The Best-Hidden Doctor Who Easter Eggs In Gaming

It's not just the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special that's packed with easter eggs and references; apparently, video game developers are also in love with Daleks and the TARDIS. The fine folks at DYKGaming collected the 11 best Doctor Who-related easter eggs and wrapped them up in the video above.

My favourite ones are these two from Beneath The Steel Sky and Rock Band.

The Best-Hidden Doctor Who Easter Eggs in Gaming
The Best-Hidden Doctor Who Easter Eggs in Gaming

Doctor Who Secrets in Video Games - Easter Egg Hunting [YouTube]


    There was a good one in the iOS and Android game Dragon Vale too. In it there was a small water feature thing call the 'Amelia Pond'

    Maybe I over sold it with saying "good" was there ok? haha

    Can't watch the video on my tablet so this may be in it but Contrast has the TARDIS in the background of one section, near the cinema as I recall

    I'm not able to view the video at work, did they get the Dalek for sale at the robot shop in Sqace quest 1?

    terria you can get a item called the doctors shert thats is a brown jacket and a red bowtie

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