The Beautiful, Beardy Banner Saga Is Out In January

Vikings and dead gods and crazy gorgeous animation — this trailer's got everything you could possibly want on a Friday night.

The Banner Saga, the gorgeous RPG that was successfully Kickstartered back in 2012, now has an official release date: January 14, 2014 for PC and Mac. Can't wait.


    I love the idea of the story, and everything looked great on the kickstarter, but the PVP-only version released earlier this year used Adobe AIR, which runs games like utter shit no matter how beastly your PC is. If they've used that for the single-player as well (and I imagine they would have), this looks like it'll be somewhat frustrating to play. (Buggy/crashy/laggy.)

      Really? I played the PVP game and haven't come across any problems at all.

        Same, and I played on a new iMac (which i use for work, not gaming. Don't shoot me) and it played great.

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