from new Who in order - ears, hair, chin eyebrows

            See, the proper nickname for the next doctor is

            Malcolm Fuckity Tucker.

              Im really hoping that Capaldi brings over at least a few shades of Tucker to the doctor.
              His chess-master style, thinking 10000 moves ahead, take-no-shit attitude, making horrible jokes at really inappropriate times etc.

        Point 2:
        The Timothy Dalton and The Master stuff still happened. There's a line about it in one of the shots of the war room, they're like "the council's locked itself up with their plan of blah blah evil whatever." So they would have still bailskied, expecting Gallifrey to fall, even though it didn't in the end.

          COMPLETELY missed that part. Oh brilliant. Thank you Blaghs.

            No problemmo, I thought the same thing on my first watching, second watching with my mother I heard the line and suddenly it made a whole lot more sense.

            In fact, I believe that a line said right after is along the lines of "Damn the council, their plans have already failed. So actually, The End of Time ends just a bit before all the Docs pull a planet-sized houdini. This also perfectly sets up the return of the Master and Lord.. Rasselon, was it? Don't remember.

        No. 2: They explicitly state that the military command in Arcadia aren't taking orders from the high council who are in another city, which is who Rassilon et al are.

      I loved The Day Of The Doctor. I went on a road trip with about 20 other Who fans to see it at a better cinema, despite the fact that the local cinema had two screenings. The 3D was amazing. I particularly loved the mobile phone warning with Strax and the put your 3D glasses on with Matt and David. However, for me, I think An Adventure in Space and Time was even better. David Bradley was superb as William Hartnell, and the little cameo by Matt at the end was nicely done. I think An Adventure gave me more feels than The Day of The Doctor. The only thing I didn't like about An Adventure is the casting of the bloke who played Patrick Troughton. He didn't look right.

        Agreed about all your spoilers. In saying that, every single other bit of casting was almost impossibly brilliant. Everyone looked like their counterparts.

          Yeah. All the main cast was amazing, the end credits with the comparison photos were spooky. Also I liked the fact that some of the actual cast from the series had cameos, including William Russell, who played Ian Chesterton.


      Ha, a recurring thought in my head during watching was "what would eccleston would've brought to this scene?" Hurt was actually far-more lighthearted than I thought he would be, and considering 9 is the angry doctor, I would've really liked to see how his inclusion would have effected it all. Which brings me to my next point- it honestly feels that bringing gallifrey back kind of negated the development we've managed to garner over 3 incarnations, doesn't it? I mean, the doc still remembers the guilt he had over the original decision, so I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run- I like to think it easier if the decision was made more for the war doctor's sake and the not the current one's. Also, the whole concept was smaller in scale than I imagined. I expected a grand foray into the last day of the time war surrounded by daleks and time lords alike trying to stop the doctor, but what we got were shape-shifting aliens attempting to conquer the future by putting themselves in 3d paintings. I suppose it also worked in the show's favour, however- sticking to it's homely roots brings out the charm and humour of DW. The humour was all quite well done. Even the ever-repeating jokes managed to seem fresh."Wibbly-wobbly? who says that? I don't know where he got it from."And last but not least, I liked rose in this episode, but simply because she wasn't rose.

      All in all, a very fitting anniversary special. I had different expectations for it, but I do expect the christmas special will deliver on this front.

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        Agreed. I wanted to see the things he mentioned, like the Nightmare Child, the army of Couldhaves and neverwills...the entire thing felt like an episode rather than a giant foray into a war that was ripping the very universe apart.

        Well, I suppose they have to leave something for future visits to the Time War.

          Man, that's another legitimate gripe. Out of all the particular insane things we hear about both sides, all we really see of the Daleks and Time Lords here is a fleet of blowy-upy-flying saucers and a doomsday box with a attitude. And it honestly makes me think that the Doc will have to grapple, if he ever does find Gallifrey within the next 50 years, with the fact that he potentially saved a race who has a fair few blood-stained suits among themselves.

