Tell Us Dammit: Who Is Buying An Xbox One?

Initial reports I'm hearing about pre-orders and whatnot is that, regardless of what people say, there is a major amount of excitement at retail about new consoles. The PS4 is more popular in terms of pre-orders, but the Xbox One is still expected to go gangbusters. Now that the Xbox One is set to launch here in Australia, who is getting one?

I could go on and on about the console, but I've already sort of done that in this article. But I want to know what you're expecting, what you're hoping for?

Let us know in the comments below.


    All paid off, ready to go! Planning to be in line at JB HiFi around 9pm.


        Sigh, I was excited by Forza, but still no night racing or weather. I'll wait until mid next year, if at all I think.

      Got a team of 12 all headed to a EB tomorrow in perth Gonna go at 5am hahaha #comitted

      lol are you joking? why 9?

        Get there at 9 to pick up a ticket for a place in a queue at midnight. Also, can pick up games/accessories at 9.

          Okay now that you've said that it make it completely logical.

            lol in hindsight i bet he wishes he got there at 11:15 or something?

            I went to brookvale midnight launch @ 11:30. they came up, sorted me out, got anything extra i wanted, waited in the line of 14 customers and was about by 12:18. no hanging around since 9pm for me thanks.


    I might get a PS4 next year, but either way I'll be waiting on seeing if the next Halo will suck or not before I decide on the Xbone.

    All the reviews seem to think it's a good console for all the TV and multitasking stuff, but my consoles are right next to my PC so I'll be judging on the gaming capability.

    I'll grab one in a few years time, like I did with the ps3 this gen but until then I'm sure the PS4 will keep me entertained plenty fine.

    xbox one dammit.
    still dont know what games to get, one day out....

      As long as you enjoy racing games Forza seems like a safe bet! All the others seem to be a bit average from the reviews I've read anyways, and that late embargo on RYSE is not making me want to take a gamble on it.

    Got the day off and going to JB first thing in the morning to pick it up. Sadly my store isn't doing a midnight launch, but I guess I should probably sleep before playing with my new toy all weekend.

    I'm getting a PS4. While I'm keen to play a few of the Xbone games, I just didn't use my 360 enough to justify it. My PS3 on the other hand got plenty of use.

      I'm the same but reversed. There's nothing wrong with the PS3. I'm just more of an Xbox guy. I might miss a few PS4 exclusives but I think as I get older and have less time to play every single awesome game that comes out, I'm just going to have to let that stuff slide.

        I think for me, personally, it comes down to the fact that I have a decent PC, and quite a lot of decent X360 games were also on PC.

    Nope, the only thing that interested me about the Xbone was Titanfall.

    I've got my Wii U, I'm set :P

    I don't really see the appeal in the Xbone though. If I had to choose one of the two, I'd go with a PS4.

    Picking it up sometime tomorrow afternoon.
    Don't really care about launch problems considering my 360 overheats constantly. If my Xbone works, then great. If it doesn't I'm used to my console not working as intended

    There's no real point in getting a new console within its first year. A price drop within the next year is unlikely, but there will be updates that will get rid of many bugs and issues and most importantly there will be more games to play.

    It's the universal rule of new consoles, all new games are mediocre at best, with the good games not being justifiable enough to buy a new console.

    On top of that, there's still Castlevania and Dark Souls 2 coming out next year to play and a huge backlog of 360 games I need to finish. Despite loving it when I first picked it up, Dragons Dogma went most untouched due to many other games coming out and I only managed to get back into it recently and now I'm pulling twice my weight to power on through.

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    The use of free-to-play style charging for cars in Forza is damn near making me want to cancel my Xbone pre-order and get a PS4 and I’m an Xbox guy who was cool with the whole ‘always-on’ thing.

    It’s been in previous Forza games too, but it’s been ok because you get given new cars for levelling up so you can play with lots of new cars while you save for something expensive that you want. That no longer happens so you have to save for every new car.

    Some reviews are stating that the more expensive cars would take up to 10 hours of grinding to be able to afford and over only 14 tracks, that’s a ridiculous grind. You can make money faster…. If you pre-order and get the a bonus multiplier, or if you fork out real money for a temporary boost, or you can pay real money to buy the cars outright.

    Don’t forget the game has nearly 200 LESS cars than Forza 4, but that new cars will be available at 10 a month for the first 6 months…. at a cost of $60! More than half the cost of the 200+ cars and 14 tracks that come with the game.
    Oh, and if you want to actually use those cars, you can expect more grinding! Unless you want to fork out more money to actually use them.

    Basically if you want the full 260 odd cars this game is going to cost you $160 and then it’s going to hold you to the ransom of an INTENTIONALLY UNREASONABLE grind if you don’t want to give them more to unlock it.

    It’s a disgusting waste of a great game, sickeningly greedy and a slap in the face to their most loyal customers. If that’s the kind of attitude they’re going to take then i'm happy to do what I did to Apple after they needlessly screwed people with their iPhone changes- take my business elsewhere.

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      You are an idiot... As a long standing forza veteran I can tell you nothing has changed between forza 4 and 5, they scraped the cars and started from scratch to bring new high fidelity models which is why there are 200+ cars, they are all excellent choices and the forza community all agree!

      As for paying for cars you make more than enough in game to buy all of them and some!!!!

      The option to use real money has been around since forza4 and nobody except for lazy bastards use it, forza is not a grind of you are playing with friends and enjoying it!!!

