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Well done to B-ob who took all of two minutes to guess yesterday's haiku. It was Half-Life! Well done to everyone who guessed correctly!

Today, let's go with another Zar special! This is one of his best I think.

Is this a real world Or is this just fantasy My god this is bad

Good luck!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Hello everyone.
    I've been away, now I'm back.
    The answer's The Dig.

    Final fantasy xiii

      I am still of the belief it was a cutscene techdemo as the pre rendered cutscenes for 2009 (japan release) are absolutely amazing. Yeah gameplay was painful unless a guide was present and the story was nothing spectacular. But Lightning and Fang are some of my favourite fem protagonists. (fem shep can't be counted as the lines are exactly the same as male shep).

      Dammit, that was my insta-answer.

    6,7,5...tut tut.

      You, sir, fail the Haiku test.
      That's 5, 7, 5 for su-re

        All this time I've thought Haiku's were based on syllables. I assume re-al is counted as one on/morae?

          Grey area, depending on whether you say ree-uhl, or reel.

            Real has one syllable to some people? Mind=blown. :s

              There are people pronounce "real" with two syllables? I would like to posit the theory that those people are crazy in the proverbial coconut.

          Real is 1 syllable, i check all of them at now

          also haikus have nothing to do with syllables it is meant to consit of 17 "On"

          To illustrate the distinction between on and syllables, the following four words each contain the same number of on, but different numbers of syllables:
          Nippon (ni-p-po-n) - 4 on, but 2 syllables
          Tokyo (to-u-kyo-u) - 4 on, but 2 syllables
          Osaka (o-o-sa-ka) - 4 on, but 3 syllables
          Nagasaki (na-ga-sa-ki) - 4 on, also 4 syllables.[5]

          if anything it relates more to phonics

            Does this mean that real is 1 syllable for use in haikus only though? Because I seriously can't wrap my head around it being 1 syllable in English diction!

    Singstar: Queen edition?

    But that was awesome! And not classic

    Keep guessing no one has it yet.


    American McGee's Alice?

    Ni no Kuni?

    Last edited 13/11/13 12:59 pm

    assassins creed 1... as far as games go it was bad, real bad

    Max Payne or superman 64

      Was just about to post a clue

      It is Superman 64

        Yea, that was pretty damned bad -- only game from the local vidya shop that I only rented once.

        Just once.

        Such a crap game.
        The biggest BS as the clue points out is that the entire game is set in a virtual metropolis. Meta-crap.

    Velvet Assassin.

    What a piece of crap that was....

    The first, and failed Final Fantasy XIV perhaps?
    That would explain the fantasy and the bad...?
    I can't tell if the haiku means bad as in terrible, or bad within context like "I'm dying a lot, my God this is bad", otherwise I'd say something like Limbo.

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