      Really enjoyed it. I got up for the 6:50 showing on ABC so I better have! :P

      I agree with a lot of what you guys have said. My favourite gag was when the three Doctors were in the TARDIS and Tennant goes "Oh you've redecorated! ...I don't like it" and screws up his face haha

      The ending scene in the museum with Tom Baker kinda sorta confused me though :P

        It did me, until somebody else explained it:
        That's not Tom Baker as in Dr 4. That's Dr 20,30,40,50+, who just LOOKS like Tom Baker. He says that the Dr will eventually begin to revisit old faces. So it's Dr sometime in the very far future telling Dr 11 (now 12) that he will live on beyond his 13 regenerations.
        When I saw it the first time, I was very confused as well.

        Just an FYI, that Tardis joke has been used a few times before, and it'll happen again and again, and keep being funny :D

          My favourite iteration of that gag is in the Time Crash special with the Fifth Doctor

      I think my favourite part of it was John Hurt acting like a old school Doctor and totally mocking the style of the new series. "Why are you pointing your screwdriver like a weapon. What are you going to do assemble a cabinet at them." or "WTF is timey wimey"

      Thought the episode was good and was enjoyable for me who only catches the occasional episode of the new series. Out of curiosity did anybody else think that when they went through the ground up statue bit there was going to be angels under the sheets?

        Ten's comment of "I don't know where he gets that from" was amazing. Also, I never thought Angels because they've never been known to hide under sheets

        The last thing: Hah, that's exactly what I thought!

      it was pretty ok.

      had a few faults, but overall it was intended to be a celebration of the show's history & with all the fan-service callbacks to the early stuff, it was just that.


      Awesome bits :
      - The chemistry between the 3 doctors. brilliantly done. especially Hurt being slightly embarrassed at how childish his older selves seem to be.
      - Some brilliant lines. "oh, you've redecorated.... i dont like it" "what're you going to do? build a cabinet at them?" "...and you're basically just a rabbit, arent you?" etc.
      - the intro sequence being a giant shout out to 'An Unearthly Child'
      - the music. holy shit. the music.... the way 10 & 11's themes play around & merge at times was amazingly done.
      favorite bit:
      - "eurgh. all 12 of them..." "no sir, all thirteen" *queue Peter Capaldi's crazy eyes.*

      Slightly less awesome bits :
      - Tom Baker at the end.... just sorta turns up & rambles for a bit. "I might be you might be me I'm going to be you and me are past me you future....." off screen there must've been a aged care nurse having a breakdown.
      - the whole 'undoing destroying Gallifrey' thing. I dunno how I feel about that. I mean, since the reboot, the guilt The Doctor feels over this act is his main driving force. Take away that motivation, and the character has to change....
      - 10 was just sorta.... there. didnt actually do anything, other than utter a few funny lines.
      least favorite bit:

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      I liked it.

      Needed more Eccleston though :P

    DARK SOULS! \o/

      Apparently the Dark Souls community is starting to ramp up in preparation for Dark Souls 2. So you will get a lot of co-op / invasions now.

        SWEET. I was just thinking about getting back into it! :D

        Do you know if GFWL has been removed from it yet? It always crashes on my PC because of it :(

          Don't think so. I'm pretty sure you need to still go through it.

            This makes me sad.

            I've never had a problem with GFWL until Dark Souls.

    OMG, I want all the Persona games! Yes! EVEN THE RHYTHEM / DANCING ONE! Also, I wish @saturday stayed online I would have liked to hear his reaction to all the trailers. =P

      I ESPECIALLY WANT THE RHYTHM/DANCING ONE (after giving up on P4A I have little interest in the updated version, and while the cross-over 3DS thingy one looks fun, I don't know who all those weird P3 characters are, so why should I care about them when I can DANCE, LIKE A WAVE ON THE OCEAN ROMANCE).

        Play Persona 3:FES! I liked the story better on P3 but liked the characters and Mechanics more on P4. Still, that's not saying the characters aren't likeable (except Junpei, that guy can die in a fire) I enjoyed them. Plus you get a FRIGGIN PUPPY AS A TEAM MEMBER! A! GOD! DAMN! PUPPY!

        Last edited 25/11/13 9:05 am


            He's so adorable!