      The new DLC cars in the car pack are predominately new like the Ferrari LA Ferrari, which has never featured in a racing game before

      Get your facts straight before people read your uneducated comments and take it for gospel

      Yeah I hear you. Not that Forza is in any way relevant to me - I've never played it, and have no intention of buying an Xbone

      I was all over GT1 and GT2 but since then the game became a grind - well actually including GT1 and GT2 but at that time it didn't bother me. Now, with limited time available, I just don't have time to spend with grindy games. And I doubt I'll ever get comfortable with purchasing DLC.

      I think developers need to realise that there are millions that just want to play around - with different exotic cars - but don't want to throw away time or money to do that. Just let us pay for a game, be that $20 or $80 and let us play g darn it.

      I think the thing that kills me is that there are only 14 tracks. That sweet FA!

      Are you seriously complaining that you aren't given free cars in forza for levelling up? If that's a breaking point for you then good riddance.

      Yeah some things have been cut which is disappointing but the level of detail that has been shown so far (remember NEITHER of us have actually played the game yet) is very impressive.

      If you really don't want to "grind" then buy the stupid tokens they sell. Not everyone wants a game that hand feeds you.

      Jesus. Really? I was on the fence, I love racing games, but I didn't know all that. Coupled with *still* no weather or night racing, and I'll pass. It looks great, but the greediness...

      So just like Gran Turismo 5 then?

      So much promise it had yes...

      As a person who had the whole race cockpit thing and a G27 attached I ended up simply arcade lapping Nurburg Nordschlieff (sp?) over and over. That was fun enough. Being a huge GT3 A-Spec fan I was eager to get a hold of GT5 however with all of it's appeal fizzling shortly after release, I ended up spending most of my time on other racers. Shame.

      With any luck the AI in Forza 5 will be more lively then in GT5.

      To answer the thread - I won't be buying an Xbone, but I will be playing one as of tomorrow night. So no money wasted and no risk of my hopes for either console being dashed.

    Yep, preordered and paid for, getting BF4, Dead Rising 3, Forza5 and Ryse, going to midnight launch New Zealand time, whats that 10pm over there? got tomorrow and Monday off work also.

      I wish I took tomorrow off work now!!! And i told the misses we would go for dinner after work so i cant even get out of that!!! Its gonna be a late night tomorrow night haha!

        I got a wedding to go to on Saturday so that will be a write off haha

      I made the mistake of ordering online, I did it about 9 months ago now so realistically had no idea what I'd be doing at this time of the year. They can't express post it due to internal batteries and they still haven't dispatched it so I won't be seeing it until Monday at the very earliest. :(

      Edit: Apparently it's not being shipped from Queensland as per usual, so I have a slim chance (but still a chance) of getting it tomorrow! Games started to arrive today so fingers crossed on the console! :)

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        The only reason I bought it from EB is so I could get it on launch, I never use them any other time, is just too cheap, got my Forza from there $71NZD compared to EBs $128NZD

          $128 is disgusting; what I've noticed is (EB excepted) game shops here are matching or coming close to the ozgameshop price with a lot of titles

            Worth noting OGS prices have gone up a ridiculous amount, furthermore the price drops that used to occur close to launch don't seem to be happening anymore. So it's made it easier for retailers here to match or come close to their prices, which is good for us!

    Yes me only a couple more hours of work to get through then some family time and a power nap then down to eb for the midnight launch I just hope to god no issues arise to prevent me from playing aka day one patch doesn't download my net goes out that kinda thing that would suck

    Leaning more toward getting a PS4 in a few months.
    Might get an Xbone a few years down the track, but its not a priority right now.

    I'll be awaiting price drops
    I bought my PS2 on launch and it was truly wonderful
    I waited for my PS3, and was glad I did, so will wait for my PS4 too

    Good for them those people who are buying straight away. I would think it'd be silly to buy either console at the moment given there are so many unknown risks one is taking. But that is purely my opinion because neither one stands out for me and I'm undecided which exclusive games I want. For someone who is a staunch Xbox fan and is hooked on the exclusives, I can understand them preordering.

    I've made the jump - Just paid my pre order off - Im Sony til the day I die but something about these launch titles I just WANT it! DR3 and Forza 5 tomorrow night!!! I may even hit the midnight launch if my pregnant wife sleeps well... Hahaha - I told her id be out for 20 minutes when i went to the GTA midnight launch and then two huors later she called me all concerned I dont really wanna do that to her again haha!

      Or you could just tell her the truth?

      lol nice. I have done the same, but my pregnant partner is coming with me to the midnight launch, her choice not mine and shes is due 7th of December lol.

    I've got board games, I can wait a while for the Xbone One to have good games before grabbing it.

      Forza5 and Ryse not enough? Some of the best console launch titles I have ever seen

    Midnight Launch tonight. Xbone + DR3, Forza 5, FIFA14, Ryse and to sum it all up have a few tokes during breaks XD

    It's going to depend largely on the fallout over the next few months. My boy is getting a PS4 for xmas, so I'll see how it goes before I decide (we're a 2x PS3 household currently). Between my Wii U, 3DS, and PC, I'm covered for a while anyway.

    I finish work at 10pm tonight and I am driving 2 hours to go pick it up before getting back home at around 3am, set up and download the update before powernapping for a few hours then waking up and going back to work


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