The Box Art For The Next LEGO Batman Game Sure Is Understated

You can barely even see him up there. I almost pulled out the pointing fish. Other than Batman's small stature, everything about this box art is awesome.


    Well this is the first I've heard of this game. If only there were some kind of online resource where I could find out more info about upcoming games... like a website that specialised in video games journalism... One can dream!

    This isn't LEGO Batman though, it's for their upcoming LEGO film.

    Surely as a video game journalist you should know this, or has my grave shift caused my mind to not understand some kind of joke here? :s

      Author is a Batman fanboy and obviously wishes Batman would have as big of role as possible in The LEGO Movie videogame. Simple.

    Poor joke is poor... Whilst it's not surprising there is a tie-in movie game for the LEGO Movie, I don't recall knowing about it either.

    That being said, I'm already sold on the Movie, the actual LEGO playsets look nuts also and this will be the icing on the cake! Love me some LEGO games!

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