          Yeah, but effort.

          I'm kind of hoping for P3SUEOA, or something. I want all the benefits of all the different versions, and none of the drawbacks. >.>

      I swear if they didn't announce Persona 5, everyone would end up boycotting those games haha
      I had some time to sleep on it, and I've come to the realisation that this dancing game is one of the best ideas ever :P

        Hah, I was talking to @scree last night. She was working so she couldn't watch the stream so I related the announcements. She seemed more excited about the rhythm / dance game then the others. =P

          To be fair, I am unreasonably excited for the rhythm / dancing game too.

        So excited for the dancing game.

          Did you watch the trailer?

      hahahah, I really should've stayed up, it would have been a roller coaster.

      3DS Persona EO which is pretty much P3/P4 crossover fanservice? That.. sounds pretty fucking good, I'm in! I'm pretty sure it's just to test the waters of how much persona fans are on the 3DS. Who knows, if all goes well..

      Essentially a Idolmaster/theatrhythm version of Persona? FUCKING A! Hilarious that Vita got this instead of the 3ds game, however.

      A teaser (not a launch trailer, major dissapoint) of a game that probably won't make it to PS4 despite it not coming in probably 2 years? FUCK IT, AT LEAST P5 EXISTS!

      Last edited 25/11/13 9:12 am

        I missed th entire event and reading this has been a roller coaster for me I WANT THEM ALLL

        You forgot Persona Ultra Ultimate-Suplex something something. I assume it's just a rerelease of P4:Arena but with some changes?

          Nope, full-pledged sequel as far as fighting games go. The plot is now centered around the P3 characters, we got Yukari and Junpei joining in, all the shadow counterparts of the P4 cast are playable, and we even get a new character in the mix.


            Oh, I might need to play this, just so I can keep beating up Junpei repeatedly,

            Probably going to be region locked again and won't come out in Australia until 2017. :\

        The 3DS getting the Etrian Odyssey clone makes more sense because they can probably just re-skin EO4 and churn it out in a few months.

          At least it appears to be a graphically-upgraded EO- there are 3d character models being used in attacks instead of the usual 2d fare. It'll be interested to see how, or if they'll actually experiment with this.

    Hey peoples, haven't posted here in a while, just wondering if anyone is still interested to listen to the podcast.

    Mumbo Jumbo Podcast 11 - Sucking on a Crab Juice Lightsaber
    Join Shannon, Dane, Dick and Ryan as they discuss steam sales, Mass Effect, Battlefield 4, Stanley Parable, Batman: Arkham Origins and the wonderful world of e-cigs.

    XCOM! If you don't follow my twitter you might of missed it but while trying to install the 7gb update for EW steam carked it near the end and somehow uninstalled XCOM so all last night instead of a 7gb download it was close to 17gb download

      I really should install XCOM since it's been unopened in my drawer for months :P

    So Kotaku, any info around about the new Abe's Odyssey? I never played it on the original PS although it looked cool.

      Those games age well so if you get a chance definitely check them out!
      Haven't heard anything about the new one, though.

        It's a downloadable remake of the original AFAIK. Coming to pretty much everything under the sun. It's just been really quiet lately, has me a bit worried.

        I'd love to hear from someone who has had some hands on with it. I don't think that happens much with downloadable games though :(

    No persona 5 or persona q for the vita..... sad face.

    Good Morning all, Hope you all had a good weekend.
    As much gaming as I did was Laser tag on saturday night and The Last of us last night...

    Oh Yeah, I've started playing last of us... Now this is hillarious as I am a Jumpy person.
    Lets just say my housemate finds it more entertaining to watch me than the game itself.
    I do Like the game, but I have had alot of moments where I have screamed or squealed uncontrollably.

    What happened on the weekend I hear you ask?

    Games. Games happened. Also sleeping. And not much else.

    Link Between Worlds is fantastic.

    The Playstation 4 is pretty neat. Knack is fun but doesn't really do much to showcase 'next gen'. Trying to turn the PS4 off with voice commands is difficult.
    I suspect I may hide out in Doc's house until I can get my own PS4.

