Thank You, Sony!

Thank you, Sony!

We love when we can use the same wires from one gaming generation to the next. Sony wasn't the first to do this. Let's hope they're not the last.


    Anyone know if you can use a usb fight pad from ps3 with the ps4?

    Standard power cable and Hdmi... I should hope so

    Are you listening Apple?

      Sony has been a MUCH bigger offender against standards than Apple, but I do agree, both of them could stand to use more of them, as can Microsoft and others. The problem is they all see standards as not good for them, because it makes too much 'the same' and they want to be 'different'. But honestly, with USB, HDMI, and such, there is little reason other than lock-in for not using the standards on offer, and hopefully this is a signal Sony is getting the message that we don't want a bunch of parallel shit that doesn't work any better and is just different for the sake of being different (PSP/Vita memory cards, I'm looking at you here!)

    Yes thank you sony for not redesigning HDMI cables. Is this where we've gotten to? People are excited that console manufactures are using standard AV cables?

      It's the power cord that is the same that they are happy about. Which is a good thing. Nothing more frustrating then say upgrading your phone to the newer model only to see they redesigned the power connection so you need to get a new car charger etc.

        But even the power cord is to a standard. It's a 10amp iec plug

          Yes but they could have given us a power brick or some other nonsense. I know it SHOULD be the norm in this day and age to use standard cords but amazingly it still is not.

            An external power supply would have been much healthier for the unit....but yes I like how you can use the existing cables

    While this is nice, Sony have been very, very offensive for using different cables for some of their other things. Like I bought a Sony digital camera awhile back... you need a specific Sony cable to plug it into a computer(also it uses specific Sony batteries). The Vita? Specific Sony cord, specific memory cards. They give you the cords with the PS4 and they're a bit more universal, which is nice... but why would you not box the cords of the PS3 with it, if you are boxing it away?

      It's very nice of them to use bog standard connectors. Their controller now switched to mini-USB vs the micro-USB last time and the headset attaches via 3.5mm! So now I can use any one of my headphones with inline mics vs the Xbox One's proprietary headset.

    My PHAT PS3s power doesn't fit! I see exceptions need to be made here!

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