    Doctor Who was enjoyable. I watched it at 6:50 in the morning and again at 7:30. The second time was with my parents who haven't watched the show since the 70s or 80s, so I had to explain a lot but they seemed to enjoy quite a lot of it. Was interesting to get that perspective, because it made it seem like they'd balanced enough between new and old fans there.

    Hope everyone has a fine Monday. Or as fine as Monday's can be, which is generally not very fine.

      Was the first ep of Doctor Who I've ever watched and I liked it too. Got a sense that it was going to be incredibly crowd pleasing to the fans.

        I was the same. I've seen the odd episode here and there and I guess have a basic grasp of the concept but haven't really gotten into it.

        Yet, last night I found myself sitting on the couch eating dinner when it happened to come on and ended up watching the whole thing. And it was surprisingly enjoyable. I might [REDACTED] and check it out from the start of the new series.

        Also, I will watch anything with John Hurt.

          See, i thought Hurt was the ultimate fantasy casting- "if we could have had any British actor as the Doctor in his prime, who would we get? I know, John Hurt!"

        If you need a crib sheet on the eps to watch to catch up, let us know. Also @cakesmith.

        Most of nu-Who is enjoyable enough, but there are a couple of clunkers

        *cough*Fear Her, Love and Monsters*cough*

          "Couple of clunkers"



            I liked Pond. That said, she pales next to RORY DESTROYER OF WORLDS

              Amy as a character concept is fine. Karen Gillian was...I just can't stand her. More often than not she just came across as an unbearably bad actor, especially because her idea of emotion was to either hit friends or go dead-pan. However, those episodes were generally made bearable by Rory.

                I think she grew into the role. I also felt that she was better written when she was a force of nature, not a meek submissive, which I think the writers realised

          Anything involving the Weeping Angels after Blink

    Had such a good weekend. Hung out with Sughly at Dreamworld on Saturday. It was amusing how many times we were having deep and meaningful discussions about adventure games midway through rides. XD Mrs. Freeze's birthday shindig was later in the day and that was pretty great too, though I felt way, way out of my comfort zone and was like early Kotaku DC... scared to talk to people. Also saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Friday! Completed Goodbye Deponia too!

    Last edited 25/11/13 9:12 am

      Catching Fire was pretty okay. I enjoyed it enough. Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic, as usual. Nice to see the Coldplay really went out of their comfort zone for the song in the credits which definitely didn't sound like every single Coldplay song ever.

        Still lots of plot points I couldn't suspend disbelief for, but I expected that going into the movie. I thought this one was shot better and better all round.

        I might've laughed when:

        The savage monkeys attacked.

        BDKIAF, interested in going to Wet N Wild when you're here in January? Sughly and I were talking about it on the weekend and thought there might be some meat potential there with both you and Rockets in town?

        Last edited 25/11/13 10:00 am

          Some of it was a bit much, I suspect that's how it plays out in the book though, I've not read it.

          I'm not a huge fan of water parks. I'll happily go to any of the other theme parks though. Swimming/water parks just aren't my jam.

            Oh, that's okay then! Just throwing the idea out there! We'll hit up Wet N Wild some time this summer, but won't force you to go if it ain't your thing. Looking forward to hanging out either way though. Going to be good times a-plenty!

    Made the mistake of opening up Skyrim(SKYRIM!) at 11pm last night... 2 hours later remembered i start work at 5:30am... I REGRET NOTHING \o/

      The Symphony Of Legends on Saturday night ended with Skyrim music. I was looking forward all the way home in the car to playing it when I got home. Then I got home and realised my 360 is brokened. :(

        Upvote at Symphony of Legends, not brokened 360.

        NOOOO, that's the worst thing that can happen...
        Ironic that what made me want to play it was listening to the music in various Youtube videos :P

        What happened to your 360?

          It has a weird power problem where sometimes the power brick has no lights and seems dead, and sometimes it has a green light and works fine only to turn off after a few minutes and appear dead again. Gonna get a new power cable and cross my fingers that that's the problem because I haven't been able to find anyone on the internet with similar problems that had a solution.

            I tried a different power board as well as a different power point but still had the same problems, too so the easiest fixes have been ruled out. :(

              Almost sounds like (in my completely unprofesional opinion) that the powerbrick could be overheating... is the vents blocked by dust? or is it completely inclosed behind some furniture? (I know mine is) but yeah i tried before my old one was overheating causing issues

                Vents are clear and it never felt hot when it turned itself off which is why I'm worried it may not just be the power brick.

                  ... yeah that's not good... you don't know someone who could spare a powerbrick for an afternoon while you test? at least that way you'll know for sure

    Wow i'm making a lot of posts this morning, but just thought i'd get this off my chest.

    TAY, i would like to personally apologise to all of you guys.
    I've been very (VERY) pessimistic and down over the last few weeks and a feel as though i've let it trickle into my discussions on here.
    To anyone that i may have hurt/offended/pissed off i would like to sincerely apologise to you (@rize, @dc, off the top of my head)
    I have now decided to be an optimist (you can totally do that right? if not i've heard gratuitus amounts of alcohol help)

    So yeah, please, if i say something wrong, feel free to tell me, because you guys don't need that crap because you're awesome! EVERY.DAMN.ONE!

      Pixel, I don't know why you're apologizing. You've never done any thing wrong, at least to me. That boys club thing was about TAY in general and not you. You wouldn't have even been an example if I was a jerk (more so) and was naming names. XD

      Hope your new attitude serves you well, though. I've been feeling grumpy and moody for the last week or so. Maybe I should do this optimistic thing too. :D

      You're awesome and I won't stand for your Pixel bashing any longer.

      Always look on the bright side of life my friend, you'll be right

        Life's a happy song, Pixel!

        Life's a piece of shit!
        When you look at it,
        Life's a laugh
        and death's a joke
        It's true,

        You'll see it's all a show,
        keep on laughing as you go,
        just remember that the last laugh is on you

        aaaand it's stuck on my head! :P

      It's ok, I'm pretty sure it's all just lost in translation.

        Well played, sir, well played...

        Now to content with the weird stares i'm getting from around the office for bursting out laughing while it was completely quiet XD

      I don't recall you being at all objectionable. *hugs*

        I just felt like everything that came out of my mouth was negative swill, and felt like i've stepped on some toes, and that's not fair...
        I'm glad most people haven't read anything into it, i've only spent the last week being grumpy about it :P i felt the need to clear the air... i do that from time to time, I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO LOVE ME!

      I have now decided to be an optimist (you can totally do that right? if not i've heard gratuitus amounts of alcohol help)
      I think you can, but when drinking you need to ensure your glass is half full

    Good Morning Everyone, Happy PS4 week.

      Read that as

        I'd play the shit out of Excrete-Truck.

          Saints Row 2 had the poop spraying side quest, they shoulda called that excrete truck

            IIRC you could just drive that around in free roam too. :)

              funniest memory of that was playing online with a friend, he hadn't done the missions and didn't know it existed, he turned up in a shiny sports car he'd just modded and was all proud of, so i sprayed it with poop and laughed at him while he tried to flee.

      So damn psyched. Missed you at the meat on the weekend you crazy non-meater! :P


    Hola Tay

    Boring Saturday, busy Sunday.

    Went and saw DOCTOR WHO on the big screen. Just before the session started, got a text that the trainer for the training session I'd organised for TODAY had gastro.

    Watched Who (Awesome, also CAPALDI!), ate dumplings, then did a mercy dash to the office to call all the participants and cancel. Now, less than twelve hours later, I'm back in the office.

    A Monday Morning Question: Over the years, Doctor Who has crossed over with a couple of things, including two generations of Star Trek and the soap Eastenders. What video game should the Doctor appear in?

      I know the Tardis had an easter egg appearance in 1 or 2, and also the robot dog in 2 maybe??? but an actual mission with The Doctor, would be awesome.

      Assassin's Creed!

        Can just imagine the Doctor pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at you trying to figure out why you're not quite right. :D

      Boring Saturday

      I'm sorrryyyyy

      I want the doc in pretty much any JRPG. He'd possibly fit in a bit too well.

      I'd like to see him cross over into a Doctor Who game that's good.

        Yeah, people have said a Telltale game and after seeing last nights 50th dealy, I think it'd fit!

        See, I think the Doctor as a playable character is a little OP. That said, one where you play as a companion would be pretty cool.

          Honestly, I think to make a Doctor Who game good you simply can't play as him, at any point.

            Yep. The main problem then is you don't get any real agency- the second you hit a significant snag, the Doctor comes in and saves the day. maybe a Captain Jack game?

              UNIT Game, ala XCom? The Doctor could just provide advice from afar on alien technologies, or tell the UNIT team where they have to go to protect Earth.

                UNIT works best when they're not exactly on the same page as the Doctor, but a Unit game with cameos could be cool.

      Darksiders or Gears of War.
      Because of reasons.

    When Dishonered first came out, I really tried to like the game, but it just didn't click with me.
    There was nothing wrong with it and I enjoyed the story, alternate ways to complete the missions and loved Blink, but for some reason I just could not get into it.

    On Saturday I saw that they were having a 50% off sale for the game and its add-ons, so for the first time in maybe 8-10 months, thought what the hell, i'll give it another try.
    Ended up spending nearly all of Saturday playing and loving it.

    I still find it starnge ( Hi @strange ) that there can be some games that initially you just can't quite get into, but later start loving.
    So people of TAY, what games have you had this experience with?

      Elder Scrolls games. Couldn't get into Morrowind. Loving Skyrim.

        Did you ever play Oblivion? Of the three I found it to be the weakest.

          Never played it, watched housemates play part of it. Something about the look of Oblivion put me off, too shiny and the chars were too weightless.

          Which is weird, because i played a bunch of Fallout 3 which was on the same engine.

          I ended up skipping Oblivion. Compared to the exotic landscape and lore in Morrowind (which I adored), Oblivion was downright bland and generic.

        My last time playing Morrowind:
        I was constantly stabbing at a wolf in the head *whoosh whoosh whoosh* and the wolf just kills me in multiple hits where my shield doesn't do anything.
        I can't pick up a game after that...

          After playing Oblivion (my first ES game), I picked up Morrowind, and that was my major problem with it.

          I'm aiming at this enemy, I can see my weapon hitting it, but I keep missing over and over and over again.

            The only guy I ever manage to kill is the assassin that comes for you in the middle of the night... which is really annoying overall.

          A tip I heard, and it helped the first time I played Morrowind, at the start of the game turn down the difficulty to zero. Then for every level you increse, add 10 points of difficulty.
          This helps with the crappy hit ratio at the beginning, while maintaining a staedy level of difficulty.

          I would really recommend giving it another try, because the world of Morrowind is simply amazing.

      Mass Effect and Dragon Age. It's really weird because I loved the earlier Bioware stuff (Kotor, Jade Empire) and the later Bioware stuff is very mechanically and thematically similar, if not the same.

      I really didn't like Dishonoured. I figured the game would be somewhat redeemed when I started getting into combat, but it made it tedious and unenjoyable.

      In terms of coming back to a game and loving it, I can't really think of one off the top of my head, but I know there's been a few.

        Any game that lets me play as sneaky killer Nightcrawler is OK in my book.

          The idea is fantastic (though if it was actually Nightcrawler I'd be far happier) but it just all felt a bit bad. Maybe I was overhyped for it, or something.

      When I first played Dark Souls I didn't really enjoy it. Then I picked it up again a year later and fell absolutely in love with it. More so then any other game before hand.

      We've had our patchy road Dark Souls but I will always love you. =')

        One day you'll play The Last of Us and love it. HOW COULD I HAVE JUDGED YOU SO HARSHLY?

        Then all will be right with the world.

          I'm sure I will in your fanfic. =P

            Oh you have before and you will again. >:|

      It always seems to be RPGs for me (despite the fact that RPG is one of my favourite genres).

      When I first played Fallout 3, I enjoyed the vault bit at the start, but when you got out into the world I didn't enjoy it as much. Eventually I did get around to playing the whole thing, and really loved it, and then after playing New Vegas (which I initially didn't care was coming out but got anyway because everyone was talking about it) I am now in love with the series.

      Mass Effect I didn't care too much for to begin with. I mean, I liked the game, but I wasn't super in love with it. Then came Mass Effect 2 and it is now one of my favourite franchises of all time.

      Dragon Age was a big one for me. I loved the very start with the city elf origin, but after that I found myself not really getting too into the game. It took me multiple restarts, and months over all, to finally get around to finishing it. I got half way on my elf rogue, stopped playing for ages, decided when I came back to start a new character, got half way on my new human mage, stoppinged playing for ages, came back again and started another new character, got half way on my new human warrior, stopped playing yet again and then when I came back I decided to just pick up where I'd left off on my human warrior.
      Since then I've started a bunch more new characters (though never played them through to completion) and started three DA2 characters (though only one I completed the game with, the other two I only got up to act 2) and DA:I is now one of my most hyped games for 2014.

      You could possibly add The Witcher to the list. When The Witcher 2 was coming out and everyone was mega hyped for that, I picked up the original game just to see what it was like (I'd been hearing good things about it for years). I ended up sinking about 30 hours into the game and got about half way through it, but that was over the course of about two years. It was an okay game, but it hadn't aged well and did a lot of things poorly. I eventually decided I was never going to finish it and so picked up The Witcher 2 when it was on sale and started playing through that.
      Despite the fact that I was enjoying it and it was a solidly built game, I only got about halfway through chapter one before I stopped playing it for some reason. I started playing it again this weekend, and I'm approaching the end of chapter two and really enjoying it. The problem is, I like the game, and I really want to love it, but there's little things that are keeping me from fully embracing it (mainly how blatantly fanservicy and sexist it is).

      Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Took me several attempts to get into both games.

      Ended up being two of my favourite games of all time ever.

        But you're the ambassador for Dark Souls!
        I refuse to believe there was a time when you didn't like it...

          I'm sure I've posted this many times in TAY, but those games (more than any other I've played) seem to require some investment before they really click with gamers. @strange had a theory I agree with: that if they persevere, each gamer gets a 'moment' in a Souls game, usually by overcoming a difficult challenge, and they finally get the game.

          My moment in Demon's Souls came about 2/3 through Area 1-1:
          The blue-eyed knight on the staircase rushed me, and I engaged in sword play with him (where previously, I had taken him from range with the Soul Arrow spell). When it was over, my heart was beating like crazy and I realised that I was on my feet. That was when the game clicked with me.

          In Dark Souls, the moment wasn't quite so profound, but I took down Havel The Rock in the Undead Burg during my first playthrough by dodging each and every blow. One mistake meant death. But I kept dodging and slashing at him. It took almost half an hour, but I took him down. Hooked.

            I think mine was

            The first Titanite Demon, Near Andre of Astora,
            Might be an easy foe for most, but took me a bloody long time and left me so satisfied when i was done... Havel the rock still beats me to a pulp though :P

              Wow, you stuck with it a while before getting the moment! :)

                I kept having small moments through out
                killing the Taurus Demon, and the Twin Gargoyles was pretty awesome,
                but i kept feeling that i killed them through "cheating the system"
                Taurus Demon fell to his death and Gargoyles pretty much killed each other XD.
                so i never got 'dat Dark Souls Feeling' till i killed the Titanite Demon ALL BY MYSELF...
                There may have been fist pumping and manly roars involved

      The Witcher... Very much so...
      Restarted Multiple times, and could only get up to act 2 before i got bored...
      Decided "To hell with it" earlier this month and restarted once again.

      Got massivly into the story (the actual gameplay is still oh so flawed) and ended up completing it...
      Now onto the Witcher 2, and i'm so glad i finished 1 so i could start it, because HOLY CRAP SO GOOD!
      I understand some people don't like it, but i love the living crap out of it...
      So pretty! (almost Skyrim! Pretty, but in a different way)
      Mechanics are a helluva-lot better (still not perfect),
      and once again the story is just awesome!

        Oh man, both the Witcher games had this for me too. Played the first bit of both, liked it a lot but then got pulled away for years by other stuff and then got attracted back by the expanded editions and finally finished the games and they are amazing

      Red Dead Redemption. Only now I'm 7.5hrs or so in, and it's getting old again. I actually played Undead Nightmare first, and this started annoying me after 2hrs with stupid mechanics. RDR is now annoying me due to the constant horse riding. It'd be okay if you could just go in a straight line, but for any kind of speed you need to follow tracks.

      Can't think of any others off the top of my head.

      Thought the opening was amazing but then go bogged down in fights and pretty much stopped after the first big daddy fight. Wasn't until much later that I went back and played it again and enjoyed it much more. Some day I'll actually get around to finishing it

      Final Fantasy XII. Hated that game so much the first time, ran myself into a corner where my levels were all shot and I hadn't built everyone properly and every boss fight was too hard and I eventually hit one that was impossible. Abandoned it.

      Came back about a year later armed with a power leveling guide for the early game, and with a bit of early grinding I was able to get some quality gear, build everyone up with specific stats in mind etc. and get the Zodiac Spear really early, and as a result I was able to really enjoy the plot and everything.

      Also had a similar experience with Xenoblade. Tried to start it several times but the weird character models and initially super-clunky battle system and everything just didn't work for me. Then I decided to push through it for a bit and it began to sink its teeth in, and I think it's when I picked up some extra characters and swapped out Reyn for a different tank that everything really started to come together and now I'd say it's one of the best games of the last generation.

      I really didn't enjoy Bioshock when I first played it, even traded it in.

      Months later I dreamt about it, bought it, loved it. *shrug*

    Good Monday morning everyone. I have some apologies to make. Sorry to @freezespreston for not being able to make it to his wife's birthday. I hope she had a good birthday. Also apologies to all of the other Brisbane Taybies who were there. I shall meet you all eventually.

    Sorry also to @strange for not organising anything with the Symphony of Legends. We already Twittered each other about it but I still felt kinda bad about not doing anything either before or after (the weather certainly didn't help matters).

    On that note though, Symphony of Legends was pretty good. I was late so I missed the Halo theme but the rest was pretty fantastic. All of the Blizzard stuff was stupendously good and my favourite track for the night is probably a tie between Hyperion Overture from Starcraft 2 and Isle of Creation from God of War 2. Mind you, the Grim Fandango stuff was superb and the Journey and Heavy Rain suites were absolutely sublime.

    Funnily enough, I didn't enjoy the Skyrim Dragonborn theme nearly as much as I thought I would. I suppose it's because the rest of the orchestra tended to drown out the vocals which is a shame.

      Aw man, I forgot they were doing Heavy Rain music. That's easily one of my favourite OSTs this generation! Sounds like good times a-plenty, my friend! Don't worry about the meat stuff too. There's more on the horizon. @ruffleberg is in town not this weekend, but next... there'll be meats then! MORE MEATS, MORE OF THE TIME.

      No need for apologies! I felt kinda bad I hadn't organised something more concrete with you, anyway.
      I was in the very front row so the choir was really loud for me. It's a shame they weren't as audible further back though, because they did a pretty awesome job.

        Did Joe tell you about those creepy Kotaku people he met at Supanova? XD

          Yeah, he mentioned some nice guy called Danfortheages that I don't know, though. :P

            Man, what sort of user name is that? WHAT A JERK! MUST BE FLU!

        Oh wow. Those must have been some awesome seats. I was off to the right side of the stage on the second floor which was still fairly close to the choir but I guess it was just a matter of ambience. Was still good though! :D

    Dammit South Park, I've got their game of thrones theme song from the last episode stuck in my head.
    weiner, weiner weiner, weiner weiner, one weiner next to another, weiner weiner, weiner weiner..... dammt

      Freeze showed us that on Saturday night. The song, not the, uh... never mind. XD

    Hi @strange!

    Now that the important stuff is out of the way...

    Question for TAYbies who have high-demand jobs and/or childrens:

    How do you find time to maintain gaming?